• Published 10th Mar 2016
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The Night's Saiyan - MBronyM

Another Saiyan pod escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and it landed right in the Everfree Forest of Equestria

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Chapter 1: 9 Years Later

Celestia and Luna ate breakfast at the long dining table, sitting and eating quietly. While eating, they could hear a lot of banging upstairs. Celestia frowned. "I thought we had gotten rid of that...what did you call it sister? A...'TimberRat?'" Luna smiled nervously, and nodded. "Y-Yes Tia, it was very big and was made of wood, like a Timberwolves'." She said.

She got up slowly, backing up in a nervous manner. "I will take care of it, t-thou can continue breakfast dear sister." With that, she ran down the hall and up the steps. She opened the door to her room to see Kale floating around the room. The note explained literally EVERYTHING about saiyans, including the fact that they could fly and how. Ever since she taught him he hasn't stopped flying!

Luna sighed and flapped her wings, floating into the air with him. She pulled the 9 year old down and placed him on the bed. "Kale, we have talked about this. Thou aren't allowed to fly while I am gone." She said in a firm tone. Kale smiled in a slightly goofy fashion. "Sorry Ma, it's just so boring sitting in this room all day!"

"Thou is right...it would be boring wouldn't it..." She thought to herself for a moment then smiled. "Well...I think it's about time thou has started to train." Hearing this, Kale got excited. His saiyan blood boiled for combat. He hopped to his feet and bounced on the bed. "Really?! We can train?!"

She covered his mouth quickly, the checked out the door if anyone was around. "Yes, we can train. But not here. Follow me young Kale" She said. She walked to the door to the balcony and flew off into the woods, Kale followed close behind.

Finally, they made it to an opening in the woods. Luna could see the excitement in Kale's eyes, which caused her to smile. Luna did have a feel for battle, sometimes she enjoyed it as well. She took pride in her strength. Kale was practically hopping from excitement.

"Alright Kale, show me what thou knows." Kale nodded, and the training begun. Kale flew at Luna, at a speed that surprised her. He threw his fist at her, only for Luna do barely dodge it. 'Has he been practicing his flying at night?' She thought to herself.

When she dodged, Kale slammed his foot into the ground, then hopped in her direction. He threw punch after punch, only to be dodged or blocked by Luna. She thought that he was pretty good for no training, but WITH training, he could be great.

Luna caught one of his punched, then punched him right back, sending him flying into a tree. As he flew back, he regained composure. He did a few flips as he flew back and his feet hit the tree. He bounced off and flew right at Luna.

Seeing this, Luna flew up to dodge. Kale turned his back to the ground and pointed his hand at Luna. His hand glowed a bright blue then he shot a ki blast at Luna, who managed to block it at the last second. "So that's ki..." She mumbled to herself.

Luna flew back to the ground, smiling. "That's enough for today Kale. We'll do this once everyday, and you'll get stronger and stronger." Kale smiled and gave Luna a hug, who hugged him right back. "Thanks ma..."


Several Weeks Later...
Kale slept in bed, right next to where Luna would sleep. Luna, however, was out, watching over the night. But tonight was different. Tonight...was the night Luna would fight back against Celestia.

Kale slowly started to be able to sense ki. He could feel it, the differences between males and females, animals and ponies, even himself. He woke up, jolting up in bed as he heard several crashes and the sounds of shouting outside. He looked out, it was still night. What was going on?

He jumped out of the bed, and looked at the door that led to the hall. Luna said that he wasn't allowed to leave the room but...something was off tonight. He opened the door, and noticed that the whole castle seemed to be shaking. He ran down the hall, he could feel Luna's energy. She used magic, but everything had energy.

Her energy was...off. Something about it felt...not nice. Not her usual self. She was fighting someone, presumably this 'Tia' that he's heard so much about. He eventually made it to the throne room, he saw a hole in the ceiling. There he saw her. Luna, but she was completely different.

Her once blue fur had turned black, her eyes formed slits and her teeth sharpened. She was taller and a bit thinner than usual. He also saw Celestia, but they were fighting. He flew through the hole in the ceiling to get a better view.

Some sort of stones spun rapidly all around Celestia, they appeared to be charging an attack! Celestia shot a beam at Luna, and Luna shot right back. Kale had to stop this, he flew up as fast as he could. "S-Stop it!!!" He shouted. Nightmare took notice of Kale, eyes widening, but he caused her to lose her focus.

"K-Kal--" Before she could finish, Celestia's beam overpowered her, sending her to the moon. The silhouette of a unicorn appeared in the moon. Kale's eyes widened, tears formed and started to run down his cheeks.

Celestia was far to distracted to notice Kale, tears ran down her cheeks as well. Kyle felt a burst of energy rush through his body. He panted some, his body started to get bigger, and hairier. Celestia now took notice, and her eyes widened in shock.

Kale had turned into a Great Ape, since he still had his tail. Great Ape Kale looked down at Celestia, anger took over his mind, thinking repeatedly that it was her fault. He opened his mouth, a beam charged in it. Celestia shot another beam out, using the little energy she had left.

Her attack shot before Kale's since she was already charged up. The power was just enough to turn him normal. He laid there on the ground, his tail still intact. Celestia floated down, wondering what kind of creature he was. But she knew that he was too dangerous to have around.

Her horn glowed and she pointed it at Kale, and the element's of harmony glowed as well. Kale's body turned a golden color, as it faded, Kale faded as well. There were now 6 small balls of light, each one went inside of an element. She panted, coughing and she fell to her knees, having used too much strength sealing Luna, turning Kale normal and sealing him away.


Many Years Later...

Celestia looked in the old castle, walking through once more. She was making a new castle, with a city named 'Canterlot.' It would be the capital of all of Equestria. She walked into Luna's old room, her face became full of sadness. While going through her old things she noticed something odd. A letter, but it didn't look like any pony's handwriting she knew.

She picked it up and carefully read through it, her eyes widening. "Kale...the saiyan..? That must've been..." She was now piecing it together. Why she saw so little of Luna for a while, the banging sounds, the nervous acting. She was taking care of that creature! Well, there was nothing she could do now, they were sealed away...for a thousand years...or more...

Author's Note:

Next Time...

Taking place in current time. The Tree of Harmony starts to pulse a glow. The elements of harmony release balls of light, which form a small, child-like creature...
Next time...Kale comes back.