• Published 21st Nov 2016
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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 44, The Irresistible Voices pt2

In his computer room, Cold stood looking at the big screen. On said screen were the images of three teens, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.

The doors of the lab opened and Sunset Shimmer stepped in.

"Hey," She said before noticing Cold's attention on the screen, "is there a problem?"

"We managed to locate three individuals we suspect are working for him," Cold said.

"I see," Sunset said, "what do we know about them?"

"Very little," he replied, "which is why we're so suspicious of them. They weren't in the Celestic Cup database until a few days before it started."

"You think they hacked in?"

"It's a possibility," Cold said.

"I'll go find them and bring them in for questioning," Sunset turned to leave.

"No," Cold said making her stop.

"But this is our chance to get his location."

"Maybe," he replied, "but I doubt they'd give it up. We'll wait and watch them from a distance and see if they lead us to him."

"Fine," Sunset said, "I just hope whoever's Duelling them are careful. Who knows what anyone connected to him could do."

The Tag-Duel between Rarity, Pinkie and the Dazzlings Aria and Sonata continued. Things seemed to have been going well for Rarity and Pinkie having Fusion Summoned Gem-Knight Master Diamond and Balloonimal Cerberus, until their opponents both summoned Assuring Siren who managed to take control of the Fusion Monsters and increase their ATK and DEF points.

"This suddenly got much harder," Rarity said.

"Hard," Aria said, "try impossible. Against the power of our Alluring Sirens and your most powerful monsters, what hope do you honestly think you have?"

"Just wait and see," Pinkie said.

"You might have control of our monsters," Rarity said, "but that doesn't guarantee you a victory."

"Oh yeah?" the Dazzling girl said, "well let's see if you say that after getting attacked by your own monster. Sonata!"

"On it," the second girl said, "Alluring Siren attack Pinkie directly." The blue horse monster turned to the bubblegum haired girl and let out a high pitched sound wave attack.

"Pinkie's field's bare," Bon Bon said.

"She's about to take three thousand points of damage," Lyra agreed.

"I activate my face down," Pinkie said as her card flipped up revealing a Spell, "Balloon Party. I'll take a cue from you and summon four Balloon Tokens to my field in DEF mode." Four different coloured balloons appeared on the field, each with a smiley face on them. (A0/D0/L1)X4

The Siren's attack struck the red balloon causing it to go pop as it was destroyed.

"That was close," Bon Bon said, "now she's protected from Cerberus's attack as well."

"She already was," Lyra said. "Even though Balloonimal Cerberus is on their side of the field, they can't use it or Master Diamond to attack."

"So their just there to give the Sirens more power," Rarity said hearing that.

"You also can't target them for attack, Spells, Traps and Monster Effects," Adagio spoke up. "Against the power of the Alluring Sirens, no one can stand against us"

"We'll see about that," Rarity said. "It's my turn and I draw," she did so and looked at her hand. She had been expecting the Dazzlings to take control of her monster, but had expected it to be similar to how Lyra had control Flash's monster. He had overcome that stratagy by destroying Maiden of the Enchanted Harp when it was an Equip Spell, but these Sirens were on a whole other level since they were protected from any manner of destruction. There was only one choice. She and Pinkie would have to destroy their monsters, as without them the Sirens would lose their points and be vulnerable to attack. The only problem was she had no idea how she could possible destroy them with her current hand.

"No choice but to play defensively," she said, "I set one card face down in DEF mode and end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Aria said, "and I attack with my Alluring Siren." The horse monster let out its own scream attack, which struck the face down monster causing it to flip up revealing a gem shelled turtle. The attack caused the monster's shell to crack before it was destroyed.

"Since Gem-Turtle was Flip Summoned," Rarity said, "his ability activates and transfers a Gem-Knight Fusion from my deck to my hand." Her deck shuffled and slotted out a card for her to take.

"Whatever," Aria said, "I set card face down and end my turn."

"My turn," Pinkie said spinning, "I draw and summon Balloonimal Hippo in DEF mode." (A1200/D1600/L4) "I end my turn."

"My draw," Sonata said, "and I attack Balloonimal Hippo." Her Siren fired its sonic wave which destroyed the Hippo Balloon animal, "I end my turn with a face down."

"Then it's my turn," Rarity said, "I draw and activate the Gem-Knight Fusion card I received earlier. Now I take the Gem-Knight Obsidian with armour of black and Gem-Knight Lapis with armour of stone, and merge them into one." Her monsters appeared on the field, before being sucked into a vortex which exploded in a burst of light. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Gem-Knight Zirconia." (A2900/D2500/L8)

"That monster has the same ATK as Master Diamond," Bon Bon said.

"Since Gem-Knight Obsidian was sent from the hand to the graveyard, his ability activates." Rarity took a card from her graveyard and placed it on the Duel Disk's blade, "now I can take a level four or lower Normal Monster and summon it to the field." In a flash of light, Gem-Knight Garnet appeared on the field. (A1900/D0/L4)

"I get it," Bon Bon said, "she's gonna attack Master Diamond with Zirconia and destroy them both before destroying Aria's Siren with Garnet."

"Zirconia attack," Rarity ordered as her giant monster charged towards the hypnotised one and raised its giant arms.

"I activate my face down," Aria said, "Power Ballad. This Trap increase the ATK points of a monster on my fiend, by one hundred for every monster I have. So with two monster Master Diamond's ATK will raise by two hundred." (A3100/D2500/L9)

Everyone gasped seeing the target's power raise up, but Rarity was prepared. "I activate De-Fusion, which will let me split my monster back into the monsters I used to summon him." Zirconia was consumed by light and split into two beams of light, which flew back onto Rarity's field and revealed Obsidian and Lapis who kneeled in DEF mode. "I end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Aria said, "I draw and I attack Gem-Knight Garnet with Alluring Siren" The sea horse aimed at Garnet and let out its mighty screech at the knight, who forged a shield of fire which he used to defend against the attack. Eventually however the sonic blast managed to push through and struck Garnet, causing him to go flying before he was destroyed.

Rarity: 2600
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 3300
Sonata: 3000

"I end my turn." Aria said.

"Then I'll go," Pinkie said, "I draw and summon Balloonimal Lion in ATK mode." The yellow lion balloon animal appeared on the field. (A1500/D1200/L4) "Now attack Balloonimal Cerberus."

"What is she thinking?" Lyra asked, "Cerberus has twice as many ATK points as her lion."

"Not once I activate this," Pinkie said placing a card in her Duel Disk, "Shrink. With this I can cut your...I mean my Cerberus's ATK points in half."

Balloonimal Cerberus began to grow smaller and smaller until it was half its origanal size, just as Balloonimal Lion began its charge. (A1500/D3000/L9)

"When Balloonimal Lion attacks a monster I can look at the top two cards of my deck," Pinkie explain doing so, "I add one to the hand and send the other to the graveyard. Now Lion destroy Cerberus."

"I think not," Sonata said as her face down flipped up, "because I happen to have my own Shrink. I'll use it on your lion."

Balloonimal Lion began to grow smaller like Cerberus, until it was half it's origanal ATK points. (A750/D1200/L4)

As the lion finished its charge, Balloonimal Cerberus raised one of its paws and stomped down on it causing the lion to burst.

Rarity: 2600
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 2550
Sonata: 3000

"Everything those two do keeps getting cancelled out," Lyra said.

"I hate to say it but those two Dazzling girls are good," Bon Bon said, "to good. And I get the feeling their only getting started."

"Their decks work well together as well," Lyra agreed, "while Rarity and Pinkie's decks are just to different. They might both use Fusion but that's it, so how can they stop them?"

"I end my turn," Pinkie said as her hair began to deflate.

"Don't lose hope Pinkie," Rarity said, "we're not out of this yet."

Pinkie took a deep breath and nodded.

Meanwhile Adagio was watching with a smile on her face, as she took something out of her vest. It was a small pendant like accessory, with a red jewel in the centre which was glowing faintly. She used to wear it around her neck, but found the glow drew to much attention so just kept it in her pockets. "Perfect," she said to herself seeing the glow, "these two are giving off an impressive amount of Ener-D. at this rate we may not need to be in the finals to accomplish our mission."

As Adagio placed the pendant back in her pocket, her mind wandered back to how the three of them had been brought into this situation.


Adagio, Aria and Sonata kneeled before the figure sitting on a giant throne. The three were dressed in rags with their hair dirty and a tangled.

"What do you desire?" The figure asked.

"We want to be seen," Adagio replied, "no...we want to be adored. We want to be the one thing that people feel they have to look at."

"And what will you do to achieve this desire?"

"Anything!" the three said in unison.

"I can grant you whatever you wish," the figure said, "all you must do is serve me unconditionally."

The three girls didn't care what they had to do, as long as they were adored like they wished. "We will."

In that second the shadows cast by the throne began to flicker, before moving towards them. The girls gasped but by then the shadows had surrounded and consumed them, creating three dark bubbles which soon burst revealing the three in new clothes with a shinning pendent around each of their necks.

"I have given you the power to make anyone you defeat obsessed with you," the figure said, "as long as you gather the Ener-D I require then you may keep them. But if you fail me."

"We won't," Adagio said in fear of losing this new power.

"We shall see."


What he had promised had come to pass. Whenever they defeated someone they would almost fall in love with them and all they needed to do to keep it was collect this Ener-D he wanted.

"It's my turn," Sonata said, "I draw and then have Alluring Siren destroy another of your Balloon Tokens." The horse monster fired another blast at a blue balloon, causing it to burst leaving only a yellow and green Token. "I end my turn."

"My turn," Rarity said, "I draw and summon Gem-Knight Sardonyx in DEF mode." A knight whose armour was made out of different types of stone appeared, swinging a mace like weapon. (A1800/D900/L4) "I end my turn."

"My turn," Aria said, "I draw activate the Spell card Stop Defence. With this I can switch one of your DEF position monsters to ATK mode," she explained as Gem-Knight Lapis stood up. "Now I attack Gem-Knight Lapis with my Siren." Once again her monster blasted Rarity's with a sonic blast, while also pushing the teen back and almost off her feet.

Rarity: 900
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 2550
Sonata: 3000

"I end my turn."

"It's my turn," Pinkie said, "I draw and play Pot of Greed. With this card I can draw two new cards," she said doing so. Looking at her new cards, combined with the ones she already hand she nodded. "I activate Fusion Pop, which lets me Fusion Summon using Balloonimals in my graveyard." The remains of yellow, green and grey balloons floated out of a portal, before they were sucked into a vortex. "I'm removing Balloonimal Lion, Alligator and Hippo, to form a new power." The vortex exploded, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new monster. It was a balloon animal with Hippo's rear, Lions centre and Alligator's snout. "Balloonimal Ammit. (A2800/D2800/L8) "Next I activate the Spell card Air Pump, which will raise my Ammit's ATK by one thousand." (A3800/D2800/L8) "I attack Balloonimal Cerberus," she ordered as her monster charged at her controlled one.

"I activate the effect of Defence Drummer from my hand," Sonata said, "By discarding it I can negate one of your monsters attack." A man carrying a large drum appeared and beat out a rhythm which caused a wall of sound which Ammit bounced off.

"I place a card face down and end my turn."

"Then it's my draw," Sonata said, "and I activate Spell Recycle. By discarding another card, I can now take a Spell card from anyone's graveyard and add it to my hand." She discarded a card as Aria took a card from her grave and threw it at her partner. "I activate Stop Defence, which will make you Balloon Token switch to attack mode."

"But that card's got zero ATK points," Lyra said.

"If she attacks it's over for Pinkie," Bon Bon said.

"Which is why I'm attacking it," Sonata said as her Siren let out a sonic blast which was aimed at the token. However, before it could make contact a wall of bubbles appeared and took the attack

Rarity: 900
Aria: 2800
Pinkie: 1050
Sonata: 3000

"Sorry," Pinkie said, "but Half Unbreak saves my monster and cuts the damage in half."

Sonata growled, "I end my turn."

"it's my turn," Rarity said, "I draw." She looked at her cards, but none of them could do anything against the Sirens or their mind controlled monsters. Sighing, she did the only thing she could do. "I end my turn."

Aria smiled, believing she was losing hope. "It's my turn," she said, "I draw and play Pot of Greed to draw two cards. She looked at them and smiled. "This is where this Duel ends," she said making the girls grow worried. "I activate Tag Force, a Continuous Spell made especially for Tag-Duels. With it I can use my partners monsters as if they were my own, so now you've got two Alluring Siren attacks coming."

"Oh no," Rarity said.

"And," Aria continued, "I activate another Continuous Spell called Zero Defence. Now all your monsters switch to ATK mode."

The girls began to sweat as Obsidian, Sardonyx and the Balloon Tokens switched modes, making them easy targets.

"And now my Sirens," Aria said as Sonata joined in, "ATTACK!"

The horse monsters prepared their attacks and the two teens felt themselves got limp. There was nothing they could do.

Rarity looked back at Lyra hoping she might know what to do, but she looked as heartbroken as she felt. Rarity looked back at the field and the monsters what were about to be obliterated, but then she noticed something. At her feet laid a face down she had placed on her first turn. She hadn't thought it important at the time and had forgotten about it, but now was the perfect time to use it. "I activate my face down," Rarity said as her card flipped up, "Emergency Magic. This Trap card is a gamble but it might just save me. How it works is I draw a card and if its a Spell card that can be activated, it does but if it isn't then I take a thousand points of damage.

"So she's risking everything on a single card," Bon Bon said.

"Kind of reminds me of how my Duel with a certain someone ended," Lyra said remembering how one draw had effected her life.

Pinkie smiled at Rarity's determination and looked down at a face down, which she had placed on her first turn. "I activate my face down, Emergency Magic."

"She had one too?" everyone said.

"Now I can draw a card and if it's a Spell that can by played then I can."

"So their both risking everything on one draw," Bon Bon said.

"I hope it pays off," Lyra said.

Rarity and Pinkie placed the hands on their decks, before sharing a glance and nodding. "WE DRAW!" they yelled in unison, before looking at the cards they had both drawn and gasped. Looking at what the other had drawn, they couldn't believe what they were seeing, but smiled anyway. "We discard one card from our hands so we can activate the Spell card, SUPER POLYMERISATION!"

"WHAT!?" the Dazzlings screamed.

"With this," Rarity said, "we can now perform a Fusion Summon."

"But the twist is," Pinkie Pie continued, "we can use monsters one both our fields and yours."

A pair of vortexes appeared above them.

"I now fuse the Gem-Knight Obsidian and Sardonyx on my field, along with the Master Diamond on yours."

"While I'll fuse my two Balloon Tokens with Balloonimal Ammit and the Cerberus you stole."

The seven monsters were sucked into their respective vortexes and merged together, while the girls chanted in unison. "United through the bonds of friendship, we unleash the ultimate power." The two vortexes exploded in the burst of light, "WE SUPER FUSE!"

The lights faded revealing the girl's new monsters. Rarity's was a knight with a feminine figure, wearing cream coloured armour with diamonds on the shoulders, chest, hips and head. In her hand was a long sword which she swung around gracefully, as she twirled around like a ballerina. "Gem-Knight Lady, Brilliant Diamond!" (A3400/D2000/L10)

Pinkie's monster was a giant balloon animal made up of balloons of every colour imaginable. It had Balloonimal Lion for a central head, with Balloonimal Dog's head coming off its right shoulder and Balloonimal Hippo for the left shoulder. On the tip of its tail was the head of Balloonimal Alligator. "Balloonimal Chimera!" (A?/D?/L10)

The two Duelling Dazzlings were speechless at what they had just witnessed.

"You look a little stunned," Rarity said, "could it be cause without our monsters your Sirens aren't as powerful as they used to be?" (A0/D0/L7)X2

"What's worse," Pinkie said, "is that my Balloonimal Chimera's ATK and DEF points increase by eight hundred for each Balloonimal I used in the Fusion Summon." (A3200/D3200/L10) "And let's not forget that your Sirens ares still attacking."

"Oh no!" the girls said, as they looked up to see their monsters let out their attack. However their once impressive sonic blasts, had been down graded to an annoying whistle sound which bounced of the new Fusion Monsters. The two instead charged at the two monsters, sword and claws at the ready, and with a single attack they destroyed the horse-fish combo.

Rarity: 900 (Winner)
Aria: 0
Pinkie: 1050 (Winner)
Sonata: 0

Rarity and Pinkie fell to their knees, exhausted from what they had just gone through.

"You did it!" Lyra cheered as she and Bon Bon ran over to them.

"That was incredible," Bon Bon said.

"Thank you," Rarity said.

"That wasn't much fun though," Pinkie said, "those girls need to learn a new style."

Aria and Sonata both pulled themselves up off the floor, still shaken by how fast that Duel had turned.

Adagio walked up to them. "What happened?" she asked angrily.

"They just got a lucky draw," Aria said, "that's all."

"Hardly," they looked up at Rarity and the others. "I believe you owe Lyra an apology."

"I don't remember agreeing to that," Adagio said. She turned to leave along with her teammates.

"Hey," Bon Bon said, "you guys need to transfer your points to them.

"Again," she said, "I don't remember agreeing to that."

As much as they hated to admit it, they hadn't actually put up any points but Rarity had a feeling if they had lost those two would have taken their points. "Hang on," Rarity tried to say, but in that moment Adagio spun around and pointed something at them which gave off a blinding light. Everyone shielded their eyes for several second, until the light finally vanished allowing them to look and see the Dazzlings were gone. "What in the?"

The Dazzlings were resting on a rooftop after their escape.

"That was close," Sonata said.

"To close," Adagio said. Before they could say anything else however, something in Adagio's pocket began vibrating. Reaching in she pulled out a small metal dish, which she threw on the ground as it increased in size and began to glow.

"Your Majesty," they said in unison.

Silence came from the dish for almost a full minute, making the three grow more and more afraid. Finally the voice erupted from the dish, proclaiming three words.


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