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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 31, Survival Duel

"I'm HERE" a loud voice yelled once it's owner stepped onto the floor of Canterlot Airport. The one who yelled it was a man in his early twenties. He had light brown skin, light blue hair and wore a white shirt, denim jeans and a dark blue scarf around his neck.

Tidal Wave spun around, arms out wide, as he surveyed the airport. "Aw America, it's so bonito to be back." His head turned from one side to the other as the sights and sounds surrounded him. Suddenly he felt a presence behind, making him spin around and gasped at who he saw. "Your..."

Meanwhile on the other side of the city Miss Twilight Sparkle was running at full speed towards the Duel Stadium, where the Shooting Star Micro Tournament had been held. "Hurry up Spike," she yelled to her brother who was running a little ways behind her.

"I'd like to point out," Spike said between pants for breath, "that the only reason we're rushing in the first place is because you took forever getting ready."

"Just keep going" Twilight retorted, as finally they made one last turn and found themselves infront of the Duel Stadium. A massive crowd was gathered outside, as Duellist from all four corners of the city had gathered.

"Wow" Spike said looking at the crowd, "that's a lot of Duellists."

"And there all here for the Survival Tournament," they turned to see most of their friends walking up to them. Only Flash and Scootaloo were absent.

"Hey guys" Twilight said as they arrived, "your all competing to."

"Of course" Rainbow said in an 'it's on' manor. "There's only two weeks of the first round left, and this tournament is the perfect way to up our points to get ahead."

"Got that right" Applejack said, only to look around afterwards. "Hey, where's Flash and Scoot? I'd have thought they'd be here with you."

Before Twilight could answer, the sound of an engine filled the air and grew louder. Everyone looked around and saw a familiar blue Duel Runner racing down the street, before it passed them and came to a screeching stop in front of them kicking up a dust cloud.

Everyone coughed as they tried to fan away the dust, hearing Scootaloo's voice. "That was awesome."

They looked up to see Flash and Scootaloo getting off the Runner, Scootaloo wearing a riding suit similar to her brothers only orange in colour, and walked over to the group.

"Couldn't you think up a less dirty way to show up?" Rarity asked, looking over her outfit to see if any dust had gotten on it.

"Sorry" Flash said as he pressed a button on his DPM. He had recently discovered the device also came with a function that could digitise and store clothing, so with a tap of the wrist he changed from his biker gear to his every day clothing alongside his sister. "I'd promised Scootaloo a ride once I was confident I could ride my Runner safely."

"So I'm guessing that was this morning?" Twilight said.

"He's been practising with it every night since he got it," Scootaloo said. "He's really good now."

"Well I can stay upright," Flash said, "so that's all that matters." Everyone laughed at that and headed inside.

Once everyone was registered for the tournament, they sat at a table to talk until it was time to compete.

"So how's everyone doing so far?" Fluttershy asked.

"Awesome" Rainbow said, "check it out." She held up her DPM to display her points.

Rainbow Dash: 4150Ps

"Nice one" Applejack said, as she held up her own. "but..."

Applejack: 4200Ps

"Don't get so high and mighty" Rainbow said, "your only fifty points ahead.

"Well your both doing way better then us" Sweetie Bell said, as she, Applebloom and Scootaloo showed their points.

Sweetie Bell: 3425Ps

Applebloom: 3395Ps

Scootaloo: 3500Ps

"Looks like you barely made the entry requirements" Spike said, referring that only Duellists with at least three thousand points could enter the Survival Duel.

"Yeah" Scootaloo said, "we had to risk a lot of points to get this many."

"Well you got here," her brother said, "that's all that matters."

"What about you Flash?" Pinkie asked, "after you beat Shining you must have a ton of points."

Flash held up his DPM and showed his points.

Flash Sentry: 4800Ps

"ALMOST FIVE THOUSAND" almost everyone yelled seeing them.

"Twilight's not to far behind" Flash said, "since our Duel with Shining and Cadance we've been able to take bigger risks with our Duels."

"Man if you end up winning this," Rainbow said, "you might have the most points out of everyone in the tournament."

"Maybe" Flash said, but before he could say anything else a pair of hands covered his eyes and a familiar voice said.

"Guess who amigo?"

"Tidal?" Flash asked in surprise, recognising the Mexican accent. Pulling the hands away he looked around to see the Duellist he had faced in the Shooting Star Tournament standing behind him.

"Hola mis amigos," Tidal said cheerily.

"Tidal" Twilight said getting up, "what are you doing here?"

"We heard you went back home after the Micro Tournament," Rarity said.

"I did," Tidal said, "I went back to tell my mother all about my adventures here in America. But I still intend to make it big as a Duellist, gotta keep my promise to Papa."

"That's great" Flash said, "I was hoping we'd meet again."

"Sí," Tidal said, "I was actually looking for you amigo."

"You were?" Flash asked confused, that confusion intensified when Tidal held out a brown envelope with his name on it. "Where did you get this?" he asked.

"Just at the airport actually" Tidal replied, "this stranger approached me with it."

"Do you remember what he looked like?" Finally he was going to get some answers.

Tidal thought for a moment and then shrugged. "Narr I forget."

"Figures" Flash said with a sigh. He tore open the envelope and found only two cards inside, which he took out and placed on the table to see. These cards looked very familiar to them, since they were the exact same as the card Flash now called Flash Dragon Accel. They were a pair of blank Synchro cards.

"New Synchro cards" Rainbow said, "but their blank like last time."

"Yeah" Flash said, "but for how long?"

Everyone thought back to what Flash had told them before his Duel with Shining and what had happened during the Duel, backed up by Twilight. They had finally come to the conclusion that Flash wasn't crazy and somehow the cards changed on their own. The only question was how long until these ones did it.

"I don't know what your all talking about," Tidal said, "but why don't we take our minds off it and get some snacks before the event."

Everyone agreed and as they headed over to the canteen to make their purchase, they didn't notice two tall figures whose face's were hidden in the shadows.

"So what'd you say brother of mine?" one said.

"I'd say this tournament will be easy pickings for us brother of mine," the other said.

As Twilight got her drink from the vendor and turned towards her friends she suddenly felt herself crash into someone, bounced off them, and fell back onto the floor. "Watch it," a female voice above her said. Looking up Twilight saw a girl her age with yellow skin and red and yellow hair. She wore a leather jacket over a blue dress, which had Twilight's soda spilt down.

"I'm sorry" Twilight said getting up and trying to clean it up.

"Save it" the girl said wiping it away.

"I really am sorry."

"I said" she then looked up and actually noticed who had bumped her, "oh it's you."

"You know who I am?" Twilight asked.

"Let's just say I have a friend who told me to...keep an eye on you."

"Who are you?"

"name's Sunset Shimmer" the redhead said, "keep your eyes open because I'm the one who'll be standing on that victory podium." Before Twilight could say anything else, Sunset turned around and walked away leaving Twilight very confused.

Everyone had taken their seats and were ready to watch an action packed tournament.

The main screen came to life and showed the Celestic Sisters.

"HELLO DUELLISTS" they greeted everyone together, making the crowd cheer. "WELCOME TO THE SURVIVAL DUEL!"

Celestia: We're half way through the first round of the Celestic Cup.

Luna: So we thought we'd shake things up and throw this little shindig.

Celestia: Now let's welcome to the stage our many wonderful Duellists who intend to win it.

In that moment the main stage opened and revealed a large group of people who walked out, Flash and his friends among them, and gathered in the centre.

Luna: And now let's welcome the one sponsoring this event along with the Celestic Cup...Cold Steel.

Everyone looked up at the the observation deck where Cold Steel himself was standing. He said nothing and simply nodded in response.

Flash growled seeing Cold, still sore about his defeat and the unanswered questions he had.

Celestia: Er...Alright then. Let's move on to the rules of the Survival Duel.

Luna: One hundred Duellists, each competing on one of four Action Duel Fields.

Celestia: This will be a Battle Royal where Duellists may Duel as many Duellists as they like.

Luna: Each of the one hundred Duellists will begin this tournament with the usual four thousand life points, which they'll need to keep a very close eye on.

Celestia: That's right, because even if they win their Duel their life points will not reset. Even if they only have a hundred life points left after a Duel, that's the amount they'll start with in their next one.

Luna: They will do battle across four Action Fields. The Forest, Volcano, Canyon and Glacier Zones where Action Cards are littered.

Celestia: This tournament will only be over once only a single Duellist remains standing and whoever that is will receive a total of fifteen hundred Duel Points.

Everyone nodded hearing this. fifteen hundred points was a big advantage no matter who got them.

Luna: Time to find your starting position.

The screen on the floor activated, then divided into a grid similar to a game of battleships, with numbers and letters on its X and Y axis.

The Duellists all took out a card issued to them by the receptionist and followed it to their point on the grid.

Flash followed the card and grid and now stood on C4.

Celestia: Everyone ready? then let's begin.

She pressed a button on her remote and just like that the field came to life, materialising the Duel Field. In a flash of blinding light the Duellists were transported to a whole new world.

Flash opened his eyes and found himself surrounded by trees. This was obviously the Forest Zone.

Many other Duellist soon found themselves in different areas. Applejack and Rainbow Dash found themselves in the Canyon Zone, while Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight were in the Glacier Zone. Scootaloo and her friends found themselves in the Volcano Zone.

Celestia: Now that everyone knows where they are, we can start this tournament off. In three.

Luna: Two.

Everyone: ONE.

"DUEL!" the hundred Duellists screamed.

"ACTION CARDS DISPERSED" the robotic voice said.

Duellists: 100

"Time to find my opponent," Flash said as he began his search.

"Your opponents have found you." Flash looked up and saw a trio of girls, all standing on a fallen tree. One had pink skin with yellow hair, while the second had green hair and skin which was a lighter shade of pink. The last had cream coloured skin with rosy red hair.

Celestia: Flash Sentry the Shooting Star Champion is up against Lily Valley, Daisy and Roseluck

"So who wants to Duel first?" Flash asked activating his Duel Disk.

"Do you know what Battle Royal means" the green haired girl named Daisy asked.

"It mean," the cream skinned girl called Roseluck said, "that this is a three on one match."

"Doesn't sound very fair," Flash said.

"Don't expect us to be the only ones doing this" the blonde named Lily said. "A lot of Duellists will probably team up to protect their life points.

"Who'd be so scared of losing that they'd gang up on someone?" Flash asked.

"If we work together we can take out a load of Duellists without risking to many points," Scootaloo said as she and her friends rushed around the Volcano Zone.

"YEAH" Applebloom and Sweetie Bell said.

Meanwhile Rarity was travelling around the Glacier Zone in search of her own opponent, when she heard.

"Hey there little lady."

She looked up and saw a figure standing up on a high ice bank. He was a teen a few years older then her, with grey skin and short blue hair. He wore a red jacket over a white shirt and blue pants. The most noticeable thing about him was the dog collar around his neck.

"Rover found his first prey," he said as he jumped off the ice bank and landed on her level.

"You want to Duel me?" Rarity asked.

"Yes" the boy named Rover said, activating his Duel Disk.

"Okay" Rarity said, "but I warned you." She activated her Duel Disk.

Luna: it's Rarity vs Rover, Beauty vs Beast. Duel Start

Rarity: 4000
Rover: 4000

"Me start" Rover said. "Rover play Assault Dog ATK mode," a black dog in green armour wearing a blue machine gun appeared. (A1200/D800/L4) "Rover end turn now."

"Okay" Rarity said, "I draw. I summon Gem-Knight Alexandrite in ATK mode," a knight in silver armour appeared with purple jewels embedded. (A1800/D1200/L4) "And now I'll use his ability to sacrifice himself, in return I can summon a Gem-Knight Normal Monster from my deck." The knight disappeared in a flash of light, replaced by a giant silver armoured knight with gems sticking out of the armour like blades. "Say hello to Gem-Knight Crystal." (A2450/D1950/L7) "Gem-Knight Crystal attack Assault Dog." The knight's arms glowed as it charged at the pooch and with one great punch destroyed it.

Rarity: 4000
Rover: 2750

"Assault Dog don't play dead for long," Rover said, "now Rover summon two more Assault Dogs to field." A duo of Assault Dogs appeared growling at Gem-Knight Crystal. (A1200/D800/L4)X2

"I end my turn with a face down" Rarity said.

"Rover's turn and he sacrifice two Assault Dogs to summon Heavy Arsenal Hound." His two mutts disappeared and was replaced by a black dog the size of a lion, with a multitude of weapons strapped to its back. (A2600/D2400/L8) "Now Rover equip him with Acid Slobber, which makes your monsters weaker whenever he attacks them. Heavy Arsenal Hound attack.

As the dog aimed its multiple weapons at Crystal a slime shot out of his mouth and landed on the knight, causing his armour to melt. (A1450/D1950/L7) The dog fired its guns which ripped the knight to pieces.

Rarity: 2850
Rover: 2750

"I activate my Trap, Gem Re-Cutting. Since Gem-Knight Crystal was destroyed I can add any number of Gem-Knights to my hand as long as their combined levels equal Crystal's. So I'm adding level four Gem-Knight Tourmaline, level two Gem-Knight Baryte and level one Gem-Knight Lazuli to my hand."

"Rover play one card face down and end turn."

Up in the stands Spike, Fluttershy and Tidal were watching in concern.

"That Heavy Arsenal Hound is big trouble," Spike said.

"Doncella Rarity will have her work cut out for her," Tidal said.

"My turn, I draw and play Graceful Charity. This Spell lets me draw three cards in return for discarding two, and it just so happens that one of those cards was Gem-Knight Lazuli. His ability lets me return a Normal Type Gem-Knight from my graveyard to my hand. Welcome back Gem-Knight Crystal."

"What's the point in that?" Spike asked.

"She can't summon it" Fluttershy said.

"She's got a plan," Tidal said, though he wasn't sure what.

"Next I activate the Spell Gem-Knight Fusion," Rarity said, "now I can fuse my Gem-Knight Tourmaline and Gem-Knight Crystal." Her two monsters appeared on the field, before being sucked into a vortex. "Gem encrusted knights of old, merge your might so we might behold." The vortex exploded, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new Gem-Knight. It was similar to Crystal, only it now carried a shield and lance along with a red cape. "Gem-Knight Prismaura." (A2450/D1400/L7)

"That sparkly wimp can't hurt Rover's Hound" Rover said.

"Wrong" Rarity said, "by discarding a Gem-Knight from my hand I can destroy one card on your field. I discard Gem-Knight Baryte to destroy Heavy Arsenal Hound." The knights lance glowed as it shot forwards and impaled the animal, destroying it. "And since I discarded Gem-Knight Baryte, his ability activates and I can add Spell card from my graveyard back to my hand." A card slotted out of her Duel Disk, "and now I attack you directly." Prismaura charged at Rover and reared a slash towards him.

"Rover activates his Trap," the boy said as his face down flipped up, "Dog Call. Lets Rover remove a card from graveyard and summon Dog monsters, whose levels is equal to removed monster." Rover removed Heavy Arsenal Hound, "Rover summons four level two monsters." Four flashes of light appeared before them and took the form of four small dogs.

The first was a long red dog with steam coming off its body. "Power Dog Hotdog." (A500/D500/L2)

The second was a blue husky like dog with two large fangs made of ice. "Power Dog Husky." (A700/D300/L2)

The third was a brown buff dog with bull horns on its head. "Power Dog Bulldog." (A800/D200/L2)

The last one was a small dog covered in fluffy pink fur. "Power Dog Poodle." (A400/D600/L2)

The four new monsters took DEF mode and Prismaura stopped in its tracks.

Rarity sighed seeing four new monster, "Prismaura attack Bulldog." Her knight impaled the dog destroying it. "I end my turn with a face down."

"It's Rover's turn" the boy said drawing, before he began to snicker and howl like a dog. "Rover tributes his three Power Dogs to summon Power Dog Cerberus." His three mutts disappeared and were replaced by a vicious black dog the size of an elephant, with three heads which each growled at Rarity. (A3200/D2700/L10)

"Oh dear" Rarity said.

"Cerberus use your special ability" Rover said, as his monster let out a deafening howl which caused shock waves. "Instead of battling he destroys every monster on your field, and you take five hundred points for each one."

Prismaura was struck by the shock wave and destroyed, while Rarity was pushed back by it too.

Rarity: 2350
Rover: 2750

"Rover ends his turn."

"Okay," Rarity said as she dusted herself off, "then it's my turn. I draw and once again play the Spell Graceful Charity, so I draw three cards and discard two. Next I summon Gem-Knight Amber in DEF mode," a Gem-Knight in yellow armour appeared brandishing flaming blades. (A1600/D1400/L4) "I end my turn."

"Rover's turn and he summons Mad Dog of Darkness," a large orange dog with horns appeared. (A1900/D1400/L4) "Mad Dog attack," the creature ran forwards and then pounced on the knight destroying it. "Now Cerberus end this," the three headed dog let out a unified howl straight at Rarity.

"RARITY" Spike, Fluttershy and Tidal screamed.

Celestia: Are we about to see the first elimination of the tournament?

"If you are it won't be me," Rarity said. "I activate my Trap Gem Reflector, which will redirect your mutts attack to any weaker monster on the field." A massive diamond appeared infront of her which the shock waves hit and bounced off, heading in the direction of Mad Dog of Darkness. The orange dog was struck by its teammates attack, as it let out a pained yelp as it was destroyed. "Another effect of Gem Reflector deals you damage equal to half your monsters ATK."

Rarity: 2350
Rover: 1800

Rover let out a growl as he ended his turn.

"That was a close one" Spike said, sitting back in his chair in relief.

"But she might not last another turn," Fluttershy said.

"Si" Tidal said, "she'll need to end this now."

"My turn," Rarity said, "I draw" she looked at her card and smiled as a plan formed in her head. "I activate the Spell card Gem Compression, Which allows me to to Fusion Summon using monsters in my graveyard. So I'll banish Gem-Knight Tourmaline, Amber and Crystal in order to Fusion Summon."

The icy floor smashed open revealing a powerful light, and from that light came a new Gem-Knight. It was the largest Gem-Knight anyone had ever seen, with sparkly silver armour with diamonds encrusted on it. It carried a giant long sword with seven different jewels encrusted down the blade, and a cape which was black on the outside and red on the inside. "Gem-Knight Master Diamond." (A2900/D2500/L9)

"Sure it's strong," Spike said, "but it still doesn't have enough ATK points to beat Power Dog Cerberus."

"I activate Master Diamond's ability," Rarity said. "I banish a Gem-Knight Fusion Monster from my graveyard and he gains its ability." She removed Prismaura as Master Diamond began to glow. "And now I'll activate said ability, to discard a Gem-Knight and in turn destroy your Cerberus."

"Not good" Rover said.

Master Diamond's sword shined as it slashed the air, creating an energy wave which destroyed Cerberus. "And don't forget that was only his ability, and I still have his actual attack." Master Diamond rose its giant sword and smashed it into the ground, causing the ice to crack and be sent flying. The ice flew towards Rover and smashed him in the head.

Rarity: 2350 (Winner)
Rover: 0

Celestia: Winner...Rarity.

Duellists: 99

Rover laid on his back in disbelief. "How could Rover lose to a girl?"

"You thought because I'm a lady I'd be a push over" Rarity answered, "but I guess I showed you." And with that she turned and walked off to seek out her next opponent.

The Survival Duel was only just beginning. Ninety nine Duellists remained and so things were just getting started.

Author's Note:

Pretty cool tournament set up right?

Sorry about how Rover talked. I wanted him to sound like a dog and really wasn't in the mood to watch that episode to see how he did it.

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