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This, sir, sums up every Fanfiction that has ever been published online.

Great story mate! :twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

haha i don't evne

my god i had so much fun reading this

i was sitting and chanting the lyrics from skyrim's main theme and oh gooooood

ur great thx

Most of the time i dont like clopfics at all
Your on the otherhand was different.
There were some grammer and spelling errors but not enough to turn me away
You had quite good descriptions through the whole thing
Very good work.

Ya know, Lauren Faust was trying to back up the statement that Dash isn't a lesbian....

Oh don't worry: we (the entire fandom) know; so we just made her bi instead.

The entire fandom meaning :moustache::moustache::moustache::derpytongue2: times about 100000 :D

140560 That was the best comment ever

awesome :pinkiehappy:

centimeters yaay finnaly someone says that its alwaaays inches ugh so now yay:yay: for centimeters

Read this quite a while back. Not my favorite but quite good. All the descriptions and the scenario were very well written and the characters were as IC as can be expected.
Only things I didn't quite think were perfect are that AJ would share her lover with her brother... kinda squicky, that there was that much of a size difference in anatomy seems farfetched, and I'm always rolling my eyes at the fact that AJ is almost always the "top" in AppleDash clop.


143402 143355 I'm with the author

Hey it's you! I read some of your MLP fanfictins of SoFurry! Nice job you have done here ^^

IT'S EVERYPONY, MAGGOT! :trixieshiftleft:

144167 ... I am keeping that one in my folder for future use

OK...... I'm not really a clopfic person, more romance, but if I did like this, 4.7/5 (cuz i guess i wouldve liked it if i liked clopfics):facehoof:

... ..... .... GOOD CELESTIA MY EYES!

I read this a while back. I like it. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

143290 Basically what I felt. :twilightsmile:

One of my very favourites. Very well written, I have read it at least ~9 times, and I would love to hear more from that "little bondage pony" ;)

Well how flattering. Thank you! :)

Because... Umm, thats okay, I guess... I mean, y'know... I-if you really want to...:fluttershyouch:

itd be hilarious if someone made a clop fic where big mac had a really small dick :rainbowlaugh:

I really like the ending. It makes me realize why I like RDxAJ so much. You can always feel the love between them.:ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

By RD getting tied up as a bondage slave, if that's not love, I don't know what is. :ajsmug:

i really dont like bondage, but rainbow as the submissive one is quite genial.

I just noticed I haven't favourited this story yet.
This blasphemy shall be corrected

I was so Hard when i read it and still am :rainbowlaugh: great job

One of the best bondage clopfics I've ever read. :rainbowwild: You're an awesome writer, keep up the amazing work. :twilightsmile:

That was pretty darn good. I've never really been into the bondage type stories, but this one was really good. I look forward to reading more by you in the future. Keep up the great writing!

Minor grammar mistakes, and I'd lie if I said bondage isn't hawt as hell. Also, I liked Big Mac's involvement. It's still AppleDash <3, but with the welcome variety of straight sex.
Cool Great story, bro.

7022039 Whatever gets you there.

me too :D You know I'm a girl too and I ship Appledash more than anything :D :P :)

No. No it's not.

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