• Published 10th Jul 2016
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The Worst Story Ever By Scootaloo - Sparkletop Rainbows

Scootaloo ends up writing a story with Discord for a school project.

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The Absolute Most Worst Story Nopony Should Read

"You sure you have a lotta writing experience to help me get an A on my story project?" Scootaloo asked. "Miss Cheerilee said if I failed this one, I'll have to go to summer school, and that stinks!"

"Oh, of course I do. After all, I do host and tell stories each week with my dear friends," Discord said. "You'll surely get an A if you work with me.

"You sure?" Scootaloo asked. "Because if I don't get an A, I'm telling Fluttershy you gave Twilight cheese hair."

"Trust me, and won't have to utter a single thing about that unfortunate but entertaining event," Discord responded.

Scootaloo naturally didn't trust Discord for anything, but this was her last chance and she surely couldn't think on her own. "So what should we do first?" She asked.

"We should start off with a nice title. We'll title it The Worst Story Ever..."

Once upon a time in Lala Land, there lived three talking bananas. The first banana was Sweetie Belle, the second banana was Apple Bloom, and the last and least banana was Scootaloo.

They walked to the almighty statue of the most greatest leader in all of Lala Land. "All hail Discord, the mighty king of Lala Land," the said, crouching down on their knees and stretched their hands out on the ground. "All hail Discord, the mighty kind of Lala Land."

"I have a great quest for you, my little bananas," the statue of Discord began. "I want you to find the king of Lala Land. He lives on the top of the checkered hill. I want you to tell him I said hi."

"Yes, your majesty. Your wish is our command," the three bananas said together. They went off on their little banana legs.

"Why do you have those bunnies in your hand, Sweetie Belle?" Scootaloo asked.

"Our great and mighty leader is very, very powerful, so I wanted to bring him a little gift," Sweetie Belle replied. "These are the bunnies I harvested from my bunny farm."

As the trio were walking, they came across dancing coconuts. "Those are some juicy coconuts," Apple Bloom began. "It won't hurt if ah just have a little taste."

When Apple Bloom walked over to one of the coconuts, they instantly turned into chickens and chased the trio off. The three little bananas were so scared they almost peed their pants. Well, Scootaloo was the most scared of chickens, and she did actually wet her pants.

Scootaloo and Discord sipped their fresh lemonade. "Ah, that was refreshing," said Discord. "Now, where were we?"

Next, the trio stumbled upon a giant corn maze. Sweetie Belle took one look at it and hid under a nearby rock. Apple Bloom lifted the rock and said, " cmon, Sweetie Belle, we have ta send the message ta the king. You don't want ta dishonor our great savior, do ya?" Apple Bloom said.

"B-but I'm afraid of... Corn! Sweetie Belle said shakily. Her eyes grew small, and her body started to shake.

Apple Bloom knew this was going nowhere. She wore a bemused expression and dragged Sweetie Belle by her banana tail. "No! Please, no! Don't send me to the Corn!"

The banana trio came out of the tiring corn maze. After spending seven years trying to figure out the way, they finally made it. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were all covered in scratches from Sweetie Belle's banana hands. "It devoured... everything..." Sweetie Belle sat and rocked back and forth. "I'll never be the same again..."

"Come on, bananas, we're almost there!" Scootaloo said enthusiastically, trying to cheer up her friends.

The bananas went on a long, long walk on the moon. Finally, one of them spotted a nearby house. "Look! Over there! There might be something in there to help us!" Sweetie Belle pointed excitedly.

The trio slowly walked over to the house tried to open the knob, finding it unlocked. There was nothing but a door. The bananas opened the door, only to find that there was another door. They opened that door and found another door. Then, they found another door. The more the bananas kept opening the doors, the more they were finding new doors.

"Uggghhh," Scootaloo moaned. "When is this nightmare ever gonna end?" The bananas kept opening doors until the day they died. The end.

"What? This ending sucks, I won't get an A by this!" Scootaloo complained.

"Alright, sheesh, fine. Stop being a Twilight," Discord said, changing the story.

Finally, they reached the checkered hill. It was a hill colored like a chess board. After six hours of climbing up, they made it to the top. "Hey, where's the king?" Scootaloo asked.

"Wait, wasn't Discord our king?" Sweetie Belle asked. The trio blinked their eyes, realizing their mistake. But before any of them could act, a bright ball of light came from the sky.

The three bananas gasped. "What is that?" Scootaloo asked, her eyes widening with wonder.

"So beautiful..." Sweetie Belle said, caught in the trance of the bright ball of light.

When the ball finally reached the ground, it disappeared, revealing a white alicorn with a flowing, multi-colored mane dressed in a banana suit. She put her hooves up and said, "I'm a banana!" Together, they all danced randomly.

The end.

Miss Cheerlie looked through her pile of papers to grade. She had just finished grading last week's assignments and reached for this week's projects.

Taking Scootaloo's project, she lifted an eyebrow. "Alright, Scootaloo, let's see what you've got," she said to herself. Minutes passed by. Miss Cheerilee shook her head, marking the paper with an F.

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Comments ( 14 )

Two stories!

:applejackconfused: What exactly did I just read?

So this was the third installment in the discord writes series. I love it!:pinkiehappy:

Celestia: Bananas! My favourite fruit!
Luna: Sister...do you REALLY want to have another stomach ache again?
Celestia: As long as I don't have to do any sort of work, yes. :trollestia:

Unless the spelling, punctuation and grammar was significantly worse than it is in this rendition, Cheerilee shouldn't have given the story an F. The plot meanders and doesn't stay on point, there's not much character development and most of the things that happen are nonsensical, but in my experience that's actually kind of normal for children's writing. If the basics of writing -- punctuation, spelling and grammar -- are handled correctly, she's getting at least a C.


The project isn't graded for grammar or anything, it's graded for how the story is planned itself.

7383528 That's the spirit!

Reasons why I hate Cheerilie
1: how she reacted to this story which is also the most amazing story in all of Equestria.
That's pretty much it. :rainbowlaugh:

An F? How?! :pinkiegasp: That deserves A over-9000-pluses! :raritywink: Best story ever.

7975909 Try telling that to Miss Cheerilee. But if I were her, I'd totally give that project an A.

7978260 So true. Sometimes I don't know what Cheerilee is thinking... :derpytongue2:

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