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“I, Queen Flutterbat, hereby banish all ponies to the place where life began. The sea!”
“Wait, stop!” Rainbow Dash flew and spoke for everypony, convincing them to not give up. “We can outsmart them! Don’t forget we invented the wheel, railway line, balloon trip, fashion, strawberry cake and cider. I’m not going to let a few damn inferior creatures push me around!”

It was at this point that I started seeing similarities to that one Simpsons episode.

This needs a Sequel...........

Oh my god, you wrote almost 8000 words in a day! I can barely write 2000 in 5 hours!

This reminds me almost of animal farm the book by George Orwell. I hope you actually took inspiration from the book itself smashology. I don’t know if you read it but I did.

“Whatever we produced is taken from us, stole from us and sold.”

One month later the results appeared: she couldn’t pay for them. And this not only had affected Fluttershy, other owners had to kick their pets out of their homes because of the high taxes, everypony care more about their own survivability than anything else. Thanks to the law even the rest of the Mane 6 had to get rid of their pets, only Rainbow Dash and Twilight herself weren’t affected. Twilight’s pet owl technically didn’t live with her and due to her large quantities of bits won in bets for the wonderbolts Rainbow Dash had enough money to keep her pet tortoise. But the rest of them? They had no choice. Besieged by these problems Fluttershy had turned to drink the days after. Friends like Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash could drink up to six or eight jars of cider in a row but she got drunk by the first one. She came back to her home tumbling every night, blaming her non existing little friends for her situation, she expelled the animals during the correspondent month one by one. Tomorrow was always worse than yesterday and her animals got less care of her. One of the most remarkable sentences Angel remembered from her was:

“Oh, Angel. I always wanted to beat the crap out of you every time you got mad with me for some nitpicky littleness, you ungrateful bastard!”

“You insects and arachnids. Do you know what future holds to you?!”

“But remember, when we have get rid of those dreadful ponies don’t adopt their vices. We are brothers, we are friends. Large or small, clever or simple, with fur, feathers or scales, now and forever all of us are equal!”

“When we only wanted to have fun they beat us and they tormented us for only trying to help.”

“Or worse: force us to do something we don’t want to!”

“Do we deserve such a fate?! I thought not until a days ago, when the only pony who truly cared for us betrayed this community and most important: her passion. Is this world so mingy to support us all?! Of course not! But we’ll never get our rightful share from Fluttershy or anypony else. Overthrow the tyrants and we shall be free!”

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