• Published 10th Mar 2016
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The Night's Saiyan - MBronyM

Another Saiyan pod escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and it landed right in the Everfree Forest of Equestria

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Chapter 4: Nemisis Revealed

The alien walked through his ship, deep in thought about this saiyan pod. This alien's name was Brizzk, Lord Brizzk as his soldiers call him. He was a descendant of the Frieza Race. He figured his ancestor, Frieza, was some kind of idiot since he couldn't even think of a name for the race he ruled.

It didn't bother him though. He didn't care for Frieza, he was a fool if anything. Taken down by this 'super saiyan.' According to his soldiers, the saiyan pod on Planet Equis is around 1000 years old, and possibly older.

Even if the saiyan that landed there was dead, he at least wanted to check to make sure. He wasn't gonna give any existing saiyan a chance. Yeah, the thought of the super saiyan terrified him. And he hated to admit it. But he can't be afraid of what doesn't exist. Or at least what won't exist.

Brizzk normally stayed in his 1st form. He was more stable in this form. He could control his power a bit easier a. He had white bio-armor and the 'shiny parts' on his body were a forest green.

He stepped into the command room of the ship and sat down, looking out into the vastness of space as stars flew by them like fireflies in the wind. "Ipula, what can you tell me about Planet Equis?" Ipula, Brizzk's head navigator, walked up to him and bowed before answering.

"Well, my lord, it's a planet populated by a variety of intelligent species. The strangest part of the planet is that the planet doesn't seem to move, but the sun and the moon move themselves. Like clockwork." He said.

Brizzk thought to himself. The sun and moon moved and the planet didn't? It sounds like such a strange little planet. But it could be interesting. He'd find out more about it when they get there.

His yellow eyes stared out into the deep darkness of space. He was very curious about the planet. He couldn't help but think about it. He folded his arms across his chest, his eyes never left the window ahead.

"If I find any trace of saiyan blood..." He began. He unfolded his arms and clenched his fists tight. The energy he was messing with the navigation systems.

"I'll destroy it, along with the entire planet."


Kale sat on Luna's throne in the throne room. Celestia was going to say something about it, but Luna was ok with it. Luna explained everything. Celestia knew more than Candence did, but she still wanted to know exactly how Luna found Kale.

"S-So he's a..." Cadence started, looking at Kale. Luna nodded a bit, looking a bit nervous. "Yes. Kale not of this world. He is an alien." Celestia looked at Kale. He didn't look like he wanted to harm anypony, though there was still that concern about his transformation.

Kale looked around at the many guards. They all had their eyes on him, it kinda freaked him out. Though it was understandable. A 1000 year old alien suddenly shows up and is now sitting on the princess' throne. Who wouldn't be suspicious?

"Sister, I know you care for Kale, but I am concerned about his strength..." Luna turned to Celestia with a confused look, but she thinks she knew were she was going with it. "What about his strength?"

Celestia let out a small sigh. "His strength is incredible. I fear for the safety of our subjects if he were to...go out of control." She said. Luna looked somewhat insulted by what she said. "Why does thou think that Kale would go 'out of control'? I can promise you that Kale would never hurt anypony! He is a kind soul Tia."

"I don't know..." Celestia mumbled as she turned her head away from her sister. Cadence looked to Kale. He looked so young, and he didn't look evil in the slightest. "Celestia." Cadence stepped in. "I think we should at least give Kale a chance before deciding to do anything rash." Luna gave her a thankful look before turning to Celestia once more.

Celestia looked at her sister once more. She nodded her head. "Alright. Young Kale is welcome to stay here in Equestria." Luna smiled and turned to Kale. Kale couldn't hear their conversation, but seeing Luna smile brought a smile to his own face.

"I shall give Kale a personal guard. He is still very young, so he needs somepony to look over him." Celestia said. Luna's smile slowly turned into a look of confusion when she heard that. "Why does Kale need a personal guard? Couldn't I look over him?" She asked.

Celestia shook her head some. "No Luna. You have many royal duties and you'd barley ever see Kale as it is. It's best that he has someone to look over him." Celestia gave her a smile, trying to convince her that it was better. Luna nodded with a sigh, understanding why and accepting it.

Celestia got one of the royal guards and brought her over to Kale. Kale immediately got up, since he didn't wanna get in trouble for sitting on the throne. Celestia smiled at Kale, trying to make him feel comfortable. "Kale, I'd like you to meet Crested Shield. She'll be your personal guard while you stay."

The guard known as Crested Shield had white fur and a neon turquoise mane and tail. She looked Kale up and down, then held out her hand. "Nice ta meet'cha." She said with a smile. Kale looked at her hand then shook it happily. Crested winced slightly and Kale let go. She shook her hand around a bit. "Whew, quite a grip ya got." She mumbled. Kale couldn't help but chuckle a small bit at that. "Yeah...sorry Crested."


Kale laid in his bed, looking up at the ceiling. Kale was given his own room in one of the towers of the castle. Crested Shield was right outside his door, guarding him. "Goodnight Luna..." Kale mumbled to himself, falling asleep in the blanket of the night.

Author's Note:

Next Time...
Celestia officially introduces Kale to Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and they become happy to be his friend. But a certain embodiment of chaos wants to get in on the fun.

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Kale going to be a super saiyen, if you continue story super saiyen god

KO awesome chapter, Kale is welcome to Equestria let's just hope that he'll be strong enough to fight against Birzzk when he arrives. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

7117520 Super saiyan God requires the presence of others with saiyan blood about... So, while it is possible, however improbable, such a result would be a doubtful occurrence...

Love the story so far.
P.s. SS4 way cooler than SSG (not stronger just cooler)

Well she it did say the letter had everything about the saiyen race and it was expressed earlier that Luna had her own love for combat. So it's not too far a stretch that she might want to train him.

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