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In the adventure in which Lily Longsocks received her super strength she met a stallion sized, red dragon who, for some reason unknown to her, hated ponies. While they parted on relatively good terms she believed that she would never see him again. After all he hated ponies and wanted to stay away from them and Lily had no reason to travel back into the Everfree forest. This, however, is not the case. He needs her help and is willing to venture into pony territory for it. What begins as a single dragon seeking help despite his hatred of ponies may lead to reconciliation between ponies and Everfree Forest dragons... or not. Time will tell.
Third in the How Lily got her creepy super strength series. While the second story is not as important to this plot you may want to read the first story in order to understand this one better.

Chapters (16)
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Clever riddle their. the answer is the letter 'e'. Where is the riddle from, because I know I have heard this one somewhere else before.

7309239 I have heard is before from a few different places but I don't know it's origins.

Nice. I think you write for Zecora as well as anyone I've read, very nice. You still need a proof reader, but you are definitely getting better at proofing your own copy. Please write on, I'll be reading.

7434603 Thank you. Zecora can be hard into a story. I'll try hard not to disappoint you.

7436137 I love Zecora, and I hate to write for her. In one story I had the bad guys dose her with tainted honey (from LS Bees) to excuse how badly I write her. Next time I need Zecora I may contract out all her dialogue to you.

7436249 Well, if you ever need me I'll try my best. Sometimes it can be hard to get her to say exactly what you want her to without being vague since everything must be a rhyme near rhyme but then English language usually has a lot of choices.

This was a delightfully humorous chapter. I can totally imagine taking place in a actual episode.

7616712 Thank you. I try to keep as close to the MLP world as I can.

Leftfang went with Lily to the edge of two where he home was as Twilight waived goodbye.

That looks seriously garbled.

7824076 Oops! A few typos there. Thank you for pointing it out.

If Lily Longsocks was voiced, what would she sound like?

8117637 It's something that I've wondered too and it may happen considering that Hasbro has given voices to background characters before.

I am really enjoying things from you Leftfang perspective. :pinkiehappy: Ponyville is a really a crazy place. Excepting but, crazy.:twilightoops:

Ponies are weird. Yes, yes they are.:rainbowhuh:

Very interesting backstory. :twilightsmile: I am lookingforward to how you handle bringing two civilization that had a bad history back together and repair there shaded past. Hopefully Flim and Flam won't cause to many:twilightoops: problems.

I agree with the aurthor's notes. :fluttercry:

8205359 Ponies are crazy and weird but that's why we love them. :pinkiehappy: Every time I see characters breaking out in song, especially when crowds join in I can't but wonder what that would be like in real life. Imagine looking out your window on a regular basis to see people dancing around singing about something random. :rainbowlaugh:

Go Lily, :flutterrage: get them varmints. Give them a good butt woopen:ajsmug: I Lily can get things straight between dragons and ponies. :fluttercry: I really enjoyed them getting along before Flim and Flam messed everything up.:flutterrage: I think if the ponies act swiftly to take care of bad apples then maybe the dragons will be more okay with ponies because even if there are those that cause trouble, they will have show they can take care of it. :rainbowderp:

They would act swiftly but the anger from dragons doing so. of course no one thought about Lily and her super strength.
Though if you’ve noticed, Flim and Flam aren’t the only bad apples. Green Claw also does not want things to work out between dragons and ponies. You’ll see in future chapters.

I love it when Lily uses her wits instead of her strength to solve problems. This was a wonderful use of reverse psychology, like Braer Rabbit's "Please don't throw me in the briar patch!"

The medalions remind me of the Hubcaps of Shame from the Knights of the Dinner Table comics.

Me too and from what I read of the comments on the first story I realized that that was what people seem to love about her.

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