• Published 10th Mar 2016
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The Night's Saiyan - MBronyM

Another Saiyan pod escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and it landed right in the Everfree Forest of Equestria

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Chapter 3: Welcome Back Kale!

Celestia smiled, seeing the being get closer, now able to see what it is. "It is him! The spell must've worn off!" She said. She looked at him a bit nervously though, she wasn't sure if he was dangerous to her citizens or not. She'd have to keep a close eye on him.

Celestia noticed Kale heading into the city of Canterlot, rather than the castle. She rushed inside and noticed a pair of guards on their daily guard duties. She called them over, and they stood at attention before her. "I need you two to look for some pony in Canterlot." She said.

The two soldiers would only nod before Celestia continued. "The only thing is...he's not a pony. He has a patch of spiky hair on his head and he has a monkeys tail." To this, their heads tilted to the side in a confused manner. She sighed and said. "You'll know him when you see him, just make sure nopony harms him, alright? Just bring him here safely."

The guards saluted then ran out, to go on a search for the one that Celestia was talking about. She stepped to and looked out one of the many windows in the castle. 'He's back...I hope he's not upset over what I did.' She thought to herself.


Kale landed in the town, but made sure that he was behind the buildings. He didn't wanna cause trouble, he stayed hidden like Luna would've wanted him to. He ran down the street, staying in the shadows, making sure he was heading towards the large building with the many spires.

He finally made it to the area. he climbed over the wall and floated across the moat quickly. He looked around and noticed an open window way above. He looked around nervously then started to float up quietly to the window, humming a tune to himself that just seemed to fit the mood.

Finally making it to the window, he climbed through and got low, looking around to check if anyone was around. All clear. He hopped in and ran down the hall, stopping suddenly when he arrived at the corner. He cautiously looked around, then ran down the hall, stopping in front of a large door with a moon symbol on it.

He reached out and pushed the door open some, peeking his head in. He saw...well, he couldn't really SEE anything. The room was too dark for him to see. Kale stepped out of the room and continued down the hall. No one was inside anyways.

He continued to walk down until he made it to a small doorway and a large room, presumably the throne room. Luna wasn't in here either. He looked around the throne room, nothing out of the ordinary around here.

"Halt creature!" A voice behind him shouted. Kale froze up, he didn't move an inch. He could hear footsteps approach him from behind. When they appeared to be right behind him, he went into a full sprint, running down a corridor. "After it!" Said the same voice.

What was once one pair of footsteps seemed to turn into several. Kale didn't bother to turn around to see who was chasing him. He just wanted to get as far away from them as possible. Though he wasn't looking were he was going and he bumped into something. It felt hard and cold, made of some sort of metal.

Kale looked up and saw the face of a glaring solar guard, holding his spear in his tight grip. He started to move to point the spear at Kale, and seeing this, Kale jumped up and kicked him in the side of the head, sending him into the wall.

Seeing what he had done, Kale panicked a small bit and stuttered to the unconscious guard. "Wah! I-I'm sorry sir!" He turned his head and saw the guards running at him, which sent him running as well.


Luna sipped on some tea in the courtyard, along with Princess Cadance. "I wonder what's taking Tia so long? She said she'd only be gone a minute." Luna said, feeling a tad bit concerned about her elder sister. "I'm sure she's fine. Although, Twilight was supposed to be here around 10 minutes ago, and she's not one to be tardy." Cadence said, now she was looking a bit concerned as well.

Luna's ear twitched as she heard some ruckus going on in the castle. She turned her head toward the exit of the courtyard, and Cadence did the same. Somepony appeared to be yelling, as if he were being chased by something. Suddenly, the door busted open and before Luna or Cadence could react, something crashed into the table, the sheet covering it fell ontop of it.

A pair of solar guards were close behind. Seeing Princesses Luna and Cadence, they bowed respectively. "Apologies your highnesses, the creature did not harm you did it?" One of the two asked. Luna tilted her head a bit. "Creature, what art thou talking about?" She asked. Cadence nudged Luna some and pointed to the sheet, with something underneath.

The covered creature sat up and took the sheet off of it's head. Luna's eyes would widen seeing who sat before her. The black spiky hair, the tannish skin, the monkey tail.

"K-Kale?!" Luna stood there, frozen from shock. She had no idea how Kale was still alive, and to be frank, she didn't care. "Ma?" Kale slowly got to his feet, though it didn't make much a difference since he was very short. Kale ran to Luna, and Luna ran to Kale. Kale jumped up and hugged Luna tight, wrapping his arms around her neck.

Everypony else stood there, watching the two hug. Celestia couldn't help but smile at the two. The others, however, were confused. Luna continued hugging Kale, until she noticed everypony staring. She coughed a small bit before putting Kale down. "So...I guess I should explain."

"An explanation would be nice." Cadence said, though she didn't take her eyes off of the strange being. Kale looked up at Luna and smiled, hoping that from here on out, everything will be fine.


A ship slowly flew through space. Inside sat a familiar looking alien being, he sighed a bit until a soldier spoke up. "My lord! Our scanners have picked up a small signal coming from an old saiyan pod!" He said.

This caught his attention. He sat up some. "A saiyan hm? I thought those beings went extinct 1000 years ago..." He mumbled to himself. he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well...I won't make the same mistake my foolish ancestor Frieza made. Set a course for the planet it laded on."

The soldier nodded and went back to his navigational systems. "Yes my lord, plotting a course for planet Equis." The soldier said. The being sat there, curious of how a saiyan could still be alive. "How long will it take to get there?" He asked.

"Hm...about...25 days my lord. We could barley pick it up from across the galaxy." He said. The alien lord growled some from hearing that. The soldier made an 'eep!' and continued to plot their course. The ship then shot out towards the planet Equis.

Author's Note:

Next Time...
Kale is welcomed back into Equestria. But a strange alien lord is approaching the planet, and he has the intention of destroying the saiyan of Equis.