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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 43, The Irresistible Voices pt1

In a dark corner of the city three figures hid under a bridge, kneeling around a mysterious dish like object that gave off a mysterious glow.

"How goes your mission?" a muffled voice said, coming from the dish.

"It goes well," one of them said, "we have attained many points and have gathered a sizeable amount of Ener-D."

"Excellent," the voice said, "keep it up or you know what will happen."

"Yes Your Majesty," the three said as the dish's glow faded.

The three figures stepped out from under the bridge into the moonlight, revealing themselves as three teenage girls. The first having yellow skin and orange hair, while the second had pink skin with purple and green hair and the last had blue skin with two darker shades of blue in her hair.

"So what now?" the blue skinned one asked.

"Weren't you listening," the orange skinned girl said, "we keep collecting the points we need and the Ener-D he wants. Honestly Sonata."

"Right," the girl named Sonata said, "sorry Adagio."

"Whatever," the one named Adagio said. "Aria, where's the nearest Duellist."

The last one named Aria held up her DPM and searched for a Duellist signal, but found nothing. "Looks like we've cleaned house in this area."

"Then we'd better head to another one," Adagio said.

"I wonder who our next victim will be?" Sonata asked.

"Balloonimal Cerberus attack," Pinkie ordered as her three headed balloon animal charged at her opponent. With a single slash the boys life points were reduced to zero.

"Marvellous darling," Rarity cheered at her friends victory.

"Thanks," Pinkie replied as she bounced towards the violet haired girl.

"We've really been racking up the points," Rarity said as they both looked down at their DPMs.

Rarity: 5150Ps

Pinkie Pie: 5080Ps

"I wonder how the others are doing?" Pinkie asked.

"I'm sure they're fine," Rarity assured her. "Why don't we get something to eat, my treat."

"Yay!" Pinkie screamed, "how about that little restaurant we passed earlier?"

"Splendid," she said.

They made their way towards the restaurant named the Tasty Treat. The interior was very exotic in design with different coloured drapes and chairs.

"Wow wee!" Pinkie said looking around, "this place looks amazing." She sniffed the air, "and it smells amazing to."

"It does seem exotic," Rarity said looking around, "I just hope we can get a table." She looked around the restaurant for any free seats, only for her eyes to land on a pair of teen girls. One of these girls had creamy skin and blue and pink hair. She wore a white dress with yellow and blue trim. However she recognised the second girl, with her having aquamarine skin and hair, while wearing a pink top and dark blue shorts and around her neck was a necklace of a harp. "Lyra Heartstrings."

"Where?" Pinkie asked looking around, only to spot the girls and smile.

"Pinkie!" Rarity said, seeing her friend bounce off towards the two.

"Hi," the bubblegum haired teen said when she reached them.

The girls' heads shot up at Pinkie's high pitched voice. "Oh," Lyra said, "hello."

"I apologies for her," Rarity said, "we saw you in the Shooting Star Micro Tournament. You Duelled against our friend Flash."

"Flash Sentry?" the girl next to Lyra asked, "oh do sit down."

"Oh," Rarity said plainly before they took a seat, "thank you."

"It's nothing," she said, "any friend of Flash's is a friend of ours. I'm Bon Bon by the way."



"So how do you know Flash?" Rarity asked Bon Bon.

"Well we've never met," she said, "but I owe him a lot for helping Lyra."

"You mean when they Duelled?" Pinkie asked.

"I'm guessing you remember how that went," Lyra said.

"You tried to beat him by using his own monster against him," Rarity remembered, "but he still beat you."

"Back then all I cared about was winning," Lyra said, "but when I lost to him that frame of thinking just disappeared."

"It was almost like she was hypnotised," Bon Bon said, "she barely acted like herself at all."

"When did it all start?" Rarity asked.

"It started with the Dazzlings," Lyra said.

"Dazzlings?" the two girls asked.

"Their a team of Duellists who use the same stratagy I used against Flash," Lyra explained. "When I lost to them, I couldn't get them out of my head. All I could think about was being as good as them."

"So that's why you started using that stratagy," Rarity said.

"With each Duel I won with it I felt more and more need to be as good as them," Lyra said, "I started forgetting what was really important in Duelling. I started neglecting my friends."

Bon Bon placed a hand on hers and smiled at her.

"As soon as Flash and Flash Heart Dragon beat me those thoughts just vanished, as if they broke some kind of spell on me."

"That's an interesting story," Rarity said.

Soon their food arrived and they enjoyed the fine cuisine, before paying and leaving the Tasty Treat.

"So what are you two up to now?" Lyra asked.

"We're searching for opponents to Duel," Pinkie said, "we need to raise our points."

"Makes sense," Bon Bon said.

Suddenly a loud booming caught their attention, making them turn in the direction of a large explosion behind some buildings.

"What in blazes?" Rarity asked.

"Come on!" Bon Bon said as she ran towards it, followed by the rest of the girls.

They finally found a crowd gathered on a street.

"Excuse me," Pinkie said as they pushed through.

"Beg pardon," Rarity said.

Finally they broke through, and gasped at what they saw.

It was the legendary Black Skull Dragon, a monster that let out its powerful roar.

"Let's finish this," they looked down at the cards owner. A girl their age with yellow skin and orange hair, wearing a purple dress and pink mini jacket. Pink leggings and purple high heeled boots. "Black Skull Dragon end this," she ordered as the dragon let out a fireball which flew at her opponent. It struck him and he was sent flying off and onto his back, as his life points were reduced to zero.

"Oh no," the girls heard Lyra say from besides them as she saw the girl who had just won.

"What's wrong?" Rarity asked.

"It's her," Lyra said, "Adagio. She's one of the Dazzlings, the one that beat me."

"So that's her," Rarity said.

"What a meanie," Pinkie said.

Adagio stepped over to her opponent, who seemed to have a dazed looking in his eyes and she stepped closer. "Hand over the points," she said.

"Of course," he said sounding like he was talking to pop star.

After he transferred the points Adagio turned to leave, only to catch sight of the Lyra and stop. "Have we met before?" she asked, but seeing Lyra flinch back she was sure they had.

"Leave her be," Rarity said stepping between them.

"She doesn't want anything to do with you," Pinkie said.

Adagio smiled at the two. "So I'm guessing she's a loser I've beaten before," she said making Lyra recline more.

"That's enough," Rarity said, "you apologise to her right this minute."

"Like that'll happen," Aria said as she and Sonata stepped next to her.

"Why you," it took all of Rarity's will not to shout profanities at them.

"Your just a bunch of bullies," Pinkie said, "it's not nice to call people losers just because you beat them one time."

"That's right," Rarity said

"Well excuse us for not caring what a pair of nobodies think," Aria said, "if you really want to teach us a lesson you could always Duel us."

"You two against us two," Sonata said.

Both Rarity and Pinkie shared a glance, while contemplating what to do.

"Don't do this," Lyra told them, "you don't know what your getting yourselves into."

"We'll be fine," Pinkie said.

"Ready Pinkie?" Rarity asked.


"Then we agree," Rarity said pointing at the two, "a Tag-Duel between us and you."

"Okay then," Aria said as they all took out their Duel Disks, "prepare to lose."

"Hope your not to attached to those points of yours," Sonata said.

"Don't underestimate us,"

"Whatever," Aria said, "we'll each have four thousand points and alternate turns."

"Agreed," Rarity said, "plus you can't discuss stratagy and can't attack one of us if their teammate has a monster out."

"Deal," she replied.

"Well them," Rarity said.


Rarity: 4000
Aria: 4000
Pinkie: 4000
Sonata: 4000

"I'll take the first move," Rarity said, "and I summon Gem-Knight Sapphire in DEF mode." A knight in blue jewel encrusted armour appeared on her field, water spiralling around it. (A0/D2100/L4) "I end my turn with a face down." Rarity didn't know what tricks these two would use, so she need to play defensively until she got a feel for the stratagy.

"It's my turn," Aria said, "and I play the Spell card Alluring Melody. Now in place of Normal Summoning this turn, I can Special Summon a level five or higher monster from my deck in face up ATK mode." A flash of light occurred and a monster appeared on her field. It was a woman in long flowing ropes, with headphones on her head. "Alluring Pop Idol." (A2300/D1200/L5)

"She summoned a high level monster as if it was nothing," Bon Bon said.

"This is just how Adagio defeated me," Lyra said.

"Alluring Pop Idol attack Gem-Knight Sapphire," Aria ordered. He monster turned towards the knight and then let out a high pitched shriek, that was so horrible that everyone had to cover their ears. The only ones who didn't seem to mind were the Dazzlings, who were smiling at the pain everyone was in. Gem-Knight Sapphire didn't like the sound either, as he quivered in pain before exploding. "Also," Aria said, "when Alluring Pop Idol destroys a monster, she deals you a hundred points of damage for each of your monster's level points."

Rarity: 3600
Aria: 4000
Pinkie: 4000
Sonata: 4000

"I end my turn with a face down."

"My turn," Pinkie said spinning as she said, "I draw and activate the Spell card Polymerisation. With this I can now Fuse Balloonimal Fish with Balloonimal Elephant." The two Balloon Animal monsters appeared on the field, before being sucked into a vortex. "Now watch as I combine the watery wit of a fish, with the tremendous power of an elephant TO FUSION SUMMON!"

The portal exploded revealing Pinkie's new monster. It was a grey killer whale sized fish with the head of Balloonimal Elephant. "Balloonimal Gajamina." (A2700/D1300/L7)

"That's one big balloon," Lyra said.

"Let's hope it can do more then blow hot air," Bon Bon said.

"I attack your Alluring Pop Idol," Pinkie ordered as her giant monster started swimming through the air like it was water.

"I activate my face down," Aria said as her card flipped up revealing a Spell, "Alluring Backup. An idol can't always pull off a performance on her own, so this card summons four Backup Singer Tokens to the field in DEF mode." Four teen girls in similar clothing to Pop Idol appeared. (A0/D0/L1) "Also as long as these monsters are on the field, you can only target Token Monsters for an attack."

"Okay," Pinkie said, "then I'll just attack them all."

"Wait what?" Aria asked.

"My Balloonimal Gajamina can attack each of your monsters once," Pinkie explained as her monster swung around and slashed through all five of Aria's monsters.

Rarity: 3600
Aria: 3600
Pinkie: 4000
Sonata: 4000

"That was exquisite Pinkie," Rarity said.

"Thanks," Pinkie said with a goofy grin plastered on her face. "I'm placing a card face down and ending my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Sonata said, "I draw and play my own copy of Alluring Melody."

"Not again," Bon Bon said.

"I summon Melody Mistress in ATK mode." A woman in tight clothing appeared, twiddling a microphone in her hand. (A800/D2000/L4)

"But that card's ATK points are almost two thousand less then my monsters?" Pinkie asked.

"It won't be once I activate the Spell card Reversed Frequency, which will cause every monster on the field to switch their ATK and DEF points until the end phase of the turn." Melody Mistress glowed, as her ATK and DEF points switched. (A2000/D800/L4)

Meanwhile Balloonimal Gajamina flinched as his ATK and DEF points switched, making him loss power. (A1300/D2700/L7)

"Melody Mistress attack Balloonimal Gajamina," Sonata ordered as her monster held up its microphone and let out an attack similar to Alluring Pop Idol's. As everyone covered their ears, the sound waves struck Balloonimal Gajamina causing it to wither in pain before going pop.

Rarity: 3600
Aria: 3600
Pinkie: 3300
Sonata: 4000

"Pinkie!" Rarity called out, seeing her friend stagger back after her monster was destroyed.

"I'm okay," Pinkie said once she'd balanced herself.

"You won't be for long," Sonata said, "because after Melody Mistress attacks she switches to DEF mode. The woman kneeled down. "I place one card face down and end my turn."

"It's my turn," Rarity said, "I draw and play the Spell card Brilliant Fusion. With this I can Fusion Summon using monsters from my deck."

"From your deck?" Sonata asked.

"That's what I said," Rarity replied, "so now I can fuse Gem-Knights Alexandrite, Garnet and Tourmaline." The three monster appeared onto the field and were sucked into a vortex, as Rarity began chanting. "The radiance of these three jewels shine as one to form a power beyond description." The vortex burst in an explosion of light, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Gem-Knight Master Diamond." (A2900/D2500/L9)

"Oh boy," Sonata said.

"Due to the effect of Brilliant Fusion," Rarity explained, "my monster's ATK points are reduced to zero unless I discard a Spell card during each of my turns." She took a card from her hand and placed it in the graveyard, allowing her monster to keep its ATK points.

"So she'll need to keep discarding cards to keep that monster strong?" Sonata said.

"We can work with that," Aria assured her.

"And now with Master Diamond's ability," Rarity explained, "he gains one hundred ATK points for each Gem-Knight in my graveyard. With four Gem-Knights in the the graveyard, his ATK power goes up by four hundred." (A3300/D2500/L9) "Attack Melody Mistress," she ordered as the knight raised its colossal sword and struck it into the ground. The force caused the ground to crack and splinter as rocks went flying and smashed Sonata's monster, destroying it.

"To bad her monster switched to DEF mode," Lyra said, "that would have caused some major damage."

"But with that Master Diamond on their field," Bon Bon said, "the Dazzlings will have a tough time taking them down."

Adagio heard this from the side smiled at the girl's ignorance. What they didn't know was this Duel was going exactly how the Dazzlings wanted it to.

"I end my turn by placing one card face down," Rarity said.

"That it's my turn," Aria said, "I draw and activate the Spell card Unified Stage." A giant stage appeared behind the Dazzlings, with spot lights and curtains and anything else you'd find on one. "With this Continuous Spell on the field, I can banish monsters from my deck to summon a high level monster without a tribute. I'll banish one card to summon Power Ballad Performer in ATK mode." Another woman in singer clothing appeared, this one with a headset microphone on its heads. (A2200/D1800/L6)

"She must have had stronger monsters then that she could summon," Rarity said, "why summon a monster who can't even dent my Master Diamond?"

"I place one card face down and end my turn."

"It's my turn," Pinkie said spinning once again, "I draw and play Shuffle Party. This card lets us return our hands to the deck then draw a new hand." Pinkie figured this would not only help her, but give Rarity the chance to draw a new Spell card for next turn. The four Duellists returned the hands to the deck, then after the Duel Disk's shuffled them they drew new cards. Pinkie glanced at Rarity who smiled at her new hand making Pinkie happy she helped. "And now," Pinkie said, "I once again play Polymerisation. With this I can fuse three Balloonimal Dogs together."

The three red balloon dogs appeared on the field, before they were sucked into a vortex. "Three mighty beasts, unified by the power of having fun." The vortex burst in an explosion of light, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Balloonimal Cerberus." (A3000/D3000/L9)

"Yes!" Bon Bon said, "two super powered Fusion Monsters. Just what they needed.

"I don't know," Lyra said, "I get the feeling that was to easy."

"Balloonimal Cerberus attack," Pinkie ordered as the three headed dog charged at Power Ballad Performer and slashed through her.

Rarity: 3600
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 3300
Sonata: 4000

"I end my turn with a face down," Pinkie said.

"Then it's my turn," Sonata said drawing a card and smiling at what she had. "I should thank you for that Shuffle Party Spell card, because it's given us the cards we need to win this Duel."

"But how?" Rarity asked, "against our monsters how can you possibly win?"

"We'll show you!" both Dazzlings said. Sonata placed a card in her Duel Disk, "I play the Spell card Dimensional Revival. By paying a thousand life points this card lets us all summon a monster that was removed from play."

Rarity: 3600
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 3300
Sonata: 3000

"She payed a thousand life points to play a Spell she can't use?" Pinkie asked confused.

"She can't," Rarity said, "but her partner can." She realised now why Aria had summoned such a weak monster, because she wanted a certain card removed from play.

"I summon," Aria said taking a card from out of her pocket, "my most powerful monster." In a flash of light a new monster appeared, looking like the cross between a horse and a sea horse. It was purple in colour with the front half looking like a horse, with with only difference being instead of hair it had a webbed dorsal fin like appendage. It's bottom half however was more like a sea horse with a fish like tail. "Behold the mighty Alluring Siren!" (A0/D0/L7)

"Oh no," Lyra said in fear, "not that card."

Pinkie and Rarity however, were more confused then scared.

"That monster doesn't have any ATK points?" Pinkie asked.

"Why summon something so weak?" Rarity agreed.

"You'll see," Sonata said, "but first I activate the Spell card Duet. With this I can summon a monster from my hand or deck, as long as another copy of it exists on the field." A card shuffled out of her deck, which she took and placed on the field. "I summon my own Alluring Siren." An exact copy of Aria's monster appeared on the field, the only difference being it was blue instead of purple. (A0/D0/L7)

"Another one?" Pinkie asked.

"Now watch has our monsters abilities activate," Aria said. "I activate my face down," her card flipped up revealing a Spell, "Cut in. With this, as long as the conditions are met I can activate the effect of my Alluring Siren."

"Meanwhile I also activate my Siren's ability," Sonata said.

The two girl then spoke in unison. "I discard a monster form my hand, in order to take control of a monster on your side of the field." The two horse creatures opened their mouths and let out a loud, beautiful sound. The music spread across the field and was heard by Rarity and Pinkie's monsters, causing them to go limp.

"Oh no," Rarity said.

"Plug your ears," Pinkie ordered but the monsters instead began walking over to the Dazzlings field.

"That's right," Aria said to Master Diamond, "come to your new mistress."

"Good doggy," Sonata said to Balloonimal Cerberus."

"This is bad," Rarity said.

"Oh it gets worse," Aria said, "because our Sirens now gain the origanal ATK and DEF points of the monsters they've taken control of."

Master Diamond and Cerberus glowed, which spread to the Sirens causing their power to raise. (A2900/D2500/L7), (A3000/D3000/L7)

"This is just how Adagio beat me," Lyra said. Her mind flashed back to when she Duelled against the Dazzlings leader and faced off against her Alluring Siren, that one being yellow, who took control of her monster which she used to defeat her.

"Face it girl," Adagio said as she watched, "your monsters are under our spell."

Author's Note:

And we have the Dazzlings as one of the series villeins.

How will Pinkie and Rarity get out of this one? You'll just have to wait and see.

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