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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 49, Flash vs Cold, the Final Battle

"Orchard Cowboy finish him!" Applejack ordered as her monster destroyed her opponents, reducing his life points to zero.

Applejack: 7170Ps

"Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond," Rarity ordered, "attack!" The knight pierced the opponent and reducing their life points.

Rarity: 6900Ps

""Rainbow Assault Wing Platinum go!" Rainbow said as her monster destroyed her opponent.

Rainbow Dash: 7170Ps

"Attack!" Pinkie ordered as Balloonimal Chimera attacked her opponent defeating them.

Pinkie Pie: 6880Ps

It was the final day of the Celestic Cup's first round and we find most of our heroes in Sugarcube Corner. At noon that day the first round would come to a close and the thirty two Duellists with the highest points, would be sent a message by their DPM. Considering everyone had such high points they felt guaranteed that they were in the finals.

Everyone was there. Twilight and her friends, along with Spike, Shining and Cadance, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell and Applebloom. Even Grand Hoof and Tidal Wave had shown up.

"Felicitaciones," Tidal said pulling a party popper along with everyone else.

"It was a long road," Shining said, "but you made it."

"We're not entirely sure we've made it to the finals you know," Twilight reminded her brother.

"Oh please," Spike said, "every Duellist we've met has no where near as many points as you guys."

"Yeah," Scootaloo said, "though I doubt we've gotten through. We just ended up losing to much at the end." They held up their DPMs,

Sweetie Bell: 3810Ps

Applebloom: 3770Ps

Scootaloo: 3950Ps

"But now the real battle is just beginning isn't it," Rarity said.

"Yeah," Rainbow said, "the Celestic Cup will be a tournament filled with super strong Duellists."

"We are going to have to focus all our skills to compete," Applejack said.

"I just wonder," Twilight said, "about Flash."

Everyone went quiet at that.

Suddenly the doors opened ringing the bell as a familiar voice said. "Boo."

They all turned to see Flash standing there at the door.

"FLASH!" they all yelled rushing over to him.

"Always with the big entrance huh amigo," Tidal said.

"Flash," Twilight almost whispered seeing him.

"Hey Twilight," he said sheepishly.

"You got some nerve showing up here after the stunt you pulled," she said.

"I know," Flash said, "and I'm sorry."

"So," Grand Hoof said, "I hope it was worth it."

"How many points do you have?" Scootaloo asked her brother, getting her answer when he help up his DPM.

Flash Sentry: 4700Ps

"Only forty seven hundred," Shining said.

"If it wasn't for what happened after the Survival Duel," Rainbow said growling.

"But I'm amazed you were able to get back that many points so quickly," Rarity said.

"But probably not enough to get into the finals," Cadance said.

"Yeah," Flash agreed before turning to his grandfather, "and the card." He pulled out the card he had given him which was still blank.

"It's okay" Grand Hoof said as he held out his phone, "here."

"Thanks," he said taking it. The second he switched it on however the started ringing at a call. "Hello," he answered.

"You know where to meet me," a familiar voice said.

"Cold," he said getting everyone's attention before the phone went dead.

In the construction sight where Flash had Duelled against Cold and Cold against Garble and his cronies, Flash and his friends were waiting.

The time was eleven o'clock and they had been waiting for the better part of an hour.

"How much longer is he gonna be?" Rainbow asked in irritation.

"I'm bored," Pinkie moaned.

"Just wait a little longer," Applejack told them.

It was at that moment the they all heard footsteps. Spinning around they saw Cold Steel casually walking into the area.

"Sorry for the wait," he said stoically, "Flash Sentry."

Flash frowned seeing him again. "So," he said, "mind telling me why you called me all the way out here?"

Cold simply stared at him, until finally he asked. "How many points do you have?"

Flash was surprised by the question, but answered. "Forty seven hundred."

Cold heard this and frowned. "Currently the Duellist in thirty second place has a point total of fifty five hundred."

Everyone heard this and frowned. Sure most of them had made it through, but Flash hadn't.

"It doesn't matter," Flash said, "the only reason I entered this tournament was to meet with you again and get some answers. If I can't make it to the finals, I'll just get the answers I want from you!" He said pointing at him. "You and I have a lot of unfinished business. We need to put an end to it, so we can move forward." He pulled out his Duel Disk and placed it on his arm, "let's Duel!"

Cold continued to stare, but eventually nodded. "If you insist," he said taking out his own Duel Disk, "but when you lose...I will take the deck I let you keep."

Flash knew that demand was coming, but he wouldn't lose.

Cold went to his Duel Disk and clicked something, causing a robotic female voice to speak.


From the Duel Disk came a pulse which covered the whole area, before things started appearing in mid air. They were light green platform like structures that scattered around the area. It was just like his Duel with Garble.

"What is this?" Shining asked.

"Crossover," Twilight replied, "their going to Action Duel."

The two Duellists jumped up onto the same girders they had Duelled on in their last encounter, before activating their Duel Disks and drawing their cards.


Cold: 4000
Flash: 4000

"I'll take the first move," Cold said drawing. "I set scale ten Sol of the Frozen Sun and scale three Frozen Heart Magician, into the Pendulum Scale." The pillars of light appeared on either side of him, as the monster rose up ready. "Now with these two monsters, I can cut through space time and carve tha arc of victory." The portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two light shot out and hit the ground.

"Now rise, Frozen Heart Knight." (A1700/D1500/L4)

"And Frozen Heart Gardna." (A800/D2000/L4)

"Two level fours," Rainbow said.

"He's not messing around," Applejack said.

"And now," he said as his monster flew up and into the black hole as it formed, "I use these two monsters to build the Overlay Network." The black hole burst in an explosion of light, "I XYZ SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Frozen Heart Lord of the Hook." (A2400/D1200/R4) "I end my turn with a face down."

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and set my own Pendulum Scale with scale three Alchemy Dracokid and scale eight Magna Caster Estella." The pillars of light appeared on either side of him, as the monster rose up ready for what they had to do. "Now with these two monsters I cut through space time and carve the true arc of victory," he chanted as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three lights shot out.

"Invoke your moonlight magic, Magna Caster Lunara." (A2400/D1200/L6/P1)

"Feel my passion, Aura Spear Dragon." (A2000/D100/L4)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Everyone cheered seeing Flash pull out the big guns right away.

"With Flash Heart's skill," Flash said, "Lord of the Hook is sent to the bottom of the deck." A worm hole opened up, which the Xyz monster began to fall through.

"I activate Lord of the Hook's ability," Cold said, "by removing one Overlay Unit I can prevent my monster from leaving the field." One of the lights flew into his monsters hook, which he tossed out of the wormhole and hooked around a higher girder, before pulling himself out

Flash wasn't phased. "I activate the Pendulum Ability of Alchemy Dracokid," he said as the little dragon uncorked his beaker and released the smoke. "With this I can perform a Fusion Summon without Polymerisation," he said while his monsters were consumed by the smoke and pulled into the beaker. "Now watch as I fuse the unequalled might of a Dragon, with the mystic properties of a Spellcaster." Alchemy Dracokid uncorked the beaker again as the the smoke flew out. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The smoke cleared revealing, "Spectral Nova Dragon." (A3000/D2000/L8)

"Now that's how you Duel," Spike said.

"Now I attack," Flash said, "and when Spectral Nova Dragon attacks I get to draw a card and depending on that card I get to activate an effect." He went to his deck and drew his card, "I got a Spell card meaning one of your Spell and Trap cards goes bye bye." The dragon fired a lazor, which struck the face down on Cold's field destroying it. "Now my attack with Mystery Flare Cannon!" The Fusion Dragon fired its twin blasters at the Xyz Monster.

It was in this moment that Cold acted, leaping off a girder and onto one of the solid hologram platforms. Then he jumped off towards a girder where an Action Card rest and grabbed it, before landing on another platform. "I activate the Action Spell Evasion, which will let my monster dodge your attack." Lord of the Hook leaped back, just getting the attack to miss.

Flash growled, but if he could use an Action Card. He looked around and saw one a level up, so leaping off the girder he jumped onto a platform and then to another before leaping over to the card and grabbing it. Seeing what it was he smiled. "I attack Lord of the Hook with Aura Spear Dragon."

"But Aura Spear is four hundred points weaker?" Sweetie asked.

"Unless that Action Card can help," her sister replied.

"I activate the Action Spell Power Level," Flash said, "which causes my monsters ATK point to increase to match yours." (A2400/D100/L4) Aura Spear formed a javelin of energy, which it charged at Lord of the Hook with causing them to both be destroyed. "Thanks for the sacrifice Aura Spear," Flash said. "I end my turn."

"It's my turn," Cold said, "I draw and activate Icicle Crash."

"Aw man," Flash said as the Spell card appeared on the field and from it a sudden burst of cold wind blew, freezing the area around them. Everybody shielded their faces from the wind, before it finally died down and two giant icicles were shown with Frozen Heart Knight and Lord of the Hook inside.

"With this I can banish my two Frozen Heart monsters and add two new Frozen Hearts from my deck to my hand," he said as the icicles shattered and his deck slotted out two cards for him to take. He then leaped off the girder onto another platform before leaping onto another one and then onto another girder, were he picked up an Action Card. "Now I activate Pendulum Recall, which forces both players to return their Pendulum Cards to the deck."

Flash growled but took Dracokid and Estella and placed them back on his deck as Cold did the same.

"Now we can draw two new cards," Cold said before they drew. "Next I'm resetting the Pendulum Scale, with scale two Frozen Heart Demon and scale nine Frozen Heart Angel." The pillars of light once again appeared, as two new Pendulum Monster rose up. One looked like a woman in blue clothing, with pale blue skin and wings made out of ice. The other was a a gargoyle like creature made entirely off ice. "Unleash your powers to cut through space time and carve arc of victory," Cold chanted as the portal began to form. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two lights shot out.

"Arise Frozen Heart Enchantress." (A800/D1600/L4)

"And Frozen Heart Lancer." A monster that looked like Frozen Heart Knight appeared holding a lance. (A1800/D1300/L4)

"Since Frozen Heart Enchantress was Special Summoned her ability activates, letting me return Frozen Heart Gardna to my hand." Cold removed a card from his grave and placed it in his hand, "now I activate the ability of Frozen Heart Statue Norr. By discarding it I can now Fusion Summon." The ice sculpture appeared before it exploded creating a wormhole, which sucked his two monsters inside. "Ice is an element that symbolises both strength and fragility, and when two pieces of ice meet they freeze together to make and even stronger piece." The portal exploded, releasing a burst of light. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Frozen Heart Lord of the Sword." (A2000/D1500/L6) "Now attack!" he ordered, making his monster raise its swords and charge at Spectral Nova Dragon.

"But Spectral Nova Dragon has a thousand more ATK points?" Fluttershy asked.

"He must be a reason," Twilight said.

"Now my Frozen Heart Demon's Pendulum ability activates," Cold said. "Since a Frozen Heart monster is battling a Special Summoned monster, then mine gains half the ATK points of yours for the turn." The gargoyle opened its mouth and fired a burst of snow that surrounded the Fusion Monster, as it attacked the other Fusion Monster. (A3500/D1500/L6) Lord of the Sword used its swords and ran the dragon through, destroying it.

Cold: 4000
Flash: 3500

"I end my turn."

"My turn," Flash said, "I draw and activate Stardust Reload. With this I can banish one monster from my graveyard and then draw cards equal to its level, so by removing Aura Spear I can draw four new cards." He drew his cards and nodded. "Now I reset my Pendulum Scale with scale two Magna Mechanic Kuda and scale seven Flash Knight," he placed his cards on his Duel Disk as the pillars of light appeared besides him and the monsters rose up. "Now watch as I cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," he chanted as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and four lights shot out and hit the ground.

"Howl to the moon, Shine Craft Magna Wolf." (A1200/D1100/L3)

"Sky high, Brass Wing Magna Hawk." (A1400/D800/L4)

"Slice and Dice, Magna Fighter Lucidum." (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Get to work, Glow Craft Magna Fox." (A1600/D1300/L4/P7)

"It's an army of monsters," Scootaloo cheered.

"But none of them can defeat Lord of the Sword," Applebloom stated.

"Don't worry," Twilight said, "this isn't the same Flash who lost to him before."

Grand Hoof nodded. "This is the true power of Flash's Pendulum."

"With Magna Hawk's ability," Flash said, "up to three random cards from your hand return to the deck then you shuffle and drew the same number." Since Cold only had two cards he returned them to his deck, which shuffled before he drew two more. "Since two cards were returned to the deck," he went on, "my Magna Wolf gains six hundred attack points." (A1800/D1100/L3)

"But that's still not strong enough to beat Lord of the Sword?" Pinkie asked.

"Did you forget who's in the Pendulum zone?" Shining replied making everyone gasp.

"With Kuda's Pendulum Ability I can turn one level three or below monster on my field into a Tuner Monster," Flash said as Kuda fired the energy from his spanner hitting Lucidum. "Now I tune my level three Lucidum with level four Magna Hawk," Lucidum glowed and then transformed into three lights which carved three circles for Magna Hawk to fly into. "With skills born through work and dedication, raise your sword for battle," the monsters disappeared in a burst of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Magna Champion Assault Striker." (A2500/D2100/L7)

"YES!" everyone yelled.

"Magna Champion attack!" Flash yelled as his Synchro Monster brandished its blades and charged at Lord of the Sword.

Cold leaped off the girder he was on to a lower one, then onto a platform before finally jumping onto another girder where he picked up an Action Card just as the attack landed. Lord of the Sword was destroyed, but Cold activate the Action Card just as it happened

Cold: 3500
Flash: 3500

"I activate the Action Spell Damage Guard," he said. "When a monster that's level five or higher is destroyed I can activate it, and for the rest of the turn any damage I take it halved.

"That's fine," Flash said, "damage is still damage. Magna Wolf attack," his monster jumped from girder to girder before reach cold and slashing him down the middle.

Cold: 2600
Flash: 3500

"Magna Fox," Flash ordered as his monsters tails ignited with light, which it fired and hit Cold.

Cold: 1800
Flash: 3500

Flash leaped towards a platform leading to a staircase of platforms, which he climbed before leaping onto a girder where an Action Card laid. He took the card and smiled seeing it, "I activate Pendulum Recall. Now we both return our Pendulum Cards to our decks which shuffle, then we can draw two new cards." They did so, returning the cards to the decks which shuffled before they drew. "I end my turn."

"It's my turn," Cold said, "I draw and I summon Frozen Heart Statue Söder in ATK mode. (A900/D700/L3) "And when he's summoned I can summon another Frozen Heart from my graveyard." Frozen Heart Lance reappeared on the field. "And now I tune level three Frozen Heart Statue Söder, with level four Frozen Heart Lancer." The Tuner monster changed into three lights which carved the circle for Lancer to jump into, before they disappeared in a flash of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Frozen Heart Lord of the Javelin." (A2500/D2200/L7) "Attack Magna Champion!"

"But they'll both be destroyed?" Flash said.

"Not once I activate Frozen Heart Lancer's ability from the graveyard," Cold said, "by removing him I can increase my monsters ATK by five hundred points for this turn." (A3000/D2200/L7) Lord of the Javelin threw its weapon at Magna Champion, impaling him into destruction."

Cold: 1800
Flash: 3000

Flash began to lose balance as his monster was destroyed and fell off the girder.

"FLASH!" everyone yelled seeing him fall, before he managed to grab the girder then swing onto a platform.

"That was close," Flash said catching his breath

"I end my turn with a face down," Cold said.

"Man," Flash said, "every time I up my game, he ups his twice over." He looked around and saw his monsters looking at him, both with a smile on their faces which made him smile. "But we've still got a lot more to prove," he looked down at his deck, "don't we?" He closed his eyes and felt the images of everything he'd been through, flash before him. "From the first time I encountered you guys, things happened fast." His mind went to the day he'd found his deck in his locker and how he had ended up Duelling Garble. "From that day onwards, my fate changed its course forever."

He opened his eyes and turned to look down at his friends, all cheering him on to victory. "And now here I am, facing a future I never even imagined possible. I didn't mind being alone, I'd always thought that's how life would be for me. However..." He closed his eyes and imagined himself in total darkness, but surround by the monsters of his deck who were all there to support him. "Thanks to our encounter, my life has taken a drastically different path." In his mind his monster began to disappear, until only Flash Heart Dragon remained. "Thank you," he said to Flash Heart who nodded before vanishing.

Flash opened his eyes to look at Cold, a new look of determination on his face. "It's my turn," he said, "I draw and with scale five Lumino Jaw Dragon and scale eight Magna Caster Solaris I set the Pendulum Scale." The pillars of light appeared once again as the monsters rose up, ready to put an end to this Duel. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Flash chanted as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory once again, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"ALRIGHT!" everyone cheered seeing his ace.

"With Flash Heart's skill," Flash continued, "Lord of the Javelin to the bottom of the deck." A wormhole opened, which the Synchro Monster fell through. "With that, my Magna Wolf gains three hundred ATK points." (A1500/D1100/L3) "ATTACK!" The wolf leaped at Cold, ready to strike.

"Go," Cold said as his face down flipped up, "Draining Shield. With this instead of losing life points, I gain them."

Cold: 3300
Flash: 3000

"Oh no," Fluttershy said.

"It's not over yet," Flash said "Magna Fox." His last monster fired a blast which struck Cold.

Cold: 1700
Flash: 3000

"I end my turn."

Cold remained stoic in his demeanour as he drew his card. "In the heat of battle a players true character is revealed," he said making Flash remember how he'd said that before. Cold glared at Flash hard, "I'm attacking with everything I've got. To try and stop it your gonna need to risk everything."

Everyone felt slightly scared hearing him say that.

"I play Pot of Greed," Cold said, "to draw two cards." He did so and nodded seeing his cards. "I reset the Pendulum Scale, with scale one Måne of the Frozen Moon and scale ten Sol of the Frozen Sun." The pillars of light appeared as the monster rose up. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of final victory!" Cold yelled as the portal formed. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out, crashing into the ground a creating a storm a freezing wind.

"Appear to freeze everything on this battle field in place, FROZEN HEART DRAGON!" (A3000/D2500/L8/P5)

Everyone stared at the dragon in horror. This was no doubt his best card and Flash would need to find a way to defeat it, if he ever wanted to finally defeat Cold Steel. But the question was, could he?"

"Are you ready for this?" Cold asked, "Flash Sentry."

"Oh you bet I am," Flash said, sounding just a serious as Cold. "Bring it on."

Author's Note:

The final battle. Will Flash win or will Cold prove to much for him to overcome?

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