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Comment posted by DarkJester deleted Apr 6th, 2018

That ending lol :rainbowlaugh:

Then a note returns with a few bits and a scribbled thank you.

Great chapter, I really hope we get to see more with Spike soon. I could see a follow up with these two this time taking it farther than oral. I mean Starlight best chance can get action whenever she want but Spike best chance have a much MUCH harder time finding anyone to be with. I mean he is a dragon and now he isn't a cute little guy but one bigger than almost all the other ponies around which best chance makes alot of them nervous. And we seen he has some dragon in him and with his larger than average girth he would mate that mare over and over with the intensity that her little nerdy best friend couldn't ever hope to match

Comment posted by Rhodoknightmon deleted Apr 6th, 2018

For the OH SHIT part I can say...


I'm sure you're right. Oral sex is just a big fetish of mine and I tend to write it more often.

Thanks for commenting!

Dear Spike,

I unfortunately already have that issue


They have yet to commence the sexing.

He sent the magazine to celestia didnt he?

Wasn't that obvious? >.>

*Reply comes back from Celestia* well.. I'm fucked...
dear spike

If you wanted to fuck me, all you had to do was ask.
There's a carage coming to get you, I am looking
Forward to some... fun...

*Spike:* victory? I guess? I don't know man.

“I wanted to touch your penis!!!” She exclaimed loudly enough for it to echo through the halls. Realizing her mistake, she quickly cover her lips and glance around frantically in hopes that Twilight Sparkle didn’t overhear her.

:twilightsmile:: "Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, who doesn't want to?"

Spike’s visible eye widened, and he turned to face her directly, “You want to do what?”
“I want to suck it. I’ve never sucked off a dragon before, and I’ve yearned to for so long now.”

:moustache:: "So, you had never sucked off a dragon. What about other species?"

Jubilantly, she licked up what she could reach before swallowing it in one gulp. Upon doing so, her pupils widened with delight. “I was right,” she thought gleefully. “This does taste so much better than Stallion cum.

:moustache:: "Of course; did you expected anything else?"

“Well, thank you for that opportunity Spike, but I better go take a shower now. I don’t need the smell of dragon cum on me when I go into town today.’

Afraid of making everymare jealous?

Good story!
And a nice touch for the ending, too. Will that lead to an potential sequel is it left to our imagination?

Thanks! And no, no sequal planned. Sorry! I'm glad you enjoyed it though.:pinkiehappy:

All I can think about is Trixie hiding nearby watching them with the exact expression in DarkJester's avatar.
Also hot.

This was an excellent read! I loved the premise and the pacing, and it’s great lewding material
Although, I don’t think the part about a scaly penis is accurate.

And that ending...

He then crossed his arms behind his head and rest his eyes as he began to reminisce over all the amazing sex he just had, only to suddenly jolt upwards, his eyes wide, as it dawned on him the grave mistake he had just made.

:moustache: “Dear Princess Celestia...”

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