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Yugioh EQG - Banshee531

A young antisocial teen receives a deck of Duel Monster cards and is thrust into an amazing adventure. How will he fair when the fate of the world rest on his shoulders.

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Turn 32, Sunset Shimmer

The Survival Duel continues as multiple Duels were being waged. The current Duellist count had just dropped to eighty five Duellists

Flash was still Duelling the three female Duellists he had run into, who all had a copy of Naturia Beast. (A2200/D1700/L5)

Flash had Flash Heart Dragon, Lucidum and his Pendulum Scale filled with Magna Mechanic Kuda and Magna Caster Estella. Two face downs also lay at his feet.

Flash: 2400
Rose: 800
Lily: 1200
Daisy: 250

"And now." Flash said, "I'll use Magna Caster Estella's Pendulum Ability to reduce Flash Heart Dragon's level by two." The magician waved its wand as Flash Heart began to glow. (A2500/D2000/L5/P4) "next I'll use Magna Mechanic Kuda's Pendulum Ability to turn Lucidum into a Tuner monster," he said looking up as his monster fired the beam of light from his spanner which hit Lucidum. "And finally I'll tune level three Magna Fighter Lucidum with level five Flash Heart Dragon."

Lucidum changed into three lights take carved three circles which Flash Heart flew into. "Awaken the power sleeping within us all and allow your light to shine brighter then ever," the monsters were consumed by a blinding light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing Flash's evolved dragon. "Flash Dragon Accel." (A3000/D2500/L8)

"Three thousand ATK points" Daisy and Rose said in concern. Their three on one stratagy wasn't going as planned, since Flash had the most life points out of the four.

Flash Dragon Accel flew into the air, as its cannons folded out and charged. "Cut through space time and blast them to the far side of destiny, Supreme Energy Blaster." The dragon fired in quartet blasters, striking Rose's Synchro monster destroying it and sending her flying back.

Flash: 2400
Rose: 0
Lily: 1200
Daisy: 250

Duellists: 84

"Rose" Lily called out to her friend.

"Are you alright?" Daisy asked.

"The horror" Rose said, "the horror."

"I'm not done yet" Flash said, "after Accel's attack his ability can activate." Flash Dragon Accel disappeared in a flash of light, "Flash Dragon...devolve into...Flash Heart Dragon." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4) "Now I activate my Quick Play Spell Lightspeed, which will raise Flash Heart's ATK power by one thousand. (A3500/D2000/L7/P4) "Attack."

Flash Heart flew at Lily's monster and destroyed it, sending her back.

Flash: 2400
Rose: 0
Lily: 0
Daisy: 250

Duellists: 83

"Lily?" Daisy said.

"It was awful" Lily said.

"And finally," Flash said, "I activate my other Spell Double Strike. By reducing his ATK points Flash Heart gets to attack again." (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Flash Heart spun around and swiped the final Nutria Beast with his tail, destroying it and sending Daisy away

Flash: 2400 (Winner)
Rose: 0
Lily: 0
Daisy: 0

Duellists: 82

"You girls okay?" Flash asked.

"A disaster" Daisy said, "a horrible horrible disaster."

"Drama queens" he said as he walked off to find his next opponent.

Meanwhile around the other Action Zones many other Duels were taking place.

"Orchard Cowboy attack" Applejack said as her Xyz Monster destroyed her opponents monster.

Applejack: 2900 (Winner)
Fluffy Cloud: 0

Duellists: 81

"Go Balloonimal Hippo" Pinkie Pie ordered her monster to attack her opponent directly, as it belly flopped on top of them.

Pinkie: 3100 (Winner)
Lotus Blossom: 0

Duellists: 80

Twilight had found herself in the Forest Zone battling a boy named Ride Along and his Stygian Deck.

Twilight: 2600
Ride Along: 2400

"I play Spellbook of Power to increase my Magician's Valkyria's ATK power by one thousand points. (A2600/D1800/L4)

Flash continued to run through the Forest looking for anyone to Duel, but he suddenly found himself standing in front of some kind of vail like creation that looked like an aurora.

"What's this?" Flash asked, as he placed his hand on it and found it went right through. Deciding to go for it he jumped through and found himself now standing in a desert like area, with many different sized cliffs around him. Realising he must have moved to the Canyon Zone he continued onwards, leaping over crevices and up cliff faces in search of an opponent.

As he did so he noticed something hidden in a small crack in the ground. Stepping over and digging it out he found it was actually a chest, with the Action Card logo on it.

Celestia: It seems Flash has found our first Action Chest.

Everyone in the crowd and playing on the field heard this.

Luna: allow us to explain. Action Chests are scattered all around the four Duel Fields and inside could be an Action Spell named Lucky Fortune which will raise your life points by a thousand points. This is a great way to raise your life points between Duels.

Celestia: But be careful, for the Action Chests might have an Action Trap named Unlucky Fortune. That Action Trap will in fact deal you a thousand points of damage.

Luna: It's up to you. Risk the chest or stick with the points you have.

After hearing this Flash looked down at the chest. Deciding to take the chance he pressed the catch of the lock and the box flipped open, revealing a bright light as a the card inside revealed itself before changing into energy bits that flew into Flash's Duel Disk.

Flash: 3400

Flash sighed in relief at having his chance pay off.

Meanwhile in the Volcano Zone.

Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Bell were walking around looking for anyone to Duel.

"See anyone?" Sweetie asked Applebloom who had climbed a large rock to see if there was anyone around.

"Nothing yet" the redhead replied.

"What do we have here?" The girls looked up to see Sunset Shimmer sitting on a bolder higher up the hill. "Three little girls playing Duellist."

"We are Duellists" Scootaloo said, "who the heck are you?"

"Sunset Shimmer" she replied, "but you three really shouldn't be playing here. You could get hurt."

"We're not little kids," Sweetie Bell said.

"Right" she replied with a snide smile.

"Come down here and we'll show ya" Applebloom said, jumping off the rock she was on.

"I wouldn't want to ruin your fun to soon."

"Are you saying you'd beat us easily?" Scootaloo said.

"Duh," Sunset said tapping her chin, "but you might stand a chance if you all faced me. How about we Duel three on one, where you three will alternate turns against me."

"So like I'd take a turn," Scootaloo said, "then you, then Applebloom and then you again?"

"Then your last friend takes a turn followed by me and then back to you," Sunset said. "You three might have a fighting chance against me then."

The three growled hearing this, but turned to each other and nodded before turning back to her.

"YOUR ON!" they said, holding up their Duel Disks.

"Very well" Sunset said holding up a yellow Duel Disk with a red blade.

Flash was in a Duel against a Duellist named Open Skies when he heard

Luna: Sunset Shimmer will now be facing Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell and Applebloom in a three on one match.

Flash felt worried but shuck it off and returned his focus to his Duel. His sister could look after herself.

Celestia: Duel start.

Sunset: 4000
Scootaloo: 3200
Applebloom: 3000
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"Four thousand?" Sweetie said.

"She must not have Duelled yet," Applebloom said.

"This is a Survival Tournament," Sunset told them. "Why waste points Duelling so early."

"Those points won't last long," Scootaloo said as she drew, "I'm going first. I summon Rush Raptor in ATK mode" her purple furred raptor appeared letting out a small growl at Sunset. (A1200/D1400/L3) "And whenever I summon him I can then summon another monster out, say hello to Blade Raptor." Next to Rush Raptor appeared another dinosaur, with was silver and had metallic spikes projecting the back of its head and down its spine and tail. (A1300/D1000/L3) "And finally I Special Summon Gilasaurus," she said as her brown raptor appeared alongside the other two monsters. (A1400/D400/L3)

And now" Scootaloo yelled, "I use these three monsters to build the Overlay Network." Her three monsters changed into lights which shot into the air, before flying into the black hole that had just formed. "Watch as the ancient powers of a Dinosaur are awakened" the black hole exploded in light as a new monster appeared. "I XYZ SUMMON."

The light faded revealing Scootaloo's Xyz monster. "Wild Rush Raptor." (A2000/D2000/R3)

"Impressive" Sunset said.

"That's nothing" Scootaloo said, "Since Rush Raptor was used as an Overlay Unit, Wild Rush Raptor gains five hundred ATK points." (A2500/D2000/R3) "I end my turn."

"My Draw then," Sunset said, "and I'll summon Sun Sabre Swordsmen in ATK mode." A man in yellow armour, carrying a pair of flaming long swords appeared before them. (A1500/D1200/L4) "Next I'll activate the Spell Reverse Polarity, which will increase my monsters ATK points by the difference between his and your monster." Sun Sabre Swordsmen glowed as his power increased. (A2500/D1200/L4) "Also your monster will go going down by the same amount," Sunset said as it occurred and Wild Rush Raptor lost power. (A1500/D2000/R3)

"Oh no" Scootaloo said.

"Swordsmen destroy Wild Rush Raptor," Sunset said as her warrior ran at the dinosaur and slashed through it with its flaming sword.

Sunset: 4000
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 3000
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"I end with a face down."

"My draw," Applebloom said, "and I summon Maiden of Safflower in ATK mode." A woman appeared wearing plant like clothing, her hair was styled like a flower. (A1600/D1300/L4) "Next I'll use her ability to discard a card from the hand to summon a level four or below Plant monster from my hand, so now I can summon the Tuner Monster Maiden of Spring's Beginning." A young girl appeared in red flower clothing, carrying a small hoe. (A1200/D1100/L3) "And now I tune level three Maiden of Spring's Beginning with level four Maiden of Safflower," Applebloom said as her Tuner Monster changed into three lights, which flew into the air and carved three circles which Maiden of Safflower jumped into. "Glorious flower, now is the time to blossom." The monsters disappeared in an explosion of light, "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing the new monster. It was a woman in red, green and yellow plant clothing, white hair up in a bun held by plant shaped hair clips. In her hands was a wooden instrument that looked to be a cross between a hoe and scythe. "Maiden of Great Bloom." (A2200/D2400/L7)

"Synchro Summoning" Sunset said, "impressive."

"I attack Sun Sabre Swordsmen with Maiden of Great Bloom," Applebloom said as her monster used her weapon to smash into the ground. Seconds later vines shot out of the ground. "During the Battle Phase my Maiden's ability kicks in, raising her ATK points by one hundred for each Plant Type Monster in my graveyard." (A2400/D2400/L7) The vines slammed into the swordsmen destroying him.

Sunset: 3100
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 3000
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"You activated my trap," Sunset said, "Eruption Draw. Since a Fire Monster with fifteen hundred points or less was destroyed, I can draw one card for each level point of the destroyed monster." She drew four cards.

"Doesn't that sound familiar?" Sweetie Bell asked.

"Yeah," Scootaloo said, "come to think of it her style does seem familiar."

Sunset smiled hearing this. Yes her deck would seem very familiar to them after all the times they'd seen it's origanal.


It was the day before the Celestic Cup was set to begin and Sunset had been called into Cold's office.

Once she was there Cold had placed something on the desk infront of her. "What's this?" She asked taking it and finding it was a Duel Deck.

"I designed this Deck for you," Cold told her. "It's was built around Flash Sentry's Deck, with certain difference to fit your preferred play style.

"Really?" Sunset said shuffling through the deck and smiling more and more as she saw how it was designed. Then she came to a card that made her almost squeal at the sight. "This is awesome."

"I'd thought you'd like it" Cold told her.

"So why the gesture?" Sunset asked pocketing the deck. "I'm not complaining, but this must have been to muck work to be just a simple gift."

"Our work on recreating her cards are improving in results," he told her. "But we still lack in power and Duel Energy. We thought if we tried to replicate her cards we might stand a chance."

"So in other words I'm the guinea pig" Sunset said.

"If you want to see it that way go ahead," Cold said, "but we need to see how far we've come."

"Fair enough" Sunset said, before turning and walking away. "I'll be in the training room. I've only got one day to master this deck."


And master it she had.

"I set one card face down and end my turn," Applebloom said.

"My draw" Sunset said, "and I summon Blaze Fang Sun Tiger." A large tiger appeared, wearing flame patterned armour around its chest and front legs. (A1200/D1100/L3) "Next I play Graceful Charity, to draw three cards and ditch two" she said doing so. "Next I activate Monster Reborn to summon Blaze Wing Firebird from the graveyard in DEF mode," a large bird with flame like feathers appeared. (A1400/D800/L4) "When Firebird is Special Summoned its ability activates, increasing my life points by two hundred points for each card in my hand."

"What?" the girl said looking at her hand to see six cards in her hand.

Sunset: 4300
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 3000
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"Also Blaze Fang Sun Tiger's ability now activates. Since my life points changed due to a card effect it gains the same amount in ATK points." The tigers armour set ablaze as its power rose. (A2400/D1100/L3) "Next I play the Spell card Blast Burn, to pay a thousand life points and destroy every set card in you Spell and Trap zone."

Sunset: 3300
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 3000
Sweetie Bell: 3400

A fireball exploded from her card and hit Applebloom's face down, destroying it.

"That was a lot of points to give up just to destroy one card," Scootaloo said.

"Sun Tiger's ability activates once again," Sunset told them. (A3400/D1100/L3) "Attack Maiden of Great Bloom," the Tiger pounced on the Synchro Monster destroying it.

Sunset: 3300
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"I end my turn with a face down," Sunset said turning to Sweetie Bell. "Let me guess, since we've already seen Xyz and Synchro, your a Fusion Duellist?"

Sweetie frowned as she drew her card. "First I play my own Graceful Charity, to draw three cards and discard two. Now since you control a monster on the field and I don't, I can Special Summon this card to the field. Meet Solo the Melodious Songstress," she said as a ballerina in red appeared before them. (A1600/D1000/L4) "Next I summon Soprano the Melodious Songstress," a woman in blue armour and white skirt appeared. (A1400/D1400/L4) "And finally I can use Soprano's ability to fuse her and Solo together," she said as a portal opened up behind the two, sucking them in. "Two voices, singing in perfect harmony to create a new melody." The portal exploded, "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a new monster. It was a feminine monster with long flowing orange hair and a golden mask, over her blue skinned face. Her clothing was a combination of brown, black and pink with gold trim. "Schuberta the Melodious Maestra." (A2400/D2000/L6)

"Called it" Sunset said.

"I activate Schuberta's ability, to banish three Melodious Monsters from the graveyard to increase her ATK power by two hundred for each one." Sweetie removed the three cards from her graveyard as Schuberta began to glow. (A3000/D2000/L6) "Attack Blaze Fang Sun Tiger," Sweetie said as her monster let out a song so loud it created shock waves, which struck Sun Tiger only for it to crack and shatter like glass revealing another Sun Tiger behind it.

Sunset: 1500
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"Sorry kiddo" Sunset said, "But my Reflection Guard stops my monster for being destroyed.

"Reflection Guard?" Scootaloo said, "plus she had Reverse Polarity."

"And that Eruption Draw and Sun Tiger seem familiar," Applebloom said.

"Her deck is a cheap knock off of your brothers" Sweetie told Scootaloo.

"Yeah it is" Scootaloo said.

"Who you calling cheap?" Sunset said, "now are you done?"

Sweetie frowned, before throwing down a face down and ending her turn.

"My turn," Sunset said, "I draw and first I'll play the Spell Steam Refresher. This card lets me sacrifice a Fire monster and raise my life points by a hundred points times its level, so I'll sacrifice Firebird to increase my life points by four hundred." Her winged beast disappeared in a blast of steam which rose Sunset's life points.

Sunset: 1900
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 3400

"Next I sacrifice Sun Tiger to summon Duel Cannon Phoenix," she continued as her tiger burst into flames and a giant armoured bird appeared with two large cannons on its back. (A2100/D1500/L5) "Next I activate the Spell card Solar Flare, which will power up a Fire monster by one thousand points." (A3100/D1500/L5) "Attack," she ordered as her monster fired one of its cannons destroying Schuberta.

Sunset: 1900
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 2600

"And get this. Duel Cannon Phoenix can attack twice a turn," Sunset said as her bird fired the second cannon at Sweetie.

"I activate my Trap, Melodious Comeback. This lets me revive a Melodious monster." Schuberta reappeared on the field and intercepted the attack getting destroyed again.

Sunset: 1900
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 2000

"I end my turn with a face down."

Meanwhile Flash had just finished his Duel and was looking around for his next opponent. As he climbed onto another high cliff, he sat down to take a rest.

Celestia: Despite facing three opponents, ms Sunset Shimmer is favouring quite well.

He looked up and found he was in view of the megascreen, which showed his sister and her friend's Duel. Seeing no one else around he decided to watch until someone came along.

In the Glacier Zone Rarity was Duelling against a girl named Berry Punch, but also kept her eye on the megascreen to watch her sister.

Elsewhere in the Glacier Zone Twilight was watching the Duel as well, wanting to see more of this girl's deck. The similarities to Flash's had made her very suspicious.

"It's my turn," Scootaloo said, "I draw and play the Spell card Earthquake." The ground beneath them shuck causing Duel Cannon Phoenix to go into DEF mode. "Next I play the Spell Last Ditch Effort."

"How do you have that card?" Sunset asked, knowing that was suppose to be in Flash's deck.

"My brother took it out of his deck and said I could give it a try," Scootaloo said. "Now I can summon a monster from my graveyard until the end phase, so let's welcome back Wild Rush Raptor." Her Xyz monster returned to the field. (A2000/D2000/R3) "Attack Duel Cannon Phoenix," she ordered as her monster took to the skies and flew at the bird with its claws at the ready destroying it.

"A bit much just to destroy one monster isn't it?" Sunset asked.

"I'm just setting the stage for my teammates next turn," Scootaloo said as she placed a card face down and ended her turn.

Sunset smiled as she drew her card. "There won't be a next turn for you."

"Why'd you say that?" Applebloom asked.

"Because I activate the Spell card Rebirth Flare. This card lets every one of my opponents summon a monster from their graveyard, in return I can add a monster of my choice from my deck to my hand for each one you summon."

The three girls wondered why she'd let them summon any monster they want just for some monsters, but would use it anyway.

"I summon Wild Rush Raptor." (A2000/D2000/R3)

"Maiden of Great Bloom." (A2200/D2400/L7)

"Schuberta the Melodious Maestra." (A2400/D2000/L6)

"That's three monsters so I get three cards," Sunset said as her deck shuffled out three cards. Taking them she smiled and looked up at the girls. "Sorry girls but this is where we end," she said holding up two of the cards, "as now I set the Pendulum Scale."


"What?" Flash said in shock. How could she have Pendulum cards?

"Her deck is more then just a basic copy of Flash's deck," Twilight said. "If she can Pendulum Summon then maybe she has her own version of it"

"Behold scale one Magician of Glorious Sundown and scale eight Magician of Glorious Sunrise." The two pillars of light appeared on either side of her as two similar magicians rose up. "Now watch as my monsters burn through space time and blaze the arc of victory," she said as her magicians fired ropes of fire which connected and forged a portal above her. "I can now summon monsters levelled two through seven all at the same time!" Sunset explained. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three lights shot out and hit the ground.

Two of them were the same monster. A magician in flame style clothing, carrying a staff with fire on the end in the shape of the sun. "Blaze my path, Sunburn Magician. (A2000/D1000/L5)X2

The last monster was a giant bird with mostly red feathers, but had some blue around its neck and the base of its tail which was on fire long with the tips of its wings. It wore a bronze helmet with a sun marking on the top, while its beak and talons were also gold in colour. "Ignite your flame of victory, SOLAR FLARE PHOENIX!" (A2500/D2100/L7/P4)

Celestia: Incredible. So far only one other Duellist has been known to use this new summoning style. How will she use this technique?

"Since Solar Flare Phoenix was Special Summoned her effect activates," Sunset said as her monster flapped its wings and spread fire around her. "Since my life points are below two thousand her ability will cause them to double.


The fire flew into Sunset's Duel Disk.

Sunset: 3800
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 2000

"Her life points are almost back to being full," Applebloom said.

"Now I activate the effect of Sunburn Magician," Sunset continued as her Spellcasters burst into flames and flew into Solar Flare Phoenix. "By tributing themselves Sunburn Magician will increase my Phoenix's ATK power by one thousand and grant it one extra attack." (A4500/D2100/L7/P4)

"Oh no" Sweetie said doing the math.

"And now I attack," Sunset ordered as her bird burst into flames and soared towards Schuberta.

"I activate my Trap," Scootaloo said, but as she pressed it her Duel Disk showed a warning.

"Sorry kid," Sunset said, "but my Magician of Glorious Sunrise prevents Traps from activating when a Pendulum Monster does battle." Her monster struck Schuberta, destroying on contact with enough force to push Sweetie Bell of her feet.

Sunset: 3800
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 1800
Sweetie Bell: 0

Duellists: 66

The girls looked around at their friend.

"You okay?" Applebloom asked he.

"Worry about yourself," Sunset said as her Phoenix circled around targeted Maiden of Great Bloom. Like before the Pendulum Monster flew like an arrow and struck the Synchro Monster, destroying it and sending Applebloom off her feet.

Sunset: 3800
Scootaloo: 2200
Applebloom: 0
Sweetie Bell: 0

Duellists: 64

All that was left was Scootaloo, who looked up at the big bird in fear as it circled once again. "Who are you?" she asked.

Sunset just smiled at the question. "I'm the one who crashed and burned, only to return stronger." And with that Solar Flare Phoenix smashed into Wild Rush Raptor, destroying it.

Sunset: 3800 (Winner)
Scootaloo: 0
Applebloom: 0
Sweetie Bell: 0

Duellists: 63

Celestia: Sunset Shimmer has won.

Luna: Despite her odds she managed to pull through.

As the girls got up they looked around at Sunset.

"I guess three on one wasn't enough to beat me," she said.

"You might of beaten us," Applebloom said.

"But our siblings will take you" Sweetie continued.

"I don't know how you have Pendulum card," Scootaloo said, "but you're nothing next to my big brother."

Sunset just smiled at this. "We'll see," and with that she turned around and walked off to find her next opponent.

Up in his box Cold had been watching her Duel closely, while his tablet had scanned the field. Sunset's Pendulum Energy was high, but it still lacked something. He then pulled out his own deck and shifted through it, pulling out a particular card. "How well will you fair?"

Author's Note:

Finally we see Sunset's Deck.

I thought she having a replica of Flash's deck would help forge a connection they, sort of, had in the movies.

Next Time, Applejack faces her greatest enemies.

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