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Love is like a box of chocolates. The more you want it, the more it depletes until its all gone.

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For your first story on here, not bad and also welcome! But I would like to know more about these charicters, get a bit of backstory and all.

7215136 This is not my first story. It is, however, my first completed story. This is my first story and it's not finished yet but it should help you get some background on these two lovebirds. :heart:

7215147 Ah, my bad. I read through the Author's notes a bit too fast. Sometimes that does happen with my reading speed.:twilightsheepish::facehoof:

Pretty sweet fic.

As for things to improve on: I think you may need to change foul to foal (from you're such a little foul to you're such a little foal)

7216107 Oh my, thanks for seeing that. I can't spell even the simplest of words to save my own life :pinkiegasp:

Oh my lord... only if there was a fireplace instead of a night light!:rainbowkiss: That was so sweet though!:heart::rainbowkiss:

7297398 I said there was a night light?! Wow, Ruby is a little foal.

7298024 Night light.. Oops. I meant just the small light that was turned on... Sorry about that. I forgot English used that as a small light for kids/foals... Sorry about that!:twilightsheepish:

7842548 No. It was supposed to be a sadfic in the beginning but I changed my mine.

What’a cute story I love romance.

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