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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 50, Flash Heart vs Frozen Heart, the Deciding Battle

The Duel between Flash Sentry and Cold Steel continued. Despite Flash having more life points, Cold had just Pendulum Summoned Frozen Heart Dragon who far outmatched any of Flash's monsters.

"Flash Heart verses Frozen Heart," Grand Hoof said, "an interesting match up."

"Oh man," Scootaloo said, "that dragon is so powerful."

"Do you think Flash can defeat it?" Applebloom asked.

"A'h don't know," Applejack answered her sister. "This might be to much for Flash to overcome."

"No," they all turned to Twilight, who stared up at the Duel with no worry in her eyes. "He can do this."

"Yeah," Rainbow agreed, "he's faced off against countless powerful Duellists and took them down."

"Got that right," Shining said, "after all he is the guy who beat me."

"And me," Tidal said cheerfully, "you can do this amigo."

Flash nodded, still looking up at Frozen Heart Dragon. He could beat this monster but he'd need to be careful, since Frozen Heart Dragon could double its ATK points by tributing two monsters. Also the dragon was completely immune to Monster Effects so he couldn't use Flash Heart Dragon's ability. "It doesn't matter," Flash said shaking his head, "I can still win. That oversized snow cone won't get the best of me."

"You think so?" Cold said, "let's see if that's true. Witness the full power of my Pendulum Monsters, as Frozen Heart Dragon attacks Flash Heart Dragon!" The giant ice dragon rose into the air and held up one of its clawed hands, which suddenly fired a burst of frozen wind.

As the wind flew towards his ace, Flash jumped off the platform towards another, before jumping towards a girder where an Action Card sat. It was at that moment that the wind struck Flash Heart, covering it in ice before it shattered sending a wave of energy which knocked Flash away from the Action Card.

Cold: 1700
Flash: 2500

"Sorry bud," he said as he landed onto a platform.

"I end my turn."

"It's...my turn," Flash said shakily getting up, "I draw and once again carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above his head, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory once again, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Flash Heart again huh?" Cold said seeing the robotic dragon take a defensive stance.

"I switch Magna Wolf and Magna Fox to DEF mode," Flash said, "then I'll set one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn," Cold said, "I draw and with my Pendulum Scale I will now carve the arc of victory." The portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single blue light shot out and hit the ground.

"Arise, Frozen Heart Golem." (A2800/D1800/L7) "Attack Magna Fox," he ordered as his golem charged at the fox and pounded it with its giant fist.

"And now Frozen Heart Dragon destroy Magna Wolf," Cold said as her monster prepared its ice blast.

"I activate my Trap," Flash said as his face down flipped up, "Interception. With this a stronger monster can take the hit for Magna Wolf, so Flash Heart's stepping in." Flash's ace leaped infront of the wolf, once again being frozen in place before getting destroyed.

"Why'd he do that?" Sweetie asked, "it's not like he would have lost life points."

"But now he can summon Flash Heart next turn," Rarity explained.

"Meaning he can use his ability and get rid of Frozen Heart Golem," Cadance finished.

"In order to activate Frozen Heart Dragon's ability," Twilight said, "he needs to sacrifice two monsters."

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal formed and opened, allowing a light to shot out and hit the ground revealing Flash Heart in DEF mode. "Flash Heart's skill," Flash said, "Golem to the bottom of the deck." A worm hole opened below the ice monster, sucking it up into the void. "I end my turn with a face down."

"Then it's my turn," Cold said, "I draw and play the Spell card Pendulum Draw. This card allows me to draw three cards, but then deals me two hundred points of damage for every card that isn't a Pendulum." Cold drew his cards and looked at them before saying, "only two are Pendulums." He was suddenly zapped by electricity.

Cold: 1500
Flash: 2500

"Now my Pendulum Scale will swing and carve the arc of victory," Cold said as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal open and two beams of light shot out.

"Arise, Frozen Heart Angel." (A300/D200/L2/P9)

"And Frozen Heart Demon." (A1900/D2100/L5/P2)

Everyone gasped seeing this. With those two he could activate Frozen Heart's ability.

"Now I tribute Frozen Heart Angel and Demon," Cold said as his dragon grabbed hold of the two monsters, raising them up as they became covered in ice, before crushing them into nothing. "Now my Dragon's ATK points double for the turn." (A6000/D2500/L8/P5) "Next I activate the Spell card in my hand," Cold said, "Stamping Destruction. With this I can destroy one Spell or Trap card and deal the owner five hundred points of damage."

Flash looked over at his face down, which suddenly exploded with the bits hitting him.

Cold: 1500
Flash: 2000

"Now I activate the effects of my Frozen Heart Angel and Demon in the Extra Deck," Cold continued. "By removing them from play I can destroy one random Spell or Trap card on your field with Angel's ability, while Demon's ability does the same with a random monster. Also you'll receive five hundred points of damage for each one."

Flash looked over at his field and saw Angel appear infront of Lumino Jaw Dragon in the Pendulum zone, while Demon appeared infront of Magna Wolf. They both placed a hand of the cards, causing them to become frozen before shattering.

Cold: 1500
Flash: 1000

"Flash is down to only a thousand life points," Scootaloo said in concern.

"But with Flash Heart in DEF mode he'll be fine," Rainbow reassured her.

"Don't be so sure little girl," Cold said as the leaped of his girder to a lower one. There he grabbed an Action Card, "I activate Marionette. With this I can change the battle position of any monster on your side of the field.

Everyone's eyes went wide as they watched strings shoot out of Cold's Duel Disk, hitting Flash Heart who Cold pulled into a standing position.

"But with the difference in their monsters ATK power," Cadance said, "and Flash's remaining life points means that if this attack gets through.

"Oh me amigo," Tidal said, "You will not be able to survive."

"It's over," Cold said, "FROZEN HEART DRAGON ATTACK!" His monster prepared its final attack.

Flash was shaking, but wasn't giving up. There had to be a way to stop this. It was at that moment that Flash remembered the Action Card he'd failed to grab earlier, and began his trek to reach that girder again.

"It's pointless," Cold said, "give up!" At that moment his monster fired its attack at Flash Heart.

"Never!" Flash yelled as he leaped towards the girder. Time seemed to slow down as everything happened, with Flash drawing closer to the card and the attack striking his dragon and causing an explosion.

"FLASH!" everyone screamed.

Cold sighed looking over at the smoke cloud and turned to leave, when suddenly.

"That was to close," he turned back around as the smoke cleared to see Flash standing on the girder.

Cold: 1500
Flash: 500

"But how?" Cold asked.

"Right before your attack hit I managed to activate the Action Spell Emergency Trap," Flash explained. "By paying half my life points I was able to activate the effects of a Trap in my graveyard, so the Defence Draw your Stamping Destruction destroyed neutralised the damage and let me draw one card."

Cold stared at him in intrigue.

"Man that was to close," Shining said.

"But even surviving that," Twilight said, "Flash is down to only five hundred life points. Plus his Pendulum Scale has been broken."

Flash heard this and had to agree. He had drawn Lightspeed thanks to his Trap, but without a monster it was useless. "I hate to admit it," Flash said, "but your good...I mean really good at Duelling."

Cold frowned at this, but cracked a small smile. "I end my turn, but we both know what this all means."

"Yeah," Flash said, "there's probably zero chance of me surviving my next turn, so the outcome of this battle...will be decided right now!"

"Flash just made a final turn declaration," Tidal cheered hearing that.

"Now you've declared it you gotta follow through," Shining said.

"I don't wanna see some lame attack," Rainbow yelled, "you hear me."

Flash nodded and drew his card, seeing Reverse Polarity. He needed to find a way to reset his Pendulum Scale, and had just seen the one card that could help him do that. "Here we go," Flash yelled leaping off the girder towards a platform, before leaping to another and another on route to the very top of the construction. While he moved, he couldn't help but think back on the times he and Cold had squared off. The first time they'd faced each other, Flash had been just a newb and was quickly defeated in what had turned into a very one sided battle. Then the second time they'd fought, Flash had thought he'd mastered everything there was with Pendulum Summoning only to be shown he'd barely scratched the surface.

He finally reached the highest girder, where the Action Card sat waiting. Grabbing it he looked at what it was and smiled. "I activate the Action Spell Destiny Pendulum, which lets me take a Pendulum Monster in my Extra Deck with a scale of five or lower and place it in the Pendulum zone." His Extra Deck opened and he pulled out a card, which he slapped on his Duel Disk, as the pillar to his right reappeared and Lunara rose up. "This Spell card also increase its Pendulum Scale by five," Flash said as Lunara's number changed from one to six.

"That means he can only summon level seven monsters," Twilight said.

Flash looked over at his magicians and smiled. "Solaris, Lunara. It's time to cut through space time and carve the arc of victory one last time!" The wizards raised their staffs and fired the magic beams, opening the portal above Flash's head. At that moment Flash leapt off the girder and began to free fall, as he let out a great cry." I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out, flying past Flash towards the ground. "It's time for your light of victory to shine, brighter then ever before. FLASH HEART DRAGON!" (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Flash's ace flew up, just as Flash landed on his back between his jets. He looked up at Cold with a hardened stare. "you once told me that my Duelling was cowardly, that I hid behind my monsters. Well does this look cowardly? I'm going to battle alongside my monsters, and nothing you throw at us will stop that."

Cold continued to stare at the teen, but in his mind he knew that this wasn't the same kid as before. "Then show me," Cold said as he leaped off the girder and onto his dragons head, "show me the power of you and your deck."

"I activate the Spell card Reverse Polarity," Flash said, "to increase my dragon's ATK points to match yours." (A3000/D2000/L7/P4) "Meanwhile yours will decrease by the same amount." (A2500/D2500/L8/P5) "Next I activate the Spell card Lightspeed, which will increase my Light Monster's ATK points be a thousand." Light surrounded Flash and his monster, as its power rose even higher. (A4000/D2000/L7/P4)

Everyone gasped seeing this.

"Let's do this," Flash said to Flash Heart, "Partner!" The Pendulum Monsters jets ignited, firing to two of them towards Cold and his dragon. "Into our future!" With one mighty swing Flash Heart launched a punch that struck Frozen Heart Dragon's midsection, shattering it and unleashing a mighty burst of light which enveloped everything. Cold was sent flying off his dragon as it was destroyed, but despite that he had a smile on his face.

"So this is why," he said, "it had to be you."

Cold: 0
Flash: 500 (Winner)

As the attack ended Flash felt himself be enveloped by the light. Looking around all he could see was white, as far as the eye can see.

"Finally, I heard you." Flash froze hearing the sound of someone new, "I heard your voice." He spun around a his eyes went wide at what he saw. A beautiful fairy like creature, at about two feet in height with silvery skin and a green dress along with sparkling insect wings and purple hair. The two stared at each other intensely, before the creature smiled at him. "Welcome home," it said happily while Flash remained still and unable to talk, "nice to see you again." It held its dainty hand out towards him as his own hand lifted up subconsciously, making the two touch which caused a brilliant light to pulse from their hands causing Flash to close his eyes.

When Flash opened his eyes he found himself back in the construction sight, standing on the ground. Cold was also on the ground, pushing himself up.

Suddenly he realised something and went into his jacket pocket, before pulling out the card Grand Hoof had given him. The card was revealed to be glowing, before the light exploded off the card revealing a new one in its place. That card was a level one monster, with a picture of the creature Flash had just met in his vision. Reading the card name he felt a sense of familiarity to it and spoke. "Vail Pixie, is that you?"

That name struck a cord with two people there. Both Cold and Grand gasped at hearing that name.

Flash continued to stare at the card, until a sound caught his attention. It was laughter, which was coming from...Cold.

As he picked himself up off the ground, Cold's gentle chuckle broke out into a full on laughing fit as he walked over to the teen and held out a hand. "I'm Cold Steel."

Flash was startled by the question, only to remember their first Duel and smiled back taking the hand. "I know who you are." They had one firm shake before Flash was bombarded by his friends.

Once the excitement died down everyone gathered around to see Flash's new card.

"Vail Pixie," Twilight said, "is that?"

"The card Gramps gave me," Flash replied, "the one my mom made. It was completely blank up until now."

"That card is more important then you realise," Cold said. "The fact that it's here proves your ready."

"Ready for what?" Flash asked, "it's about time I got some answers."

"In time," Cold replied, "but before then I must ask what you all know of the Duel Monster Spirit World?"

Almost everyone was confused by the question, until Twilight spoke. "Isn't that the place where the origanal monsters summoned to this world by the ancient Egyptians are said to have come from."

"Isn't that just a legend?" Spike asked.

"No," they heard Cold say, "that place is quiet real and it is where everything starts."

"Go on," Flash said.

"Centuries ago a darkness existed in the Spirit World," Cold explained, "which threatened to destroy it. In retaliation the strongest monsters of the time rallied together into an army, which managed to push back the darkness. That army, are the monsters in your deck Flash."

Everyone gasped, before looking down at Flash's deck. "My monsters battled a great evil."

"And defeated it," Cold went on. "They used their great power to open a breach into a realm of shadows where they sealed the evil away. But now someone wishes to unseal that evil and if that happens, both our world and the Spirit World will be in great danger."

"Who is this person?" Rarity asked.

"My brother," Cold replied, "Sombra. He believed that the Duel Monster Spirit World existed and that there were breeches leading from here to there. He mounted an expedition around the world to find one of these breeches, with many great scientists and explores following in toe." He turned to Flash and Scootaloo, "including your parents."

"My mom and dad?" Flash asked, "but they disappeared-"

"Twenty years ago," Cold finished, "my brother also disappeared along with them but there's something not known by anyone else."

"What?" Flash asked.

"That the accident that caused your parent's disappearance was no accident," he said, "and it was caused by Sombra."

Everyone went wide eyed at that.

"The fact is that Sombra and your parents didn't die that day as I'm sure is obvious," Cold said, "but in fact they fell through a breech."

"Wait," Flash said, "Are you saying?"

"Your parents, Trail Blazer and Misty Vail, were sent to the Duel Monster Spirit Realm."

Everybody's mouths went wide.

"I now it's a lot to take in," Cold said.

"Oh no," Flash said sarcastically, "I find out my parent were sucked into another dimension all the time. This is nothing."

"How do you even know all this?" Twilight asked, "you were like five when it happened."

"I learned about this from someone who experienced it," Cold replied, "your father Trail Blazer."

"You met our dad?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yes," he replied, "long ago. By chance or fate we crossed paths and when he learned who I was he explained what was happening. While your parent fell into the Spirit Realm, my brother Sombra instead ended up somewhere else. The realm of shadow where the evil was sealed."

"And he intends to unleash it," Grand Hoof guessed.

"Yes," Cold said, "but instead of the Spirit Realm he intends to bring it here."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Flash asked.

"When your parents learned of this, they devised a way to stop it by bringing their own power to this world. The monsters who originally defeated the evil."

"Flash's deck?" Twilight asked.

Cold nodded. "Your mother created the cards and your father brought them here to do battle, however there was a flaw in the plan. In order to have the power needed to defeat this evil, the cards were infused with the spirits of the monsters themselves. Instead of being simple representations like most cards, they had to forge a connection between the two worlds. Unfortunately the more powerful cards required more power, more then both your mother and father could give. To this extent the card would remain blank in this world, until a proper connection could be made.

"So Flash was able to forge that connection?" Rarity asked.

"Why me?" Flash asked, "I'm nothing special."

"Wrong Flash," Cold said, "the fact is your more special then you've been lead to believe. Your capable of opening the gates between this world and the next, because you yourself are a product of both worlds."

"What are you saying?" Flash asked warily.

"I'm saying that though your origin is of this world," Cold explained, "you actually came into being in the other."

"Hang on," Twilight said, "if I get what your say then...Flash."

"Was born in the Duel Monster Spirit Realm," Cold finished.

Once again everyone went quiet.

"Because of this you share a connection with that world, allowing you to call the cards down to the blank cards," Cold said. "I was tasked with making sure you completed that objective, be pushing you to improve your Duelling skills, thus improving your ability. Now the deck is ready to face the evil." He held out his hand, "I'm giving you a choice now. Either hand me the deck and return to your normal life, or keep it and know you may one day have to face a great danger."

Flash was taken aback by the choice, but looked down at his deck. "These cards are more then just paper and ink to me, they've become a part of my soul. If they have some great destiny then its my destiny too." He looked up at him, "I won't give these cards to anyone else."

Cold remained stoic for a moment before smiling. "I should have guessed as much. Very well, but you still have a ways to go before your ready to save the world. For now focus on the finals," he held up his wrist, "and to help with that." He pressed a button, causing Flash's DPM to beep.

Flash looked down and his eyes went wide.

Flash Sentry: 9500Ps

"Wow," Spike said, "I've never seen so many points."

It was in that second that they heard bells ringing. It was noon, the first round was over.

"Congratulations," Cold said, "your in the finals." He turned to leave, "I'll be in touch." And with that he left.

"Wait!" Flash called but he was already gone, leaving him feeling like he had more questions then answers. Suddenly he felt someone take hold of his hand, making him turn to see Twilight standing there with an assuring smile on her face. Flash smiled back, knowing that whatever was to come, he would be ready.

Later on we find the gang back at Sugarcube Corner, enjoying the party they had left to see Cold, celebrating the fact that Flash and the girls had all made it into the finals.

"PARTY TIME!" Pinkie screamed as everyone laughed, holding up their glass for a toast.

Meanwhile Flash was stilling on a couch looking at the Vail Pixie he'd summoned.

"Flash?" he looked up to see his sister and grandfather above him, "you okay?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah," Flash said, "though I wish I knew what to do with this."

"I think you should add it to your deck," Grand said, "I'm sure she'd like that as well as your mother."

"Yeah," Flash said remembering the events of meeting the monster, "you could be right. This might be another fateful encounter. Let's do it...here's to a new future."

In a desert area a man in a cloak along with a small cloaked creature sat around a fire. The creature then looked up suddenly, as if feeling something. "What is it?" The man asked noticing this. However the creature simply stared at the moon and the man knew why. "I see," he said before removing the cloak and revealing Vail Pixie, "then it'll be starting soon."

That night many people reported seeing a strange creature flying through the skies over the desert, before disappearing in a flash.

A few days later the gang had just finished their remedial classes, after skipping a whole month of school. They had been taking so long that the sun was starting to set as they walked down the halls.

"That was hell," Rainbow moaned.

"You agreed to this when you signed up for the tournament," Twilight said.

"Yeah," Flash said spinning around to talk, "besides it's not that difficult."

As that moment the group turned a corner and Flash saw everyone suddenly freeze as they saw something. "What's the matter?" he asked but no one replied. Deciding to turn around, he suddenly froze at what he saw.

There, standing at his open locker, was Cold Steel. The man had a familiar brown envelope in his hand, which was suspended in midair as he looked at them. Recovering first Cold placed the envelope in the locket and closed it, before turning to leave without a word as the teen remained silent.

Once outside Cold cracked a smile. "Caught in the act," he said as he walked away.

Barely a second later Flash's voice echoed through the halls.


Author's Note:

And done.

I'd like to thank every one of my supporters who have helped make this story a reality. When I first started writing this, I never thought a guy like me could finish such long story. But here we are five months later.

Even though it was me writing it, just know that it was you, the audience, who made this story possible. Without your support and comments, I probably would have given up at chapter ten. But you kept me going.

A special thanks to certain individuals.

SuperSonicHeroes: The first commenter who commented on every chapter. Helping me with the silly mistakes I overlooked and who edited the first several chapters. :twilightsmile:

Foxhelm: Lots of your comments gave me ideas to help fill in the blanks I'd usually have trouble filling. :twilightsmile:

YuGiOh Brony: Thanks for lending me your OC. If it's alright I'd like to use him in the sequel. :twilightsmile:

Thanks to the rest of you who also commented and shared your ideas.

As you probably realised by now there will be a sequel story coming out in the near future, titled Yugioh, Equestria Girls-Shadow Gates. I hope you enjoy it as much as this.

Until next time. Good bye

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Light surrounded Flash and his monster, as its power rose even higher. (A3500/D2000/L7/P4)

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8585989 Synchro Summoning works by adding the level of the Tuner Monster to the level of the non-Tuner monster. As long as their levels add up to seven, any monsters can be used.

8585998 Some Synchro Monsters require certain monsters in the summoning. To summon Flash Dragon Accel, you need Flash Heart and a Tuner Monster whose level can be added to Flash Hearts to make 8.

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