• Published 16th Jun 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Zero: Discorded Ponies - Alex Warlorn

A look into the hearts of the ponies as they were corrupted by Discord one by one. The beginning.

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Most Deserved

"Be Generous To Yourself"

Oh hello! Who am I? Why! I'm Rarity! Manager and proprietor of the Carousel Boutique! And bearer of the Element of Generosity!

What? What you mean I'm not generous?! What do you mean I'm the weakest link in the chain of the Elements of Harmony? Get out! Sorry about that, some ponies can just be so shallow.

Me? Not generous? The nerve! Just because I take pride in my appearance does not mean I'm not generous!

I once sliced off my own tail for a total stranger so he could have his beauty back!

I made five, technically -ten- custom dresses for my friends for free (it wasn't that kind of budget)! Not to mention I let a part of my soul die creating those sins against pony eyes.

I kept my trap shut about how much I loathed Fluttershy being in the spotlight instead of me because I thought she liked it!

I ruined my own mane just after cleaning it to keep Pinkie Pie's surprise birthday party a secret!

I went on a stupid trip to the middle of nowhere losing several days worth of business just to keep Applejack and the others company!

So I've done one or two selfish things. So I let those magic wings go straight to my head when I was supposed to have them to support my friend. So I tried to bribe a new friend into giving me her spare ticket. You know what they say: 'only Princess Celestia is perfect.'

So I don't like getting dirty, so I like things to be organized, so I like things to be pretty. So? So what if I want to help as long as it doesn't involve getting dirty or having chocolate getting rained on me?

Elements of Harmony stolen. More importantly my horn stolen! Into the maze. Separated from the others. Oh my goodness! These pretty gems are shaped just like my cutie mark!

That vulgar and drool Discord asks if I like them. Well of course I like them. Why wouldn't I? I've always liked things that are pretty!

But I have to find my friends and get to the center of the maze first. Certainly they'll still be there when I get back . . . certainly I'll be let back into the royal hedge maze after saving the world -again-.


They might be gone later! What are the chances of me finding them in this maze again?! I have to have them now!

My hooves tear through the stone wall, I'm covered in dirt, -I don't care!- I can clean up later! My hooves are ruined -I don't care- I'll be able to BUY the salon with these beauties . . . no . . . not beauties . . .this beauty, singular.

Handsome, gorgeous, hot, sweet sweet hunk of a diamond! Heh heh, can I marry you? Tee-hee, I sound like Pinkie Pie!

Don't worry dear, I'll get you home safe and sound my already cut and polished giant diamond out of solid rock.

Oh dear, I've gotten so caught up in one misadventure or crisis after another that I forgot: diamonds are a pony-girls' best friend, isn't that right dear?

Oh this feels so good. Ugh, a bit heavy but good.

Oh, some of the others have found me. Well, good I guess.

Rock? Are they -blind?- There's no way they could mistake my dearest for a rock! They're trying to trick me. They want him, er, it for themselves! Humph! Well, fat chance. I found it, I dug it out, I'm carrying it, I don't care if it was in Celestia's hedge maze, I'll just say I found it elsewhere.

Isn't a pony entitled to the sweat of her flanks? 'No!' says Mayor Mare, 'It belongs to the poor!' 'No!' says Canterlot 'it belongs to Celestia!' 'No!' says Pinkie Pie, 'It belongs to everyone!'

Well, I REJECT those answers right now! What I've worked for and earned belongs only to me!

I've been a total foal, I've been trapped in lies this whole time. I knew I went on that quest to the dragon for the sake of getting part of his horde. Those five nit-picking with their dresses nearly permanently destroyed my reputation.

I got cursed by poison joked following someone else's relative who was already being followed! Trying to fix up Twilight's one ruined bird nest put me completely behind my quota!

I knew I had to save my own store rather than just stand around watching the town getting eaten by parasprites!

It felt so good manipulating those empty headed diamond dogs into giving me their fortunes they were just sitting on!

Trying to find my happy ending with somepony resulted in the worst night of my life!

Things won't hurt you, things won't disappoint you, things won't deceive you, isn't that right my dearest?

The only pony I should have ever been generous to, from the beginning was myself.

Be generous to yourself, care for yourself, love yourself, because you're the one that deserves it the most.

-Rarigreed, Greedity

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