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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 7, Siblings

The news that Flash and Scootaloo were siblings spread like wild fire. Both of them were quite well known, so the fact that the previous loner of Eleventh Grade was the older brother to one of the coolest kids in Eighth Grade was something people talked about.

It had started when Applejack and Rarity had asked their little sisters Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell, who were best friends to Scootaloo, whether they knew anything about her having a brother. This lead to the two thirteen year olds asking about it to others, which lead to them asking around and before you knew it everyone knew about Flash and Scootaloo, who were the number one topic by Monday.

"Do you think we might have goofed?" Apple Bloom asked. Hearing everyone gossip about the siblings wasn't what they had intended.

"I'm sure it'll blow over." Sweetie Bell replied. They, their sisters, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were walking around the school courtyard listening to the rumours about the siblings.

"I don't know," Rarity told her sister, "this is pretty big news."

"Hey," they all turned to see Twilight and Scootaloo walking up to them.

"Hey," they all replied before Rarity asked, "so where's Flash?" She was looking at Scootaloo.

"He was already gone by the time I woke up."

"Wait," Rainbow Dash said, "don't you two walk to school together?"

"No" Scootaloo said, "all my classes start an hour after his, so he just wakes me up before leaving for school" she explained though she looked a little down. This did not go unnoticed by the others.

When the bell rang, everyone headed to their classes. The girls found Flash at his locker getting his book.

"Hey Flash," Rainbow Dash said marching up to him, "what's the deal with you and Scoot?"

"She's my sister," he replied, "what else is there to it?"

"It's more than that," Rarity said, "how come you never told us about her?"

"You never asked." he replied.

"Than how come we've never seen the two of you together before?" Applejack asked.

"Because we're never together outside our house." Flash replied.

"So you just ignore her?" Rainbow said.

"Pretty much." Flash said before he closed his locker and headed off to his next class.

"I can't believe that guy." Rainbow said.

"There has to be more to this," Twilight said, "we know Flash."

"To be fair we ain't known him that long." Applejack said.

"We know he's not the kind of guy to purposely hurt someone, especially his sister." Twilight replied.

"We need to find a way for the two other them to be together in one place," Rarity said, "than we can see what the problem is and try and fix it."

"Should we really be butting into Flash and Scootaloo's personal lives?" Fluttershy asked.

"Flash is our friend," Rainbow assured her, "and so is Scootaloo. Helping them sort out their problems is what friends do."

"And you don't mind possibly losing your biggest fan to her brother?" Applejack asked.

"Let's not get to ahead of ourselves." Rainbow said.

"But the question is," Rarity said, "how do we get the two together? We need something fun and easy to do together."

"I know," Pinkie said waving her arms around, "how about a carnival."

"Oh yeah," Rainbow said, "isn't there supposed to be one this weekend?"

"That's perfect," Rarity said, "no one can remain grumpy at a carnival. We go, put the two on a few rides, get them to play a though games and wallah."

"Good idea," Twilight said, "I'll get Flash to go."

"And I'll get Apple Bloom to invite Scootaloo." Applejack said.

"Then it's decided." Rarity cheered followed by the rest of the girls.

For the rest of that week the girls worked on their plan to get Flash and Scootaloo to do a little sibling bonding. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell were all for helping, especially if it involved going to a carnival, and promised to invite Scootaloo to the event.

Flash had been harder to persuade. "What is it again?" He asked when Twilight told him about it.

"A carnival," Twilight said, "haven't you ever been to one?"

"No." Flash just said.

"Well that changes this weekend." Twilight said.

"I don't know." Flash replied.

"Please." Twilight asked using her best puppy dog expression, something she had never tried before, until he finally gave in.

"Fine," Flash lamented, "just promise to never use that again."

"We'll see." Twilight said before skipping away.

That Saturday Flash found himself on the train with Twilight and Spike heading to the area the carnival was being held, totally unaware that his sister and her friends were in the next car. Applejack and Rarity were with them as they looked over everything taking place in the carnival.

"So if we get them on the ghost train we might be able to get a scared kid response from Scootaloo." Rarity explained.

"I don't see her as the kind of kid that gets scared." Applejack replied.

"Oh she'll be scared," Rarity said, "I'll make sure of it."

"You’re taking a lot of interest in getting these two closer," Applejack said, "any particulars why?"

"It's just," Rarity seemed to struggle with the words, "I think about how close me and my sister are now. But it wasn't always this way."

"I remember," Applejack said, "you never got along."

"Until you showed me what being a sister really meant," Rarity said, "I just want to show the same support you showed me."

"And I know Flash and Scootaloo will appreciate it." Applejack said.

"This is awesome!" Spike almost yelled looking around the carnival. It was like an amusement park, with more rides then they could count, loads of games and vending booths selling an assortment of snacks.

"It is impressive." Flash said.

"So what do we go on first?" Spike asked.

"Just hold on," Twilight said, "we need to wait for the others to arrive."

"Others?" Flash asked, "This is the first I'm hearing of this."

"Did I forget to mention that?" Twilight replied feigning ignorance.

"Howdy partners." they all turned to see Applejack, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell and...Flash's eyes widened seeing his sister coming up, Scootaloo doing the same.

"What is she/he doing here?" the siblings said pointing at each other.

Flash turned to Twilight not looking happy. "What?" she said, "Not my fault Applejack and Rarity brought their little sisters. And it's not my fault they asked Scootaloo here."

"You guys set me up." Flash said.

"Don't be so dramatic." they turned to see Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy had also arrived.

"HEY!" Pinkie screamed. "Ready for fun?"

"We sure are." Applejack replied.

"Then let's go." Rarity said. leading them into the park.

Over the next few hours they had tones of fun. They went on several rides, played several fun games and enjoyed scarfing down anything the vendors sold. "These are great." Spike said as he munched on another hotdog.

"Try the cotton candy." Sweetie Bell said offering it to him. He ripped off a chunk and tossed it in his mouth.

"Nice." Spike said.

"This is going pretty well don't you think." Twilight said before snacking on her burger.

"Not exactly." Rarity said looking over at the whole reason they had even come in the first place. Flash was sitting on a bench eating a hotdog while Scootaloo ate hers three benches away. "They haven't spoken two words to each other."

"This is going to be harder than we thought." Twilight said.

"I might have an idea," Fluttershy said quietly, "maybe if Flash did something nice for her. Scootaloo will want to spend more time with him."

"It's a shot." Rarity said.

They headed to the games area and found a ring toss game where Twilight saw Scootaloo eye up a stuffed lion. "Hey Flash," she caught his attention, "why don't you try winning that lion for her." She pointed at the game.

Flash would have objected, but he saw Twilight was about to use the puppy eyes again, and stepped over to the booth and bought three rings. Taking them in his hands he quickly threw them with barely a glance, only for one to land not only on the lion's podium but one also landed on the podiums for a stuffed cat and dog.

"We have a winner!" The game manager yelled taking the toys down and handing them to Flash.

As he turned around Flash saw Twilight and the others all standing slack jawed. "How?" was all Twilight could say.

Flash moved over to Scootaloo, the only one not shocked, and her friends and handed them the stuffed toys. "Here." He gave Sweetie Bell the cat and Apple Bloom the dog.

"Er, thanks." The girls said.

"Don't mention it," Flash said as he turned to his sister and held out the lion she had been eyeing, "here."

Scootaloo didn't look up at him as she took the toy, "Whatever." She said.

"How about a ‘thanks’." Flash said.

"Maybe if you hadn't had to be blackmailed into doing it." she replied her voice raising.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I know you don't want to be around me." Scootaloo said.

Rarity chose this moment to intervene, "Why don't we calm down and go find another ride to go on?"

"I'm not going anywhere with him." Scootaloo said.

"That's fine with me." Flash replied.



"FINE!" They both yelled before turning around and stomping off in opposite directions.

"Wait!" Rarity called out trying to stop them. "This isn't what was supposed to happen."

"Things are worse than we thought between those two." Twilight said.

"We need to find out what it is." Applejack said.

They found Scootaloo sitting on a bench near a pond tossing stones into the water.

"You okay kiddo?" Rainbow asked sitting next to her.

"I'm fine," Scootaloo said though they could hear she was upset, "it's the jerk who has the problem."

"You don't mean that," Twilight said "I'm sure whatever's going on between you two, we can fix."

"I don't want things fixed." Scootaloo almost yelled throwing a massive stone in the water, before she let out a sigh. "I want them back as they were before."

Everyone wondered what she meant but then she continued. "A long time ago me and my brother were as close as you guys and your siblings."


Me and Flash grew up in another city far away. In that city Duelling was just as popular as it was here, and if you were the best at Duelling than you had an easy life. But for the likes of me and Flash, life was hard.

"Attack." A ten year old Flash slammed into the ground as his life points hit zero. "Man what a loser," his opponent said laughing along with the rest of his friends, "let's get out of here." And they left.

"Flash," a six year old Scootaloo called rushing over to her brother, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine Scoots," Flash replied getting up, "I lost again but next time I'll show them."


"Even when he lost Flash never gave up," Scootaloo explained, "and when Gramps told us we were moving here I was so excited. I thought we'd get to make new friends and enjoy Duelling...until."


"Flash." Scootaloo called seeing her brother about to leave the apartment, the day after they had moved in. "Where you going?"

"Nowhere." Flash said not stopping or turning around.

"Can I come?"

"NO!" Flash yelled making her flinch. "Let's get one thing straight. Outside this apartment you don't know me, you don't talk to me, you don't even acknowledge I exist, okay. As far as you know, you don't have a brother." And with that he walked out the apartment, leaving a crying Scootaloo behind.


"That's so sad," Fluttershy said almost crying, "why would Flash say such mean things?"

"I don't know," Rarity said, "but I intend to find out.”

Flash was laying on the bank of a riverside, watching the boats float by. Suddenly he found himself in shade, forcing him to look up and see a not very happy Rarity. "What now?" He asked.

"You and I are going to Duel." Rarity said seriously.

The others found Flash and Rarity about to face off in an empty spot of the park.

As Flash attached his Duel Disk he wondered what she expected to learn from Duelling him, only for a memory to suddenly strike him.


"In the heat of battle, a Duellist's true character is revealed," Cold said "and depending on your actions, your insecurities become crystal clear to your opponent."


So that was it. She was trying to learn something about him while Duelling, well it wouldn't work. He'd just beat her before she could figure something out.

"Hope your ready Flash." Rarity said attaching a white Duel Disk to her arm as a purple blade formed.

"Bring it on." Flash replied activating his Duel Disk.


Flash: 4000
Rarity: 4000

"I'll take the first move," Flash drew, "I summon Magna Fighter Radium in ATK mode." The woman in steampunk appeared readying her bazooka. (A1600/D1400/L4) "I place one card face down and end my turn."

"My draw," Rarity drew her card while looking at her hand and smiling, "I'll set a monster face down." A card appeared at her feet. "Now I'll play the Spell card, Gem Mining, which will flip my face down monster face up."

"Why would she play a monster face down only to flip it up?" Flash asked.

"Say hello to my Gem-Turtle." Rarity said as a brown turtle with a shell made of an emerald appeared. "When Gem-Turtle is flipped face up, I can add a special Spell card to my hand." A card slotted out of her deck. "And now I'll activate that Spell card...Gem-Knight Fusion."

"A Fusion Summon," Flash realised as his eyes went wide.

"That’s right," Rarity said, "so now I'll fuse Gem-Knight Garnet with Gem-Knight Tourmaline together." A knight in red flame patterned armour appeared, alongside a knight wearing yellow lightning armour before being sucked into a portal above Rarity. "The brilliant warrior in armour of flames and the stone warrior in armour of lightning, come together as one" and portal exploded in light. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

Her new monster appeared as a knight in dark red armour, carrying a sickle like axe with a purple cape. "Gem-Knight Ruby." (A2500/D1300/L6)

"So Pinkie's not the only one of you who can Fusion Summon." Flash said looking up at her monster.

"Oh course," Rarity told him, "Fusion Summoning is like putting together an outfit. You take the separate pieces and combined them in just the right way, in order to create something fabulous."

"Okay," Flash said completely clueless, "I'm just going to pretend I understood any of that. Are you done?"

"Far from it," Rarity said, "I now attack your Radium with Gem-Knight Ruby." The knight raised his weapon and swung it at the steampunk, only for her to shatter as if made of class revealing another Radium behind her.

"Sorry Rare," Flash said, "but my Reflection Guard saves my monster from destruction."

"Maybe," she replied "but you'll still take the damage."

Flash: 3100
Rarity: 4000

"And with this face down I'll end." Rarity finished.

Meanwhile the others were watching with great interest. "Go Rarity!" Sweetie Bell cheered her sister on.

Scootaloo was watching her brother closely. Something seemed different about him now that he was Duelling. "You okay Scootaloo?" She looked up at Twilight, "You seem a little confused."

"It's just that… well," Scootaloo couldn't find the words.

"This is the first time you've watched your brother Duel in a while isn't it?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah it is," Scootaloo replied, "though by the looks of it he hasn't improved much since we were kids."

"I wouldn't say that," Twilight told her, "keep watching. You might be pleasantly surprised."

This confused Scootaloo as she turned back to the Duel.

"My turn," Flash drew his card, "and I summon Magna Fighter Lucidum in ATK mode.” The steampunk knight appeared. (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Why would Flash summon a monster with such low ATK points?" Apple Bloom asked.

"You should know that it doesn't matter how strong the monster," Applejack told her sister, "it's how you use it that matters."

"First I'll activate the effect of Magna Fighter Radium," Flash said, "by tributing herself she grants any monster on my field Piercing Damage for this turn." Radium looked through the lens of her bazooka, before jumping over to Lucidum and whispering something in his ear as she dissolved. "Next I'll use Lucidum's own ability on himself, allowing him to attack every monster that was special summoned. And now I attack Gem-Turtle."

"But it's still not strong enough." Sweetie Bell said.

"Unless he uses a card effect." Rainbow said.

"I activate Reverse Polarity," Flash placed a Spell card in his Duel Disk, "this card activates when a monster on my field battles while you have a stronger monster out. Now I can increase my monsters ATK points by the difference between his and Ruby's attack." (A2500/D1000/L3/P2) "Meanwhile your Ruby's points get reduced by the same amount." (A1000/D1300/L6)

"He basically swapped their ATK points." Pinkie said in amazement.

"Now Lucidum destroy Gem-Turtle," Flash ordered. Lucidum leaped at the reptile, raising his circular blades, and swiped it cutting it in half.

Flash: 3100
Rarity: 3500

"And don't forget Lucidum can attack any special summoned monster, which includes Gem-Knight Ruby" the armoured knight threw his weapon at his opponent. Ruby tried to put up his axe in defence but it did nothing, as the blade struck him causing an explosion while the blade spun back to its owner.

"How's that?" Flash said smiling. But as the smoke cleared he was horrified to see Gem-Knight Ruby was still on the field.

Flash: 3100
Rarity: 3000

"How?" Flash asked.

"My Gem-Knight Polish," Rarity explained gesturing to her Trap, "I activated it just before your attack hit. It prevented his destruction and granted him one thousand extra points for this turn."

"Rats," Flash said, before placing a card face down and ending his turn.

"My turn," Rarity drew her card, "and I'll attack Lucidum with Ruby." The knight leaped at Flash's monster and swung his axe at him cutting Lucidum in half and sending Flash flying onto his back.

Flash: 1600
Rarity: 3000

"That had to hurt," Apple Bloom said, seeing the boy getting thrown back.

Scootaloo was also worried, "Flash is going to lose."

"Don't say that." Twilight said.

"It's true." the young girl replied. This did not go unnoticed by the Duellists.

"You hear that Flash," Rarity said, "your own sister doesn't believe you can win, and who could blame her?" she said as she watched Flash get to his feet. "After being abandoned like what you did to her, it would be a miracle if she did believe you had a chance."

"Shut up." Flash said in a near whisper.

"I'm just saying what we're all thinking," Rarity replied, "just because you don't care about your sister it doesn't give you the right to cut her out of your life."

"OF COURSE I CARE ABOUT HER!" Flash yelled, "THAT'S WHY I HAD TO STAY AWAY FROM HER!" He slapped his hands over his mouth after realising what he had said.

Everyone was silent after hearing Flash's declaration.

"I don't get it," Rainbow said, "if you care about her why would you not want to be around her."

Flash sighed knowing he would have to come clean. "I don't know how much about our past Scootaloo told you, but I'm positive it isn't the full story."


Scootaloo and I lived in a city where Duelling wasn't about having fun, it was about survival. If you won you got by pretty easily, but if you lost you were at the bottom of the barrel...like me.

"You lost again," Flash's opponent said after beating him, "now give it up."

"Okay," Flash said taking a card from his deck and handing it over

"Man what a loser," his opponent said laughing along with the rest of his friends, "let's get out of here." And they left.

If you lost you'd be forced to give up your best cards or else. I knew if I didn't they'd go after Scootaloo, so I gave in.

"Flash," he turned to see a six year old Scootaloo rushing over to him, "are you okay?"

I didn't want Scootaloo to see me like that, so I'd always put on a happy face.

"I'm fine Scoots," he replied getting up, "I lost again but next time I'll show them."

But I never did. Things stayed like that until one day when Gramps told us we were moving. I was so happy, a new life in a new place away from the bullies, where I could enjoy Duelling...but then a thought occurred to me. What if this new place was like the old one? What if I'd be just as much as a loser here as there? And what if people start picking on Scootaloo because of me? I realised there was only one way to keep her safe

Flash went to leave the apartment they had just moved into, when he heard. "Flash," Scootaloo called "where you going?"

"Nowhere." Flash said not wanting her to follow.

"Can I come?"

"NO!" Flash yelled before he could think, he didn't want his sister to be known as the loser’s little sister...so. "Let's get one thing straight. Outside this apartment you don't know me, you don't talk to me, you don't even acknowledge I exist, okay. As far as you know, you don't have a brother." And with that he walked out the apartment, when closing the door he broke out in tears. "I'm sorry Scoots, but it's for the best."


"Making sure no one knew we were related was the only way to make sure Scootaloo was safe from being bullied," Flash said, "I wasn't proud of it but it worked."

"So all this time you've been looking out for her." Rarity realised.

"At first I kept us at a distance, but made sure she was okay. If anything happened I would have stepped in, but nothing did, so I decided to keep it that way."

Scootaloo couldn't believe what she was hearing. He had been protecting her all this time and she didn't even know it.

"So that's it," Rarity said, "I must say I wasn't expecting that. But Flash, just look around, things aren’t the same as they were. You need to let go of the past, and look towards the future...a future where you and your sister are together like before."

"But what if it's too late?" Flash asked.

"It's never too late with family," Rarity said, "and you can start right here. Your sister is watching, so show her something she's never seen, and win this Duel."

Flash looked over at his sister, who had new light in her eyes. "Hey Flash," she called, "win this."

Flash couldn't help breaking out in a smile as he nodded. "Okay," he said, "let's do this. I activate the Trap Starburst Draw. I can activate this card when a monster with fifteen hundred ATK or less is destroyed, allowing me to draw one card for each of his level stars. Lucidum was level three so that's three cards for me." He drew his cards and smiled seeing what they were.

"I'll place one card face down and end my turn." Rarity said.

"Then it's my draw." Flash said. "Hey Scoots," he called getting his sisters attention, "watch closely as I set the Pendulum Scale with scale one Magna Caster Lunara and scale eight Magna Caster Solaris." He set his cards as the pillars of light appeared and the magicians took their places, "I can now summon monsters levelled two through seven all at the same time. Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory." The portal opened above him. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three lights shot out.

"Slice and dice Magna Fighter Lucidum." (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Howl to the moon Shine Crest Magna Wolf." (A1200/D1100/L3)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"WOW!" The three young girls let out seeing this.

"I activate Flash Heart's ability. Gem-Knight Ruby to the bottom of the deck." A wormhole opened up below the knight which he fell through. "Now Magna Wolf's ability raises his ATK by three hundred.” (A1500/D1100/L3) "Now Lucidum will attack." The knight threw his blades at Rarity slashing her through the chest.

Flash: 1600
Rarity: 2000

"Now Magna Wolf." The white wolf pounced at Rarity and also slashed her.

Flash: 1600
Rarity: 500

"One more attack and Flash wins." Scootaloo said.

"And now I…" Flash said, "end my turn with a face down."

"What?" Everyone yelled.

"Why didn't he attack?" Sweetie Bell asked.

"I can't," Flash explained, "on the turn I use Flash Heart Dragon's ability, he can't attack directly."

"I guess sending a card away leaving your opponent defenceless against such a strong monster would be unfair." Twilight said.

"Then it's my draw," Rarity said, "and I activate the Spell card Graceful Charity. I'll draw three cards but must now discard two, and then I'll use this card, Gem Compression. With this I can perform a Fusion Summon using the Gem-Knights in my graveyard, by removing them from play. Now I'll fuse Gem-Knight Garnet with the Gem-Knight Emerald I just sent there, in order to Fusion Summon."

The earth smashed open revealing a powerful light, and from that light came a new Gem-Knight. He was massive, with thick armour and hammer like arms. "Gem-Knight Zirconia." (A2900/D2500/L8)

"Not good," Flash said.

"Now I attack Lucidum with Gem-Knight Zirconia." The new knight raised its hammer arms, and brought them down towards the knight.

"If this hits it's all over." Twilight said.

"I activate my Trap Interception. Now I can have one of my stronger monsters take the hit, Flash Heart." The robotic dragon flew in front of Lucidum and took the attack, getting destroyed.

Flash: 1200
Rarity: 500

"I end my turn." Rarity said.

"Close one," Flash said as he drew his card. "Now my monster will once again carve the arc of victory, so I can Pendulum Summon." The portal opened. "Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Rarity smiled, despite what was coming next. Flash Heart's ability sent Zirconia back to her deck, and Lucidum attacked her directly.

Flash: 1200 (Winner)
Rarity: 0

"Flash won!" Scootaloo cheered jumping around. "That was awesome?"

"It sure was." Twilight said as she smiled.

Later on, Flash and Scootaloo were at the river bank.

The two sat in silence both trying to figure out what to say to the other. "So," Flash finally said, "this as awkward for you as it is me?"

"Yeap," Scootaloo replied.

"Listen Scootaloo," Flash said, "I'm sorry about how things have been with us over the last few years, but I only did it to-"

"I know," Scootaloo interrupted, "and I forgive you. Just promise it stops now." She placed her head on his shoulder.

Flash smiled and placed his head on hers, "Promise."

The others were looking around for the siblings as they hadn't seen them in a while.

"Anything?" Rainbow asked.

"No," Rarity said.

"Nothing," Applejack said.

Pinkie shuck her head and turned to Fluttershy, "How about you?"

She shuck her head.

"Found them!" Twilight said running up to them.

"Where are they?" Rarity asked. "Were they okay?"

"They were more than okay," Twilight said smiling. She held up her phone showing them a picture, "And no more puppy dog eyes for me."

They all looked at the picture and almost burst out laughing. It showed Flash and Scootaloo asleep on the river bank, Scootaloo curled up in Flash's arms with her new lion in her grasp. The two together looked adorable and no doubt if anyone sees it they wouldn't be coming out ridicule free.

Author's Note:

Another extra long chapter, maybe the rest will be this long. We get some more info on Flash's past and we also get to see Rarity's deck. Hope you enjoyed.

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