• Published 17th May 2016
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Equestrian Adventures - Turbo the Brony

An event of the Aurora Comet goes astra as it results in Sonic, his friends and enemies to get wrapped into Equestria! Thus a new adventure begins...

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Space Showdown

“This World and Dr. Eggman’s world exists in separate dimensions. Each of us can think of the other as what is known as a “Parallel universe.” What makes this possible is this so-called “Power of the Stars.”” – Eggman Nega

Meanwhile in Another World, in Another Universe… at the Same Moment…

High above the planet Earth, somewhere in space, all is quiet and still, however all the peacefulness was cut short as a huge space fleet hovers above the planet, ready for attack.

Once again, the evil mad scientist, Dr. Eggman, was once again preparing to conquer the world and build his Eggman Emipire, which he dubs as Eggmanland, where he would be crowned emperor.

Along with him was his trusty, though sometimes unworthy lackeys, Orbot and Cubot, watching as their boss prepared to attack, though they knew a certain blue hedgehog would stop him eventually…

As the mad doctor laughed, both triumphal and madly, censors began to go off rapidly as the villain stopped to look what was happening, then, he spotted it... he was here!

On the nose of his command ship, an explosion had concurred, and a familiar enemy was right in front of it, a teenage hedgehog, in full true blue fur and wearing red-with-white striped shoes, looking up to the bridge where Eggman would be, he then smirked as Egg Pawns and Egg Fighters, of different sizes and colours, appeared, preparing to attack the intruder, and the cannons of the ship begin to lock on to their target.

With one wave on command, Dr. Eggman gave the order, “FIRE!!” he cried and the cannons began their shooting.

Sonic began to zoom forwards, dodging the fire shots made by the cannons, as he approached the first wave of defence, he jumped and did several homing shots on some of Eggman’s army.
During this, he dodged everything the robot arm could throw at him, their jousts and gun fires, even some tried to grab him or punch him, but they were no match for the fastest thing alive.

The hedgehog began to do the same treatment on the second wave, of course this became tricky as bigger Egg Pawns and Egg Fighters were getting in his way.

Suddenly two more figures shot through and helped Sonic get to his enemy, one was another hedgehog, only it was a girl, with pink fur, a cute dress and carrying her trusty Piko piko hammer, it was Amy Rose, Sonic’s self-proclaimed girlfriend, ready to once again fight by her crush’s side.

The second was a red echidna, with a shape attitude and spikes and his gloves, which helped him do even more damage, this was Knuckles the Echidna, one of Sonic’s buddies and rivals, and boy was he ticked, for earlier he learned that Eggman had took the Master Emerald once again, and was determined to get it back to its rightful place.

More gun fire was being made, but not by Eggman’s forces, but from Sonic’s allies, the first batch of fire power was made by Tails, Sonic’s best friend and adoptive brother, flying a special space shuttle for Sonic and his friends and allies, the same one that was used during the Black Arm invasion.

Inside the shuttle, also accompanying the two tailed fox was Cream the Rabbit and her Chao friend, Cheese, Big the Cat with his little pal, Froggy, Rouge the Bat, Team Chaotix and Marine the Racoon, the seven of them watching as Cream, Cheese, Charmy and Marine cheered for Sonic.

The second wave of fire power was by E-123 Omega, the last of the E-series and now a member of Team Dark, Omega was still ready to get some payback for the doctor to keeping him in storage for so long.

Now on to their fifth line of defence, the Sonic Heroes looked from left to right as explosions were being made as well, not by them, but by more allies.

On the right was Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic’s rival and the Ultimate Lifeform who was created by Eggman’s grandfather, Proffesor Gerald Robotnik, and sworn to protect the planet from Eggman’s schemes alomg with Sonic.

While on the left, a ball of fire was bouncing off from robots to cannons, resulting both to explode after contact, the fire ball was actually Blaze, a princess from another dimension who has helped Sonic before.

Also from the left, a whitish gray hedgehog was using his psychic powers to send robots flying into each other, this was Silver the Hedgehog, a time travelling hero who would come to help Sonic at times of need.

Earlier back, the Sonic heroes had learned that Eggman was planning a full scale invasion from space, with his entire space armada and ultimate weapon, the Death Egg, which was discovered to be recreated, Sonic and Tails agreed that was going to take a full hit-team to stop the mad doctor this time.

During which they recruited their friends, Amy, Knuckles, Cream and Big, called for help from Teams Dark and Chaotix, and gained accompany in the form of Blaze, Marine and Silver, also to help out from Earth, they asked Shade, the newest member of the Sonic heroes following the Nocturnas Clan invasion, the Babylon Rouges, though Wave wanted to stay with Shade, so she can learn all about Nocturnas tech (she even had to force Jet and Storm to help her out, instead of joining the fight), and Gemerl, Cream the Rabbit’s guardian angel in the form of a Gizoid, who would be called, along with the Babylon Rogues, to come up for support.

As the six fighters and air support were closing in, Eggman finally arrived, now in his latest mech-suit ever, which looked like combo between the Doctor’s old machines, the Egg King and Egg Dragoon (due to the body being like the earlier, while part of the top was like the latter), being piloted by Sonic’s arch-enemy and his lackeys.

“You guys take care of Eggman’s toys, Shadow, Silver, Blaze and I will deal with the big cheese!” called out Sonic, giving out the call to the others.

“Got it!” everyone cried, as the three hedgehogs and cat princess charged towards Eggman, while Knuckles, Amy, Tails and Omega finished cleaning up the mess (as in destroy all of Eggman’s army), though as that happened, Amy sneakily followed after her crush.

Dr. Eggman began firing, from the top part of the mech, trying to get a hit on his hated enemy, but as well as he knows, the hedgehog was to fast for the ammo to hit.

As Sonic kept dodgeing the attacks, Silver noticed that the shots were getting close to catching on the Blue Blur, whistling to the Speedster, who looked at time traveller, Silver prepared to give Sonic a psychic boost, which Sonic nodded to agreement.

Just in time, as Silver used his telekinesis, Sonic crouched to the ground then jumped up as fast as he could, resulting a perfect high boost jump as the shots missed again.

Eggman growled at this, “Why you little…” he grunted as he was then cut off by Sonic’s spin dash, which caused him to bounce of the cockpit, then speeded up the side of the doctor’s ship as he run on its side.

The mad scientist turned around, and activated the missiles, which were now charging after Sonic as he ran, blow after blow, missiles kept missing the hedgehog but aimed well on the bridge, much to Eggman’s chagrin, it went worse for him as Amy and Knuckles began to attack the cockpit as well, and Shadow, Silver and Blaze followed after Sonic, destroying the last few missiles as they went.

While dealing with the attackers, Eggman launched one the mech’s huge hands, going after the others, “You’re not getting away that easily!” Eggman shouted as he fired the arm.

Meanwhile, the Sonic and the others were almost safe from Eggman’s attacks until they spotted the giant hand, running as fast they could, they tried to avoid capture.

But it was to late! The hand managed to grab hold of the four and was shot back to its base, the four captives saw that Eggman managed to get hold of Amy and Knuckles too.

The mad doctor grinned evilly, believing that he won, as he stared down at his four captives, who were struggling to get out.

The captive four looked up to him, and suddenly, Sonic smirked a grin, and turned his head to the others, who nodded with him in agreement on what they were up to.

They then closed their eyes and focused on their power, and suddenly, 14 gems magically appeared, they were the seven Chaos Emeralds and seven Sol Emeralds, all gathered by the heroes for the last resort for the fight.

Eggman and his cronies watched with shock, with Eggman saying a small confused “What?” as he looked, the other giant hand tried to trap the four, but it was too late.

A giant flash a cured, with an explosion of the two hands following it, for floating in the air, revealed that the four captives had gained their super forms: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver and Burning Blaze.

The explosion caused the mech to jolt, which caused the small hands to let go of the other two captives, as they flung off, Super Sonic was able to catch Amy, now carrying her in a bridal style, and Super Silver grabbing hold of Knuckles, soon, while making sure the rescued captives were holding on tight for protection, the super formed heroes charged straight at the mech, causing it begin to explode on different parts and fall apart at the same time.

As the supers turned to get after him, Eggman, with no time to see if he or his goons were secure, ejected from the head base of the mech “Uh-oh, time to go-oh! Whaooooooo!!” the doctor cried as the latter was due to him accelerating to fast and the ride getting bumpy, trying to get away Sonic and the others.

As the heroes gave chase through the ship, in the Egg Mobile, Orbot got out a communicator to give out the command, “Close Door Hanger 1!” he cried, as the door behind the baddies closed shut.


The supers crashed through the door.

“Close Door Hanger 2!”



“Door Hanger 3!”



Not standing to this, Eggman to the communicator from Orbot and shouted out the quickest order, “CLOSE THEM ALL! CLOSE THEM ALL!” he shouted, as the all doors closed behind the mobile, just as the supers burst through them seconds later.

As both heroes and villains rocketed through, due to the fighting ealier and the power the super formed heroes, the command ship began to get destroyed and sink, soon, both the supers and air force rocketed through the armada, chasing after Eggman while destroying some of the battleship along the way.

It was like a combo of New Years and 4th of July fireworks.

Soon, the heroes were getting close to their destination: the Death Egg. The heroes then spotted the obese enemy heading on up to the control tower (which was also the a bit used as a throne room for Eggman when he felt like a king), so while Tails prepared find a place land or park the ship, the supers charged through the whole Death Egg, bursting through each floor they went.

Inside, the Egg Mobile managed to get in the tower, but was bouncing a bit of the tube walls, soon the pod made it to the control room, only to eject the three villains out unexpectedly, and crash to the floor.

Suddenly, the floor burst open and the supers, along with Knuckles and Amy, had finally confronted their archenemy, determined and/or serious looks on their faces.

“S-s-Sonic!” said a pretty scared Eggman, worried for what they were going to do to him, he then got on his knees as the heroes landed in front of him and his robot lackeys.

“L-look, go easy on this, you lot! Listen, I’m sorry for backstabbing you before! I’ll be a good little egg for you! I’ll reform! For real! I-I’ll turn over a new leaf, I swear!! Just give me chance! Puh-leeeeeaasse!!” Eggman whimpered as he begged for mercy.

“Hmm, good begging, but I don’t think it will win he an Oscar for best acting.” Orbot whispered behind his boss to Cubot, who nodded in agreement, and luckily for them Eggman was to busy begging to hear them.

After hearing this plea, Sonic chuckled a little, “Wow… pretty not bad begs, Eggman. But you know the drill, call quits and we can fight another time.”

Knuckles, having let go of Silver, then spoke up, cracking his namesakes, “All right, Doc, why don’t you hand over the Master Emerald as well while you’re at it.” Eggman nodded rapidly while still begging for mercy.

Sonic then held out a walkie-talkie and spoke through it to his buddy, “Tails,” he spoke “you can prepare the victory party, Eggman’s toys are broken and all is well.”

“10-4, Sonic.” Tails’ voice replied, as the ship was still circling the base, Cream, Big, Marine and Charmy cheering through one of the windows.

Shadow then looked to Eggman, “’Humph’, this was just lade back, I was expecting more from you Doctor, but you just went ahead and cower instead, pathetic,” he complained to him, then turned to leave as he said “do something even more of a challenge for me next time.”

Silver and Blaze, on the other hand, were getting a bit suspicious, why would Eggman surrender when they made mince meat on most the space armada, but not use his Death Egg?

“This seems to easy.” Silver whispered to Blaze, who nodded in agreement.

“Yes,” she said, “Something is not right.”

Eggman, still grabbling, began to whimper a bit, “I know when I’m defeated…” he said, as the Sonic began to turn to leave with Shadow.

Sonic then waved to his enemy, walking away as he spoke, “Yeah, it’s a bit of a hobby, but we know how it goes. See you next scheme, Baldy McNosehair!”

Unaware to the six, as Sonic spoke, Eggman, while still begging, slowly moved his right hand under him, and then slowly brought it back out while no one was looking, which in his hand was device in the shape of thick board pen with button on it.

As he got it out, Eggman’s face slowly changed from a scared and begging look to a sinister and evil smile as he continued to say “…and its not going to be today! Gotcha!!” with that, he pressed the button.

Hearing the last bit sentence too late, the four supers, Knuckles and Amy quickly turned their heads to the insane scientist, as that happened, a containment field was activated, trapping the four super formed heroes in it with electric beams holding them still, but also slowly giving them small bits of pain as well.

Knuckles, Amy and even Orbot and Cubot were shocked at what has happened, the earlier getting grabbed by two Egg Pawns, who were teleported right behind them with the rest, as this happened, the mad genies began to laugh insanely, as he was then brought into a control centre that was being formed behind him, his Egg Mobile now connected into it, Sonic and the others, meanwhile, were being stripped from their super forms, painfully by the energy field, while simultaneously robbing them of both Chaos and Sol Emeralds.

Outside the base, Tails and the others saw what looked like flashes of light as they discovered something must have happened to Sonic and the others, activating his communicator again, Tails, beginning to get worried, began to communicate the others, “Guys, can you hear me?” Tails called through the radio “We’re seeing strange flashes that have suddenly appeared inside where you are! What’s going on? What’s happening to Sonic and the others?!”

Sadly, for Tails, no one was responding due Amy and Knuckles getting caught, before they could get to radio that Sonic had dropped before he got contained, suddenly a wall of energy blasted Sonic and the others out of the field, now to weak to fight and trying to regain their strength. They looked up to see that the Master Emerald was being lowered down as it joined to the other fourteen emeralds.

Eggman’s second wave of laughter brought everyone’s attention to him as they lost focus on the emeralds, “Oh, this is too good to be true. And its not even my birthday, with all the pieces coming together, we can then begin the next phase of the plan!” Eggman said as he watched the Emeralds powering up… what ever it was he was planning to do.

Sonic’s face then turned from shocked to angered as to what has happened, “What do you think doing, Eggman!?” shouted Sonic, as he couldn’t believe that he fell for the same mercy routine twice.

Suddenly another voice was heard, it sounded like Eggman, except it was a little high pitched, “What we’re doing is something that have tried before, and got so close to fulfilling it.” Sonic and the others turned to a shadowy corner as the saw two figures appear from the shadows, one of them that Sonic, Blaze, Shadow and Silver had encountered before.

The figure looked a lot like Eggman, but his moustache was grey, had different goggles and glasses, with a black lab jacket and red pants, it was Eggman Nega, the insane alternate Eggman from the future, next to him was a robot that looked identical to Sonic, for it was the deadly Metal Sonic, who had returning to his master’s side.

“Dr. Nega?!” Silver and Blaze shouted, shocked to see their old enemy again, the earlier continuing “But, you were trapped back in the Ifrit’s dimension when the portal closed!”

Eggman Nega stroked his moustache as he grinned widely, “Oh, I was, until one of Eggman’s earlier plans which involved that Time Eater (which also back fired in his face) caused time-space to wibble wobble a bit as the portal reopened, and allowed me to escape from being the beast’s meal.” He then sat into the bottom control panel, right below Eggman’s, standing up as he continued.

“Sometime later, Eggman told about a cunning plan, which was to refreshing a original one that Sonic would know, which also involves the emeralds and this!” Nega snapped his fingures when he said those last worlds, an Egg Pawn then walked up to him, holding something in his hands, when Eggman Nega grabbed it and showed it to their prisoners, Blaze was shocked to what she saw.

“The Jeweled Scepter!” she gasped, as Eggman Nega hold the staff triumphal in his hand, she then began to remember and piece together what plan Eggman meant, “Wait a minute,” she said, nearly putting together the pieces, “are you about to…”

Before she could finish, a light of multicolour began to glow outside, drawing everyone’s attention to what they saw.

Outside was a comet, not far from the Death Egg and most of the Space fleet wreckage, and it was releasing a huge aurora above the planet, Eggman began to grin at this and then turned to his lackeys.

“Orbot, prepare the trans-dimensional buffer! Cubot, turn on the extraction ray!” he ordered, the henchbots, who were still shocked about the turn of events, quickly snapped back to what was happening and did what was told.

Soon, Eggman Nega sent the Jeweled Sceptre through a teleporter tube, which transport it to the face of the space station, and was grabbed by a metal hand, meanwhile a huge device was being opened up via the nose as it transformed into a laser cannon, the metal hand connecting the sceptre on tip of the nose cannon, the others in the rocket witness this as well, Tails saw this, remembering a bit of when Sonic mentioned that Eggman used a Chaos energy cannon, and was trying to figure a way in to help Sonic.

Back inside, the two Eggmen were preparing for what they planned next, with their enemies too weak from the energy extraction, not even Sonic could probably stop them.

“Cubot,” ordered Eggman, “lock on to the comet.” Cubot, along with Orbot and the heroes, thought that Eggman had finally flipped, and tried to reason with the doctor.

“But boss,” he said in his original voice “are you sure it’s a good idea, what with the planet bel-?”

“NOW!!” interrupted Eggman, wanting to get the party started right away.

As the target was locked on, Sonic began to get a crazy sense of déjà vu, Eggman used a cannon like this to awaken Dark Gaia, but this it was locked on to a comet, and he bet that the mad doctor made an energy wave to kick him and others out of the energy field, not wanting to make the same mistake as before, his thoughts were cut off as Eggman was again laughed, like he was ready to fire the cannon.

“Whoo-Hoo-hoo-hoo!! Oh, this finally my waking hour!” cried Eggman triumphal, soon, with his finger in the air, ready to press the very button, and Sonic and others weakened and powerless, the insane doctor brought his hand down as he gave out the horrifying command as slammed on the button, “FIRE!!”

As that happened, the cannon fired the laser, made out what looked like both positive and negative Chaos energy, the Sonic looked on as it struck the target.


There was a small bright flash as that happened, so bright, Orbot, Cubot, Metal Sonic and two or three Egg Pawns put on sunglasses (while one took a photo shot), then as the light cleared, everyone looked to the comet, they noticed that the aurora was slowly wavering, also seemed to show little bits of negative dark colours for few seconds, then, from the rocket, everyone watched as the Jewelled Sceptre (still connected to the tip of the cannon) began to glow with power, as it began to absorb the energy from the comet.

“Hello? Can anyone hear me? Knuckles, what we just picked up some strange energy readings at HQ, what’s happening up there?” called Shade, only for no one to answer as they continued to look in awe at what they were seeing.

As the heroes watched, Eggman began to laugh even more until he spoke, “Success, an incredible success! Its just as the legends had foretold, the legend that when looking closely at the auroras of the comet, you can be able to see into other dimensions and gain the abilities to travel between them! Now that the Death Egg is gaining the energy, we will then become rulers of all worlds! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!” the mad scientist said as he let out an insane laugh, knowing that he and his partner in crime were about to gain infinite power.

“Of all the times… the more twisted your plans become… this is going to far, Eggman!” shouted Sonic, getting angered at how more would the doctor’s plan get more insane.

“But what are they after?” asked Amy, Blaze then turned to her, getting worried about her sense of déjà vu as well.

“They are gaining a powerful source, known as the Power of the Stars, which is responsible for the existence of parallel worlds, like mine!” explained Blaze.

While they were talking, both Eggmen were getting giddy with excitement, as the Power of the Stars was about to be theirs once more, “Now,” said Eggman Nega, “its time to activate the trans-dimensional portal and buffer, so our multi-world conquest can begin!” he then prepared to press the big red button surrounded by yellow and black warning stripes, but Eggman halted him.

“Hold on, Nega,” he said, “we need to wait until the device is fully charged, and it is at 75% at the moment.”

Sonic, meanwhile, began to get up and get a little of his strength back, but he then began to think with worry on how to stop the energy harvest, he then looked at the emeralds, then thought of one thing to do, though Shadow and Knuckles might not like it.

“There’s no way that it’s going to end like this!” he shouted to the mad scientists, which everyone turned to him as he continued, “And I’m not going to let you get away with this either!” he then sprinted fast to energy field, which shocked Eggman, realising what he was going to do.

“Egg Pawns!” he commanded to the other Egg Pawns that were in the room, “stop him! Don’t let him get to Emeralds!” the robots obeyed and tried to slow him down, but Sonic was able to dodge them and home attack them with ease, soon he made a leap into the field, while he was suffering static pain, he was trying to get close to one of the Emeralds.

“Power drainage at 90%, boss.” Orbot explained to his creator, but Eggman was busy looking at Sonic, only for it to be cut off as Eggman Nega shouted out the command to early.

“Trans-dimensional jump warp, activate!!” the counterpart shouted with triumph, though Eggman was shocked, angered and panicking to be happy.

“NO YOU FABRICATED FOOL!!” he shouted loudly, but it was too late.

As Eggman Nega pressed the button, at the same time, Sonic shouted out a command of his own, one that was familiar to his friends, “CHAOS CONTROL!” he cried out, suddenly a huge white flash engulfed the room.

Sonic, meanwhile, suddenly began to see visions of another world, one different his own, one showed him what looked like a purple unicorn with wings, another was two more winged unicorns, one white with a rainbow mane and older raising the sun, the youngest, blue with a magical night-time like mane, lifting the moon, the next vision was the purple winged unicorn, now surrounded by five ponies, two regular earth ponies, two with wings and a unicorn, all happy to be together, then it showed a strange mix-and-match creature laughing evilly, six magical objects, five looking like necklaces and the sixth, a crown, a vision of him and Amy meeting the three winged unicorns with a fourth, a pink one, with the purple’s companions, four little fillies, two earth ponies, a Pegasus and a unicorn, a small dragon, a male orange Pegasus and a white male unicorn, wolves made of wood and an empire which had ponies made of crystals.

Other visions he saw were of an evil shadowy fog with green evil eyes, six teenage girls confronting a female demon, a strange crystal tree, weird insect like ponies surrounding him, his friends and the six ponies and dragon, the purple alicorn fighting what looked liked a centaur, Metal Sonic attacking a city, and the last vision revealing an evil smiling face, reaching out to what looked like a chunk of a rainbow rock.

Following the visions, Sonic was blasted back by a wave of energy, crashing back on the ground, lying on his stomach, as Amy (who got free of her captor during the wave blast) rushed over to her love, warning lights begin to flash for alert.

The only one who wasn’t paying attention to what happened to his enemy was Eggman, who was furious at his decendant, “You idiot!” he shouted with rage, “I told you not to activate the trans-dimensional buffer until it was fully ready!!” but as he ranted at Eggman Nega, no one in the Death Egg (except for those in the rocket) noticed a belching beam (made by the early activation of the buffer and Sonic’s Chaos Control) reversing into the energy being gained by the aurora of the comet, resulting a huge beam reversing back to its source… the Comet.

As it struck the comet, everyone in the Death Egg turned to what they saw, leaving them shocked, the as the beam hit, the comet suddenly began to crack, until more of them began to appear, then before they knew it, a bright flash and explosion caused them to shield their eyes.

Looking back, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Eggman stared in horror as they discovered that the comet exploded, but it was about to get worst.

When at least suspected and beyond impossibility, what looked like a smiling crack appeared, and it began to open wide, as it did, the remaining space fleet and the Sonic Heroes’ rocket realise they where beginning to get sucked in, along with the few remains of the comet.

Tails tried to fight the vacuum of the crack, but during the tug-o-war, the ship slowly began to rip apart, causing few of the passengers to fly out of the several holes in the ship.

As the suction got stronger, even the Death Egg was slowly being pulled into the abyss; the glass of the control tower suddenly began to crack itself, the it broke, the suction of space sent the emeralds flying out the window, along with Knuckles, Blaze, Metal Sonic and several of the Egg Pawns.

Eggman, meanwhile, was fully prepared and abandoned ship when he notice the crack sucking his armada in, so, leaving his arch-enemy and mad descendant to their ends, Eggman quickly escape in his upgraded Death Egg Robot, along with Orbot and Cubot, but as they tried to escape, they too realised that they were losing to the crack’s pull.

With Omega, he tried to fight back the vortex pull while firing at debris that coming at him, he was almost close to winning until one wreckage piece crashed into him, sending into the crack.

As the tower broke off the Death Egg, Shadow and Eggman Nega were thrown out as well, the Jewelled Sceptre was yanked off the nose cannon and the Master Emerald pulled out as well, only Sonic and Amy were able to hold on for much longer, until they too were sent flying.

As the victims were sent flying out of control, Sonic and the others were trying to find something to hold on to, however, despite their might, they kept spinning out of control, all around them, several of the armada kept crashing into each other, resulting debris to be sent flying and several explosions to occur.

Sonic, meanwhile, saw Amy, despite flying away, trying to reach him, resulting Sonic to try and grab her before he lost her to the debris, luckily, Sonic was able to grab hold of Amy’s hand as they tumbled out of orbit.

For the Jewelled Sceptre and Master Emerald, both of them suddenly shattered into pieces, scattering across space as were pulled into the crack.

“Sonic! Knuckles! Can anyone ---- me?! Wha------ up there? What is -----? We’re losing---, repeat ---- signal!” all Sonic and Tails in the shuttle could hear was Shade trying to contact the team, but due to what was happening, there wasn’t a good signal, “Hello ---- respond, I repeat, please ---” once again the call fell on death ears as Sonic and his friends and enemies were screaming with panic, fear and worry as they hurtled into the abyss.

Soon, a final burst of whiteness flashed in space, until finally as it cleared, the Death Egg and several of the space fleet had vanished, down on the planet, Shade, having finally regaining signal, was trying to get response, but still it was on death ears.

“Hello, Sonic, we just regained working order at control, what just happened at your end?”





“Can you hear me up there? Anyone, please respond.”


“Hello… can anyone read me…?”


“Somebody? Anybody?!”

Still no respond.

But not far from the wreckage of some of the space fleet, high above the planet, in space, though seeming impossible, a huge crack, in the form of a smile, shined brightly above the world…

And it was slowly growing bigger…

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