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Ruby-Anna J. Hearts, daughter of Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, and sister of Sapphire and Emerald, goes on a roller coaster ride of finding her true self after being escorted to Canterlot. There, she is claimed as one of the princesses of The Crystal Empire. She meets her sisters for the first time in a long time and finds her true love - Prince Kasper Outland Blaze, one of the three triplet sons of Princess Celestia. Ironically, he is also a triplet. It's so kawaii! :heart:


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I hope you enjoy my first story. It's based off one of my three alternate personalities. The Hearts Sisters - Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are all my personalities. I will be make another story based off of another triplet just as soon as this one is done. I hope you like the series and thank you all who read it.

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Ok so far the story is good but to me, it feels a lot rushed at some places like the romance and I feel like we should have a little bit more of a reaction from Rudy and Sapphire's adopted family like the father and Suger. And the fact that Celestia has not one but three kids. I think you're going for all three fall in love with the other three approach but it would have been better if it was different characters (except Outkast) fall in love with them. That is just what I think about the romance but if others like it, then I'm going to be okay with it. (Again just my opinion:twilightsheepish:)

I will give a like and follow the story to see how it will go:raritywink:

I'm liking it so far

Ruby is a great name…anyway I like the story so far but it seems a little rushed in some areas

Other then that it's great

Ironically, he is also a triplet. Cool, right?

*Shipping sense overload*:yay:

6828453 I see what you mean. Thanks for the advice but mostly the reason why it looks rushed is because its a rewrite from my original. Same story. A little tweaked. Its also because I sometimes write this story on my phone and the spellchecker screws everything up. I also don't realize that I skip words sometimes so it really doesn't help. But all in all, I'll look over it and fix things as I go. Somethings that you've read might be completely gone and others with just be rewritten.

Thanks again for pointing this out for me. :pinkiesmile:

6828538 Thank you. I do plan on fixing any and all mistakes. :moustache:

will twilight make an apperence in this

6969268 In my original book I never identified which one. Pray tell, which do you think she should be? :moustache:

6969288 well i mostly would go for alicorn and funny enough wife to either celestia or luna but i can go whit either alicorn or unicorn surprises us

6969299 Sure thing. I might put her in chapter 3.

6969334 can't wait and man is Sapphire a party mare and the swearing i fucking love it

6969343 Lol thank you. I based her drunken attitude off of the way my family tell me I act on New Year's. I still don't believe them though.

6969429 You know what? I might just have someone do that next year. I know I laugh at every little thing but idk if I do ALLLL DAT :twilightblush:

I guess I'll see when it happens.

6969446 hhahahaha hehehehe well when twilight comes into the pic and Sapphire calls her stupid or something she shall feel the wrath of the element of magic lol

6969467 Oh wow. I might ads that lol. I'll even credit you on it :trollestia:

6969553 ohhh i can just imagine twilight teaching them all some manners

6969560 Correction. Teaching Sapphire some manners. Because of the fact that both Ruby (besides her switch happy pappy thinking she does everything wrong) and Emerald never had problems with manners, they don't really need to 'taste the rainbow' or 'let the rainbow remind them' what manners are. :derpytongue2:

6969602 hahahaha well why don't you send me a pm and i can give some more idea's we would not spoil all the fun for the others

6969916 after all i have many idea's when they come to life

Damn that was a great chapter

I can't wait for the next one

Before I read it, what is the Dark tag for?
and how bad does it get?

7894239 Its not at the Dark stuff yet but when it gets there its mostly going to be domestic abuse in flashbacks. It get really bad to point were I nearly cry but its might not be that bad. Most just yelling is involved.

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