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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 6, The Great and Powerful Trixie

BOOM went one of the monsters in the duel.

It was midnight and a man stood trembling at his opponent. "Please," the man whimpered as he fell to his knees, "have mercy."

"Sorry," his opponent replied as her monster hovered above her, "but you don't become the best by showing mercy." And with that her beast flew at the man who screamed as his life points hit zero.

Moments later the Duellist was walking the streets. "Another Duellist overcome by me." She said as she held out her Duel Disk. "Now who shall be my next conquest?" She scrolled through until she came across a name. "Twilight Sparkle, who uses...Twilight Sorcerer, that could work nicely in my deck." She said with an evil chuckle.

"Twilight Sorcerer attack." Twilight ordered as her magician fired a magic burst that destroyed Spike's monster.

Twilight: 2700 (Winner)
Spike: 0

"Ow man," Spike said as he sat down, "lost again." The two of them were by the river, Twilight helping her little brother test play a new deck recipe, while Flash watched from the side lines.

"Well you did better than last time." Twilight told him.

"Yeah," Spike replied, "I got your life points down past three thousand this time."

"Don't sell yourself short," Flash said, "once you find the right deck you'll be beating Duellists left and right."

"That's right." Twilight said. "It's all about trial and error. You think I've always been this good, I went through tones of test decks till I found the one that was best for me."

"And boy was it worth it." Flash said. " you’re probably one of the best, if not the best, Spellcaster Duellists there is."

"That's sweet and all," Twilight said blushing, "but I still have much to learn. I probably wouldn't stand a chance against the likes of Yugi Moto or Dimitri Kagurazaka."

"You'd totally be up for it Twilight," Spike said, "you have just as much skill as them and you believe in your deck just as much as anyone else."

"Thanks guys," Twilight said, "I guess I have come a long way since I started Duelling. But what I need is someway to really test myself."

"TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" They all covered their ears and spun around to look up the bank. Standing there was girl their age with light blue shin and lighter, almost white, blue hair. She wore a dark blue hoodie with light blue star patterns here and there, along with a purple skirt with blue sparkles at the bottom. Blue and purple knee high boots were the last piece of her ensemble. "I challenge you." she said.

"Do I know you?" Twilight asked.

The girl seemed shocked at this question. "What do you mean, how could you not know the name of the greatest Spellcaster Duellist in the world?"

"Greatest Spellcaster Duellist?" they all said in unison.

"Indeed." The girl replied posing. "Bask in the radiance of the Great and Powerful Trixie!" After saying that she tossed something behind her and a second later smoke explosions went off.

"She's quite..." Twilight was trying to get the right word.

"Loud." Flash finished not sounding impressed.

"Twilight Sparkle," Trixie said, "you are a Spellcaster Duellist are you not?"

"I am," Twilight replied, "so what?"

"So you and I shall Duel to prove who is the best." Trixie explained.

"Why would she do that?" Spike asked.

"To prove which of us is the best of course." Trixie explained. "I know I'm the best but simply saying that won't get me the respect I deserve. So, I'm travelling around looking for the best Spellcaster Duellists, beating them and moving on to the next one."

"Seriously?" Twilight asked in amazement.

"In my travels I have defeated sixteen Spellcaster Duellists, and with you I will make it seventeen."

"That's actually kind of impressive." Spike said.

"So Twilight," she said "are you ready to do battle?"

"Pass." Twilight replied.

"WHAT!?" Trixie said.

"I Duel for fun," Twilight replied, "I won't Duel for such a trivial matter." And with that she began walking away with Flash and Spike.

Trixie looked shocked until her face changed to one of smugness. "Oh I get it, your terrified that I will beat you."

This got Spike to stop and turn back around. "What did you say?"

"Just ignore her." Twilight said not stopping.

"You heard me," Trixie said, "she's a chicken who knows she can't defeat me."

"Twilight could Duel circles around you." Spike said.

"That's enough Spike," Twilight said, "let's just go." She continued onwards.

"This isn't over Twilight," Trixie said, "we will Duel."

Twilight was showing Flash one of her favourite hang outs named Sugarcube Corner.

"Hi guys," Pinkie, an employee, said. "Come to try one of my new strawberry vanilla swirl cupcakes?" She held up a plateful of cupcakes with pink and yellow frosting.

"Sure," Twilight said as they each took one, "yum," she said taking a bite. "Best ones yet."

"Could use more sugar if you ask me." Twilight froze and turned around to see Trixie, sitting at a table with the same sugary snack and hot coco.

"You again," Twilight said, "what are you doing here?"

"Is it against the law to be sitting in an establishment enjoying its sugary snack?"

"Well no," Twilight replied, "I mean what are you still doing in town? Shouldn't you be off looking for your next opponent?"

"I've found my next opponent." Trixie said. "I'm just waiting for her to grow a back bone and Duel me."

"I'm not Duelling you Trixie." Twilight told her.

"Well then I'm not going anywhere." She replied.

Twilight sighed and turned to leave.

"You could just Duel her you know," Flash said, "once it's over she'll be gone."

"I'm not falling down to her level," Twilight said, "I'll just ignore her and she'll eventually get bored and leave to find someone else."

"Not sure on that." Flash said, he then stopped which caught Twilight's attention.

"What's up?" She asked.

"Nothing," Flash said, "just got something I need to check out. I'll meet up with you when I'm done."

"Okay," Twilight said before turning to walk down the street.

Once she was gone, Flash took out his Duel Disk and began typing. "Okay Trixie, let's see what we can find out about you."

When Twilight returned home she almost collapsed on the couch.

All day Trixie had been showing up wherever she went. When she was at the library she found her there reading a fashion magazine, when she went to the store to buy groceries for her mom she was there buying low fat yogurt and even when she was going to the bathroom, she just sat at the sink filing her nails.

"Twilight," her mother Twilight Velvet called walking into the room, "you'll need to set the dinner table for five tonight."

"Five?" Twilight asked.

"I met this delightful young girl and just had to invite her to dinner."

"What did she look like?"

"She's about your age and wears a blue hoodie."

"Oh no." Twilight said.

"Hello Twilight." she spun around and saw Trixie standing at the door.

"Seriously?" Rainbow Dash asked when Twilight explained what happened to her friends at the riverbank.

"It was horrible," Twilight said, "she acted all goody good when my parents were there but the second we were alone she was a nightmare."

"You have got to cut her loose Sugarcube." Applejack told her.

"And there's only one way to do that." Spike said.

"You have to Duel me!" They all spun around to see Trixie standing at the top of the hill.

"Get lost," Rainbow said to her, "Twilight already said no to your Duel."

"Well I don't intend to leave until I get what I want." Trixie said, walking down to their level.

"That's it," Twilight almost screamed, "I can't take it anymore. You wanna Duel, then let's Duel if it means you'll leave me alone."

"I knew you'd be willing to eventually." Trixie said as she took out her light blue Duel Disk.

"Let's just get on with it." Twilight said taking her own Duel Disk out.

"WAIT!" Everyone turned to see Flash running down the street, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste. "You can't Duel her Twilight." Flash said.

"Why not?" Twilight asked.

"I did a little digging into her," Flash explained, "I tracked down her other opponents and they all said the same thing. When they Duelled her she somehow nullified their decks, and then annihilated them."

"So what?" Trixie said. "There's nothing against the rules about those kind of techniques."

"Except I asked for a list of the cards you used, and found you had almost four hundred different cards. I doubt one deck could hold that many, and that you just so happen to pick the deck necessary to stop your opponents every move."

"Maybe I'm just lucky?" Trixie said sounding a little worried.

"And one more thing," Flash continued, "after the Duels the Duellists found that their best cards were missing. And you were nowhere in sight."

"WHAT?" all the girls said.

"You've been stealing other players cards." Twilight said.

"I never stole them," Trixie said, "I just forgot to tell them that we were playing an Ante Duel."

"That's despicable." Rarity said.

"How else would I prove to others that I had won?" Trixie pulled something out of her hoodie pocket, which she revealed to be sixteen cards. "Pretty impressive wouldn't you say? And after I win your Twilight Sorcerer will be joining them."

"Twilight you don't have to do this." Applejack said. None of them wanted to see her lose her favourite card.

"Yes I do," Twilight replied after a few seconds, "new stakes Trixie. If you win you can take my card, but if I win than you'll give back the cards you took...deal."

Trixie stayed silent for a moment until, "Deal." She attached her Duel Disk to her arm as a white blade appeared.

Twilight went to affix hers, but before she could it was yanked out of her hand. "Don't do this Twilight." Flash said.

"I have to Flash." Twilight told him.

"But she'll most likely know every card in your deck, and how to stop them."

"Maybe," Twilight replied, "but I'll still win."

"How can you be so sure?" Fluttershy asked sounding worried.

"Because she might know my deck," Twilight explained, "but she doesn't know me."

Flash saw the look of determination on her face and sighed. "Okay," he said handing the Duel Disk back, "just be careful."

"I will be." Twilight replied as she placed the device on her arm and activated it.


Twilight: 4000
Trixie: 4000

"I'll start," Trixie said drawing her card, "and I'll start by summoning Performage Tightrope Wheeler in ATK mode." A clown on a unicycle appeared carrying a long balancing stick. (A1800/D1300/L4) "Than I'll set down three cards and end my turn."

"My draw," Twilight drew her card, "and I'll summon Flame Burst Magician in ATK mode." a wizard in flame patterned clothing appeared carrying a staff that's end was on fire. (A1300/D600/L3) "And when Flame Burst Magician is summoned I can inflict eight hundred points of damage to you." The wizard shot a fireball at Trixie hitting her in the chest.

Twilight: 4000
Trixie: 3200

"So what?" Trixie said. "Your monster can't hope to injure mine."

"That's why I'm activating the Spell card Spellbook of Power," Twilight explained, "it powers up my Magician by a thousand points." (A2300/D600/L3) "Now attack." The wizard fired another fireball, this one directed at Tightrope Wheeler."

"I don't think so," Trixie said as she discarded a card, "by discarding Performage Mirror Juggler I can negate your attack." Another clown, this one juggling hand mirrors like juggling pins, appeared infront of Tightrope Wheeler and juggled his mirrors in a circle creating a magical barrier. The fireball bounced off the mirror and flew back at Twilight almost hitting her, though the explosion forced her back a bit.

Twilight: 3500
Trixie: 3200

"Did I forget to mention you also take five hundred points of damage" Trixie explained, "I know your strategy. You use your Spellbooks to power up your Spellcasters and win, well it won't work."

"We'll see about that," Twilight told her, "I'll throw down a face down and end my turn. Flame Burst's ATK points return to normal."

"My draw," Trixie said, "and I'll summon Performage Flame Baton in ATK mode." A clown carrying a flaming stick appeared spinning it around its body with ease. (A1200/D1400/L3) "Now I'll attack with Tightrope Wheeler." The unicycle riding monster rode its way towards Flame Burst and swung its balancing stick at him destroying him.

Twilight: 3000
Trixie: 3200

"Now I attack with Flame Baton." The second Performage threw its baton at Twilight.

"I activate my Trap Spirit Shackle. By removing a Spellcaster from my grave I'm able to negate the attack of a monster with less attack than it." A ghost of Flame Burst Magician appeared infront of Twilight and caught the baton, tossing it back at the monster.

"I'll end my turn." Trixie said.

"My draw," Twilight drew, "I summon Defender the Magical Knight in DEF mode." A knight in blue and gold armour appeared, carrying a large blue and gold shield with a red orb in the middle. (A1600/D2000/L4) "When Defender is summoned I can add a spell counter to him," the red orb glowed as a one appeared inside, "I'll end my turn."

"This isn't good," Applejack said from the side lines, "she's been forced to play defensively so early in the match."

"She needs to pick up the pace." Rainbow said.

"She can do it," Flash said before whispering, "I hope."

"My draw," Trixie drew her card and smiled seeing what it was, "this Duel is over."

"What are you talking about?" Twilight asked, "are you quitting?"

"Hardly," Trixie said, "but it's as good as over now I've drawn this. I have everything I need to beat you so watch as I activate the Dark Seal Ritual Spell."

"A Ritual Card." Twilight's eyes went wide.

"That's right. By sacrificing monsters whose combined levels reach seven or higher, I can Ritual Summon a monster who you can't stop." A magic circle appeared at her feet as the two Performages glowed as their souls were pulled out of their bodies, and into the magic circle causing it to explode as a new monster appeared. He wore a dark blue over coat with black runes patterned all over and a triangular hat on his head. His left arm was adorned with a crimson red metal gauntlet with sharp claw like fingers. "Arise Dark Seal Magician." (A2800/D1000/L7)

"That's not good." Pinkie said actually sounding worried.

"How is Twilight suppose to beat that?" Fluttershy asked.

"She'll find a way." Rainbow said though she didn't sound so sure.

"Next I'll Equip Dark Seal Magician with this." Trixie activated on of her face downs, that turned out to be a Spell. "It's called Battle Runes and it prevents me from summoning monsters, but in return it lets my Magician attack again and again until you have zero monsters on the field."

"What's the point of that?" Pinkie asked, "Twilight only has one monster on the field."

"Defender the Magical Knight," Rarity explained, "can prevent the destruction of Spellcasters by removing Spell Counters."

"Now I activate my other two face downs." Trixie said as her other two face down flipped up. "First is Anti-Spell Fragrance which forces you to set Spell cards before activating them, and the other is Dimensional Graveyard which removes any destroyed monster instead of sending them to the grave."

"So Twilight needs to wait one whole turn to activate her Spell cards." Flash said.

"And any monster that Trixie destroys will be banished." Rarity said.

"This isn't looking good." Twilight told herself.

"Now Dark Seal Magician attack and destroy Defender." Black lightning shot out of Dark Seal Magician's gauntlet striking Defender, who held up his shield in protection.

"By removing his Spell Counter Defender is safe from destruction." Twilight said.

"But don't forget that Battle Runes lets Dark Seal attack again." The wizard once again fired its black lightning, but unlike last time Defender was destroyed.

"This is going from bad to worse," Applejack said, "she's getting pushed into a corner."

"Too right," Rainbow Dash said, "she can't activate her best cards right away and even if she could she can't summon anything in her graveyard."

"It's my draw," Twilight said looking at her hand to see two Spellbooks, Valkyria Magician, Shadow Charmer and she had just drawn a monster called Mystic Mage. "I summon Mystic Mage in DEF mode." an old man in silver robes appeared. (A400/D600/L2) "Then I'll place two cards face down and end my turn."

"My draw," Trixie said, "and now I activate Dark Seal Magician's special ability to target up to two cards in your Spell and Trap zone. And if those two are Spell cards they're destroyed and you take three hundred points of damage.”

"What?" Twilight said as her two cards flipped up revealing her Spellbooks that were destroyed.

Twilight: 2400
Trixie: 3200

"And now I attack your Mystic Mage." The black lightning was fired destroying the old wizard.

"What'll she do now?" Fluttershy asked.

"No idea," Rainbow said, "Trixie's shutting down every move she makes. I'd sure like to know how she got Twilight's deck recipe."

"My guess," Flash said, "she hacked Twilight's Duel Disk a looked at the card stored in it."

"That filthy cheat." Rarity said.

"When Mystic Mage is destroyed," Twilight explained, "I can add a Spell Card from my deck to my hand."

"Like it'll do you any good," Trixie said, "and to show you that I'll activate Doom Draw." she activated a spell. "I declare a type of card added to you hand and if I'm right you have to return it and redraw a card, and since I know what you just got I'll declare a Spell card.”

Twilight groaned and returned her card. Her deck shuffled and then she drew a new card.

"I'll place two face downs and end my turn." Trixie said.

"My draw." Twilight said, but before she could draw her Duel Disk brought up a warning telling the action was prohibited.

"Sorry," Trixie said, "but my Time Draw Trap will put a stop to that." Her face down flipped up. "This card prevents you from drawing this turn, but don't worry, you'll get to draw twice next turn."

"So now she's stopping Twilight from drawing," Rainbow said, "what more can she do?"

"I'll summon Magician's Valkyria in DEF mode," Twilight said, "and place one face down and end my turn."

"Don't think so," Trixie said, "I activate Compulsory Evacuation Device which will return your magician to your hand." A machine appeared that sucked Magician's Valkyria inside, before opening and shooting her out as she changed back into a card that returned to Twilight's hand.

"Twilight's defenceless." Rarity realised.

"My Draw," Trixie said, "I activate Dark Seal Magician's effect and destroy your face down."

Then something unusual happened. Twilight smiled. "Not this time Trixie." Her face down flipped up revealing a Trap. "Go Mystic Curse, which will destroy one Spell or Trap on the field so say goodbye to you Anti-Spell Fragrance."

Trixie's eyes went wide when her Trap was destroyed.

"What's more my trap will deal you a thousand points of damage, while my life points get boosted by five hundred."

Twilight: 2900
Trixie: 2200

"You’re only delaying the inevitable," Trixie said, "Dark Seal attack." Her monster fired his black lightning electrocuting Twilight.

Twilight: 100
Trixie: 2200

Twilight fell to her knees panting.

"Twilight!" Spike, who had been remarkably quite through the Duel, said. "Are you okay?"

"I...can't...beat her." she panted.

"Don't say that," she heard Flash say, "remember what you taught me. One draw is all it takes to turn a Duel around."

"But against her cards..."

"Believe in your deck," Flash said "and you can do it."

"Don't let this cheat beat you." Rainbow said.

"Show her who the true master of Spellcasters is." Fluttershy said quietly.

"And don't forget to smile." Pinkie said cheerily.

"We're behind you Twilight." Rarity said.

"You can do it Sugarcube." Applejack said.

"Yeah!" Spike said.

Twilight smiled and looked back at Trixie. "I won't lose to you." She stood up and went to her deck, "I...DRAW!" She looked at the two cards she had drawn and her eyes went wide seeing what she had drawn. Looking over at Flash who was smiling she to smiled realising what he had done. "Hope you’re ready Trixie," Twilight said, "because I'm using scale one Magna Caster Lunara."

"What?" The girls and Spike said.

"And scale eight Magna Caster Solaris to set the Pendulum Scale." The pillars of light appeared before her as the two monster floated up.

"How did she get those?" Rarity asked.

"Let's say I evened up the odds." Flash said.

"I can summon monsters levels two through seven all at the same time." Twilight explained. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above her. "I PENDULUM SUMMON."

The portal opened and two lights shoot out revealing Magician's Valkyria and Shadow Charmer. (A1600/D1800/L4), (A1200/D700/L3)

"What is this?" Trixie asked. She hadn't had these cards in her deck before.

"And now," Twilight said, "I'll tune my level three Shadow Charmer with Level four Magician's Valkyria." Her Tuner monster transformed into the three circles that surrounded Magician's Valkyria. "When two mighty magicians unite their magical power an amazing event will occur." In that moment Valkyria burst into light, "I SYNCHRO SUMMON."

The light fades and Twilight's best monster appeared. "Twilight Sorcerer." (A2100/D2800/L7)

"So I get to see the card I'll be taking." Trixie said.

"No way, Twilight Sorcerer is staying put, I activate his ability and add one random Spellbook to my hand."

"This whole Duel depends on which card she gets." Rarity said nervously.

Twilight's deck slotted out a card. As she looked at it she realised which one it was and smiled, "I activate Spellbook of Fate. By banishing three Spellbooks from my graveyard I can banish one card on your field."

"Wait what?" Trixie said.

"Say goodbye to your Dark Seal Magician." A wormhole opened up below the Spellcaster sucking him in. "And since I have a Spellbook in my graveyard Twilight Sorcerer gets a power boost." (A2200/D2800/L7) "Attack." Twilight Sorcerer let out a burst of magical energy which struck Trixie knocking her back.

Twilight: 100 (Winner)
Trixie: 0

"SHE DID IT!" They all cheered.

Twilight moved over to Trixie as she got up. "I won, so now you need to return the cards you took."

Trixie sighed and went into her hoodie, only to smile as she pulled something out that wasn't the cards. "Think again!" She threw whatever it was on the ground, revealing it as a smoke bomb which covered them both.

Twilight tried to grab her but instead she felt herself be pushed and went flying backward.

Her friends ran over to them only to hear a splash and looked towards the river, only to find Twilight laying in the water. Luckily she had managed to keep her Duel Disk and cards dry, but the rest of her wasn't so lucky.

"You okay?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah," Twilight said, "but where's Trixie?"

"Gone." Flash said looking around. "She made a break for it with those Smoke Bombs."

Twilight sighed hearing this.

After fishing her out of the river, the eight of them walked down the street. Twilight was shivering from the water.

"Once we get you home we'll get a nice hot shower running for ya'h." Applejack told her.

"Thanks AJ." Twilight replied smiling, but suddenly a crash of thunder above them ruined their high spirits.

"Oh that's really great timing." Rainbow said sarcastically.

"Twilight could catch pneumonia." Fluttershy said.

"My house is closest." They all turned to Flash who looked awkward saying this. "If we hurry we can get there before the rain starts, Twilight can dry off and you guys can call for a ride."

"Great," Applejack said, "lead the way."

"Gramps," Flash called as he opened the door, "you here?"

"Flash," Grand Hoof said walking over to the door, "what's up?" His question was answered when he saw Twilight and the girls.

"Is it okay if my friend dries off here? She got dunked in the river."

Grand Hoof smiled and nodded.

As they waited for Twilight to finish off, the others looked around Flash's home. It was a simple three bedroom apartment that was simply furnished with pictures adorning the walls. "Homely." Applejack said.

"Thanks." Flash replied.

"Hey Flash," Spike called picking up a photo of two people, "who are these two? The guy looks like you."

"They're my parents." Flash replied. "My dad Trail Blazer and my mom Misty Vail."

"Oh." Spike said.

"So what are they like?" Rarity asked.

"No idea," Flash replied, "I never met them. They disappeared about twenty years ago."

They all looked sad at this, only for that feeling to change to confusion at what he had said. How could they have disappeared twenty years ago? When Flash could be no older than sixteen or seventeen.

Before they could ask, Twilight walked in having dried off and now sporting a pink kitty sweater. "Hey thanks for letting us stay here Flash," Twilight said, "and thank your grandpa for the dry clothes."

"No problem Twilight." Flash replied.

"But I can't help wondering what you’re doing with a girl's sweater." Twilight said.

"Well it's not mine," Flash explained, "it belongs to...my sister."

"Sister?" They all asked, only for the front door to open.

"I'm home." A familiar voice said, making them turn to see Scootaloo had walked in. "Hey," Scootaloo said looking around, "what's going on?"

Author's Note:

An extra long chapter :pinkiehappy:. So what did you all think of the Duel and what did you all think about the twist ending?

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