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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 10, Fight at the Museum pt1

"Are we there yet?" Scootaloo asked. She, Flash, Twilight and Spike were on a train heading into the centre of the city.

"Still a little longer to go" Twilight told her.

"But we've been going for hours."

"It's been ten minutes" Flash told his sister.

"Feels like hours."

"You'll just have to wait" Flash told her.

"You can't blame her Flash" Twilight said, "I'm excited to see the exhibit too."

The four of them were on their way to the cities museum to see a special Duelling exhibit. There would be all kinds of Duel related subjects on show, including the first Duel Disk, origanal prints of G1 cards and other artefacts. Twilight had been dying to see it and had invited her friends along.

"It's to bad the others couldn't make it" Twilight said.

Applejack and Applebloom had a ton of chores to do today, Rarity had recently fallen behind on a homework assignment and her parent had refused to allow her to go anywhere until it was done. Pinkie was working today at a kids birthday party, while Fluttershy had already volunteered to help out at a local animal shelter and Rainbow Dash had a Soccer game. In the end only Flash and Scootaloo had been able to accept her invitation, hence why they her and Spike were on route to the museum.

"Do you think they'll have some rare cards on sale" Spike asked.

"Even if they did" Twilight replied, "they'd probably cost more then a years worth of our allowance."

"Drat" Spike said, "a Blue-Eyes in my deck would be so awesome."

Everyone chuckled at the fourteen year olds annoyance as the conductors voice sounded, telling they were at the stop.

"Welcome" a woman at the reception desk of the museum said, "how may I serve you today."

"Four tickets please" Twilight said having offered to buy the tickets.

"Right away" she said, "if your here for the Duel Exhibit than you'll want to head to the main hall as the first tour is in an hour."

"Thanks" Twilight said, taking the tickets and returning to them. "She said the tour isn't for an hour in the main hall" she told them as she handed out the tickets and programs to them.

"Great" Scootaloo said, "so what do you want to see in the mean time....Flash."

Everyone turned to see Flash was looking a little uncomfortable. "Flash" Twilight said placing her hand on his arm, "are you okay?"

"Yeah" Flash said, "just didn't realise it be this museum we'd be coming to."

"How many museums are there in town?" Spike asked before getting a swat from his sister.

"Is there something wrong with this place?" she asked him.

"Gramps used to bring me and Scoots here when we were young" Flash explained.

"He did?" Scootaloo asked not remembering that.

"You were to young to remember" Flash said, "but this is where our dad worked before he went...missing, with mom."

"It is" they said looking around.

"It's one of the reasons Gramps moved us to this area."

"Oh" Scootaloo said in amazement.

"If this is to painful" Twilight began.

"I'll be fine" Flash replied, "just feels a little weird. Come on, let's go" he headed inside followed the the other three.

The four teens enjoyed themselves looking over the other exhibits until the time for the next tour arrived. Scootaloo dragged them into the dinosaur exhibit to look at all the skeletons

All the while Flash still felt uneasy at the thought of being here, which was about to be even more so. "Trail" Flash froze hearing that voice speak his fathers name, and slowly he spun around to see a man in his mid thirties with silver skin and black hair. "Is it really you?"

"Sorry Relic" Flash replied, "but I ain't my dad."

The man named Relic's eyes widened, "Flash?"

"Long time no see" he said.

"My look at you" Relic said "your the spitting image of your father, except your eyes."

"I have my mothers eyes" Flash said, having heard that from all of his parents old friends.

"Flash" they both turned to see his friends had noticed the interaction.

"Scootaloo" Relic said kneeling down to the young teen, "the last time I saw you I could hold you in one hand."

"Er hey" Scootaloo said a little creeped out.

"This is Relic Fragment" Flash explained, "he was my dad's best friend."

"Indeed" he said, "we bonded over our love of adventure and mystery when we met in college."

"It's nice to meet you" Twilight said, "I'm Flash's friend Twilight" she turned to Spike. "And with is my little brother."

"Just call me Spike" he said.

"A pleasure" Relic said, "so what brings you to this fine establishment today."

"We came to see the Duelling Exhibit" Flash explained.

"Well in that case" Relic said, "how about a private tour."

"You can do that?" Twilight asked in wonder.

"Being the Museum Curator has its privileges" Relic explained.

That was how the five found themselves to be the first people to see the exhibit before anyone else in the public.

"And here we have some of the origanal tablets the first Duel Monsters were designed from" Relic said, showing them into a room filled with stones that had carvings of monsters from Duelling origanal days.

"Amazing" Twilight said.

"Hey look" Scootaloo said pointing to one, "that's a Giant Soldier of Stone."

"And over here's a carving of Feral Imp" Spike said.

"Yes these are truly amazing discoveries are they not" Relic said.

"They are" Twilight said, "they're probably worth a fortune. I hope your security can handle protecting them."

"Don't worry my dear" Relic said, "this room is the most secure one in the city. Should the alarm be triggered then doors made of ten inches of titanium would slam down locking them in, and making the room air sealed. Any thieves would find themselves without air in a matter of minutes."

"Impressive" Twilight said.

"Thank you" Relic said, "but this exhibit not only houses the Duelling past but also the future." They walked into a new room were they found a high tech device.

It was a humanoid robot that was around six foot high, and had a Battle City Duel Disk wired onto its left arm.

"Is this?" Twilight asked.

"A state of the art Duel-Bot" Relic said, "designed as the ultimate Duellist."

"The ultimate Duellist?" Spike asked.

"It has every known card in its database" Relic explained, "and wields a deck designed to stop every one of them. It also has ten skill settings, and so far not even the best Pro-Duellists have managed to defeat it passed level six."

"That's awesome" Scootaloo said.

"Do you want to give it a try?" Relic asked.

Scootaloo spun around and looked her brother in the eye.

"Go nuts" Flash replied.

"Alright" Scootaloo called before moving infront of the robot and strapping an orange Duel Disk to her arm.

"I'll set it to level one for you" Relic said, moving behind the Duel-Bot before opening up the back and typing on its keyboard.

The Duel-Bots eyes glowed green as it activated and scanned Scootaloo. "Duellist detected" it spoke in its robotic voice, "now initialising Duelling Protocol." A slot opened up revealing a deck which it placed in its Duel Disk, activating it along with Scoot's which formed a purple blade.


Scootaloo: 4000
Duel-Bot: 4000

"I'll start" Scootaloo said, "and play Gilasaurus in ATK mode" a brown raptor appeared infront of her. (A1400/D400/L3) "and since that was a special summon, I can now summon Rush Raptor in ATK mode" a raptor with purple fur appeared that had small black wing on its back, that were way to small to carry it. (A1200/D1400/L3) "and with him I can summon another monster out, say hello to Eggisaur" a red dinosaur appeared wearing an egg around its waist with its legs sticking out. An egg shard was on its head (A800/D400/L2) "plus I get to add a level point to him. (A800/D400/L3)

"Three monsters out at once" Flash watched in amazement at his sisters skills.

"And now" Scootaloo yelled, "I use these three monsters to build the Overlay Network." Her two monster changed into lights which shot into the air, before flying into the black hole that had just formed. "Watch as the ancient powers of a Dinosaur are awakened" the black hole exploded in light as a new monster appeared. "I XYZ SUMMON."

The new monster looked like a larger version of Rush Raptor with darker fur and a larger wing span, and three lights floating around "Wild Rush Raptor." (A2000/D2000/R3)

"Wow" Flash said.

"Rainbow taught her well" Twilight said.

"With Rush Raptor now as an Overlay Unit, Wild Rush gets five hundred points" Scootaloo said. (A2500/D2000/R3) "I end my turn."

"Now initialising Draw Phase" The Duel-Bot said as he drew. "Main Phase, now activating Spell card designated as Reverse Engineering. Function, by sending three Machine type monsters from hand to Graveyard Duel-Bot may now add Spell card from deck to hand. He discarded three cards and then pulled out his deck, which he then flipped through before finding the card he need. "Now activating card Scrap Summon. Function, by paying half of Duel-Bot's life points it may now summon as many level four or bellow Machine monster to available Monster Zones from Monster Graveyard, but all ATK and DEF points are neutralised."

"But he just discarded three" Spike said.

Scootaloo: 4000
Duel-Bot: 2000

"Now summoning" three cards appeared in front of him.

The first was a yellow robot in the shape of a scorpion, "A-Assault Core." (A0/D0/L4)

The second was a green robotic raptor with cannons on its back, "B-Buster Drake." (A0/D0/L4)

The last was a blue robotic Pterodactyl, "and C-Crush Wyvern." (A0/A0/L4)

"Union Monsters" Twilight said in shock.

"What's a Union Monster?" Flash asked.

"Monsters that combine into more powerful ones" Relic explained.

"Like Fusion Monsters" Flash asked.

"Basically" Twilight said.

"Now initialising Duelling Protocol twelve paragraph four subsection C, monsters combine." The Duel-Bots monsters flew up and began to transform and merge together, until they made one giant robotic death machine. "ABC-Dragon Buster, online." (A3000/D2800/L8)

"Not good" Flash said.

"It get's worse" Twilight said.

"Now discarding card to activate Dragon Buster's effect to banish one card on field" the Duel-Bot explained,

"So your saying" Scootaloo said in horror.

"Wild Rush Raptor is removed from play" the Duel-Bot explained, as a portal opened up below the Dinosaur swallowing it whole.

"Oh no" Scootaloo said before trying to calm herself. After that card's attack she would still have a thousand points left, which gave her one turn to find a way to save herself.

"Now activating Spell card, Limiter Removal."

"NOT THAT CARD" Scootaloo screamed.

"Now doubling Monster ATK points." (A6000/D2800/L8)

"Six thousand ATK points" Flash said in horror.

"Battle Phase, now attacking with ABC-Dragon Buster" the machine aimed it's multiple weapons at Scootaloo before firing a barrage at her, sending her flying.

Scootaloo: 0
Duel-Bot: 2000 (Winner)

"Scootaloo" Flash called as they ran up to her, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine" Scootaloo said sitting up, "if that's level one then I'd hate to see level ten."

"Well like I said" Relic replied as he plugged the bot into the wall to recharge, "no one has beaten the Duel-Bot passed level six."

"I can see why" Twilight said, "I'd probably have trouble against those Union Monsters."

"Indeed" Relic said, "you know there's still ten minutes until the exhibit is set to open so look around as much as you like."

"Thank you" Twilight said, "I think I'll go look at the tablets again."

"Okay" Relic said.

Flash was admiring the five piece set of Exodia the Forbidden One when Relic came up to him.

"It has been good to see you again" Relic said, "I know your parents have been a touchy subject for you and coming here probably wasn't your idea."

"It's fine" Flash said.

"I still can't believe it's been so long" Relic said, "and there's been no info about them since that day."

"The last piece proof we have that they're alive, is standing right over there" he nodded head over to the thirteen year old examining a Millennium Puzzle replica.

"I know it's hard" Relic said, "but I'm sure you'll discover the answers one day."

"I already know the answer" Flash said, "now I just need the question."

Before they could say anything else the lights above them began to flicker, before going dead. "What the?" Relic said before taking out his phone to call maintenance, only to find it was dead. "It must have been an energy surge that deactivated the electronics, but everything should reset in a moment."

"Everything" Flash said, only to realise "including the Security System?"

"Yes it should...oh no."

"TWILIGHT" Flash ran towards the tablet room.

"Hey guys what happened to the lights" Twilight asked, still in room.

"Get out of there before" but it was to late as the lights suddenly went on along with everything else. A loud clanking could be heard as suddenly a large metal door slammed down, trapping Twilight inside. "Twilight" Flash called reaching the door and pounding on it, before he kneeled down and tried to lift it.

"Flash don't bother it's ten inches of titanium" Relic told him.

Suddenly they heard a ringing and spun around to see Spike pull out his phone. "Twilight's facing me" Spike said answering it, "Twilight are you okay."

"I'm fine" they heard. They all gathered around and saw Twilight on the screen, "what happened?"

"There was a power surge that reset the system" Relic explained, "when it switched back on you must have activated the alarm and caused it to go into shut down."

"That doesn't sound so bad" Scootaloo said.

"Except that room is now air tight" Relic said, "if we don't open it she's going to run out of oxygen."

"We have to do something" Flash replied.

"Relax I can use the override" Relic said. He pulled out a card and moved to a small device on the wall, where he swiped it...but nothing happened. "Strange, that should have released the keypad so I could enter the code."

"You don't think the power surge caused it to malfunction do you?" Twilight said.

"It's possible the system's control signal was crossed with something else" Relic said, "but what?"

"Duellist detected" they all spun around to see the Duel-Bot active, it's eyes glowing red.

"I'm thinking that" Scootaloo said.

"So what now?" Spike asked.

"I think it means that the only way through this door" Relic explained, "is through that Robot."

"So you mean if we beat it in a Duel the doors will open?" Flash asked.

"If its programming has been linked to the security system" Relic said, "then yes."

"Then looks like I'm Duelling" Flash said pulling out his Duel Disk.

"Initialising Duelling Protocol" the Duel-Bot said placing its deck into the Duel Disk.


Flash: 4000
Duel-Bot: 4000

"I'll start" Flash drew "and I summon Magna Fighter Crossbolt, in DEF mode" the steampunk carrying a crossbow appeared. (A1400/D1400/L4) "I'll place a card face down and end my turn.

"Now initialising Draw Phase" The Duel-Bot said as he drew. "Main Phase, now activating Spell card designated as Magical Mallet. Function, select cards in hand and return them to deck then draw cards equal to number returned." The Duel-Bot did this returning three cards to the deck and drawing three new ones, "now summoning Justice Robo Mecha Fighter" a red humanoid robot appeared standing at about nine foot. (A1800/D1200/L4)

"Oh no" Relic said.

"What is it?" Scootaloo said, not like the sound of that oh no.

"That card is part of the level ten skill set" Relic explained, "no ones ever lasted two turns against that."

"But if Flash loses" Spike said, not daring to say anything else.

"Now activating Spell Double Summon. Function, allows additional summoning this turn. Now summoning Justice Robo Mecha Racer," a yellow formula 1 car appeared, it's nose had a blaster inside. (A1000/D1000/L3) "initialising Union" the racer drove into the air, straight at Mecha Fighter who raised its left arm. The races nose folded up as the back opened allowing the robots arm to go through, as a bigger hand folded out. "Equipment complete, plus five hundred to Justice Robo Mecha Fighter." (A2300/D1200/L4)

"Not good" Flash said.

"Battle Phase, Mecha Fighter targets Crossbolt and attacks" the robot aimed it's weapon at Crossbolt and fired the racers nose blaster destroying it.

"I activate my face down Starburst Draw, since a level four monster with fifteenth hundred or less ATK was destroyed then I can draw four cards." He drew and smiled seeing who he had drawn.

"When card equipped with Mecha Racer destroys monster, Duel-Bot draws three cards" he did so. "Main Phase Two, set one card, End Phase."

"My draw" Flash said, "time to finish this. I set Scale four Magna Fighter Gladio and Scale eight Magna Caster Solaris into the Pendulum Scale" his monsters rose up as the pillars of light formed. "Now I can summon monsters levels five, six and seven all at one. Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," the portal formed above him. "I PENDULUM SUMMON."

The portal opened and a single light shot out.

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"Alright" Scootaloo cheered.

"That's Flash's best card" Spike said before looking down at his phone, "he'll have you out soon Twilight."

"That's good" Twilight said from within the tablet room, "because I'm starting to get light headed." She slid down until she was sitting against the door.

Back at the Duel the Duel-Bot's system's were searching for any sign of Pendulum Summoning or Flash Heart Dragon. "Error error cards not found in Monster Database."

"Well watch and learn" Flash said, "Flash Heart's skill. Since he was Special Summon your Mecha Fighter is getting a one way trip to the bottom of your deck."

"Information obtained...analysing...counter measure detected, activating Mecha Fighter ability." The race car attachment disappeared, "tributing one equipped card to negate card effect."

Flash growled, "fine then I'll summon Shine Crest Magna Wolf in ATK mode," Flash's wolf appeared. (A1200/D1100/L3) "Plus Gladio's Pendulum ability raises any Pendulum Summoned monsters ATK strength by eight hundred for this turn. (A3300/D2000/L7/P4) "now I'll have Flash Heart attack your robot," Flash Heart's boosters burst into life sending him flying at Mecha Fighter.

"Quick Play Spell card" Duel-Bot said, "Emergency Shut Down. Function, switches ATK position Machine to DEF position" Mecha Fighter took a defensive stance just before Flash Heart destroyed him.

"Well now my Magna Wolf attacks you directly" the wolf pounced and slashed the bot.

Flash: 4000
Duel-Bot: 2800

"I end my turn with a face down."

"Now initialising Draw Phase" The Duel-Bot said as he drew. "Main Phase, now activating Spell card designated as Reverse Engineering."

"Not that card" they all cried realising what would come next.

"Function, by sending three Machine type monsters from hand to Graveyard Duel-Bot may now add Spell card from deck to hand." He did, and like in his Duel against Scootaloo he activated it. "Scrap Summon, function..."

"I already know what it does" Flash said.

Flash: 4000
Duel-Bot: 1400

"Now summoning" five lights appeared on the robots field.

The first was the robot Flash Heart had just destroyed, "Justice Robo Mecha Fighter." (A0/D0/L4)

The second was the formula 1 card, "Justice Robo Mecha Racer." (A0/D0/L3)

The third was a blue heavy loader truck, "Justice Robo Mecha Hauler." (A0/D0/L4)

The fourth was a green helicopter, "Justice Robo Mecha Copter." (A0/D0/L3)

The last was a white submarine, "Justice Robo Mecha Diver." (A0/D0/L3)

"Five Justice Robos" Scootaloo said in horror.

"There won't be for much longer" Spike said.

"Initialising Ultimate Maneuver" the Duel-Bot's five monsters glowed, "UNION" they flew into the air and transformed. Mecha Hauler disengaged from it's load and transformed into a new body armour, which connected to Mecha Fighter's front while the load transformed in a pair of legs which connected the Mecha Fighter, like putting on a pair of pants. Mecha Racer and Mecha Copter connected to Mecha Fighter's left and right arms, as their nose and wing blades detached. Mecha Diver transformed into a helmet which flew on top of Mecha Fighter's head becoming the new head. Mecha Racer's nose connected to the front of the Hauler body armour, while Mecha Copter's blades connected to the back forming an X. "Ultimate Justice Robo, Mecha Union Fighter, online." (A3200/D2600/L10)

Everyone looked up in fear of the new two story high monster, Flash especially. "To think that used to be my favourite part of those shows."

"Activating Mecha Hauler's ability from Monster Graveyard. Remove it an two other Machines to add three cards to Duel-Bot's hand," he did so and then activated them. "Cosmic Battle Armour Level 1, all opponent's Monster effects do not effect Union Fighter."

"Not good" Flash said.

"Cosmic Battle Armour Level 2, all opponents Spell effect do not effect Union Fighter."

"My Spells to" Flash said.

"Cosmic Battle Armour Level 3, all opponents Trap effects do not effect Union Fighter."

"He can't use Traps either" Scootaloo asked.

"You can't do this you can't do that" Spike said, "It's like I'm listening to Twilight."

"Spike" his phone yelled.

"Oh right" Spike said.

"Ultimate Justice Robo Mecha Union Fighter's ability plus three hundred ATK for each card equipped to it." (A4100/D2600/L10)

"So much power" Relic said, "this is the full power of the Duel-Bot."

"Do something Flash" Scootaloo said.

"I'm working on it" Flash said.

"Battle Phase, Ultimate Justice Robo Mecha Union Fighter target and destroy Magna Wolf" the robot aimed all it's weapons at Magna Wolf.

"If that attack lands then Flash's life points are going down in a big way" Spike said.

"FIRE" the robot unleashed all its power at Flash's monster.

Flash stood frozen as the attack approached. If he couldn't find a way to stop that behemoth, then not only would his life points be done for...but so would Twilight.

Author's Note:

Dun dun dunnnnn cliffhanger :pinkiegasp:. Hope you liked it, and give me your thoughts on the Duel-Bot and its deck.

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