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Hey folks. JusSonic here, finally sending fics here. While I was worried about coming here for some time now, I decided to give this place a shot...as long as you be fair, 'kay?


Happens shortly after the episode "Amending Fences" AND at the exact same time as "Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep?". In an effort to rebuild her former cult, Starlight Glimmer targets Moon Dancer, Minuette, Lemon Hearts and Twinkle Shine while the Mane 6 are busy on another adventure. Fortunately, help is still on the way in the form of former Canterlot residents Lyra (in her first official mission as an agent of Sweetie Drops's recently reformed agency) and Flash Sentry as well as the formerly human counterpart to Sunset Shimmer.

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No cult calls itself a cult.

Starlight Glimmer, "For Equality's Sake I'm just offering an alternative lifestyle. It's not like I'm evil!"

but only wants one to accept fit if a friend is truly sincere!”
I think you have a word missing.

“That was before…I was blinded about the fact she had to help save Equestria and I used that as an excuse.”

And it took Twilight HOW LONG to even say 'sorry?' Not even a letter. Or even a note. A word of mouth.

you were the only one with a cutie mark unlike everyone else in town! You lied to them when you said they were equal!”

She didn't have any other means of removing cutie marks.

"I also heard from the reports that you told Twilight Sparkle to shut up when she was about to give a friendship lesson,"

The first one to not simply stand there and be lectured.

"even insulted my best friend, Ben Mare about his scar!"

That feels OOC given Glimmer acts motherly when her beliefs aren't being challenged.

“Give up now Starlight Glimmer, as of right now, you’re not listed as a major villain, more around a minor. If you give in now, then you can still make it up for your mistakes & misunderstandings of friendship…”

Glimmer, "Twilight Sparkle should be the one to apologize for ruining MY HOME and MY LIFE!"


So what are ya? A Starlight Glimmer fan or something? She lied to everyone, take the cutie marks away against the ponies' free will, and never gave true friendship a chance. She doesn't need an apology, only punishment and deserved what was given to her.


"She lied to everyone,"

Read Plato's Republic.

"take the cutie marks away against the ponies' free will,"

As far as we can tell, the mane six were the first one she'd done that to. Oh she definitely assaulted, violated, and held the mane six against their will, making her a criminal.

"and never gave true friendship a chance. "

What is 'true' friendship anyway?

Rarity's Canterlot Boutique episode did a lot more to convince me against Starlight's 'everyone be the same' policy than the 'hypocritical leader' cliche.

Comment posted by Sun Dial deleted Sep 24th, 2015
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