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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.


When their world is being threatend by an evil Syndicate, it's up to Twilight, Rainbow, and Spike to join forces with heroes from other worlds, to save the day.

Chapters (20)
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Looks like someone made their decision in putting this Nicktoons Unit, My Little Pony: FiM, Skylanders/Spyro The Dragon, Super Mario Brothers, and Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover on this website. :twilightsmile: :rainbowdetermined2: And I still haven't givin' that second part of that/the quote yet have I?

(On DeviantART that is. :twilightsmile:)

Well. That was certainly interesting.

I'll be reading

KO when's the next chapter all this waiting is driving my imagination CRAZY.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

If I were in the same situation (before they Snuck into Canterlot Castle) as the Protagonists of this story I would of done this

Once again I would do this while swinging the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblade

First paragraph - Yeah it starts off normal

Ending of chapter - I suppose I have nothing left to do with myself this week, sooooo, BUCKLE UP BOYS, THIS'LL BE A LONG RIDE

KO awesome chapter, the final battle has arrived for our heroes as they stare at their greatest foes and will use ever strength they got to stop them and save the multiverse! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

I hope you continue this.

So Sypro is in this? Wow I wished you used the Legend of Spyro series so Sparx would make his usual crack jokes.

Would there be a sequel for this regarding "Battle for Volcano Island"? or the Olympics?

Comment posted by Stardust Pie deleted Dec 12th, 2018

“me and [insert name here]”

It should be “[insert name here] and I.”

Fun fact: I wouldn’t know about the Nicktoons Unite games if it wasn’t for this.

"Don't worry, she's the best one we have. Her code name is 'Agent Pie'.


“Wow, a secret agent," Rainbow Dash said, "I wonder who it could be?"

:facehoof: I said this for SpongeBob and I’ll say it again. Really?

"Yay, it's good to be free!" Pinkie Pie cheerfully stated while floating in midair, before she falls down and lands perfectly on her hooves. "Now let's go and the rest of the poor unfortunate souls!"

A reference to “The Little Mermaid?” Awesome! I love “Poor Unfortunate Souls!”

Mario immediately runs around with his pants on fire while screaming, "My pants are on a-fire! My underwear is on a-fire! I'm on a-fire!"

A reference to “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie?” You really know your stuff!

Meanwhile, on the ground, a changeling guard was busy explaining to a grey, blonde pegasus, named Derpy, "For the last time, we didn't order a trampoline!"

Sonic and Luigi both landed on the trampoline that the pegasus had already set up.

Sonic and Luigi were instantly flying back up and on the way, they crashed into Rainbow Dash, then Tails, Spyro, Spike, and Sparx, and they all piled onto Queen Chrysalis.

Okay, nice reference to “The Emperor’s New Grove.”

"All right then," Professor E. Gadd said with a chuckle. "We must prepare for battle. That villain Bowser may have stolen all the power-ups, but with your help, we can fight back. But first, we need to free the princess and all the Toads. We will need everybody's help to take back the Mushroom Kingdom."

Let’s just hope Peach isn’t in another castle.

"It's a trap!" Twilight yelled.

Star Wars reference!

"Looks like Dr. Eggman had been snooping through my workshop," Tails said as he takes some of the equipment and stored them in his satchel. Then he holds onto a small flash grenade as he runs toward some Broozers that were overpowering Twilight and yells, "Twilight! Close your eyes!"

Guess Eggman was snooPING AS usual this time.

"I can't!" Sonic replied. "Those X-Nauts dude placed something in my ear and….now I can't stop!"

Tails turns around to see Rainbow Dash being chained to a wall as she constantly flaps her wings and appears to be struggling to break free while she said, "One of those weirdoes placed a chip in my ear as well! Now I can't stop my wings and it feels like they're gonna fall off!"

“How to Catch a Hedgehog” reference.

Please have Shadow appear, please have Shadow appear, PLEASE HAVE SHADOW APPEAR!

"Not so good Sonic," Sally explained. "While you and Tails were away, Dr. Eggman had sent his robot armies to attack Mobotropolis. And to make matters worst, he was able to get his hands on all of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald from Knuckles and the Chaotics."

:facehoof: Seriously?!

"T-Pup doesn't get fleas," Tails said before it hits him. "Wait a minute. That's it! That must be how Dr. Eggman copied Rotor's plans for the Universe Portal Machine. He's spying on us through some kind of flea-bot! T-Pup! Run a self-diagnostic search within your systems! The flea-bot is likely to be a Parasitic Nanobot!"

*cough cough* Sonic Boom. *cough cough*

Hearing that, T-Pup whimpered as he hid under a table. Tails defended the robot dog as he continued to explain, "I don't think it will come to that. We can transport ourselves into T-Pup by using the P.L.O.T.(Particle-to-Light Organizer & Transporter) Device. Once we capture the Fleabot, we can trace its signal back to Dr. Eggman lair."

Oh, I get it! “Plot device!” :rainbowlaugh:

"No way, Dash!" Twilight exclaimed. "We didn't came all this way to leave you behind! We're all in this together!"

Cue High School Musical jokes.

"Now, prepare to be devoured by my Doom Sharks!" Kaos hollered dramatically, as he conjures several chomping shark heads, and sic them on Spyro. In retaliation, Spyro dodged all of the sharks, as he continues to breath fire after Kaos. "You fight well, Spyro," Kaos smirked. "But now, this is where it ends, for you are about to feel the wrath of my PLUNGER OF DOOM!!!" With that, Kaos pulled out what appeared to be a simple plunger, causing the rest of the Syndicates to fall flat on their faces, incredulous. Even Spyro and Sparx find it hard to be intimidated.

Was that a reference to Nicktoons Unite: Globs of Doom?

"Don't be so sure, Sonic!" Dr. Eggman spatted, as he pressed a button. "Prepare to be destroyed by Burnbot!" With that, a huge robot appeared, wielding a pair of large pincer-shaped claws.

“So what?" Sonic asked. "Is he going to destroy us with flamethrowers or something?"

Dr. Eggman paused, "Flamethrowers? Well, uh, no..."

"Oh, I know! Acid?" Tails spoke.

"Incinerators? Or grenades?" Sparx asked.

"No, no, no, no, his claws! His claws!" Dr. Eggman answered. "Very painful claws!" With that, the robot demonstrated by snapping its claws together.

“Then you should've called him Clawbot!" Sonic replied. "Or Veloci-razor! Or Pincetron 9000," He continued, much to Dr. Eggman's humiliation and frustration. "But Burnbot? Really? That's just false advertising-"

"I name the robot you moronic hedgehog!" Dr. Eggman shouted. "Burnbot! ATTACK!!" With that, Burnbot leaped into the fray, as it extended its giant claws out on long black cable-like wires, as it relentlessly struggles to land a sharp strike on Sonic. Sonic, nevertheless, was able to outrun the robot, before it was jumped on by Tails, who managed to pry its main control features open.

Nice reference to Sonic Boom season 1, episode 1, “The Sidekick!” That show got me in the Sonic fandom in the first place.

One Friendships Unite fanfic down, three more to go! I have an idea for the next one: Friendships Unite: Battle for Angel Island! But this time, Twilight should be an Alicorn.

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