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I'm a Sonic fan who lives and loves Sonic X, Need For Speed, Trains, Pokémon, and Hot Wheels including Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor because some how they remind me of certain blue hero Hedgehog.


It's been 3 months after the final battle with the Metirex and getting the Chaos Emeralds back from space, but when Eggman is up to his usual schemes and a mishap happen at the end. Sonic and friends end up in a new world full of colorful ponies and stallions and they transformed into stallions and ponies too. Now they must find the Chaos Emeralds again and stop Eggman from taking over Equestria.

But when humans from Earth perfected dimensional warp technology using specs from the machine that sent Sonic and his friends back to Möbius 9 years ago and their new Space Colony Ark 2 research space station comes and with old faces including Chris! But then Sonic discovers that wasn't a Hedgehog at all but a pegasus! Can Sonic uncover the mysteries of his long forgotten past? Can he save Equestria and protect the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman?! And new dangers rise to stop this high speed hero and his friends from getting the Chaos Emeralds.

Find out in the newest chapter of Sonic X in...

Sonic X Season 4: The Equestrian Saga

All Sonic characters have their Sonic X voices.
Sonic and Sonic X are owned by Sega.
MLP is owned by Hasbro.
I do not own anything.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 34 )

Interesting way to continue Sonic X. Keep up the good work! I used to watch Sonic X growing up and I hope you keep my childhood alive!

Thanks I'm a big fan too! I'm starting on the 2nd chapter now it's going to be epic!

I hope this story also contains the return of Cosmo the Seedrian.

Could you add a little romance?

I don't know that would sound ok but I'm not much of a romance person. But I'll think about in future chapters.

Great story, keep up the good work!

Okay, three glaring issue I had, grammar, improper words, and spelling. You need to get an editor or carefully read over it before you publish the story. Just something to help your story get well liked.

8336158 There is a group where editors give there service to story writers who need them or even have a friend look over the chapter looking for typos and errors

Ok. But how do I let them edit my story? I never had an editor before.

send them the rough draft but their are multiple ways of doing it you can work it out with the editors.

It was a very good chapter, keep up the good work

Thanks! I will and I'm working on the 3rd chapter.

I am liking the story so far ^^

I'm working on it right now so sometime soon. This story is still on! :twilightsmile:

Will other sonic characters show up in pony forms:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Yes! Tails and others will be in Equestrian Forms including Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Marine, and Shade. Including a few of the newer Sonic Characters from the IDW Sonic The Hedgehog comic.

I don't know about that I'll think about.

Pretty interesting story. Celestia is Sonic's adopted mom. Boy Sonic's life is about to get more epic!

Shining thought he seen this stallion long ago around when Twilight was a filly. wheat what!!!

Yes! Since its in the Sonic X universe Sonic doesn't remember his family or fact where he came from in Episode 3 of the story however Sonic is about have experience that was locked away deep in his brain. It also connects him to Project Shadow and Shadow since when Sonic and Shadow first met they looked almost identical like brothers.

Yeah and lets just say that Sonic met humans way before they were sent to Earth by Chaos Control in Season 1 of Sonic X.

OK thanks and cant wheat for more on this story keep up the hard wake.

Don't worry there will be more to come!

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