• Published 16th Jun 2012
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Pony POV Series Season Zero: Discorded Ponies - Alex Warlorn

A look into the hearts of the ponies as they were corrupted by Discord one by one. The beginning.

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The Truth Hurts

POVs Of Discorded De-Harmonized Ponies

"The Truth Can Be Deceiving" Applejack

Ah didn't ever lied before. Ain't now. Ain't ever!

Okay, so Ah reckon' Ah was sometimes dead wrong 'bout some things. Maybe Ah couldn't buck the entire orchard by myself. Maybe helpin' with ah tricky stunt, bakin', and herdin' bunnies what ain't the bright when Ah was half-asleep.

So Ah didn't tell Pinkie Pie 'bout her surprise birthday. But Ah didn't tell her nothin' that ain't true!

Okay . . . maybe . . . maybe Ah did kinda sorta hog the bed from Rarity that one here time an' said Ah was asleep when Ah really wasn't. But . . . but come on! It ain't a lie if ya ain't really tryin' to trick'em right?

Elements of Harmony Stolen. Into The Maze. Separated from the others. Grove of Truth.

Ah see us all. Sayin' we're done with each other. Goin' back ta before when Twili' first showed up in Ponyville.

Ah don't know what we'll say ta each other. But Ah know it ain't right. If this here is where honesty leads . . . broken friendships, broken hearts, hateful words . . . it ain't worth it.

Ain't it just better if everything is just wrapped up in sweet peaceful lies?

Don't tell yer friend what you really think of their music they like but you don't. Don't tell ya parents what ya really thank of what they think. Don't say bad things, even if they're true, don't say harsh things, even if they're true, don't say anything that might upset things even if they're true. ESPECIALLY if they're true! Isn't that what Rarity is always sayin' bein' polite is all about? Isn't bein' a lady in Manehatten sayin' one thing but meanin' another? Isn't bein' a polite friendly ponyfolk the same thing?

There is one truth Ah'll accept. The truth hurts. The truth is cruel. And Ah won't be part of somethin' that awful again! Sweet little lies are so much kinder.


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