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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 24, Aim for the Top

We return to our heroes as Flash had just been challenged by a Duellist named Sharp Shooter. The archer had launched a suction cup arrow which had almost hit Twilight, before Flash had knocked her out of the way. So now there they were.

"So do I get to hear the name of my first opponent?" Sharp asked.

"Flash Sentry" the blue haired teen replied, "now can I ask why you decided to conk me on the head with an arrow?"

"Like I said" Sharp replied, "my bow chose you."

"Your bow?" Flash asked."

"The bow is the greatest of all weapons" Sharp replied, holding his up in all its glory. "Its aim is as true as the wielders heart. As long as you are clear of mind it will never miss. I loaded my bow with a suction arrow and let it chose who would be the one it believed was a Duellist worthy of my might."

Flash scratched his head hearing this. "Did anyone understand...any of that?"

"No" was the united response of his friends.

"I think" Twilight said, "he just fired his arrow randomly into the air and by pot luck it hit you."

"Seriously" Flash said, before turning to Sharp. "You do realise you could have taken my eye out with that thing."

"Don't be so dramatic," Sharp replied.

"Tell me" Rarity said, "what would have happened if your arrow had hit the ground, or hit someone not in the tournament?"

Sharp Shot said nothing and just turned back to Flash. "So what about it? Will you accept my challenge?"

"Wait a minute" Twilight said, "your arrow would have hit me if Flash hadn't pushed me out of the way. Doesn't that mean I'm the one your bow 'chose?'" She did air quote with her fingers.

"Maybe so" Sharp said, "but my arrow did not hit you. It hit him" he pointed at Flash.

Flash glared at the archer, wondering what he should do. He need to make it to the finals, so Duelling anyone who offered was the best bet. "Your on, how many points you wanna put up?"

"I'm an all or nothing kind of guy" Sharp replied, "so since we both have the same amount of points I say we bet them all."

"But that would mean the loser is out of the tournament" Scootaloo said.

"Why would Flash agree to such a thing?" Rarity asked.

"And why would you bet everything on one Duel?" Applejack asked.

"I believe that when you put everything on the line, it forces you to do your absolute best" Sharp said. He turned back to Flash, "so what will it be?"

"You don't have to agree to this Flash" Twilight told him.

"What's the matter?" Sharp asked, "chicken."

Flash growled. No one called him chicken, "your on." He pulled out his Duel Disk and attaching it to his arm.

"Then we begin" Sharp said affixing his own brown Duel Disk which formed a brown blade.


Flash: 4000
Sharp: 4000

At Freeze Industries Cold Steel and Sunset were in the main computer room, as his many computer techies began working on keeping taps of all the Duels beginning. If anyone was caught cheating or a Duellist who hadn't been cleared to enter the tournament tried to get a DPM off another Duellist, then they would know about it and could deal with the situation.

"Duel beginning in Canterlot town centre," a woman at a computer said to him. "Competitors, Flash Sentry verses Sharp Shooter."

"How interesting" Cold said, "Sentry is competing in the first Duel of my tournament. What is the info on his opponent?"

"Sharp Shooter" the woman replied, "age eighteen, a highly skilled bowmen and winner of the Under-Twenties Archery Contest three years in a row. His win quota for the entry is seventy two percent."

"Sounds like a barely above average Duellist," Sunset said looking board.

"Shouldn't you be out gathering points" Cold said.

"I've got plenty of time" Sunset replied, "let me just see your fly boy's first Duel. Wanna see if he embarrasses himself."

"The rest of Duels are coming in as well," another woman at a computer said. "We're running each Duellist through the Registration Database for any non-authorised Duellist competing."

"Keep me posted on any you find" Cold ordered.

"You really think his flunkies will show up for this?" Sunset asked.

"If my sources are correct" Cold replied, "then he'll need as much Duel Energy as possible to succeed in his plans. A tournament of this magnitude will attract him like a fish on a hook."

"If you say so," Sunset said.

"I'll take the first move" Sharp said drawing, "and I play the Field Spell Archers Range." The field suddenly changed to that of a large stadium, as Flash and Sharp were suddenly transported onto a pair of platforms with giant targets behind them. Atop a taller platform stood a figure in Japanese archery clothing, with a mask and robin hood hat covering all but his eyes. A bow was in his hand and a quiver strapped to his back. "As long as this card is in play, the two of us will take no Battle Damage."

Up in the stadium's seats everyone else was confused.

"How is the Duel suppose to end if neither of them take any damage?" Sweetie Bell asked.

"Also" Sharp continued, "whenever a card is sent to the graveyard, its owner will receive five hundred points of damage."

"So Effect Damage is still activate" Twilight realised, "meaning Flash has to be careful."

"Why's that?" Spike asked.

"Every time he destroys one of Flash's monsters, Sharp'll be able to to deal Flash five hundred points of damage."

"But don't forget when A Pendulum Monster is destroyed it goes to the Extra Deck," Scootaloo said.

"Those cards are his best bet to win," Rainbow caught on.

"But it's not just the monsters he needs to worry about" Twilight said, "whenever he plays a Spell or Trap card he'll take damage."

"So he's got to use them sparingly" Rarity said.

"Now I summon Red Archery Girl in ATK mode," a giant clam appeared before opening up to reveal a mermaid with green hair carrying a large red bow and arrow. (A1400/D1500/L4) "I end my turn."

"My draw" Flash said drawing, "I summon Shine Craft Magna Fox" the multi tailed fox appeared. (A1600/D1300/L4/P7) "Now I attack your Red Archery Girl," the tips of Magna Fox's tails glowed before firing of nine beams of light. They span around and spiralled into a single beam of light, which hit the clam riding mermaid destroying her.

Suddenly the figure atop the taller platform pulled an arrow out of his quiver and aimed it at Sharp, before letting it fly and hit him in the chest.

Flash: 4000
Sharp: 3500

"I end my turn a face down" Flash said doing so.

"My draw" Sharp said smiling at the card he got, "first I play the continuous Spell card Damage Director. During my turn this card will redirect any Effect Damage I take to you."

"Meaning he can send cards to his graveyard without worry of taking damage," Twilight said in worry.

"And now I summon Archery Squad in ATK mode," a group of five archers appeared on the field. (A1300/D100/L4) "I attack your Magna Fox."

"But it has more ATK power?" Flash asked.

"That's why I'm using my Squad's ability," Sharp replied. "I discard a card and he gains five hundred points." (A1800/D100/L4)

The archer up to aimed his arrow at Sharp, but then his Damage Directer kicked in and he changed targets and hit Flash through the chest.

Flash: 3500
Sharp: 3500

The squad fired their barrage of arrows which struck Magna Fox, destroying the nine tailed creature. "When Pendulum Monsters are destroyed they got to the Extra Deck instead of the graveyard, so your Archers Range won't work."

"Maybe not but this is just the start" Sharp said placing a card face down and ending his turn.

"My draw" Flash said frowning at his lack of options since his only monster was Gladio, "I activate Pot of Greed. This card lets me draw two new Spell cards. He drew but as soon as he sent the Spell to the graveyard, the archer aimed at him and fired its arrow at him

Flash: 3000
Sharp: 3500

"Let's hope that Spell gave him the card he needed," Applejack said.

"I set Alchemy Dracokid and Lumino Jaw Dragon into the Pendulum Scale," the pillars of light appeared besides him as his monsters flew up. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory" he chanted, "I can now summon multiple level four monsters from my hand or Extra Deck." The portal formed above his head, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a beam of light shot out and hit the ground.

"Get to work, Glow Craft Magna Fox." (A1600/D1300/L4/P7)

"That glorified rodent won't even scratch my Archery Squad," Sharp said.

"Actually foxes are closer related to dogs then rats" Flash said, "but your right about him not hurting your monster. That's why I'm tributing him to summon Magna Fighter Gladio," the fox disappeared and was replaced by the sword wielding steam punk. (A2100/D2200/L6/P4)

"Now he's playing rough" Scootaloo cheered.

"Plus he has Alchemy Dracokid" Rarity said, "meaning he's two thirds of the way to summoning Spectral Sabre Dragon."

"Magna Fighter Gladio attack" Flash ordered, as his monster flew at the five archers and one by one cut them down. The archer aimed it's bow and fired at Sharp.

Flash: 3000
Sharp: 3000

"I end my turn."

"Then I'll go," Sharp said drawing, "I play Monster Reincarnation. So I'll discard one card and return Archery Squad to my hand." The archer fired again at Flash, after the effect of Damage Director changed his aim.

Flash: 2500
Sharp: 3000

"Now I summon my Archery Squad in ATK mode," his five archers reappeared, "before I activate Monster Reborn." Red Archery Girl reappeared on the field, as the archer aimed once again since Monster Reborn went to the graveyard.

Flash: 2000
Sharp: 3000

"And now I activate the effect of a Spell card in my graveyard."

"But the only Spells he has are Monster Reborn and Monster Reincarnation," Twilight said, "neither of them can activate in the graveyard."

"Are you forgetting about Monster Reincarnation's ability sweet heart?" Sharp said. "I activate Barrage of Arrows, which I can activate when I have two monsters of the same level on the field. Now by banishing it I can summon a new monster with the same level, so I summon Blue Bowmen" a hooded archer in a blue getup similar to the green arrows appeared. (A1200/D1600/L4)

"Three monsters that are level four?" Rainbow said, realising this guys plan.

"And now, with these three monsters I build the Overlay Network." The three monsters transformed into lights and flew up before spiralling into the earth as a black hole appeared. "Wielder of the frozen arrow, with the truest aim of all" the black hole exploded revealing a new monster. "I XYZ SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new monster. It was similar to the Blue Bowmen only his clothing was a lighter blue, almost white, and he carried a bow made entirely of ice. Three orange balls of light floated around him. "Arctic Archer." (A2600/D2000/R4)

"Oh boy" Flash said looking up at the monster.

"I now remove one Overlay Unit to activate Arctic Archer's ability," Sharp said removing one card as the archer of the field spell aimed its bow at Flash.

Flash: 1500
Sharp: 3000

Arctic Archer primed his weapon as one of the lights shot into the arrowhead. "Now I can destroy one face up card on your field" Sharp explained, as his monster let rip and fired his arrow at Gladio. When the arrow hit him it caused ice to cover him, before it shattered destroying him.

"Gladio is a Pendulum Monster so I won't take damage."

"I end my turn with a face down" Sharp said.

"My draw" Flash said seeing Mystical Space Typhoon and smiled. "Once again my Pendulum Scale will carve the arc of victory," he said as the portal formed above him once more. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a beam of light shot out.

"Get to work, Glow Craft Magna Fox. (A1600/D1300/L4/P7)

"Now I activate Mystical Space Typhoon." A heavy gust of wind appeared on the field, "now I can use it to destroy your field Spell" he explained.

"Oh no you don't" Sharp said, as his face down flipped up to reveal a Trap. "I activate Spell Reinforcement, which lets me add a shield to my Spell card." The entire field glowed for a second. "Now my Field Spell is protected from being destroyed by Spells, Traps and Monster Effects."

Flash growled, but then realised he could still make his Spell work. "Fine then I'll blow away your Damage Director," the Continuous Spell was blown away as the archer took aim at both Sharp and Flash before firing.

Flash: 1000
Sharp: 2500

"Alright" Twilight cheered, "now Sharp won't be as safe from his Spells effect."

"But Flash has already taken a lot more damage" Fluttershy said. "Will he be able to keep up?"

"Who knows" Rainbow said, "it all depends on how many cards he can protect from being placed in the Graveyard."

"I end my turn" Flash said.

"My draw" he looked at Flash's Pendulum Monster. He would be able to protect himself with it again and again, as long as he had his Pendulum Scale set. He drew and smiled seeing the monster he got. "I remove one Overlay Unit to activate Arctic Archer's ability," he said getting shot as he did so.

Flash: 1000
Sharp: 2000

"I target your Pendulum Monster, Lumino Jaw Dragon." The archer fired his arrow at the pillar and froze the dragon before he shattered.

Flash placed his card in the Extra Deck.

"And now I summon Recovery Archer in DEF mode" a new monster appeared, carrying a bow and an arrow with long rope tied around the end. (A100/D1900/L4) Sharp smiled, since during his next Standby Phase his archers ability would allow him to recover one random Spell card from the graveyard. with any luck he'd get back his Damage Director back. "I attack your Magna Fox with Arctic Archer," the bowmen fired a frozen arrow that covered Flash's monster in ice before it shattered.

"Without his Pendulum Scale Flash can't summon it back" Pinkie said looking worried.

"If he doesn't summon another Pendulum monster he's in trouble" Twilight said.

"Does it matter?" Spike asked, "Battle Damage doesn't matter so why summon a monster at all?"

"Sharp might have a way to nullify his Spells effects" Twilight replied, "if Flash doesn't summon a monster he could fall victim to a direct attack."

"It's my draw" Flash said and smiled. "I summon Magna Fighter Lucidum in DEF mode" the steampunk warrior appeared, brandishing his circular blades. (A1000/D1000/L3/P2)

"Everyone sighed in relief at the Pendulum monster.

"I end my turn."

"My draw" Sharp said and with it my Recover Archer's ability will activate, returning one random Spell in my graveyard to my hand."

Flash: 1000
Sharp: 2000

"If he gets Damage Director, Flash will be in trouble" Rarity said.

Recovery Archer aimed its bow at the floor and fired as the bow phased through the ground, as the rope showed its decent until it stopped and the monster yanked it out along with a card. Everyone watched nervously as Sharp grabbed the card out of the air, staring at it for a few seconds he sighed and showed it to be Monster Reincarnation.

"Lucky break" Sweetie Bell said.

""I attack Lucidum" Sharp's archer fired an ice arrow at the warrior destroying it.

"I activate my face down" Flash said, "Starburst Draw. This'll let me draw three cards"

"After this Flash'll only have five hundred live points left" Rainbow realised.

"He's putting everything on those three card" Twilight told her.

Flash drew his cards as he was shot by the archer.

Flash: 500
Sharp: 2000

"I end my turn" Sharp said.

"It's my draw" Flash smiled doing so. "Just what I needed" he said, "I'm placing Magna Caster Solaris into the Pendulum Zone." The second pillar of light appeared, as the flame wizard flew up. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Flash said as the portal formed. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three beams of light shot out.

"Shields up, Magna Fighter Arma." (A1800/D0/L4)

"Snap to it, Lumino Jaw Dragon." (A2300/D1600/L5/P5)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Everyone cheered seeing Flash's best card.

"Flash Heart and Lumino Jaw's abilities activate," Flash said. "Recovery Archer and all your Spell and Trap cards to the bottom of your deck."

"What?" Sharp said as his monster fell into a wormhole and his Spells all disappeared, first Spell Reinforcement followed by the field spell. The stadium began to fade away. "It doesn't matter" Sharp said, "my Xyz monster has more ATK then any of your monsters."

"Maybe these ones" Flash said as Alchemy Dracokid uncorked its beaker, releasing the smoke which consumed Flash Heart and Arma. "But my Fusion Monster is a whole other story, as I can now Fusion Summon without Polymerisation. I fuse the unequalled might of a dragon, with the unshakeable courage of a warrior." The smoke shot out of the beaker, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The smoke cleared revealing, "Spectral Sabre Dragon." (A3000/D2000/L8)

"No way" Sharp said.

"I attack with Twin Sword Cleave," the dragon flew up and raised his swords before dropping down and slashing the archer.

Flash: 500
Sharp: 1600

"And now I'll activate Spectral Sabre's ability" Flash continued. "When Spectral Sabre Dragon destroys a monster, he deals damage to you equal to the ATK of the warrior used in his Fusion Summon."

"WHAT!" Sharp said.

"Magna Fighter Arma had eighteen hundred ATK points, so that the amount coming at you." The Fusion Dragon raised its swords and slashed at the air, sending a shock wave flying at Sharp. The attack hit and sent him flying onto his back.

Flash: 500 (Winner)
Sharp: 0

"Alright" Flash's friends cheered.

Flash stepped over to Sharp and offered a hand to help him up. "Good Duel."

"Same" Sharp said, as he was pulled up to his feet. "It seems my arrow fell short of the bullseye."

"Just a lucky draw" Flash said.

"Great work Flash" Twilight said as she and the others reached them.

"Thanks guys" Flash replied before turning back to Sharp.

"You won" he said "and as your reward," he pressed a button on his DPM.

Flash's DPM beeped as he looked down at it.

Flash Sentry: 200Ps

"Your one step closer to the finals" Twilight told him.

"Maybe" Flash replied, "but I've still got a long way to go."

"You'll get there" Sharp said, "you beat me after all."

"Thanks...I think" Flash replied.

Sharp picked up his bow and walked off.

"Looks like he pulled it off" Sunset said.

"That shouldn't have been much of a challenge," Cold said.

"Whatever" Sunset said, before turning around and heading out the door. "Well I'm off."

"Make sure you collect as many points a possible" Cold told her.

"I get it."

Later on the gang all decided what to do.

"Well I'm off to win my own points" Rainbow said.

"I'll go with you" Fluttershy said.

"It won't be as fun if we all split up," Pinkie said as her hair deflated.

"With nine of us there's no way we'd collect enough points in time" Rarity told her.

"I know it's tough" Twilight said, "but we can still meet up from time to time to compare points."

"YAY" Pinkie screamed, her hair bouncing back.

"Then let get out there" Applejack said.

"And win are way to the finals" Rainbow said.

"YEAH" they all said.

Everyone split up into groups. Flash, Twilight and Spike went off north, while Rainbow and Fluttershy headed east. Applejack, Pinkie and Rarity went south and the three younger Duellists went west. The Celestic Cup was just beginning, and each of them had no intention of missing out on the finals.

Author's Note:

For those of you who didn't get what I meant last time when I said Equestria Games, Sharp Shooter is the Earth Pony who created the ice cloud during the Ice Archery contest.

Also I'm asking for background or side Ponies you think the characters should Duel against and what type of deck and stratagy they should use.

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