• Published 16th Jun 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Zero: Discorded Ponies - Alex Warlorn

A look into the hearts of the ponies as they were corrupted by Discord one by one. The beginning.

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I don't know how long it's been now. Master Discord sometimes messes with my perception of time. Sometimes it feels like eons, and others -if I didn't have clear memories of LiarJack's little sister growing up and dying of old age (after Scootaloo died as an adult mare defying master) I'd think it all happened yesterday. The Elements of Chaos seem to have rendered us immortal.

Master Discord has no need for servants, minions or slaves, but he keeps us around anyway.

Liarjack is almost the only one of us who seems to remember how things were before . . . everything began.

She smiles and tells me that everything was rigidly frozen with order before Master Discord took 'control.' That nothing and no one ever changed, the world was caught in a predictable monotone cycle.

I'm relatively certain she's lying, it's hard to tell though, she's gotten much better since things began. I know she's only saying it though so I don't get upset, so I'm not angry and I'm glad she's willing to lie for my sake.

I sometimes go into a daze and wander the palace aimlessly until I somehow end up in the gallery. Nothing is ever the same once, except the statues in the middle: a solid gold statue of a large Alicorn that shines like the sun, and a smaller silver one that simmers like the moon.

I don't understand why, but I always end up crying while looking at them. FlutterCruel thinks I need to grow up, of course Rarigreed doesn't care, Angry Pie is always asking what I'm crying over, Liarjack just says I'm crying because the statues are so beautiful, Traitor Dash always begins to tell me something, then stops before saying anything meaningful.

By that time, I have to feed and wash Spike. It takes a long time since he's so big, and Master Discord is always riding him around like Spike was a party horse for fun. It always leaves Spike so tired.

Rarigreed is always in her bedroom, or storage room for her 'jewels': they're about the same thing. She's always so dirty, her coat is practically matted with dust from her collection and digging up more to add to it.

She rubs herself against the rocks and stones in her room the way you would a lover. She has rooms full of the things, it's a wonder they haven't fallen over and crushed her. She's always getting more.

She venomously insists they're diamonds rubies, emeralds, what-have-you. We're all sure she's quite crazy.

Liarjack spends the most time with her, always complimenting how 'beautiful' Rarigreed's collection is, and asking finer details about them. Rarigreed is happy to comply and goes on for hours about her 'treasures.'

Rarigreed's caretaker used to be a white unicorn with a cutie mark for singing until the sweet mare died of old age.

Angry Pie once said they were just 'dumb rocks.' Rarigreed gave her a broken jaw. Traitor Dash said that was the first time Rarigreed had given -anything- in a long time. I can't remember when Rarigreed has given away anything ever.

Liarjack told Rarigreed Angry Pie was just seeing things and of course her treasure weren't rocks, there was no reason to be upset or unhappy.

Whatever you do, don't laugh around Angry Pie, it'll be the last mistake you make. Just take a look at at the fully grown alligator skin on her wall to know what I mean.

She almost seems to hunt down ponies, Dragons, diamond dogs, Griffons, Zebras, -anything- that laughs. Master Discord approves.

Master once laughed near her, she reacted naturally . . . mercifully all she got was a limp for the rest of her life. Hasn't slowed her down one bit.

Don't ask what FlutterCruel does, you don't want to know.

Traitor Dash is always trying to protect or save ponies who get in the way of Master's games. Strangely she always ends up having to let one suffer to save another, master oddly laughs harder during those games.

There's this one pegasus who walks around the palace each day, her wings don't seem to work right, or her legs for that matter. Her eyes always looking in different directions. She has a pale blond mane and a gray coat, but then again all ponies have gray shades to their colors.

She starts out each day as a fillie too small for a cutie mark then by the time she finishes a full circle for the day, she's so old that you'd think it was only force of will keeping her heart pumping.

She's always carrying a unicorn filly shaped muffin on her back. Keeping it safe from hungry birds. She speaks to it. "No please, she's my muffin, she's my baby, sneeze don't!" She rambles, she doesn't seem to even notice when I try to speak to her. She's always counting down a number of laps each day, telling the muffin everything will be okay once she's done them all. Last I check she was down to only eight quad trillion. "He promised, he promised, you'll be okay, as soon we finish Dinky, he promised, you'll be you."

This pale blue unicorn with a magic wand cutie mark wandered into the palace once, she was older than old, practically skin and bones. None of the others gave her much mind but me, LJ, and Traitor Dash. LJ just told her sweet nothing that made her smile though I didn't hear them. Traitor Dash looked like she had seen a ghost. She looked at me almost intensely, trying to recall something, as if we had met before. But the look of recognition faded from her eyes and she left the palace never having once raised her head or spoken a word.

Despite Liarjack's best efforts, I sadly found out she died of a heart attack soon after and Traitor Dash and LJ buried her body on the palace grounds. Kinder than letting Master reanimate her corpse and send it to eat the brains of who she had loved most in life. Wouldn't be the first time that happened to an unburied body. Applebloom had had to defend herself from her own husband's zombie.

About once a week or so (it's hard to tell) Traitor Dash shows up in my bedroom after 'midnight' (not that night and day really exist anymore, you expect a world run by master to -make sense-?).

She just shows up unannounced at the end of my bed unnoticed when I'm not looking. Glancing at the two house plants I keep but I can't remember why they're so important to me that I keep them watered and in the sun.

I've long since stopped asking questions when she begins speaking.

"Twilight Tragedy," She begins saying my name. "Master promised he'd put everything back the way it was before, -everything!- Every detail, every memory: except mine . . . all," Dash began to tear up, "All I need to do," She hiccuped, "Is murder the pony I care about the most!" She breaks down sobbing, hugging me. "I can't do it Twilight! I want AJ to be honest again! I want Pinkie to laugh again! I want Rarity to be sane again! I want Fluttershy to be FLUTTERSHY again! But . . but . . I CAN'T DO IT! It's for the sake of everypony, it's for the sake of everything! But I can't kill my best friend . . . I'm .. . I've always thought I was strong, ya know, deep down . . . I'm not . . I'm weak . . . I'm a traitor . . . I'm a traitor . .. I'm a traitor . . ." She falls asleep in my forelegs.

I wonder about it the next morning, the layout of the palace having changed again, as usual. I wonder what Dash meant in earnest, confused on how she described the others.

Then in all comes back like a crack of thunder. I remember! I remember! Celestia! Luna! Mom! Dad! All of us! This is wrong! This can't be real! It isn't real!

I use my horn to guide me! I'll cure them! I'll lead them! I won't fail! I can't fail! I mustn't fail! Blood pumps through me as I feel my colors returning to me after too long! If I can wake up then so can everyone!

I think about where everyone normally is, Pinkie Pie is closest! I'll start with her!

Discord appears out of the blue before me before I've made it five steps. I draw in power ready for the fight of my life and . . . he snaps his fingers and the worlds turn gray in my eyes again.

"Oh Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. My little Twilight Tragedy. You forget each time. The only reason you ever wake up each time at all is when and if I want you to . . ."

I don't know how long it's been now. Master Discord sometimes messes with my perception of time. Sometimes it feels like eons, and others -if I didn't have clear memories of LiarJack's little sister growing up and dying of old age (after Scootaloo died as an adult mare defying master) I'd think it all happened yesterday. The Elements of Chaos seem to have rendered us immortal.

I'm informed by My Master that some foalish ponies in Ponyville are trying to practice magic. Duty calls. Time to show these little ponies that Magic Is Tragedy.


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Comments ( 160 )

Bout time you got on Fimfiction. Now to reread all of this awesome stuff.


I can't believe I made it.

And I have . . . .

sixty six chapters to upload.


*Falls over*

And I don't know how precisely I should divid them up if at all, and where to place the links to the background music!!!


You could always post comments in the comments section with relevant music links.

as for dividing....Well, that's up to you. Good luck with that.


The rest of the series (the next season) is called Reharmonization.

And it still hurts to read those stories about their suffering.
But this isn't the end, it is just the beginning. They will show their true strength in the next season.

It's great to see you here! It means I have another place to favorite Discorded/Reharmonized series! :twilightsmile:

Edit: it should be possible to make those links in the description clickable, other writers have been doing it somehow.

Edit2: <i> tags got derped at the end of chapter 4 and at the beginning of chapter 6.

Hey, yeah, this gets insta-faved. I love, love in depth psychological characterization, and there's nothing wrong with some darkness, in my book. Sometimes, as a reader, whats so terribly wrong is a more powerful indicator of what is right than actually seeing it head on. It just gets you right in the gut and makes you see things a different way...

There are so many brilliantly horrifying moments in this, but for me Ditzy with her muffin is the one that I remember most...that makes me want to cry.


Thanks for the heads up dude!


Well, I just hope adding it here isn't too little too late for those who wanted it here.


Be sure to check out the audio adaption then. It has original music, voice actors, the whole nine yards. http://www.youtube.com/user/LouisBadalament

And this story ISN'T over yet! This season takes the heroes virtues apart like in the cartoon. The next season does what the cartoon forgot to do. Putting those virtues back together!

Woot! Woot! Mother Bucking Woot!


And the show isn't over yet!

Be aware that I know about the huge stockpile of fics on your dA account. I just haven't touched them yet, because they are on dA, and dA's new(ish) ad setup causes my computer to chug like a wino at a frat party.


Bad end. *Sets Optimus Prime and Matrix against Discord* Burn, motherbucker! :pinkiecrazy:

In all seriousness, damn that's heartbreaking. In a good way, mind, but still...


The stories may LOOK unconnected, but Pony POV Series continues in season 1. (you don't think I'd name it season zero and just have one do you? :-) )

759370 Yeah, I know they're all connected. :raritywink:

Considering how many people did already read the story here and how the feedback is, I am sure that it will work out.

Woot! It's here! Got to be honest, when I followed on da, I got completely overwhelmed by how much of the story there was. Kept taking a break promising to get back later, would return to find entire new story arcs to read! Now that it's here I can keep better track and follow as it gets posted from the beginning? Awesome. Keep up the great work! :yay:

great fic , this part without the sequels feels like a cosmic horror story.


You ain't seen nothing yet.

Gah! This last chapter... :pinkiesad2:
I started reading this on da, and I guess I had repressed my memories on how freaking dark this chapter was. Fantastically well written, beautiful piece, but dang if it doesn't toy with your emotions.
At least I know that it doesn't have to end this way. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I hadn't read the later chapters before this. :twilightoops:

It's great to see these here. You did such an amazing job of showing the pain the poor girls felt through it all. And that epilogue... :fluttershbad:


Things get happier, slowly but surely.

Hurts? Hurts you say:pinkiegasp:? My dear friend, why on Earth would it hurt? I find this to be most deliciously evil and twisted, and it gives me a great many smiles and chuckles to read this wonderfully chaotic ending the mane six must live with.:pinkiecrazy:

This was just a fantastic read, it was as amusing to read this time as it was to read the first time. Now time to read the rest that you've got.


No comment. 0-0 Nice to know you enjoyed the story. And I guess cause I posted all the segments in one day.

I didn't cry before, but this is sad! :raritycry::rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::fluttercry::ajsleepy::twilightoops:


I've edited that accent several times to tone it down. :-(


Bioshock reference.


Because it was them or Cloudsdale.


Apply enough pressure.


Then the pain didn't come across as forced. Then all is good. . . .. *looks at Discord's twisted world* Okay, maybe not.


Would you be as so kind as to present a revised version which would be far more accurate?

Doctor, please come back...


You'll see during the dark world season.

When I first read this, I was ready to Bluez-Scadoo into this fic to beat Discord to a pulp :twilightsheepish:


I promise you'll find the other seasons to be entertaining as well.

Alex Warlorn (sorry, I'm new here, don't know how to reply:twilightsheepish:)
I have. And you sir, are the greatest writer on this site. in fact, the only reason I'm here is because of the mature content lock on Deventart. You get 10 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Why thank you. *hugs*

Now that I've read this...I'd love to use alchemy to transmute Discord's statue form into wood, just so I could Kill Him With FireFor Massive Damage!!! Him being turned into wood would make it an Unblockable Attack! And don't you dare accuse me of going overboard, because when it comes to getting rid of a Complete Monster like him, There Is No Kill Like Overkill!!!


Read the Origins storyarc to learn how that would turn out.

Nice story...er I mean...season there Alex. This first season of yours has piqued my interest and now I'm going to read the other ones. Awesome work mate.

- Super-Brony12


Which is ironic since we don't come back to this depressing timeline for several seasons, but are given hints and previews of it on rare occasion.

Great to know I still have people discovering this and STILL enjoying it!!


Pinkie Pie being logical, or that her reasons for abandoning her Element can SOUND logical?


Well I did try to make her accent audioable. This is the toned down version.

DEATH TO THE DISCORDED!!!!:flutterrage:


Get in line dude. Read season 1 to make you feel better.

2376412 I have important stuff to do....like homework:ajsleepy:


I can appreciate that.

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