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Sunset's friends may be away on vacation, but a broken air conditioner will still get her out of her apartment. And Sunset isn't one to let a little loneliness get in the way of an adventure! Perhaps she'll even be able to make a new friend along the way.

A heartfelt Sunset friendshipping fic, because the world could always use more of those! Special thanks to Lemielan for helping me edit this!

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7604123 Thanks! I really liked this one myself! The next chapter will be released tomorrow, and the final one the day after. I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

This was a nice start. Sets up the scene nicely. Not too much to say except I'm interested to see how this goes. There's an air of things to come, that does dry the throat of curiosity and generate a thirst for answers.

Okay I can get really weird after sleepless nights. Anyway! Keep up the good work. I'll keep watching for more.

7604181 Not weird at all! I can totally understand late night verboseness. :raritywink: Glad you liked it, and I hope you like what's still to come!

Sunset didn’t even bother to wear a towel out of the bathroom, choosing instead to let the water to continue cooling herself off as she air dried.

The best thing to do on hot days. :raritystarry:

She hung her wet towel on the door before selecting an outfit.

Wait...what? :rainbowhuh:

7605430 I didn't notice that! Good point though. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the catch!

interesting story i am enjoying it so far keep it up

7606061 Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Last chapter releases tomorrow!

"You see, I was raised in this cult commune... the 'Equalists'... and I've left them and... Well, I guess I just don't know what I'm supposed to do now!"


Very sweet story; nice to see Sunset helping her shoddy substitute find a place in the world, :twilightsmile:

... crap, did I say that out loud? :twilightoops:

needs a sequel of sunset introducing starlight to the others

7607590 That's a good idea! I hadn't thought of that, but I'll definitely consider it!

7607466 It's ok, everyone was thinking it :raritywink:

7607590 And Princess Twilight come over and met's you human version of her Student.

7607724 eh honestly i dont agree i feel princess twilight should be left out of stories like this as its not about her


shoddy substitute

I think Starlight is a better Sunset than Sunset. Minus, you know, Sunset's added bonus of being in awesome movies. Starlight is shown to be troubled about her past and getting better much more so than Sunset, the "being Twilight's friendship student" angle actually matters with her instead of abruptly ending, she isn't instantly and unrealistically a good person like Sunset, who inexplicably turned 180 after being hit with a rainbow laser; Starlight was actually persuaded psychologically and is still learning. Practically everything that defines Sunset apart from being Celestia's former student and living in the human world, is done much better in Starlight.

7608751 I mean I want to like Starlight but then she goes and does things like mind-controlling the ponies she's supposed to be friends with. She shows no remorse, she knew what she was doing and wanted it to happen. Even near the ending I feel like she doesn't quite get it. It comes off as her being more concerned that she didn't complete the friendship lessons rather than the fact that her instant reaction to encountering an obstacle was to create an entirely new mind control spell.

I feel like in rainbow rocks I could at least believe that Sunset was sorry for what she did whereas with Starlight, the script just tells me that she's sorry when all her actions point otherwise (never mind that she didn't really receive any repercussions for doing this).

I guess I'd just rather have a 180 degree turn from a character followed by a well thought out redemption arc over a marginally less sudden 180 degree turn followed by the script telling me that a character is good even though they do terrible things without regrets.
I mean Starlight knew what she was doing. People/Ponies like that need help, but not the make friends kind of help.

7611872 That is precisely what makes Starlight far more interesting. Sunset lets go of her past and gets over it so quickly, it's like it doesn't matter at all. It doesn't add anything to her present character. Starlight meanwhile is clearly struggling, having spent most of her life with quite the warped set of morals, it's fascinating watching her learn drop by drop how her old thinking is wrong. She isn't presented as "totally good already", she is presented as remorseful but really ignorant on the questions of morality. She knew what she was doing, but she didn't do it out of malice, she did it out of cluelessness. Twilight's there to put things into perspective for Starlight, and it's pretty safe to say she won't be putting spells on her friends like that again. She might do something different that's immoral, but that's something to anticipate. It makes her interesting. Sunset just... isn't. Her redemption largely happened off-screen, her personality changed inexplicably, she lives like an almost perfectly content protagonist, completely wasting the potential of her backstory. Flaws are what makes characters interesting, after all.

7612046 Sunset does indeed have a lot of wasted potential, however I'd like to point out that it is not only flaws that make a character interesting, the challenges they face and how the character grows and deals with them is also very important.

In regards to Sunset being a largely content main character, "so what?" Do characters constantly need to have inner struggles for them to be interesting? Twilight was and is a content protagonist but people (or at least I) still enjoyed seeing her episodes (season 6 has been 'eeeh' ). Furthermore Sunset still has plenty of flaws such as anger management issues and overprotectiveness among others. Also as far as Sunset being content I wouldn't be so sure; they had that entire unused plotline for friendship games, but only time can tell.

Now with Starlight Glimmer, I don't exactly see how her actions were out of cluelessness. She purposefully mixed those three specific spells and even when asked why she did it, she says (as well as also being stated at the start of the episode) that her motive was to impress Twilight. To me that's the equivalent of a friend, who is a chemist, inviting me over and drugging me with a specific, calculated dose of a mixture of substances so that they could impress their boss. That right there, isn't on the same level as a character flaw, that right there is a serious psychological issue.
Starlight's apparent lack of empathy as well as the lack of repercussions for her actions, make her (again, to me at least) a very hard character to like. It doesn't few like she's learning anything, it just feels like she doesn't do things because she's told not to, without understanding the reasons why.

I'd also like to point out that Starlight's 'redemption' happened even more offscreen than Sunset's, during Rainbow Rocks everyone, including Rarity and co. where still giving shit to Sunset (as well they should at that point) until the climax where Sunset helps save the day. Starlight on the other hand had a musical number and was equivocally forgiven by everyone, while also not doing the self blame thing that Sunset did.

I'm completely fine with agreeing to disagree, but I just want to make my perspective on the matter clear. I do not mind Starlight as a character, I just think that she needs help.


the challenges they face and how the character grows and deals with them is also very important

Right, and Sunset practically doesn't have to do either, she flips a full 180 instead of growing and then kinda sulks in the background of RR until everything works out.

In regards to Sunset being a largely content main character, "so what?"

It makes her backstory completely detached. She's like a completely separate character from the one in the original movie. And without that backstory she's much blander than the rest of the main characters. At this point she's kind of a placeholder Gordon Freeman type of character, with her only relevant personality trait being that she still loves magic from her pony days.

Now with Starlight Glimmer, I don't exactly see how her actions were out of cluelessness.

Cluelessness of what's right and wrong. In her mind, if it gets the job done and nobody's hurt (apart from the hangover, but I'm sure she didn't intend that), she can't see it as bad. She has to learn the very basics of being a decent person. She does seem to be trying though.

Starlight on the other hand had a musical number and was equivocally forgiven by everyone, while also not doing the self blame thing that Sunset did.

Spike keeps bringing Starlight's past no less than the humane 5 do with Sunset, and Starlight seems to take it worse to boot. And with self-blame, I don't even know what you're talking about. Starlight goes through freaking phases of self-blame (direct like in The Crystalling, coping with self-deprecating humor like in No Second Prances, etc). Sunset is just sad that people still remember, then sings a song "yo I forgive myself so it doesn't matter anymore" and is subsequently perfectly fine.

I just think that she needs help.

Which is exactly what we're witnessing Twilight give her, which is something new and refreshing for the show. Starlight is actually contributing something of interest for the overall plot, while Sunset is just a replacement "basic protagonist" who's shown to be pretty awesome at things but barely has any depth.

7614114 Agree to disagree it is then, we view the Sunset and Starlight very differently from one another. I just can't see Sunset as a 'placeholder' as you say, nor can I see Starlight's representation in the show as all that interesting, especially since character's reactions to the things she nonchalantly does are... subdued? Although that might just be the iffy writing on the larger part of season 6 so far.

To be honest I don't view Starlight and Sunset as particularly similar characters at all. They each have their issues, weaknesses in characterisation etc. I just happen to prefer Sunset over Starlight. The ideal for me would have been if Sunset had received the student of friendship treatment way back, after the first movie.

Also to clarify I think Starlight needs to spend a good few years with the royal psychologist as well as given whatever medication (if any) exists in equestrian for sociopathic tendencies, alongside learning how to be friends from Twilight.

Well starlight glimmer and sunset are kind of alike. They both have a time when they thought friendship was useless, but in a different way.

Sunset thought friendship was pointless and doesn't give you power. And part of that blame goes to Princess Celestia for not catching the signs early like she did with twilight.

Starlight thought friendship divives through cutie marks and made her town. Both had bad views of friendship and became a villain to strike out at it. And they were both convinced that true friendship may be better. Sunset needed to be hit with the elements because she was too caught up in her thoughts. Starlight was just a child who never got over the moving of sunburst.

Simple fact they thought they were better then the useless friendship.

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