• Published 17th May 2016
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Equestrian Adventures - Turbo the Brony

An event of the Aurora Comet goes astra as it results in Sonic, his friends and enemies to get wrapped into Equestria! Thus a new adventure begins...

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The Aurora Comet

Luna had done an amazing job on her night once again.

The stars were twinkling over the magnificent city of Canterlot, everypony was here, for that night, the Aurora Comet, a comet that passes Equestria every 7 years, was once again on its way.

During the seven-year event, when the comet passes, it release small star bits that land across the land, the rumours stated that the star bits tasted like ice cream.

Legend has said that as the comet passes, aurora lights, more colourful and magical than that made by the Crystal Heart from the Crystal Empire, appear across Equestria, other myths say that if one should look closely, they could see what are possibly images or visions of other worlds.

The theory of the Multiverse had been thought through generations since the days of old, even Star Swirl the Bearded, Princesses Celestia and Luna and the others learned of these legends theories, believing the existence of other worlds.

Inside Canterlot Castle, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia’s most fateful student, member of the heroic Elements of Harmony and one of the princesses of Equestria, was feeling a little nervous, but a little excited (“nervicited” as described by Pinkie Pie) as she was about to be part of her first event hosting as a princess.

Following her princess coronation, Twilight had been having second thoughts and felt worried she may not be ready to rule, but thanks to encouragement by her friends and family as well as a trip to a whole new world through a magic mirror, she regained her self-confidence and was willing to do well on her royal duties, as well as be good at spreading Friendship across Equestria as part of her job as the Princess of Friendship, she even became a teacher herself to her new pupil, Starlight Glimmer, though she was having a bit a stage fright for tonight, she remembered doing her first royal speech when she was crowned princess, now was to announce the Aurora Comet’s arrival.

“I promise you, Twilight, you’ll do great” said Princess Celestia as she, Princesses Luna, Cadence and Twilight and Prince Shining Armor, Twilight’s brother, were on their way to the balcony to greet the crowd who have come to see the event, all dressed smartly as since Twilight’s coronation, Twilight wearing her crown proudly.

Everypony from Ponyville to Canterlot, Cloudsdale to Appleloosa, Manehattan to Saddle Arabia, even the crystal ponies of the Crystal Empire were there, excited to see what was to come.

“My sister is correct, Twilight” Princess Luna spoke “I’m sure you do a much better speech… even good than mine was” the last part in a whisper as the princess of the night shook her head in embarrassment, remembering when she did her speech during Nightmare Night, except she used the Royal Canterlot Voice, which she had to speak very loudly.

Twilight was pretty happy by the Princesses’ support, but gave a nervous smile, “I know” she said “But what am I going to do? I’ve never done a speech to a crowd like this since my coronation.” Princess Cadence put a hoof on Twilight’s left shoulder.

“I know you can do it, Twilight” said Cadence “You do remember to do that special relax treatment once a while, don’t you?” Twilight happily nodded, during her previous trips to the Crystal Empire, Cadence gave her a special motive to breath and relax when if Twilight was ever under stress.

Shining Armor then joined the conversation; “You’re going to do great Twiliy, in fact, your majesties, if it’s alright, Cadence and I would like to speak to Twilight for a moment” the princesses agreed and continued on ahead, while the other three slowly walked.

“You know, Twilight, there’s something special you might want to know about the Aurora Comet” said Cadence, starting the talk.

Twilight looked up to her brother and old foal-sitter with confusion “What’s that?” she asked.

“Well, you see, sis,” answered Shining as he spoke, “during on time, when the comet came by, something pretty amazing happened that changed me and my family forever”.

Twilight raised a confused look, “And what was it?” she asked, soon noticing the married couple were looking right at her with smiles.

Soon Twilight’s mind began to whirl with thought, thinking of something that happened to her brother and parents when Comet passed by, she then thought of what Shining said, he didn’t mention her in the talk, the only thing she knew that happened was when she…

And then it clicked, as Twilight’s eyes grew wide with discovery.
“I… I was born when the Comet passed?” asked Twilight, she was answered with the continuing smiles of the couple, now nodding to the answer.

Twilight, at first stood with shock, then a small smile began to form on her mouth, which then become a wide grin of excitement and surprise, when she was born, her mother, Twilight Velvet, showed her the Comet that passed, it was one of the best moments that Twilight enjoyed when she was a little filly.

Twilight began to bounce and giggle with joy, surprised that the Comet that was coming by tonight was the same one she saw since she was born, while she was doing that, Shining turned to his wife whispered “That worked pretty good” Cadence nodding happily.

However, not looking where she was going, Twilight bumped and tumbled over something or rather… someone.

While shaking the dizziness off her, Twilight heard a familiar voice “Whoa… you okay, princess?” as she looked, she suddenly began to blush as she realised she (once again) bumped, and seemed to be lying on top, of royal guards’ new recruit, Flash Sentry.

Back when she journeyed to the other world, there everypony were walking on two feet, had small muzzles and carried things with those so-called “hands”, but while there, she met someone, who’s name was Flash Sentry, who she usually kept bumping into, and also develop a small crush on him, when she returned, she encountered the pony version of Flash, usually bumping into him, her friends and Cadence would even tease about her crush and sometimes tell her to ask him out to know him better respectfully.

Flash smiled as Twilight blushly chuckled a bit in the situation they were in, “Yeah, we kind of done it again, huh?” she said as the guard nodded in reply.

Soon Twilight began to mix up her words, “Sorry about that, this was awkward… I mean you’re not awkward, you’re not awkward, it’s just this is… well I’m a bit awkward… you’re gorgeous… wait, what!?” Twilight said, the last bits she accidentally said, which was followed by a blush.

Following that, Flash still smiled at newly crowned princess, who was still blushing, and decided to help with that, “I didn’t hear that…” he said, it help well as Twilight continued to smile and blush.

“You’re pretty cute that way,” said Flash, only to realise, like Twilight, what he said, especially when the couple were coming towards them.

“Uh… actually, what I mean is…” Flash tried to say, only to cut by Twilight.

“I didn’t hear that…” she echoed, Flash now beginning to blush for a moment.

Soon the royal couple came to them, unknown to Shining, Cadence was giving a sweet grin on what to do.

“Greetings, Princess Cadence, Prince Shining Armor, small report to state at all are well around castle!” stated Flash Sentry, as he saluted to Shining Armor, who returned with a nod of understanding.

“Say, Shiny, let’s give Twilight a minute to freshen up while we wait with my aunts, shall we?” asked Cadence, giving her lover a sweet smile.

“Uh… sure, I guess, see in a little bit, sis” said Shining Armor, accepting the idea, but confused of what its about, as they left, unknown to Shining or Flash, but known to Twilight, Cadence turned to her, giving out a sweet grin and a wink, which Twilight knew what was happening.

Only Twilight and Flash were left in the hallway, the earlier blushing a bit as she played a bit with her mane.

“So, a little excited about tonight, Princess?” asked Flash, breaking the silence, “Oh, yes, I am, but I’m also a lot nervous… about hosting the event, of course.” Replied Twilight.

Then Flash remembered something “Say, what got you a little excited back there?”

“Oh, right, I was having a bit of giggles, you see, I discovered that the last times the comet came, I was born during then.” said Twilight remembered and explained.

“Really? That’s indeed a surprise, so are you a bit nervous to give out your speech?” stated Flash, first interested about Twilight’s discovery and later concerned about tonight.

Twilight’s smile then went down a little and bowed her head, as she replied, “I am, I’ve never done such a speech like this since my coronation, when Celestia encouraged me to speak, I thought about my journey I took and friends I made as I learned about the Magic of Friendship, though now, I don’t know what to say for this great moment that a cured every 7 years.”

Flash thought for a moment, and then got a small idea, he put his hoof under her chin, and lifted it so her eyes made contact with his.

With a smile, Flash spoke, “I know you’ll do a great job on this, Princess, because what I heard, you were able to speak to everypony on what you thought, not with this,” the guard pointed his hoof on her head, below her horn, “but with this,” he said as he put his hoof on Twilight’s chest, showing Twilight that he meant her heart.

Flash then continued “When you did your speech during the coronation, you spoke about all the times you did and enjoyed, despite the ups and downs that came with it, during then you thought you’d might not handle it, but your friends, family and everypony else believe in you, which helped regain self-confidence to yourself, and I believe you can do it.”

Twilight soon felt happier than ever, she never thought that the Flash here was as kind, caring and compassionate as the one she knew back in the other.

“You’re so kind… and you’re right, I know I can do this, I won’t let Celestia down!” Twilight happily replied, and then she turned to the guard.

“Thank you, Flash.” said Twilight, Flash blushing a little bit.

“Heh… not a problem, princess.” Replied Flash. As they were getting close to the balcony doors, Twilight turned to Flash with a smile.

“By the way… it’s okay to call me Twilight.”

******* *******

Outside the castle, everypony was very excited for what was happening, on the balcony, Twilight’s friends, along with Spike, Twilight’s number 1 assistant and friend, the Cutie Mark Crusaders (which two were sisters to Applejack and Rarity, while Rainbow became a sister figure for Scootaloo) and Twilight’s parents, Night Light and Twilight Velvet were standing by with the Princesses of both sun and moon, as well as Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, with Princess Flurry Heart cooing in Cadence’s hoofs.

Also with them were Starlight Glimmer, who looked stunning her new dress, and Sunburst, Starlight’s old friend who has become an important unicorn and Cyrstaler at the Crystal Empire, as they and the others waited for Twilight.

Everypony from Twilight and her friends’ adventures were all here as well, such as Trixie, following the Alicorn Amulet incident, the two gifted magic bearers became good friends, Zecora also came along for the celebration, several of the Crystal Ponies from the Crystal Empire were here too, including the whole Apple Family, Babs Seeds came along too, and wanted to hang out with her favourite cousin and her friends, several ponies and buffalo from Appleloosa, including Chief Thunderhooves and his daughter, Little Strongheart, were joining the celebration as well.

“Aw man, this is going to be so cool!” said Rainbow Dash, wearing her coronation hat and Gala dress from while back, looking forward to the event.

Applejack, all dressed in her Gala outfit, nodded with agreement, “Can you believe that we are about to witness the Aurora Comet, the very comet that passes our sweet Equestria every seven years? I think this more incredible than a three-ring hoedown with offerings of Blueberries dipped in honey!” she stated as she wrapped Apple Bloom with her left forehoof, who the latter was enjoying her conversation with Babs.

“I quite agree, darling,” said Rarity, also dressed in her Gala outfit, along with her fire ruby necklace, looking down to Spike, who was wearing his wedding coat and top hat, but was also wearing the jewel crusted bowtie she gave him, and Sweetie Belle, which she and her friends were dressed as they were for the rolls of flower girls for the wedding, Babs being dressed smartly like she was going to the Gala, “It is also amazing that we get to watch this stunning event with the ones we care so dear.” Sweetie Belle smiling happily to her sister as she said that, Spike looking up to his crush with hearts in his eyes.

Along with the mane 5 and the Cutie Mark Crusaders was a special, unexpected and unnoticeable guest, a familiar spirit sitting in his floating chair, a little bored on waiting and pretty nervous about being in public, what with being known for working with Lord Tirek a while back.

Fluttershy, in her coronation outfit, looked upped to him and secretly fluttered up and gives off a comforting smile.

“Don’t worry, Discord, I know you’ll do well, after all, this is you’re first time being part of an event as a fully reformed evil spirit and friend.” Said Fluttershy, hoping that it will cheer him up, which succeeded.

Discord looked to his friend, who was so far the very first he had since, which resulted him to change his ways and do good (“most of the time” as he added secretly, so everypony, including the Elements of Harmony and the princesses had to keep a shape eye on him), despite what had happened during Tirek’s rampage, he and Fluttershy made amends, along with several of the citizens.

“I suppose that’s correct, Fluttershy,” said Discord, looking a little happy, despite being nervous, “and I can happily state that what better way to enjoy the evening than my dearest and closest friend.” Discord then wrapped Fluttershy in a kindly hug as he said that.

The royal sisters, who, along with Fluttershy, know about his secret viewing spot, looked at Discord talking to his friend as they began planning their next tea party, then turned back to each other as they spoke.

“Are you sure its wise to have Discord, after what has happened?” ask Luna, with curiosity for the spirit of chaos.

“I may a little bit agree with you and our subjects about Discord,” said Celestia, as her little worry look when watching the spirit of chaos and the element of kindness talk turned to a smile of hope, “but like Fluttershy, I think its best that we give him a chance.”

Starlight and Sunburst, meanwhile, were having a different chat of their own.

“She was acting a little nervous about tonight?” Sunburst said, with a little chuckle about what Starlight was telling him.

“I know,” said Starlight, “and to think that I was a bit worried when Twilight took me under her wing to learn a bit about friendship!”

“And how has the lessons been going for you?” Sunburst asked.

Starlight looked to him with a smile, “Very good,” she said, “I managed to make a new friend with Trixie, plus I got a chance to spend Hearth’s Warming with everypony!”

“That’s great to hear!” Sunburst said, until something came for him, “Things have been quite a bit quiet around the Crystal Empire since the last time we got together…”

“I know,” Starlight said, remembering the awkward reunion that they had when they got back together, “I’ve been missing you so much, for a while, and I’m pretty glad that what happened between us is done.”

“Indeed,” Sunburst nodded in agreement, “now is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the event,” he then giggled a little, which caught Starlight’s attention.

“In truth,” Sunburst spoke, “I’ve been reading about the Aurora Comet, and I’m a bit excited about getting to see it pass by!”

Starlight, hearing this, let out a little giggle herself, like she was a young foal once more, “Same here, and, forgive if I jinx it, this is quite a good time for nothing to go wrong.”

Soon the trumpets gave out the message that the Princess of Friendship has arrived, giving those on the balcony to turn to the door.

There, Twilight came through the doors, Flash Sentry by her side, as that happened the crowd cheered with joy and excitement, as Princess Twilight approached the balcony and waved to her subjects, smiling a little nervously.

Just as the nerves begin to rise, Flash put his hoof on Twilight’s shoulder, as she turned to look, the guard nodded to her, letting her know that she can do it.

Blushing a little, Twilight thought what they had spoken back in the corridor, and then she took a quiet breath and prepared her speech.

“Citizens of Equestria,” she started “we are gathered together for what is about to be one the greatest events that has occurred, even ever since our fare home was discovered by all three pony nations. For every seven years, a great comet, known as the Aurora Comet, passes over the planet, releasing out an incredible aurora lights that spans across Equestria and beyond, Starswirl the Bearded, during those time, became very interested of the phenomenon and calculated the comet’s journey, learning that the powers of its auroras contained a mystical energy, well unknown to even him, but specially learned that sometimes the energies it releases is feed on the thoughts, believes, hopes, dreams and imaginations of ponies and other creatures alike of all ages, knowing that we will always move on to the future.” Twilight paused to gain a bit of her breath, listening to the few claps of the audience, behind Twilight, her friends and family were tearful on what was happening.

“C’mon, tears,” whispered Rainbow, trying to maintain her cool, “you ruining my reputation!” Applejack and Rarity giggling at that, even Discord became a little water eyed, trying to hide it from the group.

While flicking away a small tear from her eye, Twilight continued “And now, sometime later, many great moments had a cured since then, my teacher, mentor and aunt-in-law, Princess Celestia, was reunited with her dearly beloved sister, Princess Luna,” the royal sisters looked to each other happily, tears in their eyes as she spoke about them, knowing when they were alone for a thousand years, “my brother, Prince Shining Armor, married my old foal sitter, Princess Cadence, whom I am forever happy to have for a sister-in-law, and the Crystal Empire made its return,” Cadence tearfully smiled as her husband did (though, Shining would say, he was leaking liquid pride) as she kissed him on the cheek, then Twilight smiled as she spoke, “and I believe that Fate smiled down on me, my friends and family when I was crowned as Princess, promising to spread the magic of friendship across all of Equestria, as well gaining a student of my own, and even becoming an aunt to my dear niece,” Starlight smiled and blushed at that while Flurry Heart giggled with glee at that, “but I think Fate smiled once before on my family, on the day I was born, when the comet came during its travels,” Twilight felt another tear in her eyes as the crowd applauded, with both happily and tearfully, as they, including her friends, were amazed that their friend was born during the Aurora Comet’s journey, Twilight’s parents nuzzled at this, Twilight Velvet with tears in her eyes.

With Twilight, a hoof helped dry one of her eyes, she knew who it was, she looked with a smile as Flash wanted to help the new princess, soon Twilight turned back to the crowd, ready to finish what she had started.

“And now, Fillies and Gentlecolts, citizens of Equestria, I now present to you, the event we all have waited for… the Aurora Comet!” Twilight finished the speech with pride and joy, as the crowd applauded with excitement and happiness, everypony being proud of Twilight’s speech.

Soon, all eyes were locked on to the sky, as right on schedule, the comet that they had waited for was amongst them, as it flew above the skies, it let off a beautiful aurora which began to span across Equestria and beyond, and star bits began to fall to ground below, landing nearby some of the gazers.

Some of the comet-gazers closed their eyes as they felt the magic energy run through them, on the balcony, the royal pony sisters looked at each other, tearful for this night.

“Mother must be so proud.” Luna spoke, looking up to her older sister with pride, which Celestia then nuzzled her with a smile.

“She already is.” Celestia responded, as they looked at the statue of an alicorn, whose hair was like Twilight’s and stood proudly over the gazers, then the sisters joined them as they to felt the magic energy of the comet around them.

But nopony was more happier than Princess Twilight, who too joined the gazers, her eyes closed as she felt the energy flow within her as the aurora lights flow across, her friends watching the comet and its incredible show, while during this, Twilight began to daydream.

This was nothing like her usually daydreams (when she feared about letting down everypony), she saw herself flying close to the comet, it spreading the aurora as she looked down to her home land.

She suddenly saw Flash Sentry, also flying by her, happy to see her, which resulted her to blush, they then began to fly with the comet, going over and under, like playing hide and seek with each other, soon they finally stopped as they found out that they very close to each other.

When watching Flash, she began to remember when she first bumped into him, both the pony version and the one from the other world, as she kept looking, she remembered the moments she had with the other Flash, when they met, when Flash cleared Twilight’s name and during the Fall Formal, she then remembered bumping into pony Flash a few resulting with blushes and a helpful and kind smile, even thought they were different, they were still Flash.

They turned to face each other, both blushing, for Flash, he was smiling coolly as he looked Twilight, who feeling very shy, soon they moved closer, noticing that they each began to slowly close their eyes, their hearts beginning to melt, as they leaned closer, until they were finally going to…


Twilight let out a shocked scream as what was a beautiful dream suddenly shattered, a bright light following fast, as that happened, she began to see visions, those of what appear to be another world, unlike the world she went to, all flash by quickly, but what she could make out, she began to see blue, fast hedgehog, running freely, a water creature attacking what looked like a city, seven powerful, multi-coloured emeralds, a strange space station, the hedgehog again, now on a plane, piloted by what looked like a fox, another hedgehog, only this time black, a vision of the two hedgehogs and fox again, only this time with more strange creatures, ready to fight… whatever it was they were fighting.

Other visions she saw were of flying fleet of strange ships, the hedgehog and fox again, meeting some strange little creatures and a huge mysterious creature, clouded with black fog, letting out a blood-curdling roar, she also saw six menacing monsters ready to fight.

Some of the visions saw her, her family and friends, and even Flash Sentry, with the creatures confronting the blue hedgehog and a pink hedgehog, a metal monster attack on the Griffon Kingdom, the Elements of Harmony with the mysterious objects, the black hedgehog in front of the Tree of Harmony, strange flying ships attacking Equestria, everypony with the creatures preparing to fight an unknown monstrosity and in another she saw, what looked like a creature like the ones from the other world, who seemed to be letting out an insane and evil laugh.

What shocked her the most was the last few second vision of an old sinister enemy, letting out an evil chuckle as his yellow pupils glowed with evil: Tirek.

Suddenly, a huge blast of energy sent her fly, landing onto the balcony floor as her crown was thrown off and landed nearby, hence snapping her out of the visions, at the same moment, everypony gasped in shock and horror at what has happened.

Earlier, it seemed well calm, like most of the gazers, Twilight closed her eyes and felt the energy flow within her, but while doing that, her horn began to glow, for it was sensing the comet, as it joined with Twilight magic aura, but suddenly a bright light flashed and bolt of energy struck Twilight.

“Twilight! Twilight, are you okay!?” cried a panicking Spike, as he got close to his friend with the others, all with worried looks on their faces, Flash, however came up to Twilight after she landed, then held her head up as he tried to wake her.

“Twilight,” Flash said calmly, but worried, “C’mon, Twilight, don’t you give up on me. It’s me, Flash. Open your eyes and look at me…” as he said that Twilight began regain concise, as she slowly opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Flash, looking worried, but hoping she was okay.

“Flash…” she moaned, giving the others sigh of relief knowing that she was alright, Twilight then smiled a little as she looked at Flash, who began to smile a little too “Thanks for being here for me.” When she said that, Twilight and Flash blushed a little, luckily not noticed by the others.

Suddenly, their little moment was cut short as Sweetie Belle looked back up to the sky and gasped at what she saw, “Look! What’s happening to the aurora?” as she asked the question gaining everypony’s attention, they all returned to look at the comet and what Sweetie Belle had pointed out.

In the sky, the Aurora was slowly beginning to wobble weakly, almost like it was getting sick, but soon all eyes widened as they noticed the comet had a crack on it! Then another, and another, and another, soon the comet was then replaced a blinding white light.


The loud shatter was so loud it could be heard to the ocean, as everypony unshielded their eyes, they gasped with horror and shock at what they saw.

The Aurora Comet had been shattered!!

Following this, they saw the pieces fall to Equestria, like shooting stars, landing in different parts of the world, but what shocked the crowd and the others the most was a giant crack appeared in the sky above.

The only ones that weren’t paying attention to the crack were Celestia and Luna, who both suddenly felt a strange urge through their heads, Twilight and Cadence felling it for a second before return to the crack, the Royal sisters then turned to each other with worry and realisation that something has happened, something that has never happened since long ago…

Starlight and Sunburst couldn’t believe what has happened either, “Yelp, guess that pretty much jinxed it!” Starlight said, a little deadpanned but still shocked at the turn of events, which Sunburst nodded in agreement.

Flurry Heart, having hearing the loud commotion that was happening, suddenly began crying (luckily not in a form of a sonic wail like last), as Cadence, hearing this, tried to calm her down.

The aurora, meanwhile, was still glowing, but faintly, then the crack slowly opened a little and what looked like a few shooting stars fell from the sky, along with some different shooting multi-coloured lights, mostly some of them green, as they crash landed on Equestria and beyond.

******* *******


The shouting that echoed across a dark wasteland was heard inside a dark, creepy castle, the voice coming from Queen Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen, who was trapped in house arrest by Twilight and Princess Celestia since their Changeling attack in Ponyville, with an annoying Pinkie Pie outfit speaking out riddles to annoy her.

However, tonight, she was planning a new revenge scheme, which she would use the power of the Aurora Comet, its powers more incredible than that of the Secretariat Comet that passed before, so she could defeat Celestia and her special student, but now she had learn from her elite guards that the comet suddenly exploded into pieces.

This won’t end well…

“That’s just it, your highnezz. As the comet arrived in range, there was a sudden bright flash, then a minute later, the Aurora Comet exploded in another flash of light, why that happened, we don’t know, but…” the elite guard telling this was cut off by Chrysalis’ furious stomp of her hoof to the ground, causing several changelings to flinch with fear.

“I DON’T CARE, YOU INCOMPATANTS!!” shouted the changeling queen, “HOW did it explode?! WHY did it explode?! Like the Secretariat Comet, I have been preparing to gain its power only for it to blow up in my face… literally!! How am I going to take my revenge on Celestia and her little teacher’s pet without the one thing I needed for it?!”

Just then something crashed into the castle and landed not far from the argument, as Chrysalis looked at the fallen object, her subjects looked with wonder.

“What is it, my queen?” asked one of the changelings, with curiosity and fear.

“I don’t know,” said their queen as looked object, what looked like a yellow brilliant cut gem, but as she sensed something from it, a twisted smile began to form as she said “But I think we’re about to get our revenge.”

******* *******

Not far from Ponyville is a rocky valley, living there is one idea that everypony might agree with.

This is also one of the known locations where Diamond Dogs would live and hunt out gems, where Spike and Rarity encounter a group of them while gem hunting themselves.

Suddenly five small objects crashed into the ground, gaining the attention of a few Diamond Dogs that appeared, one of them, a medium sized dog named Rover, was the first to approach the objects, which three looked like emerald shards, one was a blue emerald-cut gem and the last one was a silver brilliant-cut emerald.

“W-what did you find, boss?” said the smallest of the group, curious of the fallen objects, soon Rover, who was their boss, turned to his troops, with greed and curiosity.

“Head back down to the burrows, and tell King Muttz that we found something he might like!” Rover ordered, soon the troops, along with the small Diamond Dog and a large one of the group, headed back to the tunnel entrances to their abandoned mining homes, after they left, Rover turned back to the silver emerald he picked up earlier.

“I’m sure the king would be interested in you, my pretty…” he said to the gem, all eyes focused on the jewels beauty, he then began to stroke like it was his pet, and he began to snicker as he finished “…My precious…”

******* *******

One-minute earlier…

The Griffon Kingdom was in the brightest and bests this evening, as King Blazebeak, ruler of Loondon, Eageland, was prepared to enjoy the evening of the Aurora Comet, this night, he was invited to the Great Loondon Observatory, to witness the event with his other subjects who were out watching the skies.

“What an incredible sight,” said the Griffon king, as he finished looking out to the amazing view of the comet, via telescope, and spoke to his astronomers, who were very much happy as they were “tonight, we shall be able to dream for the future, as the Aurora Comet once again passes by our world.” Blazebeak finished.

One of the astronomers agreed, “Of course, sire, we are very happy to be apart of such an occasion.”

Soon Blazebeak walked down towards his guards and Paige, happy looking forward to return to his home, to spend time with his family, his wife, and his darling sons and daughters.

He then turned to his Paige as he spoke “When we return to the castle, prepare me a letter for Princesses Celestia and Luna, I would look forward to our usual royal get-togethers, and I would also be looking forward to seeing the new princess, Twilight, I believe, that I heard about so much.” The young lad nodded in understands, and they were ready to leave.


The horrifying sound echoed the around the observatory as the ground shook around those inside, which startled Blazebeak from his happy thoughts.

He then turned to wise astronomers, “Professor Gilbert, what in blazes just happened?!”

The griffon, by the name of Professor Gilbert, turned to his king with worries and panic, “Something terrible, your highness! While we were taking notes while observing the Comet, the Aurora around it suddenly withered and few seconds later, it exploded, come see for yourself!”

The professor escorted King Blazebeak to the telescope, as he looked, Blazebeak saw that Gilbert was telling the truth, the Aurora Comet had exploded and several of its fragments were showering the skies of Equestria.

Turning away from the telescope, the Griffon king soon rushed off with his guards, giving out his orders as they prepared to leave.

“We must return to the castle at once! When we’re back there, I must send word to Princesses Celestia and Luna immediately! Guard Ravenclaw, stay here and watch the others, Gilbert, come with me!” Blazebeak ordered as he, the rest of the guards, his Paige and Professor Gilbert rushed out of the observatory.

One of the guards, Ravenclaw, decided to look out through the telescope to see what has happened himself, as he looked, however, he noticed in surprise that a crack, in the shape of a smile, had appeared above the sky, and as it opened, strange shooting stars or objects were falling into the sky as well.

“You there, science dude.” Ravenclaw called out to one of the astronomers, who was younger than Gilbert, when realising he was called out he came over to the guard.

After being pointed out on what Ravenclaw saw, the young scientist looked through the scope and discovered it as well, “What do you think it is?” asked Ravenclaw.

The young astronomer begin wonder curiously, “Can’t make it out,” he said, as he returned to look through the telescope as he finished, “but it seems… something new has seemed to arrived.”

******* *******

A yellow light zoomed above a jungle until it crashed down into dirty ground with a small bang.

As the smoke from the impact slowly cleared, it was revealed that the object was a yellow brilliant-cut emerald, sparkling and glowing like the sun.

Then something, or rather someone walked up to the emerald and picked it up with its tail… that had a small hand at its end.

As the creature looked at the emerald’s beauty, he snickered with evil glee as he thought aloud, “It seems, despite the original plan with the comet, I might just get my revenge on you after all, Daring Do!”

As his various jungle cats (including a little house cat) came up to him, Ahuizotl roared with laughter as he held up the emerald, knowing that this could help him gain power to rule all.

******* *******

Outside the skirts of Trottingham, one of the objects from space fell with a bang, shaking the forest and freighting the animals that were nearby.

All was quiet for a few minutes, until a strange metal hand emerged from the ground, as it got up, it revealed itself to be a fully metal blue creature, eyes glowing evil red.

It began to look around its surroundings, wondering where it had landed, “Searching new dimension for signs of civilisation. Scanning now.” It said as it searched, soon it stopped exploring as it spotted its target, a town not far away.

“Target has been acquired.” It said, clenching its metal hands as it took off to the town ahead, “Begin search for local Doctor Eggman of this dimension, resistance will be terminated”.

******* *******

Far out to sea, what looked like a wonderful night at sea to enjoy to Aurora Comet’s passing suddenly become a storm of the unexpected for Hoofbeard and his love, Jewel the Mermare, as the captain was gaining small control of his ship when a white flash a light blinded them both.

As the light cleared, Jewel was the first to look, “Hoofbeard, you must look at this!” she said with surprise and little worry, as Hoofbeard reached the edge of the ship where the Mermare was at, after shaking off the fuzziness from his head, the captain saw what his love had discovered.

Not far away, from beyond the small, uninhabited islands, was what looked like a floating ball, which seemed to be made of metal, but to both pirate and mermare, the metal object wasn’t there before, soon Hoofbeard head back to wheel to set course for the object, Jewel swimming beside, both uncertain of what they might find.

******* *******

In the Dragon Lands, meanwhile, as the Dragons, along with the newly crowned Dragon Lord, Ember, were enjoying the site of the comet as the rest of Equestria, it startled them to see the comet exploding in front of their eyes, and the crack that began to open up.

“What’s going on?” Ember spoke aloud, as she witness the shocking development.

Filling with worry, she realized that there was one thing to do, as she looked to her sceptre and decided…

“I need to get Spike’s help!” she said to herself.

Putting on her armor, she then began her flight to Equestria, while she wanted to get the chance to meeting Spike and his pony friends again, this wasn’t quite the perfect timing, but she still need to hurry on there.

******* *******

Back in Canterlot, as she slowly got up in front of the others, Twilight saw something land nearby the entrance to the city, despite her friends and family telling her to stop, she began to fly towards the site, the other princesses following after her with the others right behind them, Discord, in the comfort of his own chair was looking forward to what was about to follow next.

Arriving outside the city, Twilight searched for what she saw land by, as she looked around, she notice a green glow at the corner of her eye, she turned and saw a small little crater, as she approached it, inside she saw a green brilliant-cut emerald, sparkling with the glow of the moon.

As the others were catching up, Princesses Celestia and Luna landed nearby to Twilight, with curious and worried looks on their faces, as Twilight hold up the emerald in her hoof.

“What do you think this is, Twilight?” asked Luna, as she and Celestia walked up to the purple Alicorn, “I don’t know…” said Twilight with worry, as she looked back down to the gem as the others arrived and said “But I think we’re about to experience something big about to come.”

As the group returned to the castle, which would be filled with worried faces, up in the sky, right where the comet was flying by, the strange crack, in the form of a smile, slowly began to get bigger…

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