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heh it is kind of one that my pre-reader and I made up (because there wasn't really a name for one that either of us knew of that fit the fetish.) Basically, meaning from the Latin rigor meaning 'firm, hard, or solid'? (As in, Shiny has a fetish for the rougher feel of changeling chitin compared to the softer pony fur and flesh against his tender areas. :pinkiecrazy:)

Yeah pretty much lol. But then guess switching genders will/can do that to a pony?(or changeling:raritywink:)

:twilightsmile: Well then, take it as you will and stare at that wall if it interests you so much. Or even better, have fun with the story. *chuckles*

All Shiny things huh :rainbowlaugh: soooo does that mean in all forms of viscous material?:pinkiecrazy:

Oh Apatelodes and Danaus what gentlecolts... But it should be noted that it is preferred if you make the mare cum :pinkiecrazy: especially if she is the Queen :rainbowlaugh:

Sadly I must say:ajsleepy:..... That was really sexy:rainbowlaugh: lol I heard Twinkleshine and I broke out into hysteria :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: oh gosh idk if I wanna delve deeper into Rule what was it? 64 right? :twilightsheepish:

Hmmm whatever do you mean by that? :raritywink::scootangel: Hehe mostly just.... those who live? lol

Well of course, can't just hop the Queen am I right? She might just yell 'off with their heads!' :pinkiecrazy: Hehe well Danaus did let her cum :raritywink: *giggles*

Exactly :rainbowlaugh: need to pleasure your queen after all :pinkiehappy:

Mmm why sadly? Mare on mare can be fun, no? :pinkiecrazy: Hehe glad to make you laugh. :raritywink: Close rule 63. But oooh yes you do! Hehe Chapter 3 and 4 were my favorites to write. So I hope you love both of them too. (Not counting the bonus chapters, they were fun too. :pinkiecrazy:)

Hehe, bet ya haven't seen too many self-orgy's? :raritywink: Especially a 4-way one. :pinkiehappy: Awesome idea no? :twilightsmile:

Hehe it is a fine idea. :twilightsmile: So much clop out there already, I wanted to do something a little more... rare. :raritywink:


Well you struck gold there lol :rainbowlaugh: I wonder what the next chapter will bring :pinkiehappy:

hehe glad to hear that. :raritywink: Hmmm lots of fun really. (Eh actually not my 'best' chapter, but the bonus chapters are indeed a lot of fun! :pinkiecrazy: )

Cadence.... What sexy times indeed:rainbowlaugh: lol she will probably return him wet :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Lol :rainbowlaugh: I laughed so hard at this chapter... Though... Shiny didn't get to actually do himself kinda disappointed :twilightsheepish: and at the end they were all pretty fast...:trixieshiftright: Queenie left them that pent up :pinkiecrazy:

Gives new meaning to 'hanging him out to dry wet' :rainbowlaugh: I hope that isn't just a Texas thing :twilightsheepish:

Oh don't worry, I have plans for that:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:, just didn't happen in this one. (Mostly because I was working on a deadline as this was originally for a contest, so was rushing to finish.) Of course, they hadn't made love in a few days, had a lot of build up in there hehehe. I am half you liked it though and laughed so much.:pinkiehappy:

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