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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 35, Twilight at Sunset

The Survival Tournament was drawing to a close, as the final few Duellists began their Duels which weren't really lasting long since most of their life points were so low a single attack would wipe them out.

Celestia: How much longer will this tournament last I wonder?

Luna: We're down to the final few so not much longer my sister.

In the Forest Zone the Duellist who had beaten Rainbow Dash, Cloudchaser, was in a Duel against a guy named Time Turner.

Cloudchaser: 200
Time Turner: 1900

"I activate Mystical Space Typhoon," Time Turner said, "to destroy your face down. Cloudchaser's card flew up revealing Magic Cylinder, which was destroyed. "Now Chrono Fighter can wage a direct attack on you," his monster swung its sword at Cloudchaser slashing her down the middle.

Cloudchaser: 0
Time Turner: 1900 (Winner)

Duellists: 10

"How dare she lose," Rainbow said in fury up in the stands.

"I guess your Duel with her was to much to come back from," Scootaloo said.

"Yeah," Rainbow said suddenly chilled again, "guess your right.

"They were right in saying these Duels won't last much longer," Rarity said, "hopefully one of our friends can make it to the end.

Flash and Applejack were rushing through the Canyon Zone trying to get to the Volcano Zone where Sunset was suppose to be.

As soon as they saw the vail they also saw a girl with white skin and pink hair standing infront of it. "Names Redheart," she said holding up her Duel Disk, "who's up."

Meanwhile Sunset's Duel against Twilight continued. Radiant Sun Knight Gallantine was on her field while Twilight had Flame Burst Magician and a face down.

"I'll start by activating Radiant Sun Knight's ability," Sunset said as one of the lights flew into the Xyz monsters sword which ignited. "By removing an Overlay Unit, Gallantine can destroy one face down card on the field." The flames from the sword shot out towards Twilight's face down destroying it. "Now Gallantine attack Flame Burst Magician," she ordered as the knight galloped towards the Spellcaster and slashing it to pieces.

Twilight: 1900
Sunset: 3000

"I end my turn."

"It's my turn," Twilight replied, "I draw." She looked at her hand and nodded as a plan formed within her head. "First I'll summon Terra Charmer to the field in ATK mode," a teenage wizard in orange rock patterned clothing appeared holding a staff if a rock floating off the end. (A1200/D1800/L4) "With him on the field I can now play Spellbook of Rebirth, which lets me revive Flame Burst Magician."

Sunset frowned seeing the monster return to the field. Having gone over Twilight's previous Duel she knew what to expect.

"And now," Twilight said as Terra Charmer glowed and changed into three light, "I'll tune Terra Charmer and Flame Burst Magician together." The lights carved three circles which Flame Burst Magician jumped into, before going transparent. "When two mighty magicians unite their magical power an amazing event will occur." The monsters disappeared in an explosion of light, "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing Twilight's best monster. "Twilight Sorcerer's." (A2100/D2800/L7) "With Twilight Sorcerer's ability I can now add a random Spellbook to my hand," her deck shuffled around then a card slotted out. "Also since I have a Spellbook in my graveyard my Sorcerer gains a hundred ATK points. (A2200/D2800/L7) "Now I attack your Gallantine," she ordered as her magician fired a magic energy ball which struck the Xyz monster destroying it.

Twilight: 1900
Sunset: 2800

"I end my turn."

"My turn," Sunset said, "I draw and activate the Spell Eruption Draw. By removing a Fire monster from my grave I can then draw cards equal to that monsters level, so I'll remove Blaze Fang Sun Tiger to draw three cards." She did so and drew three times. "Next my Pendulum Monsters will once again blaze the arc of victory," she said as the portal formed above her head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a light shot out and hit the ground.

"Sock it to them, Radiant Sun Knight Flame Fist" (A1300/D500/L3)

"Next I'll summon Firewall Defender in DEF mode," a man appeared wearing a gauntlet with a small metal disk attached that shot out fired and formed a shield of flames. (A1800/D0/L4)

"Let me guess," Twilight said, "It can't be destroyed by battle while in DEF mode?"

"What tipped you off?" Sunset asked.

"Your deck is designed around Flash's," Twilight answered. "There are a few differences here and there, but all in all its the same basic deck."

"Then you should be scared," Sunset said, "after all how many times has that deck lost? once or twice maybe. With that in mind you really should just give up."

"No way," Twilight said shaking her head. "Your right saying Flash has barely lost since getting that deck, but that's Flash. Your deck may have the same look as his but it doesn't have the deck's soul."

"Soul?" Sunset asked.

"You've just copied all of Flash's strategies and combos. Strategies and combos that only worked because Flash thought them up, but you using them means nothing."

"Is that so?"

"It is," Twilight said, "and I'm going to prove it by beating you and that forgery deck."

"Then prove it," Sunset said. "I place one card face down and end my turn."

"It's my turn," Twilight said, "I draw and activate the effect of Terra Charmer from the graveyard. Now by banishing it, I can return a Spellcaster in my graveyard to my hand." She did as she said. "Next I'll summon it to the field, so return to me Flame Burst Magician." (A1300/D600/L3) "Now since he was Normal Summoned I can inflicted eight hundred points of damage to you," Twilight said as her wizard shot a fireball which struck Sunset in the chest.

Twilight: 1900
Sunset: 2000

"Next I'll use Twilight Sorcerer's ability to add a random Spellbook from my deck to my hand," Twilight said as her deck slotted out a card for her to take. "Next I'll play Spellbook of Secrets, to add another Spellbook to my hand." Once again her deck shuffled out a card, which she took. "I now activate Spellbook of Fate, which will let me remove two Spellbooks from my graveyard and have your Firewall Defender switch to ATK mode."

The flame shielded knight stood up as his gauntlet extinguished.

"Now Twilight Sorcerer attack Firewall Defender," Twilight ordered as her wizard fired its blast.

"I activate my Trap," Sunset said, "Brittle Shield. Now a monster with more ATK then DEF can switch to DEF mode," Firewall Defender pulled up its gauntlet and ignited it just as the magic struck him. Once the dust settled Firewall Defender was revealed to still be standing.

Twilight groaned seeing this, "Flame Burst Magician attack Flame Fist." The wizard shot a fireball which struck the Radiant Sun Knight, destroying it once again.

"I end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Sunset said, "I draw and activate the Spell card Cleansing Fire." The two light pillars then transformed into flaming tornadoes, which consumed the Pendulum monsters within and destroyed them. "This card destroys every Spell and Trap card on my field and in return I get to draw one card for each of them. Since I destroyed two I can now draw two," she did so and smiled. "I reset the Pendulum Scale, with scale eight Magician of Glorious Sunrise and scale one Magician of Glorious Sundown." The pillars of light reappeared as the two Spellcasters flew up into them. "Now I can burn through space time and blaze the arc of victory, to summon monsters levelled two through seven all at the same time." Above her a portal formed, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three beams of light shot out and smashed into the ground.

"Slice and dice, Radiant Sun Knight Scarmick." (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Sock it to them, Radiant Sun Knight Flame Fist" (A1300/D500/L3)

"On guard, Radiant Sun Knight Slashim." (A2100/D2200/L6/P4)

The final one was a young female wizard in flame clothing. "Unify all flames, Magician of the Unified Flame." (A300/D800/L2)

"Not good," Twilight said. Now she had a large ray of monsters to summon.

"Since Scarmick was special summon," Sunset continued, "his special ability activates increasing the ATK of a Fire monster of my field by five hundred points for the turn." Fire shot out of Scarmick's weapon, surrounding Flame Fist and increasing his power. (A1800/D500/L3) "And now I activate Magician of the Unified Flame's ability," her little spellcaster waved her wand and burst into flames which also consumed Slashim. "She allows me to Fusion Summon without Polymerisation," Sunset explained as the flames connected into one before spiralling into a tornado. "The blazing heart of a Warrior, and the blazing mind of a Spellcaster now burn as one." The tornado exploded revealing Sunset's new monster, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The new monster was a knight in golden flame patterned armour, carrying a magic staff with a blade on its bottom and a red crystal orb on its top. A golden cape flowed down its back. "Mystic Paladin of Glorious Sunstroke." (A?/D?/L10)"

Twilight raised her eyebrow seeing the new monsters points.

"Mystic Paladin's ATK and DEF points become the combined points of the Fusion Materials," Sunset explained. (A2400/D3000/L10)

Now Twilight gulped.

Back in the the Canyon Zone Flash and Redheart were Duelling. The pink haired woman had started with Injection Fairy Lily.

Redheart: 1100
Flash: 500

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and set the Pendulum Scale with Alchemy Dracokid and Magna Caster Estella." The pillars of light appeared as the Pendulum Monsters rose up. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Flash said as the portal formed. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out.

"Dazzle them, Mirage Gleam Dragon." (A1600/D1200/L4)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Flash Heart's skill," Flash said, "Fairy Lily to the bottom of the deck." A wormhole opened up and sucked the nurse monster inside." Now Mirage Gleam Dragon attack her directly," his dragon's scales glowed and fired a beam of light at her.

Redheart: 0
Flash: 500 (Winner)

Duellists: 6

"Nice one Flash," Applejack said.

"With her out no one's standing in our way of the vail," Flash said. "Come on," they rushed through the vail and entered the next Zone.

Meanwhile the Duellist Time Turner and his opponent Caramel were in their own Duel. Caramel currently had Vorse Raider while Time Turner had a face down.

Time Turner: 200
Caramel: 400

"My turn," Time Turner said, "I draw and summon Time Wizard." A red clock monster appeared. "With Time Wizard's ability I can spin its dial and if it lands on the time machine it'll destroy your monster, but if it lands on the skull it'll destroy my monsters and deal me damage equal to half its ATK."

Celestia: This is it. This one spin will decide how this Duel ends.

"Time Roulette," Time Turner said, "GO!" The Time Wizards spinner spun around and around. Everyone watched in anticipation as the dial began to slow, and eventually stop on..."NO" Time Turner yelled seeing the arrow land on the skull.

Luna: Looks like Time Turner is out.

As the time warp began to suck Time Wizard inside, Time Turner frowned. "If I'm going down I'm taking you with me, as I activate my Trap Ring of Destruction." A ring appeared around Vorse Raiders neck as Time Turner explained, "this ring will destroy any monster on the field and inflict damage to both of us equal to that monsters ATK points." The ring exploded, destroying Vorse Raider and dealing them both damage.

Time Turner: 0 (Tie)
Caramel: 0 (Tie)

Duellists: 4

Celestia: Now we're down to the final four.

Luna: Which will soon be down to three, as Ms Sparkle and Shimmer's Duel will soon be coming to a close.

"Mystic Paladin of Glorious Sunstroke," Sunset ordered, "attack Twilight Sorcerer." He Fusion Monster raised its staff and fired a flamethrower at Twilight's Synchro Monster, burning it alive.

Twilight: 1700
Sunset: 2000

"Next," Sunset continued, "Flame Fist will destroy Flame Burst Magician." The knight launched itself at the wizard and slammed it with his flaming gauntlet.

Twilight: 1200
Sunset: 2000

"And Finally Radiant Sun Knight Scarmick will attack you directly," the last monster charged towards Twilight.

"If this attack hit Twilight'll only have two hundred points," Spike said in fear.

"Look out Twilight!" Rarity called out.

"I activate the effect of Spirit Chanter," Twilight said as she discarded a card. "By discarding it I can reduce any damage I take to zero." In front of her appeared a wizard who held up its staff and created a force field that Scarmick bounced off.

"Your luck won't last forever," Sunset said as she ended her turn.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, seeing Twilight barely hold out.

"We're lucky she didn't switch Firewall Defender to ATK mode," Tidal said, "no way Dama Sparkle could have survived."

"Why didn't she use it though?" Sweetie asked.

"Sunset must have foresaw the chance that Twilight would survive the attack," Rarity replied, "so she kept it safe encase."

"But Twilight'll need to think up a way to beat that Mystic Paladin," Spike said, "or it'll be game over."

"It's my turn," Twilight said, "I draw and summon Shadow Charmer in ATK mode." He dark clothed Tuner appeared. (A1200/D700/L3) "With Shadow Charmer's ability, I can discard Silent Magician LV8 to revive Twilight Sorcerer." Her Synchro monster return to the field. (A2200/D2800/L7)

"Those two won't do a thing against my monsters," Sunset said.

"You forget about my Sorcerer's ability," she said as her deck shuffled out a card. "Now I activate the Spellbook of Eternity, which will let me return a Spellbook back into my hand. Next I activate the returned Spellbook of Secret, to add another Spellbook to my hand" her deck shuffled out another card. "Now I activate the Spellbook of Power, which will raise Twilight Sorcerer ATK points by one thousand plus with four Spellbooks in my grave, his power raises by another four hundred." (A3500/D2800/L7)

"A" Sunset said blankly.

"Twilight Sorcerer attack Mystic Paladin," Twilight ordered. Her magician fired a beam of energy as the Paladin fired its flamethrower. The two attacks met but Twilight Sorcerer's pushed back and eventually struck the paladin down.

Twilight: 1200
Sunset: 900

"Additionally," Twilight said, "Spellbook of Powers other effect lets me add another Spellbook to my hand." She took another card out of her Deck, "I'll end my turn by activating that card so say hi to the Spellbook Star Hall." The Spell card appeared on the field, as Twilight Sorcerer's ATK points returned to normal with the four hundred point increase. (A2500/D2800/L7)

"My draw," Sunset said, "and I play Pot of Greed to draw two new cards. Next my Pendulum Cards will burn through space time and blaze the arc of victory," the portal formed above her. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened an two beams of light shot out.

"On guard, Radiant Sun Knight Slashim." (A2100/D2200/L6/P4)

"Ignite your flame of victory, Solar Flare Phoenix." (A2500/D2100/L7/P4)

Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell and Applebloom all shuddered seeing the monster that had wiped them out.

"This is bad," Rarity said.

"Indeed," Tidal agreed.

"Twilight," Spike said in worry.

"I activate Solar Flare Phoenix's ability," Sunset said, "since my life points are below two thousand they now double since she was Special Summoned." The large bird released its fires, which Sunset bathed in.

Twilight: 1200
Sunset: 1800

"Now I activate this Spell Card," Sunset said setting a card. "Blazing Heart of Fire, which lets me sacrifice every Fire monster on my field other then Solar Flare Phoenix." Flame Fist, Scarmick and Slashim burst into flames, which then flew up and circled Solar Flare Phoenix. "This Spell increases my Phoenix's ATK points by the combined levels of my other monsters, times by one hundred."

"What?" Twilight asked in shock.

"Flame Fist and Scarmick are both level three," Fluttershy did the math, "while Slashim is level six. All together they equal..."

"Twelve hundred points," Rarity finished.

Solar Flare Phoenix spread its wings and took to the skies as its power rose. (A3700/D2100/L7/P4)

Flash and Applejack had arrived at the base of the cliff, when they heard a loud squawk which made them look up to see Solar Flare Phoenix.

"What is that?" Applejack asked.

"The monster that beat our sisters," Flash replied.

Twilight shook as the Phoenix rose up and high above them.

"Solar Flare Phoenix," Sunset ordered, "attack Twilight Sorcerer and end this."

As the giant firebird began its descent towards the magician, Twilight looked at her hand, field, deck, anything looking for a way to stop Sunset...but there was nothing she could do. The flaming winged beast struck Twilight Sorcerer, incinerating it and sending Twilight flying off her feet and into the air.

Twilight: 0
Sunset: 1800 (Winner)

Duellists: 3

Flash and Applejack saw the explosion and watched as the Duellist was sent flying off the cliff, only to realise who that Duellist was.

"TWILIGHT!" they yelled seeing her fall. In that moment they leaped into action and shot up the cliff, before jumping off and managing to catch the purple skinned teen in their arms and breaking her fall.

"Twilight," Flash said as he managed to pull himself up, "are you okay?"

"Flash," Twilight moaned out opening her eyes.

"Relax sugarcube," Applejack told her, "we got ya."

"Looks like it's just the three of us," they heard a voice say from above them. Looking up they saw Sunset skidding down the cliff, coming to a stop on a ledge a few feet off the ground.

"Sunset Shimmer," Flash growled standing tall and looking up at her.

"I guess the Pendulum Cards got me to stick in your mind huh?" Sunset said.

"You got them from Cold Steel right?" Flash asked her, "what do you know about them."

"Sorry handsome," Sunset said, "but that's need to know."

Flash growled and held up his Duel Disk.

"You want to Duel me?" she asked.

"We both do," Applejack said. "This is pay back for my sister."

"Oh right," Sunset said, "the three losers who couldn't even win in a three on one."

The two growled hearing her bad mouth their sisters.

Celestia: This is it, the final Duel.

Luna: which of these three will come out on top?


Sunset: 1800
Flash: 500
Applejack: 400

"Since it's two on one," Sunset said drawing, "I'll take the first move and activate Spell Replicator. Now by ditching a Spell in my hand, I can add two more copies of it from my deck." She sent a card to her graveyard as two new cards slotted out of her deck. "And now," she said slotting one of them into her Duel Disk, "I activate Hinotama. This Spell card will blast away five hundred of your life points."

"Oh no," Flash and Applejack said.

A barrage of fire balls appeared above her and flew towards them, before striking Applejack and knocking her off her feet.

"APPLEJACK!" Flash and Twilight yelled.

Sunset: 1800
Flash: 500
Applejack: 0

Duellists: 2

"That was so much fun," Sunset said placing another card in her Duel Disk, "I think I'll do it again. Hinotama FIRE."

Another fire ball appeared above her and shot towards Flash, striking him in the chest and knocking him down.

Sunset: 1800 (Winner)
Flash: 0
Applejack: 0

Duellists: 1-Winner Sunset Shimmer

Celestia: That's it, the Survival Tournament is over and Sunset Shimmer is the last Duellist standing.

Luna: She has earned the fifteen hundred Duel Points.

As the Duel Fields disappeared, Flash, Applejack and Twilight pulled themselves up and onto their feet.

They found Sunset about to walk passed them, but she stopped when she heard Twilight say. "This isn't over, we'll Duel again."

Sunset chuckled hearing this and replied without even looking at her. "You might want to drag yourself up to my level first," and with that she walked off stage.

Not long after, all the competitors were back on the field as Sunset walked on stage and shook hands with the Celestic Sisters.

"Let's congratulate our Survival Duel Champion Sunset Shimmer," Celestia said as she and Luna transferred the points to Sunset.

Everyone clapped for the yellow and red haired teen, though some weren't as enthusiastic as the others which included Flash and his friends.

Twilight continued to stare at Sunset, not able to get their Duel out of her head. She had been completely helpless against her, but she swore the next time they met she would settle the score.

Author's Note:

The Survival Duel arc comes to a close.

What will happen next for Flash and his friends? Stay tuned to find out.

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