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This story is a sequel to Warriors

Princess “Warlock” Twilight Sparkle and the headhunters have made it back to Equestria. But the darkness is coming and soon a force of unstoppable might will be unleashed upon ponykind.

With the Covenant looming, Marko, Ishmir and Twilight risk life and limb in a lethal race to reach Canterlot; to meet the Covenant head on; and to guard Equestria from destruction.

Halo (non-canon) vs. My Little Pony (season 4) Crossover

Rated Teen for gratuitous swearing and violence.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 29 )

And the shipping commences!

And thus, cliffhanger. Again.

I recommend removing the shipping from this story, because the readers are expecting... Combat. They're expecting it to feel at least a little like Halo, fast-paced and full of adrenaline. The scene in this chapter might/will probably turn away quite a few readers.

I personally don't see it working, considering the Spartan-IIIs are teenagers. Hormonal (in more ways than one, due to the drugs pumped into them, including the one that makes them go more animalistic in battle, and the one that counteracts the negative impact on their psyche and intelligence due to the previous), angry, and incredibly lethal teenagers.

And then Twilight is between her mid twenties and early thirties, according to almost all fanon (and it seems to be supported by canon). I truly don't recommend setting it up as a ship, but it's your story. Not mine.

Otherwise, good chapter! I'm really enjoying this series.

Fuuuuuuu......I require more of this glorious fuckery!


Twilight strikes me as late teens. There is nothing in canon I've seen that supports otherwise. Her sort of mature-immaturity says "I am new to adulthood" in canon in my opinion. I also see that most often in fics. In fact, I don't think I've ever read a fic in which she is beyond "young adult".

Welp, time for that potion reversal. Before you get shot by some cloaked split-chin.

6587876 Early 20s to early 30s IS young adult.

Twilight seems to be right around that age, more likely the early twenties. Consider this: She is an Element of Harmony. Every Element bearer appears to be a young adult, a little past 18. Rarity runs a boutique, AJ takes care of a lot of a massive farm, RD is a worker on Ponyville's weather team (and stated in quite a bit of fanon as the manager of it), and Fluttershy takes care of a wide variety of species. Admittedly, their tasks all could be done by younger ponies, but not as well. And a hormonal teenager would likely not have the mental fortitude to be an Element Bearer. I know I wouldn't.

Spartan-IIIs are 13 and 14, usually because hardly any of them manage to survive past that age due to them being mass-produced suicide warriors. The reason they're fine with it is because they are hell-bent on avenging whatever families they lost to the Covenant, no matter the cost (as shown in Ghosts of Onyx). They have the mental discipline to handle it due to being trained from a young age, and the knowledge that doing stupid things would not get them any vengeance, but stupid is not the same as suicidal.p

I do see what you are saying, however. Agree to disagree?

Well... that escalated very quickly.

This is why you shouldn't trust space monkeys with space guns. In can only end in tears.

Celestia is dead, i dont believe it, she is an inmortal after all


Not aging and not being able to die are two completely different, unrelated things. We don't even know if she is non-aging, even. She could be merely long-lived. We only know she is at least one thousand years old.

Though, I too doubt she is dead simply because she is pretty big, so a mauler shot might not be enough to kill her and Luna. I don't particularly care in this fic. If they died, they got what they deserved for not believing Twilight despite all the weird stuff Equestria has encountered and despite flat out stating that every time they don't heed Twilight, things go to hell, right before they said they don't believe her about the aliens. Too dumb to live.

I've fallen! And I choose NOT to get up...

Aren't humans also space monkeys? Lol! Guess it works!

6600194 she is immortal in the since that she cant die from disease or age, but that doesn't mean she can't be killed.

6603970 I wouldn't trust a space human with a space gun to be fair.

Ooooh are we gonna get some hot pony on human-turned-pony action?

AU: the covenant aren't invading, the two headhunters fuck twilight sideways

I'm sorry

When are you publish the next chapter?

Are you going to add another Spartan?

I love Headhunter, Warrior and Guardian!!

Are you going to do a remake version as well?

Just a question!:twilightoops:

Why did they have to get ponified? They have enhanced SPI Armor with prototype active camouflage, there's absolutely no reason two Spartan III HEADHUNTERS couldn't stealth their way into a comparatively unsecured capitol of a less developed civilization.

Y they no haz ponyfied armor? :fluttercry:

Also, :twilightblush: <- I laff at that

6726224 and upside down.... and seventy ways to Sunday and back :facehoof: shhhh.....

Oh, yeah :rainbowdetermined2: That's what I call an epic ending.

With a single button press he sent the orders to release the Kraken.


Lifting her head, Princess Celestia looked to the Covenant ship and said; “Kill them all.”


And once more a group of aliens have pissed off another really powerful alien... Good going Covenant, feel free to pat yourselves on the back.

“Well I’ve been a bit distracted, fuck-face!” She poked Ishmir in the ribs a little harder than she intended. “Would you look at him!? He’s fucking dreamy!”
Marko gave an aggravated cry. “Now we gotta fight Covenant in pony form because you’re fucking dreamy!?”
“You are not pinning this on me!” the other headhunter snapped back as he led the way into the next carriage.

This is by far the best banter I’ve seen. I laughed so hard! :yay:

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