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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 29, The Masked Riders

It was going midnight on the Canterlot highway where a Duel was taking place. The Duellists were both on motorcycle like vehicles, one being a man in black riding gear and helmet on a black bike. The second was actually two people, one male the other female, wearing white and pink riding gear on a white bike.

"Your winning streak is about to end" the rider of the black bike said.

"I doubt that" the rider in white said, as he took a card and placed it in the bike's inbuilt Duel Disk. A bright light appeared besides him as a giant monster materialised, and looked down at the Duellist before striking.

"No" the rider said as he was attacked, "NOOOOO." He lost control of the bike, as his life points were sent to zero and he found himself flung from the bike into the air. Once he came to a stop he looked over at his opponents.

The pink female rider walked over to the bike and picked it back up, before the bike's paint job changed from black to pink and she got on.

"You underestimated us" the figure in white said, his voice muffled by his helmet, "big mistake."

"I'll be back" the Duellist said, trying to pick himself up.

"Yeah" the female said with a chuckle, "good luck with that." And with that the two Duellists revved up their bikes and zipped past him, down the highway and into the night.

"The Masked Riders?" Flash asked as Rainbow finished the story. It was day ten of the tournament and everyone had met up at Sugarcube Corner to compare points, when Rainbow had mentioned something about it.

"I can't believe you guys haven't heard of them" she said, "their a pair of Turbo Duellists who ride around at night challenging Duellists to Turbo Duels and if you beat them you get all their points."

"What's a...Turbo Duel?" Flash asked.

Everyone was quite as they processed the question.

"Seriously Flash" Twilight said, "when you get home you need to do like...an hour of Duel History."

"Just tell me already" Flash said.

"A Turbo Duel is a Duel played on Duel Runners, which are high tech motorbikes with you can attach your Duel Disk into" Rainbow said.

"The rules are basically the same" Applejack said, "except your Duelling at high speed."

"Who comes up with this stuff?" Flash asked.

"I think the idea was first invented when two Duellists were dared to try and Duel on motorcycles." Rarity said. "They found it difficult but enjoyed the feeling so they both built the worlds first Duel Runner."

"Since then Turbo Duelling was really big" Twilight explained, "even Shining Armor is a Turbo Duellist."

"Over the last few years though" Rainbow said, "Turbo Duelling has begun getting phased out as Action Duels started picking up steam."

"But there are still those who enjoy it" Applejack said, "so they still play."

"So these Masked Riders" Flash said, "appear at night and challenge people to Turbo Duels."

"And if you win you get a bunch load of points" Rainbow finished.

"To bad I don't have a Duel Runner" Flash said sitting back with a frown, "I'd love to Duel these guys."

"It would give your points a serious boost" Twilight said as she looked down at his DPM.

Flash Sentry: 1950Ps

"You don't need to have a runner" Rainbow said, "the rumour is you just have to show up and they'll lend you a runner. I did say there were two Duellists, one Duels while the other rides with them and their opponent uses the others Runner."

"So I can Duel them" Flash said getting up with a smile, "then I know where I'm going tonight."

"You can't be serious" Twilight said.

"This might be the best chance I have to seriously up my Duel Points" Flash said.

"And when he loses I can then Duel them" Rainbow said.

The rest of the girls all sighed knowing they wouldn't be talking them out of this. "Fine but we're going to" Twilight said.

"Right" Rainbow said, "then we'll meet tonight at the port near the highway. That's where the Masked Riders are said to show up every night."

"Then that's where we'll be" Flash said with a smile, but before anyone could say anything else the shop door opened revealing Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell and Applebloom running in.

"Flash" she said running to her brother.

"Slow down Scoot" Flash said, "your gonna break something if you run around like that."

"Sorry" Scootaloo said, "but it's important" she reached into her pant pockets and pulled out a brown envelope with his name on it.

Flash recognised the envelope and took it. "Where did you get this?" he asked.

"Well" Scootaloo said


After winning their last Duel the three girls had gone to a nearby Convenience Store for drinks.

When they left the store Scootaloo returned to where she had placed her scooter, only to find the envelope taped to its handles.


"And then I brought it to you" Scootaloo finished.

"So what's inside?" Rainbow asked.

Flash tore open the envelope and just as he had suspected there were Duel Cards inside.

"New cards" Twilight said, as Flash removed them and placed them on the table.

There were new Monster cards and Pendulum cards, Spells and Traps, but the thing that caught their attention were two cards. The first was a monster card with a teen boy on it carrying a giant adjustable spanner, but the card was colourless like Alchemy Dracokid had been when he first got it. It had no name, attribute, level, ATK or DEF points.

The second card was completely blank but the boarder of it was a silvery white, just like a...

"Synchro card" Flash said picking it up.

"What's the point of sending you a blank Synchro card?" Rainbow asked.

"And this card doesn't have a name or points or anything" Twilight said, picking up the other card.

"Trust me" Flash told them, "if previous experience is anything to go by these cards won't stay that way for long."

"What'd you mean?" Twilight asked.

"This isn't the first time I've received blank cards before" Flash explained, "when I first got my deck it had blank cards. But then during my Duel with Garble.


"I...DRAW!" He drew his card and opened his eyes, seeing the glow he looked at the card and saw it was another blank card...but then.

The card's glow intensified and in a single second the card changed. The card was now an actual Duel Monster card, complete with text, numbers and an image. The only difference was the bottom half of the card was now blue like a Spell Card.


"Your saying your Pendulum cards were blank when you first got them?" Applejack asked, an eyebrow raised.

"And it wasn't the last time," Flash said. "My Fusion cards were blank when I first got them," he looked at Scootaloo, "you were there."

"I remember" Scootaloo said, "but I never saw them change."

"I'm telling you it's true" Flash said, trying to get them to believe him.

"Nice try there Flash" Twilight said, "but cards are just paper and ink. They can't transform."

Flash growled and took the cards off the table and walked to the door. "I gotta go prepare for tonight," and he was gone.

"Do you guy think..." Fluttershy said, "that maybe he wasn't kidding about all that."

"He can't have been" Twilight said, but looked the door confused. "Could he?"

Later that night Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applebloom arrived at the harbour, where everyone had agreed to gather.

"Guys" they turned to see Pinkie Pie hanging out from between two large buildings, "over here."

The four teen girls rushed over to her and found the rest of their friends, minus Flash and Twilight, waiting for them.

"What took you so long?" Rarity asked them.

"It was a lot trickier to sneak out our houses then we thought" Rainbow told her.

"Whatever" Rarity said, "You took so long that you might not have enough time to change."

"Change into what?" Applejack asked, but regretted it when Rarity pulled out a light leather suit and helmet.

"TA-DAR" she screamed, "made them earlier."

"Awesome" Rainbow said taking the suit and looking it over.

"I figured since you and Flash were Turbo Duelling, why not make the appropriate outfits."

"Where is Flash?" Applebloom asked, "and where's Twilight?"

"In here" Twilight's voice came out from inside one of the two buildings.

"Their changing" Rarity explained.

"But Twilight isn't Duelling" Rainbow Dash said.

"I know" Rarity said, "but when your on a roll you just gotta keep going."

"Okay I'm ready" Twilight said.

"Same here" Flash's voice came from the other building.

"Well let's have a look" Rarity said, shaking with excitement.

The two doors opened up and the two stepped out, making everyone gasp.

Flash was wearing a full body leather suit that was a dark blue in colour with orange trim and black gloves and boots. His crest was sowed onto his left chest peck. In his hands was a blue helmet with an orange visor.

Twilight's was the same as his, only more feminine and was purple in colour with lighter purple for her gloves and boots. Her crest was on her left breast.

"Wow" they all said looking them over.

"How do we look?" Flash asked trying to look himself over.

"Before anyone answers" Rarity said, as she moved up to them and placed their helmets on their heads. Once they were properly fitted, she pressed a button on the side of them and something slotted out of them covering their mouths and connecting to their visors. "Now give your answers."

"They look awesome" Scootaloo said.

"If I didn't know it was them under those helmets," Fluttershy said, "I'd wonder who they were."

"Yeap" Applejack said.

"I need to try mine on" Rainbow said.

At that moment the sound of an engine caught their ear.

"This must be them" Rarity said, as she grabbed everyone and pulled them into the building.

"Wait" Rainbow said, "I need to get changed."

"To late" Applejack said, pushing her inside.

"Hang on" Twilight said trying to remove the helmet, "I think my helmet's stuck."

"Their here" Flash said.

"You'll just have to go with it" Rarity said, slamming the door shut.

"No wait" Twilight said.

"To late" Flash said, "just try and look cool until we leave."

The engine noise got louder as the two Runners drew closer, until they reached them and came to a skidding stop. Their Helmets saved them from getting a face full dust, but they still had trouble seeing until the cloud faded.

"Are you two our next challengers," the male in white asked as they got off their Runners.

"I'm your challenger" Flash said, his own voice being muffled by the helmet.

"What about her" the female asked, pointing at Twilight.

"I'm...huh" Twilight wasn't sure what to say.

"Oh I get it" she said, "to afraid. Duellists these days a pathetic."

"I'm not scared" Twilight said, "I'm just here to support my friends."

"Because your to afraid to Duel yourself" she finished.

Twilight began shaking in frustration.

"She could Duel circles around you" Flash told them.

"Alright then" the man said, "let's prove it. Two on two."

"You mean a tag Duel?" Twilight asked.

"Not exactly" he replied, "a team Duel." He pointed at Flash "me and him will be in charge during our own turns, while you and her are in charge during the opponent's turn."

"I've never heard of that kind of Duel before" Flash said.

"Me neither" Twilight said, "but I say we do it."

"You sure?" he asked.

"Let's show them," she said.

"Okay" he turned to them, "we're in."

"Then let's do this," the female said, before the Masked Riders got on the white bike. "You can use mine during the Duel," she said attaching her Duel Disk.

"Er...okay" Flash said, as he and Twilight moved over to the pink bike. "I'm not comfortable with this."

Twilight sighed and moved over to it and started typing something into the Duel Runners computer, before it suddenly flashed as the paint job changed from bright pink to dark blue with orange trim.

"Wow" Flash said looking over it.

"Body Work Control System" Twilight said.

"Cool" he said as he sat on it and attached his Duel Disk into the slot, as Twilight sat behind him and attached her Duel Disk.

"You ready?" the male Rider asked, revving his Runner.

"Let's do this" Flash replied, doing the same.

He nodded and held up a metal pipe, "then we'll start once this hits the ground. The first one to get on the highway will take the first move."

"Right" Flash said.

With that he threw it into the air, as they prepared to go. Finally the pipe landed and they shot off, racing down the street.

Up on the roof the others were watching from a laptop Twilight had linked to the security cameras, set to follow Flash's Duel Disk.

"You think they'll be alright?" Applebloom asked.

"Not sure" her sister replied, "Flash has never ridden a Duel Runner before."

"We'll just have to have faith" Rarity said,

The two were getting close to the entrance to the highway and the Masked Riders currently had the lead.

"Can't you go faster?" Twilight asked.

"I've never ridden one of these remember," Flash said.

Finally they reached it and the Masked Riders would be taking the first turn.


Masked Riders: 4000
Flashlight: 4000

Suddenly the Duel Runner seemed to come to life as a robotic voice spoke. "Duel Mode engaged, Autopilot online."

"Autopilot" Flash said, before sighing in relieve. Duelling would have been impossible if he had to focus on staying up right.

"I'll take the first move" the male said, drawing. "Since neither of us have any monsters on the field, I can Special Summon this guy straight to the field." In a flash of light a man appeared wearing white armour over a dark blur body suit, carrying a long sword in his hand. (A1500/D1200/L4)

"Royal Sword Paladin" Twilight said.

"You know that card?" Flash asked.

"I'm familiar with it" she said looking worried.

"Next I summon Royal Paladin Squire" a boy appeared on the field, wearing a similar but simpler armouring to Royal Sword Paladin. (A900/D1100/L3)

"That's a Tuner monster" Twilight said.

"What?" Flash said back.

"That's right" the Masked Rider said, "now watch as I tune Level four Royal Sword Paladin with Level three Royal Paladin Squire." The boy glowed and transformed into three lights, which craved a trio of circles that Royal Sword Paladin flew into. "I call on the power of the proud white wings of fate," the monsters vanished in an explosion of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new monster. It was a knight wearing silver armour, carrying a long silver lance riding atop a white armoured pegasus. "Royal Paladin Commander." (A2500/D2100/L7)

"No way" Flash said. He had Synchro Summoned on his first turn.

"I set three cards face down and end my turn," the Rider said turning to his female partner. "Sure you can deal with this part?"

"Of course" she replied, "just focus on the next turn."

"It's my draw" Flash said, drawing and looking through his cards. "Time to take theses new cards out for a test ride," he removed two cards from his wrist mounted card holder. "I'm setting Scale three Alchemy Dracokid and Scale eight Magna Caster Estella into the Pendulum Scale," the pillars of light appeared besides their Duel Runner as Alchemy Dracokid rose up alongside a new wizard. She looked like Lunara, only her clothes were orange in place of silver and her staff had a star in place of a moon. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory" he chanted as the portal above him formed. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and four lights shot out

The first was a man in yellow shinning armour and orange cape. "To arms Flash Knight." (A1800/D600/L4/P7)

The second was a silver lizard with a cream under belly and lower jaw, with a pair of large crystal horns on its head. "Dazzle them, Mirage Gleam Dragon." (A1600/D1200/L4)

"Invoke your moonlight magic, Magna Caster Lunara." (A2400/D1200/L6/P1)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Those cards" the female rider said.

"Flash Heart's skill" Flash said, "since he was Pendulum Summoned your weakest monster is getting sent to the bottom of your deck."

"I don't think so" she said, as one of their face downs flipped up "because I activate Paladin's Decree. This Trap makes our Light Attributed Warrior monsters immune to the effects of Spell, Traps and Monster Effects for this turn."

Flash growled, "fine then I activate the effect of Mirage Gleam Dragon." His dragons scales and horns began to glow, blocking people from seeing it. "Now my dragon can cast an illusion to transform itself into any other monster on the field, and I chose Flash Heart Dragon." The light faded revealing an exact duplicate of Flash's signature monster, though it's ATK, DEF and Level remained the same. "Meet Flash Heart Mirage Dragon."

"Two Flash Heart Dragons" the female rider said in shock.

"It's nothing we can't handle," the male said.

"Then can you handle this?" Flash asked, as Alchemy Dracokid uncorked its beaker. "I'm using Alchemy Dracokid's Pendulum Ability to fuse Flash Heart Mirage Dragon and Magna Caster Lunara." His two monsters were consumed by the smoke and pulled into the beaker. "Now watch as I fuse the unequalled might of a Dragon, with the mystic properties of a Spellcaster" the smoke flew out of the beaker. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The smoke cleared revealing one of Flash's Fusion Monsters. "Spectral Nova Dragon." (A3000/D2000/L8)

"He Fusion Summoned" the male said.

"Like you said" the female replied, "nothing we can't handle."

"Now I activate Lunara's Special Ability," Flash continued. "When she's tributed through the effect of a Spell card and all the condition can be met, I can activate the Spells effects again."

"So your using Alchemy Dracokid's ability again?" Twilight asked.

"That's right" Flash said, as his Pendulum Monster repeated the process and uncorked the beaker, releasing the smoke consuming Flash Heart Dragon and Flash Knight. "Now watch as I fuse the unequalled might of a Dragon with the unshakeable courage of a Warrior," the smoke shot out of the beaker. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The smoke cleared revealing Flash's other Fusion Monster. "Spectral Sabre Dragon." (A3000/D2000/L8)

Up on the building the gang cheered seeing what Flash had pulled off.

"A double Fusion" Pinkie cheered.

"Against that the Masked Riders won't stand a chance," Scootaloo said.

"Don't be so sure" Rainbow told the kid. "Don't forget the two face down's they have on the field.

"Impressive" the male Rider said.

"I attack Royal Paladin Commander with Spectral Sabre Dragon," Flash ordered his monster. If this worked then he could deal Effect Damage with Sabre Dragon's ability and then finish the Riders off with Nova Dragon.

"I activate a Trap card," the female said.

"Don't bother" Flash told her, "on the turn their Fusion Summoned both my dragon's are immune to card effects."

"But our monster isn't" she said, as their face down flipped up. "Paladin's Shield is an Equip Trap that makes our monster indestructible."

A giant shield replaced the Commander's lance, as he held it up and blocked the dragons Twin Sword Cleave attack.

Masked Riders: 3500
Flashlight: 4000

"Then I attack with Spectral Nova Dragon" Flash said, as his dragon charged up its cannons. "When he attacks I can draw a card and depending on what it is, I can activate a different ability." He drew and smiled, "I drew Lightspeed, a spell card meaning I can destroy on card in your Spell and Trap zone. Say goodbye to Paladin's Shield." A lazor shot out of the dragon's cannons, hitting the shield and destroying it. "Now go, attack with Mystery Flare Cannon" the dragon fired its blast, which struck Royal Paladin Commander destroying him.

Masked Riders: 3000
Flashlight: 4000

"I activate the Trap Paladin's Banner" the female rider said, as their last face down flipped up. "This trap allows us to revive a Royal Paladin from our graveyard, though it's ATK and DEF points will be zeroed out." Royal Paladin Commander reappeared on the field. (A0/D0/L7)

"Man these guys are good" Flash said.

"No" Twilight told him, "their better."

"What do you mean?" Flash asked, looking back and seeing Twilight had a weird look on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Those strategies, those monsters. There's no doubt."

"Twilight" Flash said, "do you know who these guys are?"

Twilight nodded and turned to the computer, which she switched to a visual of the Masked Riders. "That's is you isn't it...brother?"

The Masked Riders said nothing for a second, until he finally chuckled and then took his Runner out of autopilot and brought it to a stop. Flash managed to do the same, though not so gracefully. Once the had stopped the Riders went to their helmets and removed them, showing them to be...

"CADENCE AND SHINING ARMOR" the gang screamed seeing the two on the laptop.

"What the?" Flash said.

"What gave us away?" Twilight's older brother asked.

"After all the times we've Duelled, do you think I wouldn't recognise you?" Twilight asked back.

"Busted" Cadence said.

"Can someone tell me what the heck is going on?" Flash asked.

"Simple really" Cadence said, "we got bored so we entered the tournament."

"And the Masked Riders get up?" Twilight asked.

"Well since I've already won this tournament before, me entering again would give the press a field day. So we hid our identities."

"Plus it was more fun this way" Cadence said, "didn't think we'd be Duelling you two though."

"Flash wanted to Duel" Twilight said, "I was just trying on the suit Rarity made me and my helmet got stuck." with one good tug she finally freed herself from her helmet.

"Well what are you gonna do?" Shining Armor asked, turning to Flash. "You said you wanted to Duel me when you thought we were on equal ground, so is that now?"

Flash wasn't sure how to respond, but he looked back at Twilight who looked worried but driven. He could tell she wanted to keep Duelling. "Okay" Flash said, "let's do this."

"Now that's what I like to hear" Shining Armor said, as he and Cadence replaced their helmets and restarted their Duel Runner. When Twilight got hers back on Flash restarted the Runner, which went back into autopilot and the Duel was back on. "Now since your out of attacks I'm guessing your ending your turn, so I'll draw" Shining said doing so. "I summon the Tuner Monster Royal Paladin Flag Bearer," a boy appeared wearing Royal Paladin Squire's armour and carrying a flag with Shining Armor's crest on it. (A1200/D700/L3)

"Another Tuner Monster" Flash asked, why would he need that?

"If he's summoning that" Twilight said in fear, "then that means he's gonna use that card."

"Now" Shining said, "I tune Level three Royal Paladin Flag Bearer with Level seven Royal Paladin Commander." Flag Bearer transformed into the lights, which carved the three circles which Commander flew into. "Enter the fray, kneel before your king" the monster disappeared in an explosion of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing Shining Armor's new monster. It was a man in armour similar to Royal Sword Paladin's, only bulkier and more grand. He carried a giant long sword and rode upon a large blue steed. "Royal Paladin Grand Emperor." (A3500/D2500/L10)

Flash and Twilight were in awe at the sight before them. That was the most powerful monster either of them had ever seen, and if they wanted to win they'd need to defeat it somehow.

"So tell me Flash" Shining Armor said, "how do you think our skill levels compare now?"

Author's Note:

How's that for a chapter?

Just note Shining Armor's Duel Runner is the same model as Kalin's form 5Ds only white, while Flash's Runner is the Alpha Frame from Stardust Accelerator 2009.

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