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An Historical event on the Night of the Aurora Comet goes haywire, resulting Sonic and his friends and enemies to be transported to Equestria, where they meet Twilight, her friends, family and enemies as they must restore the Aurora Comet and find the Chaos Emeralds, with the fate of both worlds in the balance!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 15 )

Hope this Conintues!

Wow. This is better than my work. Just, wow.

One of the greatest works I've seen on this site. Hope it continues.

INB4 hateful comments and downvotes because "Sonic"...

That being said, don't get discouraged if that happens. This looks promising enough.

This crossover has potential, don't let go to waste and continue to work harder

Oh Shit, that Dumbass Dr.NEGA screwed everything up with just a push of a butten

When is this going to continue? Its one of my favorite Sonic and MLP crossovers out there and I think it has a lot of potential. Please continue, ITS TOO GOOD TO BE ABANDONED!!!

7987480 Don't worry, friend. I understand that some may think I've abandoned a good story, but remember that there are other stories that I've also been working on as well. So remember to be patient and who knows, I'll see what I can do.

The 2nd Chapter reminds me of the opening for Sonic Unleashed but a few changes. How did Eggman learn about the comet? It's reminding me also of Sonic X. You know Sonic and friends go to a another dimension and track down the 7 Chaos Emeralds and stop Eggman from taking over the world. Anyways pretty cool! :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile:

Ok how are Sonic, Amy, and Zigzag gonna get the first Chaos Emerald there is 6 left along with the 7 Sol Emeralds and who knows how the interactions between Sonic and company and the Equestrians. By the way could the combined power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds have the power to restore the Aurora Comet? This is starting to feel like Sonic Unleashed again but minus the Werehog form at night and now a sequel to the game sweet. :applejackunsure::rainbowdetermined2:

Are you going to continue this story?

Soon Twilight began to mix up her words, “Sorry about that, this was awkward… I mean you’re not awkward, you’re not awkward, it’s just this is… well I’m a bit awkward… you’re gorgeous… wait, what!?” Twilight said, the last bits she accidentally said, which was followed by a blush.

I was FROZEN at this part. I love Disney references.

It's not just the chaos emeralds, it's also the sol emeralds, pieces of the master emerald, the scepter, and quite possibly other powerful gems that could be locked away on the death egg. What I'm trying to say is: imagine if someone were to get a hold on all that power.

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