• Published 17th May 2016
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Equestrian Adventures - Turbo the Brony

An event of the Aurora Comet goes astra as it results in Sonic, his friends and enemies to get wrapped into Equestria! Thus a new adventure begins...

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Into the Unknown

High above the sky of Equestria, seconds after the Aurora Comet shattered, a strange crack in the form of a smile emerged, and in a flash several shooting objects, some small as shooting stars, fell across the skies, no telling where some of them may land.

However, the shooting stars are not what they appear to be.

Closing up to one of the “falling stars”, it reveals two humanoid hedgehogs, one male and blue and another female and pink, both seemed to have passed out upon arrival.

Soon, the blue hedgehog begins to gain conscious, slowly opening his eyes, then the girl hedgehog began to regain conscious as well, but once both sets of eyes had opened, they grew wide with shock that they falling!

Realising what was happening, both hedgehogs began to scream with panic as the fell towards the earth, until finally they land with a bang.

As the dust began to clear, it revealed both hedgehogs, landed slam-faced onto the ground, following this, the blue hedgehog began to pull himself out, followed by the pink hedgehog.

“Oh man,” the blue hedgehog groaned as he rubbed his head, “what the heck just happened, Amy?” he asked the pink hedgehog, named Amy, who was currently wiping the dust and dirt of her dress.

“I don’t know Sonic, but what I saw was pretty much the craziest stunt you did back there.” She replied, with a little bit of stress and a little ticked at the blue hedgehog, that was named Sonic, but soon both hedgehogs began to hear something in the air.

As they looked up, they saw several shooting stars zoom pass over them, but then they notice few of them heading towards their direction, one landed straight into the trees, later bouncing from branch to branch as it landed on the ground and came into view, the object was revealed to be a brilliant-cut emerald, though due to the colour purple, it looked more like a amethyst.

Then three little objects landed behind the duo, turning to them, the hedgehogs saw what looked like three little green fractals, when looking at them, Sonic let out a sigh of disappointment and grief as he spoke “Knuckles’ going to kill me.”

“Let him try,” said Amy, “because if he tries to lay a single punch on you, he’s going to have a huge bump that will drive him nuts!” as she said that, she got out her trusty Piko-piko hammer, ready to stand up for her love.

While putting his hand on his face and letting out a silent groan, Sonic began to realise what he said and looked around, the same with Amy after hearing the Echidna’s name.

“But wait, where is he anyway?” asked Sonic, looking to the right.

“And Tails, Cream, Shadow and the others have vanished too,” said Amy, her head facing her left, “where did they go? What happened to the other emeralds?”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to cross that bridge for later on,” said Sonic, turning to face Amy, “but right now, there’s one question I have to ask since we landed,” Sonic then looked around again, from up the sky to both directions and back to the front as he asked “where are we anyway?”

The two hedgehogs looked around their surroundings, from where they were, it seemed that they were in a forest of sorts, but it seemed a little dark, looking back up the sky, they wondered if any more “shooting stars” (since they guessed that the “stars” were actually the other emeralds) would zoom by, but none did.

“I don’t know,” said Amy, with worry for the others, “but I think we might need to see if we could find our friends, and for that matter, help if there’s anyone out here.” Sonic nodded in agreement; soon, after suggesting where to go, the hedgehogs went the direction the emeralds came from.

Everypony grew curious and worried at what has happened tonight, a beautiful eventful dream became a realistic nightmare, the Aurora Comet been shattered to pieces by an unknown force and a mysterious crack having appeared where the comet was, the only one being interested of these turn of events was Discord, wondering where this will turn from here (though deep down he worried he was going to get blamed for what has happened).

Meanwhile, Twilight and the others returned, with loads of eyes of worry turning to them to see if they know what has happened, most of them became curious as they saw Twilight holding a green emerald with her magic and looking at it with curiosity, while the royal sisters were seemingly getting small migraines since the incident happened.

Once the group reached the centre, one of the royal guards went up to them, “Is something the matter, your majesties? Did you found out what has happened?” he asked.

Shining Armour turned to the guard “We don’t know just yet,” he replied, “But we seem to have found something that landed not far from Canterlot.” He then turned to his young sister, still looking at the emerald, but deep down he wondered what happened to her back when all of it started.

With Twilight, she wasn’t quite sure about what has happened, or why she saw those visions, like her, everypony else was wondering why the comet suddenly shattered, while looking at the emerald, she knew all it brought were loads of questions.

“Do you know about this here gem, Twi’?” asked Applejack, as she and the others came a little close to the purple Alicorn, all filled with worry.

“I don’t know, Applejack,” replied Twilight “I’ve never seen anything like this, before, nor read about it in most of my books, this is a mystery way beyond what we may know.”

Princess Cadence walked up to between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (the later trying to help Spike gain self control to make sure he didn’t eat the emerald) and looked up to her sister-in-law.

“What do you think you’re going do with this gem, Twilight?” she asked, knowing that Twilight may have something planned in case.

“I’m not sure, Cadence, but I might try and perform a special identification spell so we can know what this gem is and where it came from.” Twilight replied as she brought the emerald close to her with her magic, her horn glowing full way, she was ready to find out the truth.

Spike then looked at Twilight with worry “We just hope you know what you’re doing.” He said, which was responded with a nervous look on Twilight’s face, as she focused on the jewel.

Suddenly as her glowing horn (with it the I.D. spell) made direct contact with the emerald, a small rainbow spark struck her and got absorbed into her horn, a few seconds later, her eyes suddenly glowed in a flash.

As she regained her sense of balance (feeling a little dizzy due to the emerald’s contact), Twilight looked around to notice that where she was looked liked a strange alter, set in a jungle like those from the Daring Do adventures, however, it looked brand new, as she approached, she spotted someone, or something, as she got closer, in front of her was a young girl, except it looked like an anthrop-type creature, an echidna to be precise, and in front of the girl were small little creatures, which looked about as cute as the Breezies, but in strange form, when she got closer she heard the girl speak.

“You’re the… Chao…” the girl spoke as she slowly stepped forward, but as she did, the little creatures, as the she described as Chao suddenly began to run away, only a few stopped she spoke again.

“Don’t be afraid, you’re safe with me.” She said, with trust and happiness in her voice.

Soon one of the Chao stepped forward and came towards the girl, tilting its head to one side with curiosity, the girl then crouched down, bring her arms towards it.

The Chao then walked up a little towards the girl, then allowed itself to get picked up.

Once it saw that the girl caused no harm, Chao looked back to its friends and gave a friend squeak of happiness, causing the other Chao to jump with joy.

Soon, the girl looked up to the alter, and the Chao then called to her to follow them.

The group began walking up the alter; leading to Twilight to follow (still unnoticed), as they all reached the top, Twilight was amazed to see what there as the girl was.

On seven pillars surrounding the alter, where seven different coloured emeralds, much like the one that Twilight and her friends had found, and at the centre, was very big emerald as well.

“Could it be?” the girl said in amazement, “the servers… the 7 Chaos Emeralds… unified by one that is the controller…”

“Chaos… Emeralds…?” Twilight thought aloud quietly to herself.

“The 7 Chaos… the controller itself…” the girl said as it looked like she was putting together the pieces of a puzzle, “Could this be the emerald that controls the 7 Chaos?”

Just then, however, something began to emerge from the water, getting the girl, the Chao and Twilight’s attention.

It surprised Twilight much, as the being that emerged was made of water, as the creature looked to the girl and the Chao.

Just then, Twilight noticed that the world around her was starting to fade away in white, but not before the girl said one word before she (and everything else) vanished.


As she awoke from the vision, Twilight looked to see her friends and family worried and confused, wondering what had happened.

“You alright, Twily?” Shining Armor was the first to ask.

“Do you know anything about that gemstone and where it came from?” Rainbow Dash added.

“I don’t know,” Twilight replied, “but somehow, I think I know what they are called, they seem to go by the name of… Chaos Emeralds.”

The others were a little alarmed when she said that, but the silence broke when Princess Celestia spoke up.

“Did you say… Chaos Emeralds…?” she said, feeling a little uneasy.

“Yes,” Twilight said, “and there’s more. It seems that there is a even larger gem, that seems to be called a ‘controller emerald’, I think, and that this emerald is one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds.”

“There’s seven of them?” Princess Luna asked.

“That’s right,” the Princess of Friendship replied, “and there’s even some strange creature who calls itself Chaos as well.”

All the while, as she explained this, Discord suddenly popped up and got quite interested.

“Chaos Emeralds, you say?” he said with a grin, “My, these sound like my cup of tea, forgive me if I say this, but if they ended up here sometime ago back during my time ruling this place, it would have made my fun 10 times more fun!”

Deciding to ignore that, Twilight and others got back on the topic.

“So what do we do now?” Princess Cadence asked.

“I believe that it is best that we keep this emerald safe in the vault for now, have the others have a look on this emerald and send an investigation group to find the other six.” Twilight suggested.

“Alright, then,” Shining Armor said, “then we’ll do that.”

“But what about the comet?” Scootaloo asked, “We don’t why it ended up destroyed!”

Twilight thought about it, then spoke up, “I think it would be best to have our astronomic scientists see to it, for now, though, it would be best that we return home for now.”

“Alright,” Flash Sentry said, “you heard the Princess, everypony return to your homes.”

With worried looks on what has happened, everypony headed off back to their respective homes, while Twilight’s brother, sister-in-law and niece would stay with Twilight for a while, to see if she is still alright following the ordeal.

Back with Sonic and Amy, they had continued their trek for sometime; unfortunately, they had no idea where they were, as it looked like each part of the forest was the same.

“Does any of this remind you of where we are, Sonic?” Amy asked.

“Sorry, Amy,” Sonic replied, “I’m just unsure about our surroundings… everywhere we go, nothing seems different.”

The two hedgehogs continued on their way, until they spotted a glow in the distance.

They hurried over to where the glow came from, and then found it was revealed to be a few chunks of the comet, that had landed nearby the ruins of an old castle.

“Whoa,” Sonic said, as he and Amy were stunned, looking to the castle, “never seen anything like this…”

Amy nodded in agreement, and looked to most of the comet’s rubble, “This must be what’s left of the comet.”

“Yeah,” Sonic said, “I can’t believe those Eggheads went a pulled a crazy stunt like that…”

Just then, Amy saw a glowing ball of light floating down to the ground.

“Sonic! Look!” she cried, as Sonic looked to see what Amy was pointing to.

The white glow slowly landed on the ground, and then a figure began to form as the light dimmed.

The figure took form of what looked like an anthropomorphic rabbit, it’s fur being purple, wearing a green top and red pants, with an orange scarf and a green and black striped top hat, as he lay on the ground, unconscious.

Sonic and Amy walked up to the rabbit, hoping to see if he was all right.

“Hey, buddy,” Sonic said, as he crouched down, “you okay?”

The figure groaned a little, as he then murmured something.

“I can’t… I can’t… move on an empty stomach…” he said, for Sonic he felt a bit of déjà vu since he remembered meeting the Chip.

Amy crouched down next to Sonic as she then shook the rabbit lightly as she said, “Come on, wake up. You doing all right?”

The figure opened his eyes a little, and looked to see Sonic and Amy.

Seeing them, his eyes widened as he let out a panicking yelp, before scooting further from them.

“Who are you?! Where am I?! What happened to the dinos?!” the figure blabbered out the questions.

“You okay, fella? Nothing broken?” Sonic asked.

The rabbit looked to them oddly, until he understood what Sonic was asking about.

“Oh, yes,” he said, “I’m quite all right! Thank you for asking Mr. and Mrs. Weirdpeople.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Weirdpeople?!” Sonic and Amy spoke out, both of them a little bit blushing.

“We’re not married!” Amy pointed out, until she said, “But we will in time.”

This earned a bit of rolled eyes from Sonic, which (luckily) Amy didn’t notice.

“So, who are your names?” the rabbit asked.

“Sonic,” Sonic said, giving him thumbs up, “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

“And I’m Amy Rose,” Amy said, striking a cute pose, “the sweetest girl you’ve met.”

“What’s your name, pal?” Sonic asked.

“Oh, where are my manners,” the rabbit said, as he tipped his hat, “the name’s Zigzag Yeklipvad!”

“Zigzag?” Amy asked.

“That’s right,” Zigzag nodded, as he explained, “and I’m the porud caretaker of the Aurora Comet, know to travel between the different parts of each dimensions every-so-different-number-of-years-depending-on-which-dimension!”

Sonic and Amy looked to Zigzag as the blue hedgehog asked, “You were on the comet?”

“That’s right,” Zigzag replied, “why do you ask?”

Sonic and Amy looked to each other nervously, and then gestured the rubble that was the remains of the comet.

Zigzag looked to where they were gesturing, and then his eyes widened with shock and horror.

“HOLY MARCAREL!!” he cried, “What happened to the comet!”

He then turned to the hedgehogs as he cried out, “What did you do?!”

“Whoa, whoa, steady on!” Sonic spoke up, “we didn’t do anything!”

“That’s right!” Amy said, supporting Sonic, “Eggman’s the one who caused it!”

“Eggman?” Zigzag looked to them confused, “Who or what is an Eggman?”

Meanwhile, in another part of Equestria, Eggman and his lackies had too survived the crisis in space, but the Death Egg Robot had took a major beating, so it couldn’t be able to function again.

“Blast it, Nega,” Eggman grumbled, as he tried to get the Eggpod out of the cockpit, “I blame you for all this!”

“What do you suppose we do now, sir?” Orbot asked, as he and Cubot looked to their obese boss.

“Right now, you bolt brains,” Eggman said, “we have to get back to Death Egg, find those blasted emeralds… again… and figure out where we are!”

“Somehow, I don’t think we on our world anymore.” Cubot stated, as he looked around, it looked like a bit of open fields.

Soon, the Eggpod was pulled out, but still a little damaged at the moment, much to Eggman’s annoyance.

“Alright, you two,” he said, as he got into the pod, his robot lackeys joining him, “it’s time to see where in the world we have ended up in, and see if we can get a location on Metal Sonic’s whereabouts.”

The Eggpod was able to hover a bit, but it was still quite a bit shaky, making the flying situation a little difficult.

“And once we’re back in the Death Egg,” Eggman continued, a small grin growing, “we could use our stranding on this world as an advantage opportunity, especially since it would make a good change to conquer more than one world…”

Author's Note:

So here we go, back in business with the Equestrian Adventures story!

Now, I understand that there were fans who were hoping that I didn’t forget this, so don’t worry, I didn’t forget, just reminding you that I have other stories to work on, as well as life stuff that needs to be done.

But fear not, just remember to be patient, True Believers, and who knows, you might get your reward on being patient with a new chapter!

Stay tuned, True Believers, until next time!

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Ok how are Sonic, Amy, and Zigzag gonna get the first Chaos Emerald there is 6 left along with the 7 Sol Emeralds and who knows how the interactions between Sonic and company and the Equestrians. By the way could the combined power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds have the power to restore the Aurora Comet? This is starting to feel like Sonic Unleashed again but minus the Werehog form at night and now a sequel to the game sweet. :applejackunsure::rainbowdetermined2:

Are you going to continue this story?

Yeah. It will be pretty bad.

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