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Long Long Way From Home

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Octavia runs into a friend of Vinyl's after a frustrating concert with the orchestra. Through her, Octavia discovers that her music is still appreciated, and sometimes the biggest fans aren't in the target audience.

My contribution to the EFNW 2015 writing contest.

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This is very well done. I liked that it didn't end with forced romance and ended up with just the two being friends. Good work.

That was nice. Put a smile on my face.
Liked and faved. :twilightsmile:

I always find it interesting when someone goes inside Octavia's mind, and this story did not disappoint. I could relate to her and to Neon, as I like many different genres of music, but some of the bands I like have been around for quite some time. All in all, a lovely story. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this one, although I wish it took a few more risks. I'm rather familiar with the 'not classical pony enjoys classical music'. But it was still enjoyable, and I liked Octavia's frustration especially.

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