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Hey folks. JusSonic here, finally sending fics here. While I was worried about coming here for some time now, I decided to give this place a shot...as long as you be fair, 'kay?


Although Boris hates Earth Ponies and is cruel to them, he considers killing foals and young ones a low blow. But what happens when a new enemy controls him to do that cruel thing? Also, as Rainbow Dash's theme park opens, a familiar face from Dragon Kick's past returns.

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Nice story I'd give it a 9 out of 10


Surely celestia would have noticed her own guards killing foals..she's not a idiot.

And you're telling me Fordyn just went and casually killed earth ponies and NO ONE said anything? If that's the case, all earth ponies in canterlot would have been dead!

That is just supsension beyond disbelief and you're making celestia look like a idiot for not seeing things .

This is my final comment to you JusSonic after this. I am keeping my word for good about leaving you alone. I have to agree with Timeboy. Celestia is not an idiot. And ponies are not THAT stupid. They would've noticed something was going on, Especially someone killing young foals and earth ponies.

And what the heck is up with the -&^=#@? with the swear words? It just distracts someone from reading the story! I've read a lot of MLP fanfiction without swears. And you could've just written this without the bleeps! Heck the show in general doesn't contain swears. Because its a kids show!


I wasn't making Celestia an idiot. She just didn't realize what Fordyn was up to back then. And it didn't take her ages to figure it out either.

I apologize for putting that scene in, I really do. I would even remove it if you like.



I wasn't making Celestia an idiot. She just didn't realize what Fordyn was up to back then. And it didn't take her ages to figure it out either."

..:the guy killedHUNDREDS earth ponies in plain view of citizens of Canterlot, he's not even trying to hide his hate for them and you said so when "She finally found out!"

....but banishment is all he gets?! No . Just no. If I were celestia; I'd turn him to stone. There is literally NO reason why he shoukd even still be alive or free after what he did.

And I'm sorry but a dream just doesn't work; for one Unicorns and Pegasi have magic and wings, earth ponies can't exactly get far; I would have preferred it if a earth pony was a famik friend but slept or murdered his mother when he was young:

Thousand of royal guards willingly killing foals; how the hell did celestia not realise! And don't say the guards were mind control because not every unicorn is excellent in magic; heck, Rartiy and Trixie and several unicorns don't fire magical blasts or spells. And I don't care if the guards were corrupted; celestia would still have noticed "thousands" as you said so killing foals!

So no. I'm sorry but celestia is the idiot here for letting such a obvious predejuice idiot he judge and somehow not seeing what was nearly genocide!

You test the intelligence of your writers sometimes; JusSonic. We are not that stupid to accept such a idiotic concept!

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