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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 12, Frozen Heart pt1

It was almost one week after the museum incident, and in that time the story had spread like wildfire. Everyone wanted to hear about how Flash had heroically fought off a two story high robot, and brought Twilight back to life with a single kiss. Obviously the story had been exaggerated as more and more people talked about it.

Flash found himself in a similar position to the one he was in when he had first gotten his deck, with people coming up to him asking about the event. It got so bad that he once again found himself hiding out on the schools roof, eating his lunch and waiting for his next class.

"You don't handle crowds well do you?" a voice asked. He turned his head and saw Rainbow and the others stepping out onto the roof.

"It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't swarm me like locus" Flash replied.

"You have been getting very popular lately haven't you?" Rarity asked as they all sat down.

"Maybe I'm cursed" Flash said.

"You heading to the hospital after school again?" Applejack said.

"Yep" Flash said, "if I don't Twilight will probably go steer crazy."

Twilight had been in hospital the whole time since the event, and was now beginning to suffer from another illness...cabin fever. Her friends helped by coming to visit her and just talk or play some table top Duels to entertain her, until visiting hours closed. The only problem was that after they left Twilight was back to being bored. It didn't help that her only means of entertainment were the books each of her friends kept bringing her, she finished by the very next day. How someone could read seven books that fast was beyond Flash.

After school they headed to the book store to each pick up a book before arriving at the hospital.

By now the seven of them could traverse the hallways with their eyes closed. Flash knocked on the door and Twilight's voice replied, "come in."

They opened the door and stepped inside, to find Twilight sitting on her bed reading what looked to be her last book. "Hey guys," she said as she put her book down.

"Looking good egghead" Rainbow said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Thanks" Twilight said.

"So do ya now how much longer ya'll be in here?" Applejack asked.

"With any luck she should be out tomorrow" they all turned to see her parents walk into the room, "the doctor says everything looks good" her father Night Light said.

"YAY" Pinkie said with a clap of the hands.

"I second that" Twilight said, "if I have to spend one more day in this place I think I'd go nuts."

"You know it's for your own good sweetheart" Twilight Velvet said.

"I know" Twilight said, "it wouldn't be so bad if I had someone to talk to. Having your own room isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"We know sweetheart" Night Light said, "but you'll be out of here tomorrow."

"If it's okay with you" Rainbow said, "why don't we stay over tonight."

"Would we be allowed?" Fluttershy asked.

"As long as you don't make much noise it shouldn't be a problem" Velvet replied.

"I'll go ask the doctor" Night Light said. He left and several minutes later he returned, "the doctor said it's okay as long as you behave yourselves."

"We will" Pinkie said, "cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye."

"And you'll need to get your parent's permission as well" he continued.

"We'll just go call them" Flash said. He and the girls all left and headed to the lobby to call home, Flash was the first to get through since Grand Hoof's job allowed him to have his phone on almost all the time.

"Hey kiddo, what's up?" he asked.

"Is it okay if I stay out tonight?" he asked, "me and the girls are gonna keep Twilight company."

"Sure" Grand Hoof said, "just call your sister and tell her so she doesn't worry."

"I'll text her" Flash replied, "see ya."

"Have fun" Grand Hoof hung up.

Flash returned to Twilight's room, "I'm good" he told them.

Unfortunately it seemed like he was the only one.

Applejack was the first to return, "sorry Sugarcube" she said "but Granny threw her hip out again and won't be able to move for a while."

"That's fine Applejack" Twilight said.

Rainbow was next. "Sorry Twi, but my folks said I couldn't stay. They probably think I was lying or something about you being in hospital."

"Same here" Pinkie said as she entered, her hair deflated, "Ma and Pa say late nights are undisciplined."

"Oh" Twilight said, looking a little disheartened now.

Rarity arrived next. "I'm terribly sorry deary, but my parents have gone out and won't be back till tomorrow. I'm stuck looking after Sweetie Bell tonight."

"Not you to" Twilight moaned.

Fluttershy was last, not looking happy either. "I'm sorry Twilight, my parents said it was okay but my brother started throwing a hissy fit about not being allowed out."

"It's okay Fluttershy" Twilight said before turning to Flash, "looks like it's just you and me."

"Should be fun" Flash said.

"I don't think that's such a good idea" Velvet said.

"Oh come on mom" Twilight said giving them the puppy dog eyes, "I won't last without someone to talk to tonight."

Velvet and her husband shared a look for several seconds before nodding, and turning back to them. "Okay Twilight, but just one night."

"Thanks guys."

Fast forwards several hours and we find Flash and Twilight alone in her room.

Flash sat cross legged on her bed as they played a table top Duel while enjoying the snacks Flash had brought from the hospital vending machine.

"I sacrifice Starbreak Dragon and Magna Hawk, to summon Flash Heart Dragon." Flash said placing his card on the wheelie table between them. "I attack your Twilight Sorcerer."

"I activate my Negate Attack Trap card" Twilight replied flipping her face down up.

"I end my turn" Flash said before reaching into his bag of gummy worms.

"My draw" she said as she drew, "thanks by the way Flash. I know you probably had better things to do then spend your night here."

"You kidding" Flash said, "staying here is better than anything I'd be doing otherwise."

"I still appreciate it" Twilight said, "I'm lucky to have a friend like you."

"Don't mention it" Flash replied, before he chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just thinking about how we've only known each other for about two months, but it feels more like I've been friends with you for years."

"It is funny isn't it" Twilight said as she chuckled to, "but I'm happy we met."

"Same here" Flash said, "so much has changed since then. I got back into Duelling, I reconnected with my sister and I've made so many friends."

"Yeah" Twilight said, "and who knows what else will happen in the time to come."

"As long as you and the others are there" Flash said, "I'm looking forward to it" he looked down at Flash Heart. "The day I met you, was the day my life changed forever. They continued their Duels until it was lights out and they had to go to bed.

Meanwhile in his office building Cold Steel was busy flipping through a Duel Deck when his secretary walked in. "Excuses me sir" she said, "I have those final review documents for the Celestic Cup that you need to sign."

Cold waved her over and she quickly rushed over and dropped the folder on his desk, which he picked up and skimmed through. "Everything looks in order" Cold said, "but what about the Micro Tournament?"

"I made sure to save a space open like you requested" she replied.

"Very good" Cold said, "and what about tomorrow?"

"I rescheduled everything so you'll be free all day" she said.

"Good" he replied, "that'll be all. You can go home now."

"Thank you Mr Steel" she said before leaving.

Once she was gone Cold picked the deck back up and looked out the window. "It's time for a true test of your abilities."

The next morning Twilight awoke to the first rays of the sun hitting her face through the window. Slowly getting up she stretched and looked around the room, only to have to throw her hand over her mouth to stop from laughing at what she saw. Flash was sleeping on the couch next to her bed, using his leather jacket as a pillow, but the look on his face was the goofiest expression she had ever seen as a small bit of drool hung from his mouth.

The door opened showing her parents entering.

"Have a good night sweetheart?" Velvet asked.

"Yeah" Twilight replied, "it was really fun."

"Not to fun I hope" Night Light replied, getting a nudge from his wife. It was at that moment Flash decided to wake up.

"Morning" he said before yawning.

"Good morning" Twilight replied, "sorry about the couch. It can't have been comfortable."

"More comfortable then sleeping on the floor" Flash said, "and since sharing your bed was out of the question this was my best option."

"Well sweetheart" Velvet said changing the subject quickly, "good news for you. Your getting out of here."

"Thank you god" Twilight said as she laid back on her bed.

Three hours later Twilight was discharged and as they left the hospital, found her friends waiting outside along with Spike, Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Bell.

"Hey guys" Twilight said.

"Howdy Twilight" Applejack said, "we're mighty sorry bout yesterday."

"It's fine" Twilight replied, "You all had no choice."

"Well to make it up to you" Rainbow said, "we're having a whole day of fun.

"And not your regular fun" Pinkie said, "but ultra mega super duper fun."

"Sounds...fun" Twilight said as she sweat dropped.

"Then what are we waiting for" Scootaloo said, "let's get going."

"YEAH" they all cheered as they rushed of to their day of enjoyment.

The eleven teens arrived at an area of Canterlot the young of the town frequented regularly. It had a real name but due to the many fun places boarding its streets. it had come to be known simply as Amusement Row.

The kids headed into the first building of the street, which was an arcade. Flash and Spike played some air hokey, while Pinkie and Rarity played the several dancing games. Applejack and Rainbow Dash had a friendly competition at the hoop toss game to see who could win the most tickets. Scootaloo had convinced Twilight into playing a race game, while Sweetie Bell and Fluttershy watched in enjoyment.

Once they had done everything they wanted in the arcade they moved onto the next building which was a music shop, where they listened to all the latest releases and a couple oldies. Twilight showed Flash one of her favourite Japanese bands, which he had to admit were pretty fun. He particularly liked the songs whose English titles where Bravery Flame and Believe in my Existence.

After that they found the next attraction wasn't a building but a mini golf course where Fluttershy showed significant skill, probably because she had such a gentle touch. Rainbow grew more and more infuriated as her ball kept going flying into the same water hazard.

"This is rigged," she said after seeing she was miles behind the rest in points.

By midday they were pretty much warn out as they enjoyed the fast food lunch under a shady tree.

"Man" Flash said finishing his fish and chips, "when you girls have fun you take it to the extreme."

"I told you so" Pinkie said as she sucked up her ice cold soda, brain freeze be damned.

"It was definitely fun" Spike said, "but if we weren't taking this break I might of keeled over from exhaustion."

"Well get as much of your breath back as you can" Rainbow said, "because after we eat it's back to awesome fun."

"Yeah" they cheered finishing they're lunch.

They returned back out to the street to decide which activity to do next. "Maybe we could catch a movie" Applebloom said.

"Or how about a game of laser tag" Scootaloo said.

Flash looked around to see if they're was anything he wanted to do, when his eyes landed on a familiar face. It was him, the guy he had Duelled when he first got his Duel Disk. He stood at the far end of the street, not doing anything he just stood there as people rushed passed him he stayed perfectly still.

"You okay Flash?" Twilight asked, noticing his concern.

"It's him" Flash replied, not turning away.

Suddenly the man turned and walked away.

"WAIT" he called, his feet moving before he could think of anything else.

"Flash" Twilight called, "where are going?" but Flash didn't reply as he rushed towards the end of the street.

"Excuse me" he said pushing by people, "excuse me" he finally reached the end of the street and turned in the direction the man had walked. He spotted him and followed. This went on for a while, as Flash barely managed to keep up. The chase finally came to an end, when Flash ran into a construction site of a new building.

The site was in its early days so it was mostly girders and machinery. But the one thing it didn't have was that man, who had disappeared into thin air.

"FLASH" the teen turned to see his friends also enter the area. "What's the big idea running off like that?" Rainbow asked

"I saw someone" Flash said.

"Who?" Twilight asked.

"Me" they all looked up to an area of the building and saw Cold Steel standing on a girder, about twenty feet off the ground.

"You" Flash said.

"Who is that guy?" Twilight asked.

"Remember that bad mood I was in the day I Duelled Pinkie. Well he's who caused it."

"Don't be so childish" Cold said.

"I want some answers" Flash said, "who are you? and how did you pull off that mind trick you played on me?" Cold Steel remind silent at that moments, "ANSWER ME." Flash yelled in frustration.

"Have you gotten stronger?" Cold asked. This surprised them since it was such an out of no where question.

"I have" Flash replied, "I'm not the same Duellist you beat before."

"Forgive me if I have trouble believing you" Cold said.

"What's your deal?" Scootaloo said, "my brother is super strong."

"He's beaten most of us" Rainbow said.

"And that should impress me why?" Cold asked, "the weak defeating the weak is nothing impressive."

"Why you" Rainbow began, but Flash stopped her as he stared up at the man.

"Duel me" Flash said, "I'll show you how powerful I am."

Cold stayed quite for a moment, then he spoke. "What's in it for me?" he asked, "if I should win what will you give me?" Flash didn't have an answer, but Cold then said. "If I should win, then your deck will belong to me." He pulled out his Duel Disk and threw it on his arm, "if you accept then go stand over there" he pointed to another set of girders approximately fifty feet away from him.

"Are you nut?" Twilight said, "no way Flash'll Duel for such high stakes" she turned to him. "Let's get out of here Flash" she took hold of his hand and tried to pull him away, but he stayed firm. "Flash?" was all she could ask before Flash pulled his hand from her grasp, and ran towards a nearby bulldozer jumping on top. Before leaping off and onto the area Cold had pointed to. "Flash get down from there" Twilight told him.

Once he was there he pulled out his Duel Disk and affixed it to his arm. "I hope your ready?" he said, "because when I win your gonna answer every question I ask you."

"We'll see" Cold replied.


Flash: 4000
Cold: 4000

"I'll take the first move" Flash said, "and I summon Brass Wing Magna Hawk in DEF mode" the mechanical bird appeared on the field. (A1400/D800/L4) "I'll throw down a pair of face downs and end my turn" he finished, "come on, I'm ready for anything you throw at me this time."

"Is that so" Cold said as he drew, "alright then since you have a monster out and I don't. I can Special Summon this card to the field in ATK mode" a monster appeared that looked like a man in a suit of armour made from ice, he carried a sword and shield that were also ice. "Frozen Heart Knight." (A1700/D1500/L4)

"What?" Flash said looking confused, "Frozen Heart. What happened to your Blazing Soul cards?"

"I reveal to you my true Duelling Deck" Cold spoke.

"So in our last Duel you didn't even use your real deck?" Flash asked.

"Of course" Cold replied, "had I used this deck you wouldn't have last two round against me."

"Oh you think so" Flash said.

"I now summon my Frozen Heart Enchantress also ATK mode," a woman in an ice coloured dress appeared with blonde hair under an ice coloured hat. She carried a staff made of ice with snowflake carved on the end. (A800/D1600/L4) "and now Frozen Heart Knight will attack Magna Hawk" the knight charged at the bird, swinging his icy sword down destroying the bird. "Next" Cold said, "Enchantress" the ice magician pointed her staff at Flash, before a breath of ice cold wind burst out of it striking Flash.

Flash: 3200
Cold: 4000

"That's cold" Flash said shaking, "are you done?"

"Barely" Cold replied, "I now activate the effect of Frozen Heart Statue Norr. By discarding it from my hand, I can activate the effect of Spell card that's not even in my deck."

Everyone wondered what card he would use, only to be given the answer. "I believe your familiar with this card, it's called...Polymerization."

Everyone's eyes went wide hearing this. He was going to Fusion Summon without a Spell card.

Cold discarded his card as a monster that was an ice sculpture of an arrow pointing upwards, with a face carved in it appeared on the field. In a second the sculpture exploded creating a wormhole, which sucked his two monsters inside. "Ice is an element that symbolises both strength and fragility, and when two pieces of ice meet they freeze together to make and even stronger piece." The portal exploded revealing a new monster, "I FUSION SUMMON."

The new monster looked like a large version of Frozen Heart Knight. The only differences were that instead of a sword and shield it carried a pair of frozen cutlasses, and a long ice coloured cape flowed down its back. "Frozen Heart Lord of the Sword." (A2000/D1500/L6)

"Incredible" Rarity said. "He could of Fusion Summoned from the start, but he saved it to deal Flash damage instead."

"What a combo" Sweetie said.

"You guys think Flash can win?" Fluttershy asked.

"It's not like it's his first Duel against a Fusion Monster" Rainbow said, "he should be fine."

"I end my turn" Cold said.

"It's my draw" Flash said drawing and looking at his hand. Nothing in his hand could take on that monster, so he'd need a little teamwork. "I summon Starbreak Dragon in ATK mode" his dragon appeared swinging its star shaped axes. (A1500/D1200/L4) "now I activate the Spell card Reverse Polarity, which will increase my Starbreak's ATK by the difference between his and your Lord of the Sword." (A2000/D1200/L4) "meanwhile your monster loses the same amount." (A1500/D1500/L6)

"Flash's dragon is stronger than the other guys" Applebloom cheered.

"That Lord of the Sword is going down" Scootaloo cheered.

"Don't be so sure" Twilight said, "just look at him." They looked at him and saw his face showed no fear, well it didn't show any emotion at all, as his monster grew weaker. "He doesn't have any face downs, yet he isn't worried. That means he either has a way to save it or wants it destroyed."

"Then that means" Scootaloo followed.

"Flash is walking into a trap" Spike finished.

"Starbreak Dragon attack" Flash ordered his monster, as it flapped its wings and flew upwards before diving down and swinging its axes at the ice monster causing an explosion.

Flash: 3200
Cold: 3500

"Got ya" Flash cheered, only to gasped when the smoke cleared and Frozen Heart Lord of the Sword was still standing. "But how?" Flash asked.

"By discarding Frozen Heart Gardna I negated my monster destruction" Cold explained as he discarded a card.

Flash growled, "I place one card face down and end my turn. Reverse Polarity's effect wares off returning our monsters ATKs to normal."

"My turn" Cold said "your deck is well built, with cards that support each other meaning no mater what you draw you'll always have something to work with."

"So what?" Flash asked.

"That means the fault for any loss is directly yours" he answered as he drew. "Relaying on luck is a weaklings path to victory, let me show you how the strong Duel. I summon the Tuner Monster Frozen Heart Statue Söder" another ice sculpture appeared on the field, but unlike Norr this one was a downward arrow with a face almost like an anchor. (A900/D700/L3)

"Did he say Tuner Monster?" Spike asked.

"He did" Twilight said, "but I don't believe it."

"When Frozen Heart Statue Söder is successfully summoned" Cold said, "I can revive a Frozen Heart monster in my grave by zeroing out it's ATK and DEF points." His Frozen Heart Knight reappeared on the field. (A0/D0/L4)

"But that means" Flash realised.

"I tune level three Frozen Heart Statue Söder with level four Frozen Heart Knight" the Tuner Monster transformed into three lights, which spun around to create a trio of circles that the Knight jumped in. "Once again two mighty pieces of ice merge into a new strength," the two monsters disappeared in an explosion of light revealing a new monster. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON."

The new monster was similar to Lord of the Sword, only instead of a pair of swords he carried a long spear made out of ice. "Frozen Heart Lord of the Javelin." (A2500/D2200/L7)

"He can Synchro Summon too" Rainbow said in shock, "who is this guy?"

"Now Lord of the Swords ability activates" Cold explained, "since a Frozen Heart monster other than himself was summoned. I can now revive one Frozen Heart monster, so I'll revive Frozen Heart Enchantress" the snow witch reappeared. (A800/D1600/L4) "When Enchantress is Special Summoned I can revive yet another Frozen Heart monster, so appear Frozen Heart Gardna." A monster similar Frozen Heart Knight appeared, only it had a pair of large round shields on both arm gauntlets. (A800/D2000/L4)

"Two level four monsters" Flash said worried, "if he can use Fusion and Synchro. Then maybe."

"I now use these two monsters to build the Overlay Network" Cold said, as his monster changed into lights which flew into a black hole as it formed. "Unite once again my frozen hearted monsters" the black hole exploded in a burst of light, revealing a new monster. "I XYZ SUMMON."

The new monster was similar to the two Frozen Heart Lords. The only difference was instead of swords or a spear, it carried a large chain made of ice with a giant fishing hook like object on the end. Two blue lights floated around it, "Frozen Heart Lord of the Hook." (A2400/D1200/R4)

Flash and his friends looked on in horror at the sight of the three different monsters staring the young Duellist down. "No way" he said shaking. If he couldn't find a way to beat these monsters then he would lose not only this Duel, but his deck as well.

Author's Note:

Before anything I'd like to thank Foxhelm for the hospital idea, Thank Youuuu :pinkiehappy:.
Secondly, we have Cold Steels true deck, What did you think to it?

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