• Published 16th Jun 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Zero: Discorded Ponies - Alex Warlorn

A look into the hearts of the ponies as they were corrupted by Discord one by one. The beginning.

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Not Fun

"Laughter Can Make Others Cry"

HELLO! HELLO! I'm Pinkamina Diane Pie but everyone calls me Pinkie Pie, I call me Pinkie Pie, except for that little bit just now I guess!

I still remember when Equestia was created how about you? The Sonic Rainboom hit my family's rock farm like this big KA-POW! It gave me this great mane style too! I was so happy I wanted to share it with everyone! My happiness, not my mane! I'd be bald if I did that! So . . . I threw a party! Yes Maneonnites dance! And I think I'm good too! My family loved it and I felt the tingle on my rump! I'll tell you how I got my cutie mark some other time!

I've always been able to make others laugh! I just giggle at the ghosties and they just fade away!

Chocolate Rain! CHOCOLATE RAIN! Oh, right, and the Elements of Harmony got taken by this draco-something or other that really knew how to dance on Twilight's head! Tee-hee! OOOOH! A Balloon Garden! COOL!!

Everyone's laughing. Everyone keeps laughing when I stop. Everyone keeps laughing when I cry. Everyone keeps laughing when I beg them to stop.

They aren't laughing at my jokes, I AM THE JOKE!

Twilight didn't laugh when I gave her a surprise party in exchange for her extra ticket! That meanie Gilda never laughed at my pranks! That dragon didn't laugh at my routine and tried to eat me! The poison joke thought it would be funny if I couldn't laugh!

None of the other friends I made in Ponyville ever came to visit or hang out with me when I wasn't throwing a party! The only reason they kept coming was cause I was always having one! The other girls HAVE NEVER TAKEN ME SERIOUSLY!!!

They think I'm crazy for singing in public just trying to have fun! They thought I was -insane- for laughing at the scary trees until I proved it worked! Twilight didn't believe me when I said Gilda was mean! No one even paid attention to me when I needed to put a band together to lure away the Parasprites! THE WHOLE TOWN GOT REDUCED TO RUINS AND THEY DIDN'T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY UNTIL IT HAPPENED!

AND I JUST WANTED MY DRESS TO BE FUN! I KNOW WHAT FUN IS! IT'S IN MY CUTIE MARK! But all those other ponies! They don't know what fun is! They just laughed at me with the rest!

Twilight Sparkle thought I was a liar like that Trixie unicorn when I explained how my Pinkie Sense worked (weird, why does it feel like it's gone away?). SHE HAD TO BE CHASED BY A HYDRA until she admitted I wasn't a faker!

I tried to show those ponies and buffalo they just needed to -share- what they had and not fight over it! BUT THEY IGNORED ME! Even when they realized what they had to do no one even thanked me!

And . . . everyone . . .o-of my . .. f-friends . . . threw that surprised birthday party for me no . . . no one's ever thrown a . . . a p-party f-for me . . .b-before . . I BET THEY THOUGHT IT WAS ALL A BIG JOKE! MAKING ME THINK THEY DIDN'T WANT A PARTY! Guess what Pinkie? YOU FORGOT YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ROCKY, MR. TURNIP, SIR LINTS-A-LOT AND MADAME LEFLOUR FROM THE START!

AGGGH! And those pompous selfish ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala! Going around all slow! Listening to boring music! No one there even smiled!

The only time someone laughs is when they think I'm funny, not when I'm BEING funny!

IF THAT'S WHAT LAUGHING IS ALL ABOUT THEN I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! I'M NOT A JOKE! I'M ME! I'M PINKIE! You can't just torture me for your own fun! No one takes me seriously until they have to!!! GRRRR! Even the Cakes treat me like I'm some retarded pet!!

I hate laughing! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I HATE IT! I'm not your toy!

I finally see! I finally understand! The only way to be taken seriously, the only way for them to stop laughing, is let them know there is nothing here to laugh about! Now Rarity's gone nuts carrying around a worthless rock! Tell me how that's funny! Fluttershy is being a nag! Rainbow Dash has stabbed us all in the back! Equestia is gonna shatter into a million pieces! Just you DARE try and say there's anything funny about that!

-Angry Pie

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