• Published 10th Mar 2016
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The Night's Saiyan - MBronyM

Another Saiyan pod escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and it landed right in the Everfree Forest of Equestria

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The Saiyan Tutoro flew as fast as he could, carrying his baby Saiyan son in his arms. He had black spiked up hair, and mustard yellow clothing. He had a scar over his left eye. He flew away from Frieza soldiers who were trying to stop him.

"Get back here you lowly Saiyan!" One of them shouted. Tutoro spun around and shot a blast at them, hitting one out of the sky. He looked up at the sky and his eyes widened in shock. What he saw was a giant burning ball of death, growing in size.

He sped up, and found the space pod docks, landing by an empty one and placed his son inside, putting a note in his lap, which stated his name, his race, and for anyone who found him to care for him.

Tutoro wiped a tiny tear from his eye, looking at the tear, as he has never cried before. He placed a hand on his sleeping son's head, rubbing his hair lightly. "Goodbye Kale...your father loves you..." He said, pushing a button which closed the pod. He pushed the launch button on the control panel, which counted down from 10.


The Frieza soldiers caught up with Tutoro, each one charging their blasters as the aimed at him.


Tutoro charged up his ki, then pointed his hands forward and shot out rapid blasts at them, knocking them one by one out of the sky.


Finally taking them down, he panted heavily. He had gotten injured when trying to get here. He sat down and laid against a rock a rock, looking up at the sky.


He looked at the large death ball, assuming it was Frieza's. He grunted, holding his side which was bleeding some. He took off the scouter that was on his right eye, dropping it on the ground beside him.


He saw the ball get launched towards Vegeta, he didn't even have the energy to attempt to fight back, but he knew it would be pointless anyways.


He looked at the pod as it was preparing for launch. It was probably for the better anyways. He would've grown up weaker and under the rule of a king who wanted nothing to do with his lower subjects.


He hoped that wherever that pod was destined to go, wherever he landed, that it would be better than here.


The attack has entered the atmosphere, he could feel the energy from the attack biting at his skin, which caused him to shudder some.


The attack touched the planet's ground, a large wave of dust ran over Tutoro, causing him to cough and wheeze.


The planet cracked and started to erupt beneath him. He fell down between a large crack and he saw barley out of his good eye the pod hovering up, about to launch.


"Goodbye...my son..." He muttered. And as the pod launched off into space, the planet exploded into many pieces. Inside the pod, the Saiyan child slept through the explosion, his tail wrapped around him as he flew deeper into space, for he had a long life ahead of him.


Luna sighed softly, looking up at the starry sky. Nopony appreciated her night, they all just....slept. If only they stayed awake, they could see the beauty of her night, and not just the day. She sometimes kept the moon up longer than it should, just to enjoy her night longer. But tonight she noticed something strange.

A star, falling from the sky. This would've been normal/a rare occurrence, but it wasn't shining bright. In fact, it seemed to be heading right for them! She saw the 'star' crash right outside the Everfree Forest. She looked around, checking if anyone around.

She flew off into the night, flying off to check out this 'star.' Making it to the crash site, she looked at the decently wide crater. She looked at it's center. "What in Equestria...?"

She flew down into the crater to inspect the strange object she found. It was a big metal ball, but where did this thing come from? She must have pressed something, because feeling around it, the front of the orb opened up.

Inside was dark, but she was used to the dark, so she could see fine. She looked down and saw a small creature. It was naked, and had a big path of hair on it's head. It's hair was all spiky, and it looked like a monkey! The reason that made her think it was a monkey was because of it's monkey tail.

She picked up the small creature, holding it in her arms. She decided to 'check' it if was a boy or a girl.

. . .

Boy. She took notice of the letter in it's lap, she read it thoroughly and looked at the child. "Kale...Kale the Saiyan..." She mumbled to herself. She had to admit, he was a cute little creature, sleeping in her arms and sucking on his thumb.

Though according to the letter, they were a warrior race, this made her a little worried. "Tia won't like that..." She looked at the sleeping saiyan in her arms and sighed. "I suppose I could take thou home....I'll have to keep thou secret though." She mumbled to herself.

She carried the Saiyan child into the night, soaring through the air. She landed on the balcony of the stone castle, walking inside and looking around. She stepped into her room, which was decorated in dark blue/purple and light blue. She sat down on her bed and placed Kale next to her, putting the blanket over him and making sure he was snug.

"This may not be the best way...but I don't have anywhere else to put you yet." She said. She noticed that he started to have a nightmare. She frowned and touched his head with her horn. Her horn glowed a bit, then stopped. She had gotten rid of the nightmare, and replaced it with a nice dream. This made the saiyan smile.

Luna got in bed next to the baby and relaxed. "This is gonna be tough to hide from Tia..." She looked at the saiyan, who slept in an adorable fashion and sucked his thumb. "Don't worry young Kale, I won't let Tia hurt thou..."

Author's Note:

Next Time...
Takes place around 9 years after Luna found Kale. Kale has gotten used to living secretively and is happy with his life. Luna thinks it's time to train young Kale