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the fuck did I just read...:applejackconfused:

Hmm...pony gore is typically a subject I try to avoid, but I'll give it a go. Rarity is best pony, after all.



Thanks now i am going to have nightmares...but.... if you are going to write another chapter with reactions of Luna end Celestia... and show how this stupid dogs are going to be punished... maybe there is going to be like.I can't give you dislike though because this is not bad written.... topic is... weird. Maybe because victims are ponies and Equestria is after all peacful world this story hit so hard.

Funny thing, I saw that image again today and thought, I could write a fic about that.
But you beat me to it 'shakes fist'
Also, Luna's in for one hell of a surprise.

Loved the story too, very nice and dark but not over the top.

This was better than Cupcakes. I stand by that fully.

:pinkiegasp:...Holy Celestia. That was a scary tale. I actually enjoyed this one; it was suspenseful and it was scary. "Oh I can assure you sister, it will be something Ponyville will not soon forget!" - Understatement of the friggin' millennium!!! :pinkiecrazy:

whose gonna be more pissed? (assuming of course luna didn't intend for them pups to use ponies as rides)
celestia, sweetie belle, or luna?

What did I just witness?

^ To elaborate this actually one of the better Grimdark fics.

Good job, you've made me pissed, sad and worried. (not that that's a bad thing.)

Very well done! The fun has been sextupled! :trollestia:


827884 Who now, but Luna is going to banish herself on moon.

I enjoyed this immensely. It's dark and horrible, and isn't written poorly. It probably doesn't need another chapter, I think it ends well. But if you want to write one, I wont complain.

Definitely a grim story, although Rarity seems a touch OP. But in the end it didn't matter and gave a moment of hope to the reader, so it works well. Thumbs up from me.

Im torn between thinking dogs are to stupid to get what luna wanted and luna planning it all being actually still NMM or something...

Maybe both :twilightoops:

Well, I probably cannot see a carousel anymore without this fic popping up, but at least it was well written and such.

Good job there, mate :raritywink:

Oh wow. That ending was so screwed up. I actually got genuinely disturbed by this one. Not many of grimdark pony stories do that for me now that I'm so desensitized. That shows good writing skill, well done. I really enjoyed this.

VERY twisted. Well done.

Been a month since I read this in its entirety the first time, and still unable to get this out of my head, at least every now and then. Despite knowing it was grimdark and knowing you were not above such things (as I read your Cupcakes sequel take, which was... less gore-ish than this, given that there was very little done or brutal death like this), I still gave it a shot. And just read it again, and thought I'd make a review.

It's amazing how fast it goes from ordinary to extraordinary, but given the nature of it, I suppose that's no surprise. The ponies' reactions seemed believable, given their situation. :facehoof: The Diamond Dogs must be inbred retards, if they didn't THINK that any pony would react non-disgustedly, towards the prospect of riding a ride that was once one of their own kind. Originally when I read this and got to the mention of Luna, I almost thought she had turned to Nightmare Moon again! Since I felt it was odd that of all the ponies could've picked, you picked ALL of the bearers of the elements of harmony. Good thing I'm probably wrong, at least I think I am. Also, even if it doesn't address it (since the ending is open to interpretation, and this is mainly about their death and not the carnival itself, unless you plan on writing a sequel), what about the decay or at least smell of rotting flesh, even if they had just died recently and thus, hadn't started yet? Since it's not always going to be like that, and doubt even Equestria is beyond smell of that. Not to mention other things, just saying. But anyway, even if it did feature the unwanted death of my favorite main ponies, it was a good tale... for what it was.

One concern is it addresses how Ponyville has maybe existed for a thousand or so years, with the Diamond Dogs trade back then, while in the show, it was only as old as Granny Smith when she was a mare in teenage years, maybe. Not a big whoop though, as I guess it believably explains Luna's reason for why she cared about their reputation and encouraged them to do the carnival, even if none of the ones she knew from back then are still alive, likely. But I can imagine if wasn't her intent, she'll likely get SUPER angry at those she tried to help.

While I'd like to see a follow-up of some sort, it's probably fine as-is, since the sequel would be somewhat predictable... for most part (knowing you, might be thrown for a loop, as long as have been following your works). Very sad, but very well executed story. Hope your next story's a little lighter, whenever that may be. Or at least, as light as a tale without any gore can be, even if it does have rape.

Thank you for such a thorough review. :3 I appreciate it.

Next story won't be gorey at all, I can assure you that. ^^

Uh... you're welcome? :twilightblush: I'm glad you like it, even if about half of it was me seeming like nitpicking, though I wasn't! And seemed like got into the story TOO much, what with forgetting that you were the one who chose the Diamond Dogs to do such a thing to the Mane 6, what with their believable (but stupid) motivation for doing such a thing.

Well I guess the diamond dogs are going to be extinct before the carnival ends.

And then Equestria rose against Luna, thinking it was her fault the Diamond Dogs killed the bearers of the Elements. Also, one small nitpick; How does Rarity know assault magic and Twilight doesn't?

Wow.. what a brilliant yet gory plotline. I really liked it, does that seem too morbid? :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowderp:
And I love the way you write, with details and everything. Really good if you want to make a story super gory! :rainbowwild:
I loved it! Good job!! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much. <3! This story doesn't get enough attention, I'm afraid. :fluttershysad:

2448619 Well I think it should! A true gem to the fandom. :twilightsmile:

And then the diamond dogs were genocided out of existence, the end ^_^

welp, the tumblr is gone so i cant follow the person that made the art..... but i did see the art on 4chan a few times and it was one of those pics where your shocked at its existance then you think its a really clever idea and start building on the concept. :raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

the fic was great. the only thing that slightly bothered me was how she chose gems over helping spike (who's practicly a young kid). im sorry, but the element of generousity would put helping people before herself.... especially after that one episode where she balanced between 2 parties..... she should of learned her lesson then... hell, even that one rich pony set her straight *somewhat*.:ajbemused:

i like the storyline and the overall idea of this being a kidnapping and brutal murder makes this fun to toss around ideas on what would happen next.... though i personally cant see myself writing something that expands on this simply because i'm already working on like 3 fics (and i cant spell/grammar sucks).

this is a fun story to read and toss around ideas on the diamond dogs using their massive underground mazes to confuse the equestrian military and pop up all over equestria to steal shit/kill the princesses.

How I ran across this I am not sure, but well written and I will say Rarity making them pay for what the Diamond Dogs had done before she herself was brought down was incredible. I always knew she had a little berzerker in her. I especially hope that Celestia and Luna slay all the Diamond Dogs for this though.

Wow. Just wow. And there's art for this? I don't know whether to be sickened or amused...this was intense

Hi! I was wondering if I could do a narration of this, with credit in the video, and a link back to here in the description. If not, that is alright!

Hellz yeah! Go for it!

Thank you so much! I'll link back with the final product when I complete it!

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