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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 40, Time Turner

We find Flash in a Duel against a rather strong Duellist named Thunderlane. Thunderlane currently had Gilford the Lightning on his field, while Flash had Assault Striker as well as Gladio and Kuda in his Pendulum Scale.

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and with my Pendulum Scale I carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out.

"Howl to the moon, Shine Crest Magna Wolf." (A1200/D1100/L3)

"Slice and dice, Magna Fighter Lucidum. (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Those three won't do a thing against my Gilford," Thunderlane said.

"They will once I tune Lucidum with Assault Striker," Flash said as his monster changed into three lights which carved the rings around Assault Striker before exploding in light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing the monster. "Magna Guardian, Sacred Light Paladin." (A3300/D2500/L10/P8)

"Oh man," Thunderlane said.

"I attack Gilford with my Paladin," Flash said as his monster used its sword to cut through Thunderlane's.

Flash: 500
Thunderlane: 2400

"When Sacred Light Paladin destroys a monster," Flash said, "his ability cuts your life points in half."

Flash: 500
Thunderlane: 1200

"Now I attack with Shine Crest Magna Wolf," Flash's last monster pounced at Thunderlane, swiping him with his claws.

Flash: 500 (Winner)
Thunderlane: 0

After the Duel Flash was sitting on his Duel Runner looking over his Duel Points.

Flash Sentry: 680Ps

Even after Duelling nonstop all day he still wasn't even close to his origanal amount.

Flash sighed and then went to his pocket and pulled out the card his grandfather had given him.


"Flash," the teen turned back to his Grandfather who was holding something out to him, "take this."

Flash took it and saw it was a blank Duel card. "This is..."

"You mother gave me that card before she vanished," Grand explained. "She said only a Duellist of incredible skill could unlock its potential, and I believe that Duellist is you."

Flash smiled and nodded before pocketing the card.


But no matter what he did the card remained blank. "What am I missing?" he asked.

Before he could think about anything however. "Rainbow Assault Wing Gold," Flash looked up to a megascreen on one of the skyscrapers.

One the screen Rainbow Dash was being shown.

"Rainbow Dash has had a tough battle up until now," the announcer said.

"Rainbow," Flash smiled seeing his friend Duel. Her opponent was a man in his twenties, with brown hair in a brown suit and tie under a brown overcoat. The guy had Time Wizard and Baby Dragon on his field

"Will she be able to counter attack?" the announcer asked, "or will Time Turner turn this around."

"GO," Rainbow said, "Assault Wing Gold. Attack his Baby Dragon and end this."

"I activate my face down," the man named Time Turner said, "Fusion Flash. By paying five hundred life points I can perform a Fusion Summon."

Rainbow: 2200
Time Turner: 200

Time Turner's monster were sucked into a vortex, "I FUSION SUMMON!" The portal exploded revealing a large dragon that looked like an older version of Baby Dragon. "Thousand Dragon." (A2400/D2000/L7) The dragon let out a flamethrower from its nostrils, burning Assault Wing Gold.

Rainbow: 2100
Time Turner: 200

"I end my turn," Rainbow said.

"My turn then," Time Turner said, "I draw and I'll have Thousand Dragon attack you directly." Thousand Dragon fired another blast which struck Rainbow.

Rainbow: 0
Time Turner: 200 (Winner)

"And there you have it folks" the announcer said, "Time Turner wins it.

"I lost," Rainbow said in shock.

"No way," Flash said, "No one beats Rainbow that easily. Who is that guy?"

As time went on Flash continued to Duel anyone he could find.

"Twin Sword Cleave," he said as Spectral Sabre Dragon destroyed his opponent's monster.

Flash: 2300 (winner)
Prism Bolt: 0

Flash Sentry: 820Ps

"Finish this Gladio," the sword wielding Pendulum Monster slashed through his opponent with a direct attack.

Flash: 3100 (Winner)
Cinnamon: 0

Flash Sentry: 910Ps

"Flash Heart Dragon attack," Flash's ace destroyed his opponent's weakest monster.

Flash: 1900 (Winner)
Photo Finish: 0

Flash Sentry: 1000Ps

As night time fell we find Flash at a harbour after multiple Duels.

He felt exhausted after so many challenges and was having trouble staying on his feet. He wanted to rest but knew he couldn't until he was able to gather enough points, only then would he rest. But try telling his legs that, since they decided at that moment to give out making him stagger forwards and lean against a container before sliding to his feet. Flash felt his eyes grow heavy, but just as he was about to drift off.

"You look exhausted," Flash looked up to see a familiar brown haired man standing above him. "Need a hand?" he asked offering his hand.

Flash's eyes opened slowly as he regained consciousness.

He found himself next to a fire with some kind of blanket draped over him, as he was leaned against something blue. Properly getting up he found the blanket was actually a brown coat.

"Finally awake I see," Flash turned to see the man from before standing above him. "Don't suppose I could have the back then could I?" he pointed to the coat, "it is awfully chilly tonight."

Flash took the coat off of him and held it out for the man to take.

"Thanks kid," he said as he threw it over himself.

"Hey," Flash finally realised, "your the guy who beat Rainbow earlier."

"You saw that huh?" he asked, "the names Time Turner."

"Flash," the teen replied.

"Well it's nice to meet you Flash," Time said.

"Same," Flash replied as he pushed himself to his feet, "and thanks for helping me back there."

"It was nothing," Time said, "couldn't just leave you there to get mugged could I?"

"But what are you doing here?" Flash asked.

"I'm a traveller," the man replied, "I came to this town to compete in the Celestic Cup."

"I see," Flash said, "but why are you here in the harbour

"I'm straying at this harbour while competing."

"But why?" couldn't he have gotten a hotel or something?

"I like it here," Time explained. "It has quite a rustic feel to it."


"Like the thing your leaning on," he said making Flash look at the box he'd been sleeping against. It was actually an old police box he'd seen in some of Grand Hoof's old movies. "Can you honestly say you've seen anything like this before?"

"I guess not," Flash said.

"This is why I stay here," Time said, "because despite this town being so state of the art, this little piece of the passed still exists."

"You must be really into nostalgic stuff," Flash stated.

"The past is what makes the future possible," Time said. "Every decision has a purpose, whether they are seen as good or bad they matter."

"Unless they ruin everything," Flash said.

Time turned to him quizzically, "why so glum?"

"It's not important," Flash said, "I don't want to bore you with my problems."

"No it's fine," Time said, "maybe a fresh pair of ears will help you with it."

Flash sighed and explained about his situation.

"Oh," Time said, "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault," Flash said, "I let it happen."

"But it's still horrible," Time said, "but it does have some positives."

"How?" Flash asked.

"If your points hadn't been taken," Time explained, "you wouldn't be here and we might not have met."

"I guess you got a point," Flash replied. Suddenly a thought accrued to him. "Hey," he said, "do you want to Duel?"

Time Turner looked at him and then smiled nodding, "that sounds fantastic."

The two faced off with their Duel Disks at the ready.

"What's say we put up five hundred points?" Time said.

Flash nodded and they readied themselves.


Time: 4000
Flash: 4000

"Allons-y," Time said as he drew on his first turn. "I summon Clockwork Rabbit in ATK mode," a rabbit made out of metal with a clock in its stomach and a cog on its back appeared. (A800/D800/L3) "I end my turn."

Flash was confused. "Why would he place such a weak monster in ATK mode, with no face downs to protect it?"

Time Turner's poker face told him nothing.

"I'll just have to see for myself," Flash said, "I draw. I summon Starbreak Dragon in ATK mode," his axe wielding dragon appeared. (A1500/D1200/L4) "Now attack Clockwork Rabbit," the dragon charged forwards and slashed at the machine reducing it to scrape.

Time: 3300
Flash: 4000

"You activated my Rabbit's ability," Time said, "when he's destroyed I can summon a Machine Type monster from my deck with fifteen hundred or less attack points."

Flash didn't like the sound of this.

"Now I can summon my most powerful monster," Time said as his deck slotted out a card, "a monster that uses time as its weapon." A flash of light shined as a new monster appeared. It was a small clockwork robot designed around a knight with a sword in its hand, "Chrono Fighter." (A100/D100/L1)

"Wait," Flash said plainly, "that's your best monster? It barely has any ATK or DEF points."

Time Turner simply chuckled, "you'll see it's true power...in time."

"Whatever," Flash said, "I place on card face down and end my turn."

"It's my turn," Time said, "I draw and now that it's my Standby Phase Chrono Fighter's ability activates." Time's monster began to glow, "with each turn that passes my monster shall gain one level, five hundred ATK points and four hundred DEF points." The light faded revealing a slightly larger version of Chrono Fighter. (A600/D500/L2)

"So the more turns that pass the stronger that monster's going to get," Flash said feeling a sense of déjà vu at that ability.

"Next I activate the Spell card Blustering Winds, which will increase the ATK and DEF of my Fighter by one thousand points for this turn (A1600/D1500/L2) "Attack Starbreak Dragon," Time ordered as his robot charged forwards and slashed through Flash's dragon destroying it.

Time: 3300
Flash: 3900

"I activate my face down, Starburst Draw. With this I can draw a card for every level point my destroyed monster had, so I'll draw four."

Time Turner nodded at this. "I end my turn with a face down as Chrono Fighter's points return to normal." (A600/D500)

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and set the Pendulum Scale with scale one Magna Caster Lunara and scale seven Glow Craft Magna Fox." The pillars of light appeared as Flash's monsters rose up, and then fired their magic at the sky. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Flash chanted as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three beams of light shot out.

"Shields up, Magna Fighter Arma." (A1800/D0/L4)

"Target sighted, Magna Fighter Radium." (A1600/D1400/L4)

"Feel my passion, Aura Spear Dragon." (A2000/D100/L4)

"Fantastic," Time said, "Pendulum Summoning sure is an amazing thing."

"Just watch what else it can do," Flash said, "Alright Radium...attack." The bazooka wielding teen girl kneeled down and took aim at Chrono Fighter.

"You shouldn't rush in recklessly," Time said, "because you might overlook something." His face down flipped up, "Turn Jump. This Trap causes us to each jump ahead three turns, in which neither of us can make a move."

"But why would he do that?" Flash asked, until he remembered Chrono Fighter's ability.

"That's right," Time said seeing the realisation in his eyes, "for each turn we skip my Chrono Fighter will evolve a level and grow stronger."

One turn was skipped making the robot glow and grow taller. (A1100/D900/L3)

Then the second turn was skipped and the robot repeated the process. (A1600/D1300/L4)

Then the third and final turn was skipped and Chrono Fighter evolved one more time, until it stood a six foot with a sword almost as big as Flash's Gladio. (A2100/D1700/L5)

"And now our Duel resumes," Time said as Radium continued to aim.

"Radium stop," Flash said. Thanks to that Turn Jump Chrono Fighter was way to strong for them. "I'll throw down a face down end my turn, but I gotta say that last move really took me by surprise."

"Like I said," Time said, "Chrono Fighter is a monster that uses time as a weapon. In fact my entire deck is built to manipulate time."

"Man that sounds cool," Flash said, "I'd love to be able to effect time the way your deck does. Imagine if you could even travel through time?"

"Er...well," Time said, "I'm sure time travel isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"You kidding?" Flash asked, "the chance to go back and correct your mistakes. To fix everything wrong in your life."

"Now come on," Time said, "do you honestly think changing the past would actually better your future?"

"Why wouldn't it?" Flash asked.

"The mistakes you've made," Time said, "were they all one hundred percent bad?"

"Well..." Flash wasn't sure how to answer that, "no but I could fix the things that really matter. I could get my points back." He thought back to that day and what he would have done if he'd known what he did now. He'd ask bowl cut for some proof of being an employee at Freeze Industries and then go kick Garble's butt.

"So you'd rather try and sweep your mistakes under the rug?" Time asked, "instead of learning from them and fixing them the right way."

"What?" Flash asked.

"There's an old saying I think fits well here," Time explained, "experience is the name we give to our mistakes. Like I said earlier, every decision we make guides our future. Whether their good or bad, it's those decisions that make us who we are." Time pointed at Flash, "I ask you. Look back on the mistakes you've made in your life and think about what might have been had you not made those mistakes."

Flash did think back on them. There was the times he'd pushed his sister away, but if he hadn't he doubted whether their current relationship would be as strong after they're recrimination and if he hadn't pushed her away she might not have branched out and made the friends she had today. She might not have started looking up to Rainbow and become the amazing Xyz Duellist she was.

Then there was the time he'd stood up for Spike against Garble. He'd considered that a mistake at the time, but if he hadn't done it he'd never have rediscovered his love of Duelling.

And then there was getting his DPM stolen and his points taken. What had that lead to except bad things? True if it hadn't happened he never would have Duelled Grand Hoof and unlocked his Synchro Pendulum Summon. And he wouldn't have learned about how his parents had met and about the blazing spirit he'd apparently inherited from his dad.

"It's true our mistakes feel terrible at the time," Time said, "but it's how we chose to deal with them that make us grow as people and Duellists. Many times it's the mistake of our life that shape the most important parts of us more then our successes."

"I guess I can't argue with you there," Flash said.

"Then accept your failures," Time said, "and let them make you stronger." Time Turner placed his hand on his deck, "I believe it's my turn. I draw and with it my Chrono Fighter will grow to level six. (A2600/D2100/L6) "Next I play Pot of Greed, in order to draw two cards." He drew his cards and smiled, "I play Polymerisation. This card will let me fuse Time Wizard and Baby Dragon." His two monsters appeared on the field before being sucked into a wormhole, as Time chanted. "With age comes the wisdom of time and experience, which will grant a power stronger then any weapon." The portal exploded, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light from the explosion faded, revealing the monster Flash had seen him use on Rainbow Dash. "Thousand Dragon." (A2400/D2000/L7)

"Oh boy," Flash said.

"Thousand Dragon attack Magna Fighter Radium," Time ordered as his dragon short a flamethrower from its nose which burned Radium alive.

Time: 3300
Flash: 3100

"Now Chrono Fighter attack Arma," the robot raised its sword and charged at Flash's other Magna Fighter.

"I activate my Trap," Flash said, "Brittle Shield. This card lets a monster with more ATK then DEF switch to DEF mode." As Chrono Fighter drew closer Arma raised her shield and managed to block the attack. "While she's in DEF mode Arma is immune to destruction."

"Very well," Time said, "I end my turn with a face down."

Flash knew keeping Arma in DEF mode wouldn't stop Time for long.

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and play the Spell card Starburst Reload. This card lets me remove a monster from my graveyard and then draw the same number of cards, as the monsters level. I remove Starbreak Dragon and draw four," he did so and smiled seeing his ace. "I sacrifice Arma and Aura Spear Dragon, in order to summon Flash Heart Dragon." His monsters disappeared and were replaced by the robotic dragon man combo, who raised its fists ready for battle. (A2500/D2000/L7/P4) "Next I activate the Spell card Lightspeed, to increase my Light attributed Flash Heart's ATK power by one thousand points." (A3500/D2000/L7/P4) "Flash Heart Dragon attack Chrono Fighter," Flash's monster was shot forward by its boosters as it aimed for the robot.

"I activate my Trap card Shift," Time said as his face down flipped up, "with this your attacks target changes to Thousand Dragon." Time Turner's monster blinked out for a second, only to reappear in each others place as Flash Heart threw its punch hitting the dragon instead of the robot.

Time: 2400
Flash: 3100

"I end my turn," Flash said as his monsters ATK points returned to normal. (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"It's my turn," Time said, "I draw and once again my Chrono Fighter will power up." The robot once again glowed and transformed, into a larger version of itself. (A3100/D2500/L7) "Now I summon Chrono Viper." A robotic snake with a gear around its neck appeared, the gear spinning like a buzz saw. (A1700/D1100/L4) "Chrono Fighter attack Flash Heart Dragon," he ordered as his monster used its sword and slashed through Flash Heart.

Time: 2400
Flash: 2500

"Now Chrono Viper attack Flash directly," the snake slivered towards Flash and used the gear to grind into him.

Time: 2400
Flash: 800

"I end my turn," Time said.

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and play my own Pot of Greed. This card lets me draw two cards." Flash draw and his eyes went wide seeing what he'd drawn, before smiling as a plan came together. "You said my mistakes will shape my future," he said to Time, "and you were right. I can't just try and imagine what life would be like without them, because that won't help me grow." He placed a card in his Duel Disk which turned out to be Mystical Space Typhoon, which caused a strong wind to blow and destroy Magna Fox. "I need to accept them and push forwards to my future," Flash continued, "and this is my future. I'm setting scale eight Magna Caster Estella into the Pendulum Scale," he threw down the card and his magician flew up into the empty pillar. "Now I can cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," he chanted as the portal formed above him. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Fantastic," Time said seeing the sceptical.

"Flash Heart's skill," Flash said, "Chrono Viper to the bottom of the deck."

A wormhole opened below the snake robot, sucking it down.

"And now I summon the Tuner Monster Magna Mechanic Kuda," the spanner wielding steampunk appeared. (A1400/D700/L3/P2) "Now with the Pendulum Ability of Estella, I can reduce Kuda's level by two." The witch waved her wand and changed Kuda's level. (A1400/D700/L1/P2) "And now," Flash said, "I tune level one Magna Mechanic with level seven Flash Heart Dragon." Kuda transformed into a light which carved the circle around Flash Heart Dragon. "Awaken the power sleeping within us all and allow your light to shine brighter then ever," he chanted as the monster disappeared in an explosion of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Flash Dragon Accel." (A3000/D2500/L8)

"Wow," Time said.

"Now I play," Flash said, "Reverse Polarity. This card will cause Accel and Chrono Fighter's ATK points to switch." (A3100/D2500/L8), (A3000/D2500/L7) "And now Flash Dragon Accel attack," Flash ordered as his dragon flew high and released its four cannons. "Supreme Energy Blast!!" The cannons fired and shot four combined energy blasts at Time's monster, destroying it.

Time: 2300
Flash: 800

"And now for his ability," Flash said as his dragon glowed, "Flash Dragon Accel...devolve into...Flash Heart Dragon." The light faded revealing Flash Heart, whose jets fired propelling it forwards as it slammed into Time Turner.

Time: 0
Flash: 800 (Winner)

As the sun began to raise above the horizon, Flash and Time were prepared to head out.

"That was a great Duel," Time said.

"It sure was," Flash said, "and thanks. You were right, I can't just ignore my mistakes."

"Glad to here it," Time said, "and don't worry. You'll make it to the finals."

"Someone's got faith in the unlikely."

"It's not faith," Time said, "I know you'll make it."

"Thanks," Flash said before he turned to leave, "I guess I'll see you around."

"Maybe," Time said.

Flash walked off and around the corner. But as he did so a strange noise caught his ear, making him look back around and saw a strong gust coming from where he'd just been. quickly heading back there he turned around the corner and found both Time Turner and the blue police box were gone. "What the?"

Author's Note:

If you guys didn't like that ending I'll change it, but it was just to funny to resist.

NEXT TIME: A chapter written using the ideas of you, the commenters.

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