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This story is a sequel to My Sister - The Story of Optix

Ice Breaker, a stallion full of spite met in the main events of My Sister - The Story of Optix begins his quest to fulfill a pact he made to a powerful entity that will most certainly endanger every pony in Equestria.

Join the story from Ice Breaker's perspective as he attempts to achieve supremacy, as he attempts to take Equestria from the mares!

Chapters (6)
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Why are the chapters so short?

7498463 The story itself wasn't the most descriptive compared to what I write normally. It wasn't as much of a intricate storyline compared to essentially everything else I've written. The story wasn't meant to be long. Sorry about the short lived chapters. :twilightsheepish:

Finally caught up with this... I like it! This one's a bit short, but I still like it!

7544667 Yeah, the story was never meant to be long. Sorry ^^; Glad you like it though!

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