• Published 10th Mar 2016
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The Night's Saiyan - MBronyM

Another Saiyan pod escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and it landed right in the Everfree Forest of Equestria

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Chapter 2: Kale's Return

Kale looked down at his body, patted his body and feeling his face to check if he was actually there. Yes! He was back! "Woohoo! I'm back!" He shouted, not caring about who or what heard him. He looked around, but tilted his head.

He was in some sort of open cave. He turned around to see a giant crystal tree! It had symbols of the sun, moon, and stars on it. He thought about staying to look at the tree but he had no time for that! He had to find out where he was!

The saiyan flew into the sky, seeing that he was still in the forest were he grew up. He looked around until he saw a big castle on the side of the mountains. He's never seen that before. Then again, he's barley ever been out of his room. Luna usually snuck him food every---


He had to find Luna! Maybe she's back like he is! But that would mean he'd have to find her energy. He closed his eyes calmly and focuses deeply. After around 5 minutes of focusing (he's still a kid with little training) he found Luna's energy. She was in the castle!

He flew right towards the castle at that moment. He had to see Luna! Nothing was gonna stop him!


Twilight sighed as she sat down on the picnic blanket, taking out a sandwich and taking a small bite out of it. Rainbow Dash laid down in the grass, wearing her shades that seemed almost too big. Fluttershy smelled the flowers while trying to pick out good ones for Rarity, who was trying to make a flower themed dress.

Speaking of Rarity, she placed a fancy purple cusion on the blanket and sat on the cusion. AppleJack gave her a look. "What? You don't expect me to sit on the grass do you?" She asked. AppleJack groaned a bit at her. "I would at least think that ya'll would sit on that there blanket!" Before Rarity could speak, Pinkie Pie, who appeared out from underneath AppleJack's hat shouted. "Hey! Look at that thing!"

Pinkie pointed to something flying towards Canterlot. Whatever it was, it was fast...real fast. Rainbow Dash shrugged it off casually. "Probably just a pegasus flying around, nothing to be concerned about." Twilight squinted her eyes, trying to get a good look.

"I don't know...I don't see wings flapping...actually, it doesn't even have wings!" This got Rainbow Dash's attention. She took off her shades and flew up in the air. "Don't worry! I'll check it out!" She said as she zoomed over to whatever or whoever was flying.


Kale was getting close, but then he could feel something approaching him at a rapid speed. He halted to a stop and looked in it's direction, and saw what looked like a rainbow with wings flying at him.

The rainbow pegasus stopped in front of Kale, and tilted her head. Rainbow had no clue what Kale was, or how he could fly, but she wasn't gonna let some....thing harm the princesses! "Hey! Who are you? And actually, what are you?" She asked, and Kale answered. "Um...my name's Kale!" He said, going from a confused look to a goofy smile.

"Well, Kale, my name is Rainbow Dash! Fastest flier in Equestri---" She immediately stopped talking when she noticed Kale wasn't there. She looked to her right and saw that Kale continued to fly to Canterlot. She flew over and blocked his path again.

"You can't go to Canterlot! You're coming with me!" She said. She had to get him to Twilight. Rainbow Dash wasn't gonna let some weird flying hairless monkey go around doing what he wants. Kale frowned a bit hearing this.

"No, I'm going there." He said, pointing to Canterlot. "Please move out of the way." Rainbow Dash frowned and crossed her arms, refusing to move. "Look, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way!"

Kale didn't have time for this! He charged by Rainbow Dash, causing her to stumble since she wasn't expecting it. She glared and shouted. "You wanna do this the hard way? We'll do this the hard way!" She flew at Kale, and attempted to grab the collar of his shirt. But Kale disappeared before she could grab it.

Kale reappeared next to her and punched her in the face, causing Rainbow Dash to fly back and rub her cheek. "Lucky shot!" She said. She once again rushed at Kale, now throwing a punch, which was blocked by Kale.

They continued to fight. Rainbow threw blow after blow, which was either dodged or countered. Kale was now trying not to hit her again. He didn't wanna be in trouble by the time he got home.

"Rainbow Dash!" Shouted Twilight. Rainbow halted to a stop and looked at Twilight, looking both confused and irritated. "What in Equestria do you think you're doing?!"

"I'm sending this thing back to wherever it came from!" She said angrily. Twilight sighed and shook her head, knowing fully well he just did something to make her mad. Now looking at the being in front of Rainbow, she could recognize him somewhat.

He looked just like those creatures from Canterlot High. She read about them in books in the high school, humans they were called. The only odd thing odd about him was that he had a monkey tail.

"Rainbow Dash, ya'll went to go get him! Not hurt the fella!" Yelled AppleJack. Fluttershy noticed something and tried to speak up. "Um...girls?"

"I tried to get him! But he kept ignoring me like he was better than me or something!" RD said, looking frustrated as she flapped down some. "G-Girls..?"

"Well maybe ya'll shouldn't have been rude to him and asked him nicely!" AppleJack yelled, making sure to yell so that she could hear her, though to Rainbow Dash it sounded like AJ was mad at her. "What do y--"

"Girls!" Fluttershy yelled, slightly startling everyone else. "Something wrong Fluttershy?" Twilight asked. Fluttershy responded by pointing to Kale, who was currently flying towards Canterlot castle.


Celestia stood on her throne, smiling as she felt the soft breeze on her face. She loved the gorgeous view. The grassy fields, to Ponyville, and Cloudsdale floating in the air. This was her and Luna's land, and she loved every part of it.

She noticed something soaring through the air however, something heading right for Canterlot. She squinted her eyes, trying to get a closer look at whatever it was. It could've been a pegasus, but she couldn't see wings. But she could've sworn she see long spiky hair and a thin furry tail.

"No...it couldn't be..."

Author's Note:

Next Time...

Kale makes it to CloudsDale! But the mane six are still on his tail. Celestia finds out that Kale is back and is happy, but also worried for her subjects. Will she help Kale adjust to the new pony world? Or will she send Kale back into the elements?