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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 36, Scales of Ice

In the observation room of the Duel Dome, Cold Steel was watching the recorded Survival Duels closely.

"I SYNCHRO SUMMON!" the recorded Flash let out as the his new monster appeared.

Cold looked over at another computer and saw the energy output of the Synchro Summon and sighed. "Still not enough," he said. "I had hoped the Tournament would have pushed him more then this, but even after all this he still isn't where he should be." Cold then turned to another computer screen.

"I PENDULUM SUMMON!" Sunset said, as her arc of victory opened and Solar Flare Phoenix shot out.

Seeing the energy levels of this card made Cold feel a little better. But if they wanted to face what was coming, then they would need more. "Looks like I'll need to take more extreme measures." Before he could even think about what to do his computer beeped, catching his attention.

Accepting the alert Cold's screen switched to a video feed showing four figures hiding outside the dome.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Well that was an event of a life time," Scootaloo said as the gang and Tidal sat in the cafeteria after the tournament ended.

"More like a waste of time," Rainbow said. "We spent an entire day Duelling and didn't get a single point."

"Yeah well," Applejack said, "we knew of that risk going into this tournament."

"Yeah I guess," Rainbow said, still looking annoyed.

"At least we know one thing," Rarity said, "there's another Duellist who knows how to Pendulum Summon."

Everyone went quite remembering how Sunset had beaten six of them with out barely breaking a sweat.

Twilight more then anyone was still shuck up with how their match had gone. Sunset had barely had to try to defeat her, using those Xyz, Fusion and Pendulum Summons to decimate her.

"It's just one more reason for us to make it to the finals," Flash told them.

"Indeed amigo," Tidal agreed, "a Duellist of that calibre will no doubt be there."

"Your right," Pinkie said cheerily, "and with the amount of points we all already have it can't be that much harder."

"Yeah," Applejack agreed, "we just gotta keep doin what we're doin."

"RIGHT!" they all cheered.

Meanwhile outside the dome, the four figures Cold had spotted were waiting in the shadows.

"So you know what to do?" the supposed leader of the group said to the tallest of the lot.

"Y-y-yes," he stuttered out, "and if I do you'll keep your word."

"Of course," the guy said, "I'm a man of my word.

"Okay then," he replied.

"Well I guess this is it," Flash said as everyone stood outside the dome, ready to head back out.

"I guess it is," Applejack replied.

"We'll see everyone again," Rarity told them.

"Yeah," Pinkie agreed, "on the last day of the first round, let's meet up at Sugarcube Corner to celebrate getting through.

"Sound awesome," Rainbow said, with everyone agreeing.

"Excuse me," everyone turned to see a man in a lab coat, with bowl cut hair and large round glasses, approaching them. "Are any of you by chance Flash Sentry?"

"I'm Flash Sentry," Flash said raising his hand, "what can I do for ya?"

"I'm an employee at Freeze Industries," the man said, "part of the Duel Point Meter Division and I've come because we've detected a fault in your Meter."

"Really?" Flash asked looking at his DPM. "I haven't noticed anything wrong with it."

"The fault is only small," he said, "and won't cause any problems yet. But if it goes uncorrected it my cause all sorts of glitches and might even cause your points to be deleted."

"Oh no," Fluttershy said.

"You should probably have it checked out," Twilight told Flash.

"Right," Flash agreed turning back to the man and taking off his DPM. "Here," he held it out, "think you can correct it?"

"I just need to look at it to find the problem," he said taking it. He looked the DPM over and went into his pocket, most likely to get his tools, as he said. "Arr, here's the problem."

"What is it?" Flash asked.

"This DPM..." he said, before pulling something out of his pocket, "was owned by a complete chump." The man threw whatever he was holding to the ground as it exploded, creating a giant cloud of smoke.

"WHAT THE!" Flash said, getting blinded by the smokescreen but managed to rush away from it an back into the light. "What happened?" he asked until he realised the guy wasn't there anymore, and was running away. "Oh no," Flash said before rushing after him.

"Flash," he heard Twilight yell, "where are you going?"

"That guy's making a break for it with my DPM," Flash yelled back, "he's trying to steal my points."

Despite the head start the guy had, Flash's superior speed and agility meant he was soon catching up as they ran down the street. At that moment the guy turned left into an ally way, but as Flash was about to follow a sound caught his ears. Looking up he saw tons of barrels rolling down the street at him.

Thinking fast Flash leaped up and caught a high up fire escape, managing to dodge the barrels as they rolled underneath him and down the street. Once gone Flash dropped down and rushed into the ally way, as the guy had just finished scaling a large fence and was rushing down the street. Taking a deep breath, Flash ran as fast as he could and managed to jump up and grab the top of the fence before pulling himself up.

Once out of the ally Flash found himself in a busy street, but managed to catch a glimpse of the bowl cut amongst the people.

Pushing himself through the crowds he followed as best he could, until finally he saw the man turn left into an area and once Flash pushed through and ran inside he gasped seeing where he was. It was the construction site Flash had Duelled against Cold Steel in, and now he had chased another person here.

Said person now stood shaking at the sight of Flash glaring at him.

"I don't know who you are," Flash said, "but you'd better give back my DPM or else."

"I'm sorry," he quivered out in fear, "but I had to do it or he'd destroy my deck."

"Who?" Flash asked.

"Me loser," Flash froze as his head shot up to a girder where three teens were standing. In the centre stood someone Flash recognised all to well.

"Garble," he growled at the teen he'd first Duelled against after getting his deck.

"Long tome no see loser," Garble said.

"What are you up to?" Flash asked.

"Flash," everyone turned around and saw his friends running into the area.

"How'd you guys find me?" Flash asked as they rushed next to him.

"We tracked you DPM," Twilight explained.

"Is that Garble?" Spike asked.

"It is," Flash replied, "and I'm guessing he's the one behind all this."

"You not as dumb as you look," Garble said before looking down at Bowl Cut Guy, "now hand it over."

Bowl Cut Guy shook looking at how they were outnumbered.

"Do it!" Garble call out, pulling something out of his hoodie, "or your deck gets turned to ash." He pulled out a lighter and held it dangerously close to what they now realised was a deck holder."

"NO!" he yelled.

"Still up to your old tricks huh?" Flash said, "what's this got to do with me?"

"Are you dense?" Garble said, "after you humiliated me I lost my rep amongst Duellists. I'm getting pay back and my respect back by entering the Celestic Cup finals with your points."

"Like I'd let you," Flash yelled.

"Well like we expected you to be able to follow us," one of Garble's cronies Fume said, "those barrels were suppose to stop you in your tracks."

"That's what you use to slow someone down?" Flash asked looking embarrassed for them.

"Enough," Garble said, "hand it over or the deck gets it." He lowered the deck to the lighter.

"NO!" the guy said, before he threw Flash's DPM towards them.

In that moment something flew through the air and hit the device, which forced it to fly towards a girder.

Once it stopped everyone saw it was a Duel Card which had embedded itself in the metal with the watch hanging around it.

"What the?" Garble asked only to feel something strike his hand, making him drop the deck. He saw it was another card which had freed the deck allowing it to fall safely into the Bowl Cut Guy's hands.

"Duel Points are a Duellist's Spirit," everyone looked up and gasped at who they saw. Cold Steel was standing on the roof of the building next to the construction site. "Duel Points are proof of the battles the Duellist as fought," he said, "trying to take them away unfairly is unforgivable."

"What's it to you?" Garble yelled at him.

"I won't allow anyone to cheat in my tournament," Cold said.

"I'm not cheating," Garble said, "the idea is to collect points and that's what we're doing."

"He's right," Garble's other teammate Clump said.

"Is that so?" Cold said, "then why don't we settle this like Duellists." He took out his Duel Disk and fixed it to his arm.

"You wanna Duel us?" Garble asked smiling, "fine. But this'll be a handy cap battle, so it'll be three of use against you."

"If that is what it takes for you to feel sure you'll win," Cold said, "but I have my own condition." He clicked something on his Duel Disk as a robotic female voice spoke.


From the Duel Disk came a pulse which covered the whole area, before things started appearing in mid air. They were light green platform like structures that scattered around the area.

"What is this?" Flash asked looking around.

"I think," Twilight answered, "it's an Action Field.

"How's that possible?" Applejack asked.

"My companies newest creation," Cold said as he leaped off the building and onto one of the platforms, "consider yourselves the beta testers. This will be a three on one Duel where you three alternate between turns."

"That's fine," Garble said as he and his friends pulled out their Duel Disks, "but when we win those points are ours."

"Agreed," Cold said, "the winner gets the points.

"Don't I get a say in this," Flash yelled but they just ignored him


Fume: 4000
Clump: 4000
Garble: 4000
Cold: 4000

"ACTION CARD DISPERSED!" the voice said, as cards were suddenly scattered around the field.

"You think he'll be okay?" Scootaloo asked.

"He's facing those guys three on one," Sweetie Bell said, "I don't like his chances."

"You three more then anyone shouldn't judge a Duel just by the number of opponents," Rarity said.

"She's right," Applejack said, "what matters are the cards they play.

"I'll take the first move," Fume said drawing. "I summon Breakaway Dragon, in ATK mode." A large black dragon appeared on the field, with large scythe like instruments in place of hands. (A1900/D900/L4) "I end my turn it a face down."

"My turn," Cold said, "I draw and Special Summon Frozen Heart Knight in ATK mode." His knight in frozen armour appeared on the field, brandishing its weapons for battle. (A1700/D1500/L4) "Next I summon Frozen Heart Statue Söder," he continued as the compass like creature appeared on the field. (A900/D700/L3) "And now," he said as Söder transformed into three lights, "I tune Frozen Heart Statue Söder with Frozen Heart Knight." The lights carved three circles which Frozen Heart Knight jumped inside. "Now watch as two mighty pieces of ice merge into a new strength," the two monsters disappeared in an explosion of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing Cold's Synchro Monster. "Frozen Heart Lord of the Javelin." (A2500/D2200/L7)

"Oh," Fume said.

"Frozen Heart Lord of the Javelin," Cold ordered, "attack Breakaway Dragon." His monster flew into the air and aimed its spear at Breakaway, before throwing it at the dragon and impaling it causing it to be destroyed.

Fume: 3400
Clump: 4000
Garble: 4000
Cold: 4000

"I activate my Trap card," Fume said, "Dragon's Shedding. With this I can Summon a Dragon from my deck, whose level is lower then the one you just destroyed." He took a card from his deck and summoned it, "say hi to Hunter Dragon." A black serpentine dragon appeared on their field. (A1700/D100/L3)

"I place three cards face down and end my turn," Cold said.

"My turn," Clump said, "I draw and I'll tribute Hunter Dragon to summon Carnivore Dragon." Hunter Dragon disappeared and was replaced by a giant four legged dragon with black scales, dark green wings and claws and a crown of spikes on its head. (A2500/D1000/L6) "With Carnivore Dragon's ability, each player can send a Dragon Type monster to our graves and increase the attack of a Dragon monster on the field by five hundred points until the End Phase." Garble, Fume and Clump took a card from their decks and sent it to the graveyard, increasing Carnivore Dragon's attack points. (A4000/D1000/L6)

"A level six monster with four thousand ATK points!" Applebloom said in horror.

"Carnivore Dragon attack Frozen Heart Lord of the Javelin," Clump said as his dragon fired a stream of black smoke towards the ice monster.

"I activate my Trap," Cold said, "Synchro Out. Now my Synchro Monster will split into the two monsters I used to Synchro Summon him," he explained as Lord of the Javelin disappeared and was replaced by Frozen Heart Knight and Frozen Heart Statue Söder who were in DEF mode. (A1700/D1500/L4), (A900/D700/L3) "Looks like you don't have a target."

"I end my turn with a face down," Clump said as his monster returned to normal. (A2500/D1000/L6)

"My turn," Cold said, "I draw and tribute both Frozen Heart Knight and Frozen Heart Statue Söder, in order to summon Frozen Heart Golem." The two monsters disappeared and were replaced by a new monster, that stood at ten feet high and was made entirely out of ice with giant claws hands and a single eye in the centre of its head. (A2800/D1800/L7) "Frozen Heart Golem attack Carnivore Dragon," he ordered as the ice monster swung one of its giant fists at the dragon, destroying it.

Fume: 3400
Clump: 3700
Garble: 4000
Cold: 4000

"I end my turn," Cold said

"Then it's my turn," Garble said, as he drew his card and smiled.

"I don't like the look Garble's giving off," Rainbow said.

"He's planning something," Flash said having Duelled against him before he knew something was coming.

"I play the Spell Dragon's Resurrection," Garble said, "now we can all pay a thousand life points and summon a Dragon Type monster from our graveyards."

Fume: 2400
Clump: 2700
Garble: 3000
Cold: 4000

Three lights appeared in front of them, as three copies of the same monster appeared on their field. "WE SUMMON VIOLENT RAGE DRAGON!" The light faded revealing the trio, which were all humanoid dragons with mainly black scales but had purple scales around their wings, knees and shoulders which formed rune like patterns. They had blue mains running down their heads and halfway down their backs and their tails had a spear like instrument. (A3000/D3000/L8)X3

"Not good," Flash said checking the new monsters out.

Garble smiled, knowing they hadn't seen anything yet. "With Violent Rage Dragon's ability I can destroy one card on your field once per turn."

"But with three Violent Rage Dragons," Pinkie said.

"he can wipe out Cold's entire field," Twilight said.

"Violent Rage Dragon number one," Garble said, "destroy his face down." The first dragon raised its tail and used it to pierce Cold's face down, destroying it. "Next Violent Rage Dragon number two, destroy his other one." The second did a repeat performance of the first, destroying Cold's last face down. "And now Violent Rage Dragon number three, destroy his rock heap." The final dragon raised its tail and launched it at Frozen Heart Golem, impaling it and reducing it to rubble.

"His field is empty now," Scootaloo said.

"Violent Rage Dragon," Garble said, "attack him directly." The dragon took to the skies and prepared to strike Cold, who quickly jumped off his platform onto a higher one. "Running away huh?"

"Did you forget where we are?" Cold said as he leaped onto a beam and grabbed something, which he revealed as an Action Card. "I activate the Action Spell Emergency Defence, which will negate your attack and let me Special Summon monsters from my deck whose combined levels equal the level of you monster's." A barrier appeared between Cold and the dragon, blocking the attack from getting through. "And now I summon level four Frozen Heart Gardna and Frozen Heart Enchantress," he said as his two ice monsters appeared on the field in DEF mode. (A800/D2000/L4), (A800/D1600/L4)

Garble growled seeing his attacks be squandered, but still. "Our two other Violent Rage Dragons will attack and destroy your monsters," he said as the dragons flew up and slashed them to pieces. "I end my turn."

"It's my draw," Cold said, but when he saw what he had drawn he smiled.

"That's just weird," Flash said seeing that.

"I activate Icicle Crash," Cold said.

Everyone's eyes went wide remembering that card. When it appeared on the field it unleashed a blizzard which froze the field, and when it died down it showed five giant icicles with Cold's monsters inside. "With Icicle Crash," Cold explained, "I can remove up to five Frozen Heart Monsters from my graveyard and then add any five cards I want from my deck to my hand." His deck shuffled out five cards, which he took and formed a whole knew hand.

"That's the same combo he used on me," Flash said.

"Which means we probably know what's coming," Twilight said.

"I use scale ten Sol of the Frozen Sun and scale one Måne of the Frozen Moon to set the Pendulum Scale," the pillars of light appeared besides him as the two throne riding monsters flew up. "Now watch as my monsters will shatter the walls of space time and carve the arc of victory," Cold chanted as the portal formed above him. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three lights shot out and hit the ground.

Two of them were the same monster. A magician in snowflake patterned clothing, carrying a staff with a snowflake shape on the end. "Frozen Heart Magician. (A2000/D1000/L5/P3)X2

The last on however was like nothing anyone had ever seen. It was a twenty five foot humanoid dragon with snow white scales covering its entire body. It had a thick chest but a very thin waist and thick legs. It's wings were two sets of triple blades of ice and its tail was long with an ice pick like instrument on the tip. It's shoulders were large crescent moon shapes, while its arms had spikes trailing down them and the hands were large with five long claws. Its head was a large kite shape with no mouth, just a pair of light blue eyes with a long icy spike on each side. "FROZEN HEART DRAGON!" (A3000/D2500/L8/P5)

Everyone stared in shock at the dragon.

"That thing is..." Rarity could seem to find the words.

"I activate Frozen Heart Dragon's special ability," Cold said, "I tribute my two Frozen Heart Magicians." The dragon grabbed hold of the two Magicians, raising them up as they became covered in ice, before crushing them into nothing. "Now my dragon's ATK points will double until the End Phase." (A6000/D2500/L8/P5)

"SIX THOUSAND!" everyone yelled.

"Next I activate the effects of my Frozen Heart Magicians in the Extra Deck," Cold continued, "by sending them to the graveyard I can allow one monster on my field the ability to attack one additional time."

"So with two Magicians being sent to the graveyard," Spike said, "his dragon can attack three times."

"ATTACK!" Cold yelled as his dragon rose into the air and held up one of its clawed hands, which began to give of a cold mist.

"I activate the effect of Breakaway Dragon," Fume said, "by banishing him from the graveyard I can stripe a thousand ATK points away from your monster." A ghostly form of Breakaway appeared and flew at Frozen Heart Dragon, sticking its scythes into its body. But then something weird happened as the dragon's scythes began to freeze, followed by its arms and then the rest of its body. "What's happening?" Fume asked.

"My Frozen Heart Dragon is immune to monster effects," Cold said bluntly.

The frozen dragon shattered, allowing Frozen Heart to continue its attack as it unleashed a blast of frozen air which struck one of the Violent Rage Dragons. The dragon was soon covered in ice which quickly shattered into pieces, striking Fume and knocking him off the girder.

Fume: 0
Clump: 2700
Garble: 3000
Cold: 4000

Frozen Heart Dragon then spun around and hit the second Violent Rage Dragon, freezing it into destruction and knocking Clump away.

Fume: 0
Clump: 0
Garble: 3000
Cold: 4000

And finally it turned to the last one, causing Garble to shake. "Wait," he said, "hang on."

"Finish this!" Cold yelled as his monster let loose and froze its opponent, destroying it and sending Garble flying.

Fume: 0
Clump: 0
Garble: 0
Cold: 4000 (Winner)

Everyone was in shock at what they had just seen.

As the Duel Field faded Cold jumped down and looked over at Garble and his cronies with disgust. "You three are hereby band from any Duelling Tournaments my company will ever sponsor," he said, "now leave before I do something you'll regret."

The three teens shook in fear, before leaping up and running out the area screaming. "You haven't seen the last of us," Garble screamed back before vanishing. With them gone Cold moved over to where Flash's DPM still hung.

"Hey" he turned to see Flash standing not to far off. "That's mine, give it back.

"I would," Cold said, "but I can't give this to someone who doesn't take proper care of it."

Flash growled, "what did you say?"

"This point total isn't just a number," Cold said, "the spirit of the rivals you have fought and defeated are apart of that total."

Flash wasn't sure what he meant by that.

"Someone who doesn't take good care of it really has no need of it."

"But he earned those points," Twilight told him.

"Maybe," Cold said, "but if memory serves I was the one Duelling for the sake of these points. Since I won that means these points now belong to me."

"WHAT?" they all yelled.

Cold pressed a button on Flash DPM causing it to beep.

"NO" Flash leaped at Cold but he quickly leaped up and onto a high up girder. Once steady Cold held up the watch and dropped it, so that it landed right infront of the blue haired teen. Flash fell to his knees as he read the total.

Flash Sentry: 0Ps

"How could you be so cruel?" Fluttershy asked, tears in her eyes.

"Defeat means losing everything," Cold said.


"Remember that Flash," Cold said, "remember this feeling." With that Cold leaped from girder to girder before hitting the roof of the next building.

"WAIT!" Flash yelled getting up, but Cold just walked away.

With him gone everyone was in shook at what had just happened. Flash's points were gone and without them Flash could no longer compete in the Celestic Cup...he was out.

Flash fell back to his knees, tears in his eyes. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Author's Note:

So...that happened.

I had to have Flash have some kind of set back. The question is, how will he deal with this?

What did you think of Frozen Heart Dragon?

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