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I'm a guy who loves many things. Trains, planes, writing, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and especially ponies. I became a Brony on 9-1-2013, and my life's never been the same since then. I hope you enjoy my works.


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Ah so its gonna be one of these fics eh. I've read one like it before and that one was pretty funny. Lets see if your can match it. :pinkiecrazy:

6405282 The next chapter will be up in the next two hours. Gonna take a break to watch Jeopardy right now.

I think I saw a reference in there for another fic. Good show.

6408995 Where? Which fic are you referring to?

The apophis meteor. There was a fic all about it. Can't recall the name though.

pinkie cant leave home without crystal meth?... i buy it.

6409714 Not just crystal meth, pretty much anything you could ever imagine. :pinkiecrazy:

6411927 Some of those custom cards... Whoo, boy... And that one about the big black dick was great.

6411950 Oh, there are many more custom cards that I have than you'll see in this fic. I had to disregard a whole bunch of them (along with existing white cards) because I didn't want to spend every little second describing what they were to the Mane 6.

Some of my other customs that won't be featured in this fic include 'Seth MacFarlane', 'PewDiePie', 'Rick Astley', 'Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini altogether at the same time', 'Waiting for Half Life 3 to be released', 'Getting yelled at by Gordon Ramsay', 'Kurt Cobain's body', 'FЯED', 'The Annoying Orange', and so many more...

6411981 That first one needs Markiplier added to it. Warfstache is Love, Warfstache is Life.

6412057 Not familiar with Markiplier and Warfstache, though I feel like I should be... :twilightblush:

6412068 ...YOU GET ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, MY GOD, Markiplier is the best. Some notable things are Drunk Minecraft, The Witches House, some Live Action things, and an absurd amount of money that goes to charity. He's great.

6412110 Okay, just finished watching "Teens react to Markiplier". I'll admit, he's pretty funny. Looks like I'm making him a custom card whenever I get my hands on some more blanks!

6412129 You gotta watch some more of him. Watch, 'Markiplier reacts to Teens React to Markiplier'. It shows him, in his purest state.

6412270 Just watched it. Even in that state, he's still hilarious.

6412294 Exactly! Try... Oh, try Huniepop next. That series is fucking hilarious. At some points I guarantee you will have to pause it for a while to get yourself back together. Then, go watch Blank Dream. Also great. Oh, and his FNAF videos? They got just about as many views as Pewdiepie gets on a really good day. Check them out, too. Then, Drunk Minecraft. Now THAT'S hysterical.

Loving this story so far. I just noticed at the end rainbow claims to be one point behind twilight but the scores in the author note after that shows Twi at 7 and RD at 4

6412305 Alright. I'll check those out when I have the time.

6412313 Duh... :facehoof: You're right. :derpytongue2: Not sure why I missed that... Lol

It's fixed now.

Cards Against Humanity is the best game to play in public! Love how some people do a double take at many of these cards.

6412909 Me, too! I mean, sometimes it's gross to picture these cards in real life, but they just work so well!

it is a great way to help get past those dang "everything needs to be politically correct" barriers society seems to have lately.

yeah okay, gotta be honest mate, while it i'm not offended, the whole 9-11 thing kills the mood. like tossing a baby in a blender.

6418764 Crap... :fluttershyouch: I was afraid of that... Sorry. Hopefully it gets better as you read along, but I'll understand completely if it doesn't. Thanks for being honest with me.

okay this chapter redeems the previous one a bit.

If I've calculated correctly, there could be two more whole rounds without a winner being found. At the end of that though, everyone would be on 9 and everyone would have been Czar the same ammount of times, meaning there would be no fair way to decide who has to be Czar. Sure it should be the first player of the round, but with everyone on nine, it'd be the last card and they'd have to give up any chance of victory. That'd be a horrible situation to end up in. Luckily this outcome is highly unlikely.

6418841 I think that's the time when the 'Make a Haiku' card would come into play.

6418849 I... Am not entirely familiar with the cards of this game. What does that one do? If it involves everyone making a haiku, who judges them?

6418944 Everyone agrees on which one is the best. And yes, there are people that will end up thinking that some other combinations are better than their own.

"YYYYYYeahhhhhh..." she said, drawing out her syllable, "You guys probably won't want to hear what he just told me."

Okay, this has been bugging me. What did he tell her?

6420792 :facehoof: Okay, fine. He said, "Whoever pooped most recently goes first." That's literally what the directions of the game say to do.

Starcraft card made me rofl... in real life. XD
I approve of that card.

6421051 I'm guessing that's the one about the pylons, right?

Sorry, there are too many things that I don't know... :twilightblush:

The player who most recently pooped is the card czar

AJ's custom card would have been so hilarious during the Dash virginity one. Guessing she didn't have it then. :raritydespair:

6422197 I don't exactly remember when she drew it, but my brain's telling me that she drew it sometime during round 8.

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