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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 5, Rainbow Apples

Flash and Twilight were walking into school when a poster caught their eye.

"What's this?" Flash asked beginning to read it, "Class Rep Elections. Anyone interested in signing up for the chance to be your Class Rep, please inform your homeroom teacher."

Twilight continued, "Should you be elected it will be your responsibility to be the voice of your class. You will attend meetings and pass along any student suggestions."

"Well that sounds boring." Flash said.

"I don't know," Twilight replied, "I wouldn't mind trying out."

"I'd vote for you." Flash said.

"Aw thanks," Twilight said, "and I hope the rest of our friends will as well."

But unfortunately, when they got to class they found Twilight's prediction to be premature, as they found Rainbow Dash and Applejack literally butting heads.

"You’re going down AJ." Rainbow said.

"No," Applejack replied, "you are."

"In your dreams. You know I'm the best choice."

"Don't make me laugh."

"Girls," Twilight called grabbing their attention, "what is going on?"

"Nothing," Rainbow said, "just letting miss second place here know who’s going to be Class Rep."

"You been talking to yourself again miss second place?" Applejack replied.

"So you’re both going for Class Rep?" Twilight asked worriedly.

"Yeah" Rainbow said "when I'm Class Rep, I'll finally be able to get the school board to put some real focus on the sports department. Soccer, Basketball, Hokey and even Hop Scotch, our school will be the most athletic one there is."

"But not everyone likes playing sports." Fluttershy told her friend.

"Too right," Applejack said, "that's why when I'm Class Rep I'll have the back field converted into a vegetable patch. Then the students will be able to grow their own produce, which we can use to make healthier school lunches or sell at fund raisers."

"That sounds awfully muddy." Rarity said with a cringe.

"There's no way I'm letting you convert the sports field into a jungle." Rainbow almost yelled.

"Well there's no way I'm letting you turn the school into a bunch of sports obsessed meatheads." Applejack replied, her own voice beginning to rise.

"What'd you say?"

"Okay that's enough," their homeroom teacher said, "you'll have to let the voters decide what they want."

"Yeah," Flash said, "besides you guys might not even be picked since Twilight-" before he could finish, Twilight slapped her hands over his mouth.

"Since Twilight is what?" Applejack asked.

"NOTHING!" Twilight yelled. "I mean nothing...Flash just misspoke."

"If you say so." Applejack said.

When she and the rest of them turned away, Flash removed her hand and looked at her suspiciously. "What was that for? You gotta tell them you wanna sign up."

"No I don't," Twilight replied, "because I'm not signing up."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to compete against my friends. I'd rather just stay out of it."

"Even though you were really excited about it before?" Flash said.

"Just drop it." Twilight ordered him before turning to take her seat.

Over the next two days Applejack and Rainbow Dash's bids to be elected began.

Posters of the two lined the hallways, and they had been giving speeches during break and lunch.

"Vote for Applejack," the blond said, "vote for a healthier tomorrow that we will grow with our own two hands."

"If you want an awesome Class Rep then vote for Rainbow Dash," the rainbow haired girl said, "follow my lead and we'll show everyone how awesome we are."

"Is it just me," Flash said as he and the others watched, "or are their arguments surprisingly similar?"

"They both want what they think is best for the school," Twilight said, "but they’re not listening to what the people want."

"You seem to know a lot about politics deary." Rarity said.

"I've done a little studying about it." She replied.

"Maybe you should try-" Flash didn't get to finish as once again Twilight slapped her hand over his mouth, while giving him a look that could curdle milk.

The two continued their race for the reminder of the week, with each attempt to gain an upper hand more extravagant then the next. Applejack and her sister were putting up posters that read.

A vote of Rainbow
is a vote of Anarchy

While Rainbow Dash and her little helper Scootaloo, a thirteen year old girl with orange skin and purple hair, were putting up their own posters.

A vote of Rainbow
is a vote of Anarchy

Rainbow's posters had anarchy written all cool and edgy symbolising how great she fought it was.

"Anyone else think this is getting a little out of hand?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh we passed out of hand somewhere between the promise for a bowling alley and milkshake makers in the classrooms." Flash replied.

With everything that was happening it was inevitable that something would cause the two to snap soon, and that thing happened the day before the final votes. The friends walked into the cafeteria expecting to see the twos final big gambit, but they didn't expect to see them butting heads in the middle of everybody.

"I asked for that stage first." Applejack said.

"So?" Rainbow replied. "That doesn't mean you own it."

"Now what's going on?" Twilight asked Pinkie, who had been in the cafeteria before they had arrived.

"Rainbow Dash wanted to perform a wicked guitar song about voting for her, and Applejack was going to handing out apples and stuff to show everyone what taste stuff they could grow. The problem is they seemed to have booked the stage for the same time." Pinkie said, as she stuffed her face with popcorn.

"This has gone way to far." Twilight said.

"I'm really starting to get sick of your stupid stunts." Applejack said.

"My stupid stunts?" Rainbow replied. "What about yours? You honestly think someone would pick a load of disgusting fruit over high action sports?"

"Them's fighting words." Applejack said.

"You wanna go?" Rainbow asked.

"You know it." Applejack replied.

Everyone crowded around the two girls in the courtyard as they prepared to face off.

"What do they expect to achieve with a Duel?" Rarity asked.

"I get the feeling this is about more than just the election." Flash replied.

"They have always been really competitive with each other." Fluttershy said.

"Hopefully they can blow off some steam with this Duel." Twilight said.

"So," Flash wondered, "how good are those two?"

"They’re possibly the most skilled out of us all." Rarity said.

"Really?" Flash asked before looking back at them. If they were as good as Twilight and Pinkie, even better, then this looked to be a really good match.

Applejack affixed an orange Duel Disk to her arm as an orange energy blade formed. "You ready to go down?"

"In history maybe." Rainbow replied, attaching her light blue Duel Disk on her arm as a red energy blade formed.


Rainbow: 4000
Applejack: 4000

"I'll take the first move," Rainbow said as she drew, "and summon Rainbow Wing Red Kestrel in ATK mode." A large red bird appeared before her, it let out a high pitched cry. (A1500/D1200/L4)

"Rainbow Wings?" Flash wondered.

"There birds that flock together in order to defeat their opponents." Rarity explained.

"Now since Red Kestrel was summoned I can summon another of my feathered friends to the field, so welcome please Rainbow Wing Orange Osprey." A large orange bird appeared hovering next to the red one. (A1200/D1000/L3) "And since he was summoned this way, I can boost him by one level." (A1200/D1000/L4)

"Here it comes." Rarity said.

"Here what comes?" Flash asked.

"Now," Rainbow ordered as her to birds began to glow and changed into lights, before shooting into the air, "with these two monsters I build the Overlay Network." A black hole appeared below her which the lights flew into. "When birds of a feather flock together an awesome power is unleashed." The black hole exploded in a burst of light, as a new monster appeared. "I XYZ SUMMON!"

The new monster was a person in black cloths with gold armour around his chest, waist, arms and feet. A single black wing was sprouted from the right side of his back while a gold metallic wing folded out of his left arm gauntlet. A scabbed carrying a long katana was strapped to the back of his hip, and a golden bird mask concealed all but his mouth. Two green lights flew around him, "Rainbow Assault Wing Gold." (A2300/D1700/R4)

"Xyz Summon?" Flash asked.

"Rainbow's favourite summoning style," Twilight explained, "it's very different from the others. Xyz monsters are summoned when two monsters of the same level are Overlayed, sometimes they also have to be the same type or attribute."

"Xyz monsters also have ranks instead of levels." Rarity mentioned.

"And don't forget the Overlay Units." Pinkie cut in

"Right," Twilight said, as she pointed to the lights floating around the monster. "Those lights are the Overlay Units and in order to activate an Xyz monsters abilities you need to remove a certain number."

"Wow," Flash said in amazement. Synchro, Fusion, Xyz and if you counted Pendulum that was four different summoning styles to build your strategy around. Maybe that was where he was going wrong, though he wasn't concerned with winning or losing anymore he still couldn't get what that guy had said out of his head.


"Do you expect me to treat you like a real Duellist?" Cold Steel asked. "Without showing me anything worth watching."


Maybe that was his answer. He hadn't really changed his deck since he got it, other than the few cards he had gotten with his Duel Disk, perhaps these summoning styles were the answer. His mind returned to the Duel.

"Since Osprey was used as an Overlay Unit my Assault Wing gains three hundred points." (A2600/D1700/R4)

"Then I'll throw down three face downs and call it a turn." Rainbow Dash said.

"Than it's ma draw," Applejack said, "and I'll use the skill of ma Astilbe Archer. I discard a card and reduce its level by two until the end phase, so I can now summon her to the field. A woman in pink flower print clothing who carried a large bow appeared. (A2000/D1000/L3)

"A level three monster with two thousand ATK points?" Flash wondered.

"It was level five before the ability." Twilight said.

"That monster on its own won't do a thing against my Assault Wing." Rainbow said.

"Who said she's alone?" Applejack said, in that second two flashes of light created a pair of monsters that looked like apple pips with faces. (A0/D0/L1)X2

"Where'd they come from?" Rainbow asked.

"My Apple Knight's special ability activated when I sent him to the grave," Applejack explained, "it created two Pip Tokens on my field."

"Well those three won't do much on their own." Rainbow said.

"Hold your horses," Applejack replied as she activated a Spell card in her hand, "I activate Ultra Growth. This card lets me plant my two Pip Tokens and grow a pair of new monsters." The tokens dug into the ground, as a pair of watering cans appeared and poured their contents onto the ground. Seconds later a pair of flowers shot out of the ground, and as their bulbs opened two new monsters appeared. "Now say hello to,"

The first was a woman dressed in green plant style clothing, vines were wrapped around her arms a flowed out like whips. "Median of Vines." (A1000/D1000/L3)

The second was a boy in apple style clothing. "And Apple Kid." (A200/D300/L2)

"Now she has three monsters out." Pinkie said.

"But none of them can take on Rainbow's monster." Flash said.

"Wait for it." Twilight told him.

"When Apple Kid is special summoned, his ability raises his level by one for this turn." Applejack said. (A200/D300/L3)

"Now her monsters are all the same level." Flash said only to realise what that meant.

"With these three monsters I build the Overlay Network" she said as her monsters turned into lights, and shot into the black hole as it appeared below her. "As the seasons bring fourth new growth, it can also bring fourth a new power," the black hole exploded in a burst of light, as a new monster appeared. "I XYZ SUMMON!"

The new monster looked like a cowboy wearing a brown poncho over a red shirt, brown pants and orange bandanna that covered his mouth. He wore a brown hat with an apple pinned to the front, along with an apple belt buckle and a pair of pistols with apples carved into handles. Three orange lights flew around him, "Orchard Cowboy." (A2100/D600/R3)

"So Applejack can Xyz summon to." Flash said.

"They both learned it at about the same time." Rarity explained.

"Now I equip my Cowboy with Turbo Revolver." AJ activated as Spell, as Orchard Cowboy held up one of his guns it changed into a shotgun revolver. "This little fire arm will give my buckaroo one thousand extra points." (A3100/D600/R3)

"Now her monster is stronger than Rainbow's" Fluttershy said.

"Alright Cowboy lock and load." Applejack ordered, as he monster aimed his giant revolver at the bird man. "Fire!" He shot a blast at the Assault Wing.

"I don't think so," Rainbow said as one of her face downs flipped up, "I activate Overlay Guard. By removing an Overlay Unit from my monster I can nullify your attack." One of the lights flying around Assault Wing, flew into the trap card as it created a force field between the two Xyz monsters.

"Too bad I'm nullifying your nullify," Applejack replied, "I'm removing one Overlay Unit to activate Orchard Cowboy's ability to negate the effect of any Spell, Trap or Monster I chose." One of the three lights flew into the cowboy's revolver as he fired a blast that hit the trap, destroying it instantly. "That means my attack's back on."

"Or is it?" Rainbow said, as her second face down flew up. "My Call of the Haunted Trap will revive the Red Kestrel I sent to the grave." And just like that her red bird was revived.

"What does that matter?" Flash asked.

"Rainbow Assault Wing Gold," Twilight explained, "gains five hundred attack points for every other Winged Beast monster on the field."

"So Assault Wing currently has twenty six hundred points," Flash did the math, "plus five hundred is..."

"The same amount as AJ's Cowboy." Twilight finished.

"They'll both be destroyed." Fluttershy said. Seconds later the Cowboys blast hit Assault Wing who exploded, but from the explosion his katanna came flying out and impaled the Cowboy destroying it.

"Wow," Flash said, "Rainbow gave up her best monster to destroy Applejack's."

"Don't think you've seen the last of either of those two." Rarity said.

"I activate my final card," Rainbow said, "Xyz Reborn. Now I can revive an Xyz Monster and this card becomes an Overlay Unit," Rainbow Assault Wing Gold reappeared in front of her, a single light flying around him. "And don't forget my Red Kestrel is still giving him a power boost." (A2800/D1700/R4)

"Well I activate Trigger Trap," Applejack said, "this Spell lets me pay five hundred life points to activate a trap in my deck."

Rainbow: 4000
Applejack: 3500

"Now I can activate my own copy of Xyz Reborn," Orchard Cowboy reappeared with a single light flying around him. (A2100/D600/R3)

"Man I've never seen such an even Duel." Flash said.

"Those two have always been on the same level," Rarity said, "when one pulls ahead in skill the other quickly catches up and keeps it even."

"So who won the last time they Duelled?" Flash asked.

"During their last Duel it was Rainbow who won." Twilight said.

"But Applejack won the time before that." Fluttershy said.

"And Rainbow won before that." Rarity said.

"And Applejack before that." Pinkie said.


"Okay I get it." Flash said.

"Like I said," Rarity told him, "those two might be friends but their also each others greatest rivals."

"I've lost count of the number of times they've Duelled each other," Fluttershy said.

Rainbow and Applejack both stared at each other for several seconds, only for their scrawls to turn to smiles before they burst out laughing.

"This is great." Rainbow said.

"Ya," Applejack replied, "we haven't had a Duel this close in forever."

"I almost forgot why we're doing this." Rainbow said. "Duelling you just got my head totally in the zone."

"Same here," Applejack said, "but I still intend to win."

"Me too." Rainbow said.

"LET'S GO!" They both yelled as their monsters launched themselves at each other, and just as they were about to strike.


The two monsters disappeared.

"Well that's the end of lunch." Twilight said getting up.

"Looks like they'll have to finish this later." Rarity said.

"Damn," Flash said, "I was hoping to see some more Xyz monsters."

Everyone left until only Rainbow and Applejack were left, both wide eyed and still in the action pose they had done when they ordered their monsters to attack. Eventually the two moved, by collapsing onto the ground and staring up at the skies. "So who won?" Rainbow asked.

"Well I had less life points." Applejack said.

"Only because you gave them up," Rainbow said, "I didn't damage you at all."

"Then I guess it's a draw partner." Applejack said.

"Looks like it," Rainbow replied.

"You know what," Applejack said, "maybe my idea to turn the field into a garden was a little extreme."

"No more than my plan to make the school run ten laps before each class."

The two laughed again as they sat up.

"You know Rainbow," Applejack said, "if I get elected I'm going to need a Co-Rep."

"Same here," Rainbow said, "no matter who gets elected we'll work together to make the school the most awesome on in the history of awesome schools."

"Deal." Applejack said as they shuck hands. "Now we both are pretty much guaranteed to win."

"WE LOST?!" They both yelled seeing only one piece of paper in each of the ballet boxes, compared to the mountain in the last one. Since they had each voted for each other, that meant not one other member of the student body had voted for them.

"Sorry girls," the teacher said "but that's just how politics works."

"I demand a recount!" Rainbow yelled.

"Who is this third candidate?" Applejack asked.

"I'm getting to that," the teacher said as she turned to the room, "everyone, I'd like to introduce your new Class Rep...Twilight Sparkle."

Everyone turned to look at the new Class Rep, who was currently looking shocked at the announcement. "But miss, I didn't even sign up."

"Well someone wrote your name down, with a PS that you'd like your ballet to not to have your name on it." she showed Twilight the sign-up sheet and instantly the teen recognised the hand writing.

She turned to a blue haired boy who was currently whistling nonchalantly. "Flash," she said, "what did you do?"

"Nothing," he replied, "I just wrote your name on the sign-up sheet, asked to have your ballet be anonymous and went around telling everyone that you were the unnamed candidate."

"Why would you do this?" Twilight asked.

"You really wanted to be Class Rep, and I saw how disappointed you were when you found out those two were competing. So I decided to do it for you."

"But I didn't want to compete against them." Twilight told him.

"Twilight," she turned to see Applejack and Rainbow Dash, "why didn't you tell us you wanted to be Class Rep?"

"If we had known we would have helped you." Rainbow said.

"But you two-"

"Even we can tell you'd be a million times better than us." Rainbow said.

"Yeah and don't forget," Flash said, "I only told people you were running. They're the ones who voted for you."

"I guess." Twilight said.

"Come on Sugarcub," Applejack said, "go make a speech." She pushed Twilight to the front of the class.

She stood there for a few seconds until finally she spoke. "So yeah thanks for the votes and, er, I promise to do everything in my power to improve school life for us, including a stronger focus on the sports department."

"YES!" Rainbow cheered.

"And I'm sure I can convince the school board to reform the empty space behind the school into a vegetable patch."

"YEEHA!" Applejack cheered.

Soon the all class was cheering.

"See," Flash said as she returned to his seat, "now aren't you glad I did it?"

"A little." Twilight said. "I am looking forwards to it, and I know you will to."

"What are you talking about?" he asked nervously.

"You’re my new Co-Rep," she replied, "you'll have to sit through all the meetings with me and write down any ideas I might have."

"What?" Flash almost yelled.

"Remember this the next time you think to go behind my back." She said with a smirk, and then laughed when she watched him slam his head on his desk.

Author's Note:

Sorry I had to end the duel the way I did but I couldn't see any other option where the two both come out okay. So now Flash has seen four of the six styles of summoning, which one will be next?

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