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why so many clopfics?

this sounds very similar to a mature fic I've already read. Hope it isn't the same.

I gave up in the middle of this. This is sooooo plaaaaaiiiiin.

Asdfghjkl. Nothing pleases me anymore.

:moustache: Classy. Make more, and I'll read them, good job!

Rarity reading her own book? Talk about narcissistic.

It may be a clopfic but it's a good fic as well.

good one make more chapters please

I vote a chapter where Twi takes over. Rarity's already shown a liking for being bound..

*sign* that would be an interesting sequel.:raritywink:

i'm not really a fan of bondage, but this was nice.

Good, but my OCD compieles me to say this: the proper name of the boutique it the Carasel Botique.

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