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Celestia's family tree is a large one. Given her royal blood, she has many family members, some she knows of, and others she's never met before. One day she is curious and decides to cast a spell that would find her furthest relative and bring said relative to her. Unfortunately, that relative turned out to be the foul mouthed, perverted pig of a man named Carl Brutananadilewski.

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...I think you did a pretty good job on this. Although, I can't fully remember how Carl acted, as it's been a while since I've watched Aqua teen hunger force, I still feel like you did good on this.

6321785 I made sure to get the basics correct. Like how he's sarcastic most of the time, and in most cases, he can get disrespectful. I also made sure to research his character more and I snuck in a few references from what he's said on ATHF.

Oh lordy, what have you done:rainbowlaugh:

Lol been awhile since i last saw Aqua Teen Hunger Force but I do remember this idiot lol good job with this.

Read it in Carl's voice. Well-played :rainbowlaugh:

The two alicorn sisters sat together, books in each of their hands. Celestia read a cheesy romance novel, while Luna read an adventure novel.

“Yes, equal and balanced.” Luna said sarcastically as she made quotation marks with her fingers.

The lack of an anthro tag, the fact that Carl refers to them as ponies and the fact that they are said to have hooves later on makes me believe that these are wrong.

6324363 I must've missed a couple things when I was fixing the story. Originally it was supposed to be an anthro, but I made the decision to change it the last minute.

This was an enjoyable read, such a turn from the norm around here. I love me so ponies, and I love the shit outta some Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so I'm glad I read. I would've love to seen Frylock or Meatwad interact with the ponies, I leave out Shake cause he's kinda like the cup version of Carl :derpytongue2:.

I bet those "jewels" he snagged were the elements, huh? If that is so, than good job Carl, you just doomed Equestria! 😄

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