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This story is a sequel to A Sweet Apple

Applejack informs Princess Twilight Sparkle about her new stallion's lack of a Cutie Mark at his age.

Twilight does what she can to assist, as well as her friends- but a whole new adventure arises in the midst of passing time.

Join Derpibra as he and his friends adventure beyond Equestria to discover what his future may hold in store for him.

(Contains: Much detail and dialogue, many Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Z, and possibly much more references, and plenty of coincidences!)

Chapters (10)
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This was pretty entertaining, even though the Super Saiyan bit in the second-to-last chapter was the only reference that I actually noticed. Onto the sequels!

7498654 I'm glad you find it interesting! Took me a long time to finish this one a while back. I'm sure the sequels will interest you more!:twilightsmile:

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